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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 06, 1899, Image 3

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Arrival of Trains, r-i? folio wing change of schedule took , it .luueiiJ, lfciH). NORTHBOUND. x1(J. S arrives at 5 52 a m, ;; 44 44 10 00 am, 12 r2 7-uO p m, 8.ol p m, (flag) 0.45 p m, 2.00 a niftiest) 11 io urn bound ;',7 arrives at 8 41) a ai, 'Hag) " 8 51 p m, ' : tt " iV-Opin, (ilag) ' ... " "7 10 a ui, :i " " 8-10 a in, (freight) . when running ahead of No. 7, ; vi if necessary for through travel ; l harlot t uiul is stopped for ; .n. -, arriving from Lynchburg or y- M stops regularly -for -rs for SJislmry, High Point, ilehlv!he, nanyilie aud u' - radons oelv, rn Duuyille und iiiL.Du. iNo. o7 stops for pila rs -!i.uug from, lyuclilmrir or ' h'-yoiid, aud to take on pas-i'-;1" r'J-ulnr stopping placed ' -Not tils. No. :;s htops to let ; rii-rors from regular stopping alu of Ncwelis and to take on ;,.;v ;s :or regular stoppin pi aces. .; or no v olid and :U stop at Concord for - t- or from the C. C. A- A. a --CiiarloU'j to Augusta and !.:its in South Carolina, Georgia . L ; ! reached through Columbia . - ! ' r;d 1 . are the local trains .t ui 3 iii.-biny witb trains of ' Division. TELEPHONE NO. 71. 'SING THEIR OWN PRAISE." oursc yau want a Piano, but per haps vou can't atlord a new one. HERE'S YOUR CHANCE. ' imv it'V(!ii Squares ami Ou i; .: u! 'nol a SIjrjHiii. These PinnoH , l'fji put in leriect 4'onuition ii ,. vry prt of Ac lion Kenvucd ,,::- arc now jt hm yroI un vrbeu ippl from (tin Factory, ami will tOo j-on ur'tiaseprio In excliBnu'e i-r a 'iUCJ'F any 'line wltlilu 3 yearn lake Eirst and Second Choice and , . tc quick, they won'; last long. H -Lines Brothers 110.00 i tiirv Cachle ( pearl inlaid) 105.00 rv-irdaan A: Gray 100.00 j Ls.: on a- Rayen 00.00; :-Ic;aekamp 75.00 h:i.:on k Rayen 70.00 Co Hard A: Collard Grand 00.00 I"erm8 : 610 cash and 85 per month. Others being repaired and we can suit . c in price and terms. Fine Tuning and Repairing. Chas. M. Stieff, Piano Manufacturer, lialtimore. 911. !f.etory Iranch AVareroom, No. 213 N. Tr3TonSt.,Charlotte,N.C. C. H. WILMOTH, Manager. PALACE ORGANS- Ike Scott, a negro, has been ted for retailing without Miss Ilattie Alehalfey has M-r ired a position with H L IMrks & Co. Hpe Caldwell, of Poplar ' '!-, has gone to the A. & M. ,-ge. 'The little child of Mr. John Harris, of Raleigh, is improving i 'in its sickness. Aiiss Fannie Strieker has re ' ir?iod home after spending sev- .;J days at Lexington. Mr. J L Crowell has returned !.'.me from tlie Albemarle court session there this week. Luther Gillon, son of Mr. Monroe Gillon, is clerking at Yurke, Wadsworth & Co.'s. Dr. C A Alisenheimer has re 'imed to Charlotte. He visited his lather near Alt. Pleasant. Miss Florence Bradford, who Ment Tuesday with Aiiss Lida White, has gone to Charlotte. Central AI E church being in ourse of repairs, there will be m prayer meeting there tonight. Messrs. S M Gaskel and I OiMxlman, merchants of this ;haee, observed the Jewish holi days. LOST White and liver colored Pointer bitch three years old. Answers to the name of "SI i . " A liberal reward will be given for her recovery. Leave ui St. Cloud hotel. Wr. A. Foil. J W Tonev has vill to spend a few days. Satisfactory work is always given you at Brown's barber shop. Mrs. Geo. W Patterson and her triend, Mrs. Stainback. have gone to Charlotte to spend' a few days. Mrs. Randolph Houston, who iics oeen visiting at Dr. W C! xiouston's, has returned Monroe. to All's. S F Stephens has re turned to Charlotte after visiting her parents. Air. and. Mrs. Bax tor Parks. Tlie Charlotte "Quicksteps" came over this morning to play our colored baseball team this afternoon. Tom Crowoll h:is returned to the Fenix roller mill after spend ing a week at Iris home at Alt. Pleasant. -Air. II AIcNamara has gout? to A, adkiii and Ditvie counlie.s on a business trip for "Webb & Eabe, oL Statesville. Alarriage license was issued Tuesday to Air. W II QUI and Miss Lela Hooks. Both parties live in Xo. 1 township. FOR RE XT. Three or four 1 Mat s o t 1 and for f arm i tig pari oses wi tni n ami around town. Ap ply to Joel Reed. John Pitts has returned home from near Davidson where he has been staying. He intends to enter the army soon. Dr. and Mrs. Stevens went to China Grove Tuesday evening. They went to attend the Swear -ingen-Patterson marriage. Register Johnson and wife havefgone to Roaring River in Wilkes county to visit his rela tives. They will be gone a week. Aiiss Irene Ridenhour, of Xo. 8 township, who has been visit ing her brother, Mr. Wr. A. Ri denhour, at Kings -Mountain, has returned home. Quite a large crowd attended the lawn party at the Odell mills Tuesday night. The Concord band furnished nice music for the attendants. In the absence of Rev. C B Aliller, who is at his mother's in Rowan county, there will be no prayer meeting at St. James Lutheran church tonight. Airs. CSC Rose, of Alt. Pleas ant, and her son, Hubbard Rose, have gone to Alt. Holly to visit Airs. Burton Rhyne. Air. Rose is on his return to Tennessee. Four of our boys, Richard Gibson, Will Gibson, Joe Reid and Gaston Means, will return to the University to school this session. School opens on the 18th. FOR SALE A new Wheeler iSz AVilson sewing machine with live drawers, just from the fac tory. Call at this office and get a first class machine on easy terms. tf. Concord akery, Fruit and Cream - Parlor. Fresh Bread. Cakes, Buns, Doughnuts, etc., Creams, Fruits and Candies always on hand. Wm. T. Johnson. Prop. 'Phone Xo. 122. WANTED Tc buy 100,000 pounds of old caat-iron scrap, de livered at the foundry at once, for which we will pay a fair price. No burnt iron wanted. alCtf. Concord Foundry Co. I HAVE PURCHASED The Market i of Mr. Freeze and will again be ready to serve you with 13 i Saturday morning. I again solicit part of your patronage. H. A. GRAEBER. Original Observations. It's a hand-to-mouth existence with most people at mealtime. Many a man's nose painfully shows the way his money goes. Young men who promise are not as popular as those who pay. Old John Low-low is Col. High-high in the people's esti mation. Very few people can "hold their own" when crossing the ocean. Some men lead a fast life even after they get into the penitentiary. Fotatoes now nave tears in I their eyes because they are being dug up. It is the betrothal that loads to the honeymoon. although marriage may be a ceil. An Orange colored man in forms us that ho has prepared to put down wells at bottom prices. It makes the poophMs head go round and to hear the funny jokes ol" the circus clown. Orange (Va.) Observer. Rids Wanted For Lumber. Cabarrus wants about 11,()00 feet of oak' and pine lumber for bridge over Rocky Riuer. J P Allison, chairman of Coun ty Commissi oners, will receive bids for it. RED HO f FROM THE GUN Was the ball that hit G. B. &teadtuan of Newark, Mich., in the Civil War. It caused horrible Uiers that uo treatment helped for 20 years. Then Bucklen's Arnic Salve cured ' him. Cures Cut3, Bruises, Burns, Boils, Fel ons, Corns, Skin Eruptious, Bebt Beat Pile cure on earth. 25cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by P. B. Fetzer, Druggist. Delay Not For Delay Is Dangerous You have been thinking about taking out a Policy of Life In surance. Yes, and for the benefit of yourself and loved ones you will take an Accident Policy. Air. W. D. Shubert, machinist at Cannon Manufacturing Co. and Air. F. B. Haydock, ma chinist at the Bleachery, have both been injured recently, and both promptly received their weekly indemnity. Go to see them, they were insured by me. You can find me in my office every evening during the week from 8 to 9 o'clock. Office in Postoffice Building. Jnoo A. Sims, Insurance Agent. Sept. 1, 1899. SEE THE Yankee Watch FOR ILoCDCQ) AT W.&C. Correirs Summer We invested heavily gained a doint for you by so doing. Q,u en tity is a factor in bringing d :,wn prices. We are goiii to close out Q 1 f A"? if ats .iiirlL' jalwMifil lil.lL jdLada S M DON'T YOU MISS "IT. nnen X X ft ft ft ft ft o FURNITURE, FLOOR COVERINGS Funeral Directors Fine line off COFFINS and CASKETS ! t-ItJ.iif eststst Qo To GW PATTERSON5 FOR Rock Salt Fresh Butter on Ice, t Quaker Oats, Hominy, Chipped Beef, Canned Cora, Tomatoes, and Peaches. Soda, Baking Powders, Starch Oraciers. Lard, Hame, PraneB, Breakfast Strips, Green aud Parched Cotfee, Tea, Sugar, Soap, Peas, Meal, Corn, Shipstuff, Oats, Oil, Flour, Molasses, Salt, Vinegar, Snuff, Tobacco; Bice, Potash, Spices, bottled Pickles, Washing Powders and anything in the Grocery line. We also carry Rope, Crockery, Glassware, Woodenware, DryGoods, Shoes Hats, Tinware Etc. Etc We close our etore at 8.15 dur ing the eummer months. We de liver goods until 6 p. in. lZZ Underwear. HUM. . rlti -til ujtl' &3 we Tea Table Topics AMONG THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN NICELY FURNISHED HOMES GENERALLY TURNS to the BEAUTY, EXCELLENCE and low PRICES OP OUR . ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft and BUCK'S STOVES and RANGES. and Embalmers. 1 Coiomi Natiooai tail Offero the business public a reliable, per manent, conservative and accommodat ing banking instution. We solicit your patronage with the assurance of honorable treatment and due appreciation of your patronage. If we can serve you any time we will be glad to haye you come and see us. LIBERAL ACCOMMODATIONS! TO CUSTOMERS. ------ Capital and Surplus - - $10 000. D. Ii Coltraxe, Chashier, J. M. OdeiaL. President. M, L. Brown & BRc. LIVERY, FEED AND SALE STABLES, Juat in rearol Si. Cloud Hotel. Ok. nibuFea meet all passenger trainr. Outfits of all kinds furniahec promptly and at reasonable pricef. Horses aad muJea always on hac-. or sale. B-eeders of .horoughbrei Poland Uh i as Hna. jrre4tZaeh9 and 5e UlLES PALM PILLS. i

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