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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 07, 1899, Image 2

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STA JOHN D. BARRIER and SON, Editors and Proprietors. i: IS THE 9IORK1K BI ILDIXO j THE STANDAKD is published every -day ;- "Uy excepted) and delivered by rif- aies 01 ouusuk'nuu . 4.1X1 f, .. BlX liry.'.w .'id Thrto months . . . C:uj umsth 2 00 1 VO So Go THE WEEKLY STADAiL i a, our-page, eight-colun.n paper. It ha j a larger circulation in Cabarrus than any othcr.paper. Price $1.00 per annum in .'drauc. Advertising hates : J Terms for regular advertisement ; known on application. a J Jres& eoniniunieations to THE STANDARD. Concord, X. C. Concord, N. C, Sept, 7. THIXiS THAT SEVER DIE. HY CHARLES DICKENS. The pure, the bright, the beau tiful, That stirred our hearts in youth, The impulses to wordless prayer, The streams of love and truth; The longings after something lost, The spirit's yearning cry, The striving after better hopes These things can never die. The timid hand stretched forth to aid A brother in his need; A kindly word in grief's dark hour That proves a friend indeed; The plea for mercy, softly breathed, When justice threatens high The sorrow of a contrite heart These things shall never die. The cruel and the bitter word, That wounded as it fell; The chilling want of sympathy VVe ieel, but never tell; The hard repulse that chills the heirt, Whoe hopes were bounding high, In an anfaded record kept These things shall never die. jLet nothing pass, for every hand Must find some work to uo: Xtose not a chance to waken love; Be firm, and just, and true: So shall a light that cannot fade Beam on the form on high, -And angel voices say to thee These thimrs shall never die. A revolutionary trouble has broken out in Venezuela. The Detroit has been ordered from Philadelphia to proceed to La quay ra at at once for the s..: :'etv or American residents. It seems a pity that those Vene z'jei.'ins can't cuddl" down in nr :. -nv ami domestic bliss :m:o Uncle G rover practically took the sword in one hand and t.hrt the other arm over the .little siruirsrlinir nation. Ii' Starbuck is among the prominent and conservative Re publicans of the State who will X. vyj I'-jr the constitutional amendments. Such as he, Set tle, Cowles, Guthrie and others indicate that it will not be party vote bv which the amendments will be adopted. Tho Durham Sun in its report of conrt proceedings says: ';?t vs. Charles Freeland, o v : i ; I ng conceal ed weapon. Guilty; 00 days on public roads. If this witness had not so glar ingly lied, his sentence would not have been as severe." Thai fellow can't hide pistol nor truth. JURE A COLD JN ONE DAY 'TVke Laxative Bromo Unininp Thitc Ail druscists refund mono- if it fails to can'. S-jc. T&tsreuuiu ha. L. IJ. O i 1. T . A. 6!i Hon. Thomas Settle prefers to votefor Unconstitutional amend ments to getting the Republican nomination for governor. This sounds like ''I'd rather bo right tlulll tO 1)0 piVSidOllt . " An exchange says thai of o-M vinii'iih lat vear most the 0f ' thorn wore victims ol ner oils prostration. Tim idea is that and push. Tim wear and strain physical machines " I . o-1Vat . . " 100 What the Matter Wa. You "can't always some just-tell" why it is so nor U1 what is the matter with you un , :uu uas orowdml with passon der such circumstances but this ors. Kugimvr llaggorly, who is cause and etTect Greensboro Telegram win i ii' . 1 .1 The monotony of scratching Vommodation train lurched for quills and clicking types in i he ; ward, but not quick enough to Telegram othce was momentarily relieved this morning by an iutlux of femininity, the peculiar, like of which seldom falls to the lot of earthly print shops. It was an invasion of young girls having all the insanity-provoking qualities of Ely sian ho uris, with hair and eyes that would have driven Apollo wild with hopeless grief and forms suf ficient to cause the bending lily to droop away and die. They tarried but a moment, and the air, 'like a chartered libertine," stood still lulled by the divine melody of their silver throats. Journalism shrieked with agony a: its inability to then and there grasp forever, world without end, the ineffable felicity that the presence of the visitors in spired. A heavenly crash mur muring, dulcet-trilled words, a divine flash of the rhetoric of pleading eyos a hop, a skip, a jump and a good-bye the next moment they were gone, leaving that gloom which a sudden burst of golden sunshine from a storm cloud leaves when it returns to its etherial realms hid from mor tal eye. Such is life. Two Passenger Coaches (Jo Down. Roanoke, Va., Sept. 6. One of the most serious accidents in the history of the Norfolk & Western occurred this morning near Narrows, a station on the Radford division. Two coaches of an east-bound passenger train jumped the track and rolled down a 30-foot embankment. Two persons were killed and i'3 more or less injured. The dead are : A B Luck, a contractor, of Roa noke; an infant name unknown, from Bluefield, W. Va. All the injured will recover. Their wounds are mostly cuts r.nd bruises. Thev wev able to be moved and some couLinhO'.! oil their iournev. A partv of eight was brought to Roanoke tonight , great deal of anxietv and my and received the necessary modi- little daughter much tunering. cal attention. It is said the Yours truly, Mrs. Geo. F. Bur spreading of a rail caused the dick, Liberty, Li. I. For Sale by accident. A wrecking train with 31. L. Marsh & Co., Druggist, physicians from Roanoke was sent to the scene of the wreciv this noon. Traffic was delayed only a few hours on account, of the wreck. Tlie (J. A- It. Eucamiiii. The G. A. R. is in encamp- ment at Philadelphia. President j when you rwe- tiiem back again and McKinlev has honored it vithy.ou win, nUli that we sew up many a his presence, as he always does. Many Southern veterans also are in attendance. The C A. I. closes its doors against the ex soldiers of the late war with Spain. They must have their own organization. What would W W Astor amount to if he migrated to Japan? There a fellow doesn't amount to j shucks as a nabob if he can't j run his ancestral line back about j 2,500 vears. People who can't! 1:0 back more than ..V or iV'oi years are looked upon as modern upstarts. M or n i n g S t a v. lift) lujuel In a Wreck On Hie Haiti move nnl Ohio. (miuo1InvIIo. Tm. Sept. ''V Probably r0 persons wore in jured "m'n ivur end collision on 'the UattiunMo and Ohio tonight at fonnollsvillo station. The pnvsoneo of mind ol'tho engineer .saved the h os of many. Many ! of the injured eoul inued on their i uuirnov am leir names nnnu ; u( u nu(1 lion oi t ram No MM... Hi.. .M' ho a, anil oars, a specia ran inb the rear end ol the rumhorlam m,. -4 tin nit win i i.m Moth trains were w oM t ou ml . Kngineor ,ur rav. ot the emigrant train, lost ;...n?,d .t' online, the i air brake refused to work linos' and crushed into t ho rour end of - '!ho luvonmuulal ion. which was staudimr in front of the station W IS 1 I 1 I I I I I'llUllll. UIM ll " r- . thnttlo widi open seeing tho 1 runawav train eominir. The ac- escape a collision, i no ciasu was terrific. Two coaches of the accommodation were wrecked, the rear end of the last one being; crushed as though it had been an egg shell. None of the passen gers on the through train were severly injured. The soothing and healing prop erties of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, its pleasant taste and prompt and permanent cures have made it a great favorite with tlie people everywhere. For sale by M. L. Marsh & Co., Druggists. Bids Wanted For Lnmber. Cabarrus wants about 11,000 feet of oak and, pine lumber for bridge over Rocky" Riuer. J P Allison, chairman of Coun ty Commissioners, - will receive bids for it. I.. . mi i- Colorado's Ad. It is said that Colorado will have a py ramidal. chunk. of . gold at the Paris ... Exposition worth 81,000,000. " "' A MOTHER TELLS HOW SHE SAVED DAUGHTERS LIFE. I am the mother of eight child ren and have had a great deal of experience with medicines. Last summer my little daughter had the dysentery in its worst form. We thought she would die. I tried everything I could think of. I saw by an advertisement in our paper that Chamberlain's Lolic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was highly recommended and sent and got a bottle at once. It proved to be one of the very best medicines we ever had in the house. It saved my little daught er's life. I am anxious for every mother to know what an excellent medicine it is. Had known it at j first it would have saved me a . . II! Is the laundry hard on your goods ? Some are. Examine vour goods as .! 1 i. rip, mend mauy a button hole, put new neck bands on sbirts not too badly worn (when requesid), and in many ways try to prolong tho use of your linen. Oue trial is not a test. Often damage ums be'n done in preyiou laundering and we get the blame. Griv:; us your steady patronage and we will guarantee your linen to last longer than when done at. many other laundries. iiflnnn o u 0 and DC E WORKS 'Phone No. 2 D- G caidweii, m. u. m .l. Stevens, m.d Ura. CALDWELL & STEVENS, uonLora, i. . - ;mco in oia post omc buiuing opposite St, Cloud Hotel. 0 H IB II! no AM in mm Phone No 3? PI ill mm Dry Goods Depart ment .Linen, colored Crash, for 5c. a yard, worth 10c. Printed Marsaiiles at 12c. Duck, Plain White, solid col ored and Printed. Calico 3c up. Yard wide Percale at 20 and 2o cents per pound. Light colored Outing 5 & 7c. Bargains in Towels. Hosiery. Two job lots of Samples of Gent's fine sox, lot No.l, plain and fancy colors, at 15c worth 20 to 25c. Fancy colored and black Lisle at 18c worth 25 to 50c. The best line of Men's and La dies' Hosiery on the market for 10 cents. , Notions. Crochet Cotton, 4o per spool, Silk (short measure; at 5c. Turk ey Red Cotton, 20c per dozen spools. Embroidery Silks, HIo, outlining, rope and twisted at 3c per skein, worth 5 cents. Also gold embroidery thread at 3c per skein. Embroidery Hoops 5c. S3 f If you are not a subscriber to J t The Standard 4 4 4. now la the time to subscribe. STA is published every day Sunday ex cepted) and delivered at your door for only 10c per week or ode- per month. THE STANDARD prints home and other news that is of interest to our l eaders and to make it grow better we must have the pat ronage of the people Give us a trial when you make your next order for Job Work. 4 X v 5 If you want to buy anything you can call for it through 0 .3. I The Standard. a 'A , Bone DrhS Stay.- :: TT-wk1ra 'irid T'v 1 Of hiv Thread 3c per spool, S .',-ty 2c per dozen, Brass lL. paper and 25c per n.-n.t Shields 10j, Mourning i'iu 1 5c per box, Alummuui ti.-ur 1 5c dozen, Side Corahs r, and C it . i in. , . rompauour xuu, cu;itH auu tu tooth Dresin Lombs 4 to 2oc. Stationary. Jobs in Bx Paper at less than co to produce. 25c boxes for 15c and 10c ones for oc. Nice Paper at 10c per pound. Pencil Erasers lc, Typewriter dooc. Car bon Paper for typewriter use 3 sheets for 5c, Typewriter paper at 3 ounces for 5c. Fancy Crepe Paper for Lamp Shades Cc up, Toilet Paper 2 rolls for 10c. Ink and Mucilage 3c, Shoe Blacking lc up, Tan do. 5c, Black Dressing 5 to 15c, Wood Tooth Picks 4c per 1.000. Gent's Furnishings, Boston Garters 18c, Drawers Supporters 3c . per pair, Silk Bosom Shirts 48o. Glass Ware 5c up. Crockery andTinware up stairs, D. J. Bostian. SI 9 I J If you have anything U sell .$. you can make it known tkroagJ I The Standard, t 4 .? Work ready when promised. J Advertising rat-.--? ::- The Standard 4 - - made known on app-1-' Mm

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