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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 07, 1899, Image 4

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IBM (I r If Hi m 111 kiifer Jii 1 ft 1 ! 1H 1! f I i ;; 1 mum. 1,1. Si till ISM! ill il 1 III 'Uil If r1 1 111 J Bl 1 5 mm Si II till ?!.' Si j'i.'v.H''? 1 ! Mr ,! J 31 m i it v, i " J' mm . :.i3 il'!-?.: "I--; S !i 5;.: mam d r 'v I t; i "M. ''VI fail r i, ' ill ,!H- I : lit ! hi Hull iww f -if ?;: i ll ill 14 - nil .iri-ij 0 1 !l ?f.y-; 51 ' ;;: it': 1 ; 11 3 f i airf.'t-s f! ;,.f ! lU I iJmhI 111 la.;. d I! 'ii 111 I flffil ::f 21' iff I'l-irl i i ivl lit Isii' .1 r : i . .jl.. 5 'Jit, -ii- rs j..- s - 3 1 in 1 1: slffp' SI I 111 mm it: i l-'"- - i : r 1 1 !.. 3 J mm mm f am lisfiif s ? lii re I 18 n :m-H4i.E-i-I m r mil il: - I'.;; III ill 1 ! If i It-! 5 1 i!i :l 1 1 rpj-li:"; ! tr. 1 131 ill: ; Hi ? a. J -it Ti h: U til? -! J"Ji'.v & if;, -t v. . f it ; 1 1- i ii 't ! ft : S i CATARRH ?inti: ion CATRARH Ely's Cream Balm .iiV nii'l rir!inl In iiuf, onlnint ii in jiii iuua I l 1 fcC I 'I1'1 iili'snt VI l liiX'll II C6 IM .IHtXk )i, f il om r. II . prtii C , v--twr ii.l iriini I II N..l 11 '""Ei .v " COLD 'n HEAD llrnlt mikI ptotrrla tin mrintit nr, 1 1M01 rn lite MMum nl tulr am! Mi" II I iiH;r ln- '.oi l I l uj;- i i oi lv iiiiill, I liitl Mr mi ly mull. i.I.V HKO I IIKKS, ( Wiirn Slfrtt. Nw Vofk. An , Cleanliness In a Harbor Shop is iHH-osssiry and is ox p'.to(l hy our class : : of tkadk : : Wo satisf.v our trader by ivinr 1 Ihom ('LKAN and satis factory woinc : : : : T, J. BROWN, pkopki'ktok I Winter is Coming. 1 AIjUKAPY havk on HAND TIlIvKK C'AKS OK Jellico Coal Ami lmvoton inoro imrloRtlB Oii the way. It 1h timo for you to lay in u nupply for ho wintor, inti't it? I uIho huvo on hmul t ho 1 o4 if iintnu'ito ooal. J. t. C. Blackwcidcr Wost IVpot St. lit Storo. BaV-piuiiotH. Bl CYCLES Ivopairotl rrinptly ami Sat ist;u ticn ( I uarautooil. FRESH FRUITS -Ami Yoi'iMa b!rs in stocU at IN 15W1TK IxOW. WOTIOE! I : c e.ui cIuimhI oi tho Con cord F.Uvtn l.i';!it ail the supplic-s ui d in connection with liuhtnin. All p:ir'lits uct'iliiu: hmui's or Uepairs will titul thev.i nt riy shop i.xt to C-iM'l's hvt r st.ible. 'run i: '.1 , 50 YEARS Trade Marks nO!ii Designs 'fVi Copyrights Ac. AnTiwon,Hni a scotch mjJ v!ortrt ion n,r nuK Klv A.ivvrt.iin our oi'iv.wn frrH whothor an ', liim-uvlvxS'S I ont fr. out uu:rfor'f.tvur.r.c lUtoutV ! Cstoms. takon ttmmish Muv.n A v nnvlv. A 7TaMua A hnvv-moU t'.'.r.jitrat! wtvllf. 1 ,nrcost clr citlatton of any sotor.tartv' Tortv.s, $.5 h var : four'.. f I. Sol sv r.o Svlo.ilorv. MUNN & Co.3e,!"M"- Hew York Ur:n-h O!o,. tC5 V v.i,i-. p lit THE ST1RDIRD : month 35c. .00. 2.00. I year 4.00. Tin: c3 Vhj Linvo llio Stale ! Suporiiitonlo.nt M(ban? has writton to tho Suporintondnnt of public: inst nntt.ion in Pennsyl vania to rocoiuinond sonnj ool rtultiuio from thn Indian school in that, Stain to talco a position anions the Croatan Indians in Ivobosou county. Tho instruc tions Mm Croatnns havo Mius roctuvod has not boon satisfac tory. If Uio Huporintondont wislios an Indian t(aclior ho possibly miht havo found ono amono; Mio Chorokoos of our Stato. Tlio ChorokooR havo had an oxcollont school in Jackson county for a number of yours, and somo of thoso oducatod t.hore oulit to lill tho requirements of tho super intendent. Kaloifxh Post. AnmMtniiiiiafii. To acooinuaodriie thOfti who nrt partinl to the urn of utotn z-t in Anpljijjg liquids intp the naal fttKW JPL wX-Wi trouhleH, Mie frroprielom prepnre Cream Balm in til ii id form, which will be known an Ely'i liquid Cream Ralm. Prire including the spraying tube i 75 ewntti." DrujtK-P or by mail. The liquid form embodies the medicinal propertied of the frolid preparation. Cream Halm in quickly nhflorbe4 by th membrairte and doeB Hot dry up tbl eecretioDHbut changes them to a natural ami healthy character Ely Brotherp, r( Warren Si N. Y. The lowans Comlni? Home. rhe Iowa Koirimont is the last of ifte volunteer reurinionts in th( Philippines and ft been relitn-ed to come home, ft has done service all through the oauijiiiifrn ami did not li.a v.. a man ! killed on the field. Nine of the regiment died from wounds. Seventv tivo members have ro- inlisted in the service- ! A lil FK , X I DEATH FKIHT. Mr. V. A. Hiuos of 3Itinobestor, l;i , ; writim; of liis almost mirncnlous escape , irtui ueaui, savs. i.xposurc r.uer 1 measles induced serious Imn: tri'uihle. which ended m consumption. I h,ul j treiuent noiuorrtiaires and coughed ! j night and day. All mv doctors ssud 1 j i Vi"1-::;O4'nxi0'nrhrn 1 to USl i r. King s rs ew liscoverv for ( onsmnp-1 ; tion. which completely cured mo. I j yllol?tHlytunVi?7 U U i;s! I ..iH a bottle. Hundreds have used it j n my recommendation and all say it 5t.00 Trial bottles tree at Fet.ers Drug I v " u jforsil, makinghisgrossroceipts j UnMniO Dentin) in Doubt. jloih and leaving a net profit on 1 The Dreyfus trial seems again j the ten acres of slOl.o. it be hniuled in doubt as to its1 """ """" ,nt , lin , i Till: APPETITE OF A GOAT, outcome. i ! Labori is trviutr -verv hard to ,Is 01ilHl y a,lU.H)or vspoptje. . w b.ose stomach and Liver are out of t he (icrman aiu t o ha inn i , . 'natlOPStO iTlVOt UM1 testlinonv ' ' vlityli wouid settle the whole i . : , . . . . 1 , , . 1 3 .1 j qUOstlOll ,1s to W li Soldthe SO- creis. inn uus is envirouett m . delicacy that makes it doubtful! whether this evidence can be! had. Theend of thetria! issupposed to be a week otT vet. HOW'S TUTS ? We otYer one hundred dollars reward for any ens of catarrh that cau not hy cured . by Hall's Catarrh Cure. V. d. Cheney A Co., Props., Toledo, Ohio. Wo tho undersigned, havoj known F d Cheney for the last le years, ami believe him perfectly reliable in all business transac tions and financially able to carry out auv obligations made bv their ax i m est A" I max. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. 0. Walding, Kinnau A- Marvin, W 1 1 c 1 e s a I e P m gixi s t s . Toledo. O. jt! Sold bv alt dnii:j:ists. Test; met -: :i.!s free. Ventured Too Far. Some idea of tho dangers and indescribable horrors that await men more brave and onterpris intr that cautions in their ven tures beyond tho sun's gentle, but potent rays can be conceived from tho following dispatch of tho Oth from Seattle: "Otto Thews, of Primrose, Iowa, who has arrived here from Copper River. Alaska, brings news confirming the re ported deaths of seven 'members of the Scientific Prospecting Company, 'of New York." The dead are: Earnhardt, Miller, Allerman, Schultz, Poter Siegel, Butnor and Baumgarten. George Hooker, another mem ber of tho party, got out alive, but is badly crippled with scurvy, which carried away the majority of his companions.' Baumgarten wont out hunting and was never seen again. Tho most affocting case wras that of Butnor, who was driven insane by his sufferings. His weak companions had to strap him down, but oven then they could not restrain him. One morning, Thews, whoso camp was near, found Butnor sitting out in the snow with his clothes and hat off. The thermometer was 45 decrees below zero. But nor was taken inside, but he died in a few hours. x Thews also brings a gruesome story in connection with the find ing of t lie remains of a jeweler, named Smith, who perished last November on Valdez trlneier. Kvt'ry 'X1M,S1 I,(,r,ion of body had been oaten by ravens. - . NO CUKE, NO PAY. That is, tho way all druggists soli GroveN Tasteless Chill Tonic for chills ami JMhhiria. It is simply Iron and Qu initio m a tasteless form. Children novo it. Adults refer it to bitter, nan loatinp, Tomes Price. 50c. . . Viu Very Well. . lhbb county (da.) farmer kcp'e'an account of the ' cost of . sowing, cvlt i vat iug and reajunir :u'lvs f heat. which lie ascert amcd to be ;7.l)7. He pro- l"sliels of wheat. which lie sold at 75 cents per t ion, he sold tlU'ie tons of SI raw order. All such should know that Dr KW W T,if. Piilc ih -,,fi , , 7- , rMclliacU and IjIVCT l0UlCiiy, gives a regular bodily habit that iusures perfect health and great energy. Onlv .'23c. at y.,t.,t,r-s nru Store Children Too Practical, The Phihidcdnhin Tim.K t.,n story of some Simdav school childveu who had studied the crueitietion the Sunday before and concluded to demonstrate their ideas by selecting one of tlioir mates, a little five-year-old girl, and actually nailing her to a tree. Her screams brought 'aid that found a nail driven through one finger. The result it is feared mav bo serious. Pining the civil war, as well as in our late war with Spain, diar-j rheoa was one of the most troublesome diseases the army j had to contend with. in nianVi J instances it became ehrcmie and; ;tln, c.l.i; .ai it. AIr.s Dayid Taylor, of Wind? Kidcre, Greene conntv. Pa. i nnai of these. He uses Chamberlain's Lolie, Cholera and Diarrhoea ! Ueiliedv and S1V; Iia novn-r ! Ilv.t I i me Mae ft can ? cured vritn j - r. Sties' N UK VE PL.STEi; OxiTSi m mi i ii A The Kind You Hare Always In use for over 30 years, and Jfy'-u ftpnal 'ty4 Allow All Counterfeits, Imitotlbng and Substitutes are but Ex periments that triiio' with and of Infants and Children Experience against Experiment What is CASTO R I A Castorla is a substitute for Castor Oil, Parrgoric, Drops and Soothing" Syrups. It Is Harpaless and .neasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor otl .er Narcotic substance. 'ItS'iVM arantee. It des Toys Worms and allays FeVerlshta J It Wres Diarrhoe a and Wind Colic, it rpirfV eetteg Troubles, cures Constipation tend ITatulenci " it ftlmlUtes tho Food, t emulates the Stomach and IW?" and natural sleep. The ChUdrens 'Panacea--The Mother's Friend. GENUINE v0ASTORIA ALWAYS s9 Bean the The Kind Ym Have Always Bought In Use Ftfr Over 30 Years. TH( etNTll OOMNNT, TT MURRAY 8THtCT, NEW YORK ClTV. ODELL isncioK coin MANVI-ACT fit EltS FINE Ginghams, Plaids, Sheeting, Salt Bags AND Outing Cloths. DEALER IN General Merchandise BUYERS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kind. .'. o Four-foot Wood always Wanted Bet " Price for same. 0 We iliyit 43 in-5Pctioii of all tie goods eTmannfachire . . . ill luM .m - i' u jii T7 ' Bought, and which has been ha borne the signature of lias, ?ecn made under his per- sujNftrrision since its infancy. no one to deceive you in this. Signature of auwQv SCHEDULE. IN EFFECT JULY THE 1GTH, -This condensea schedule is pub lished as information, and is subject to change without notice to the public : Trains leave Concord K. C- 5.55 A. M. No S, daily, for K: . nioiid; connects at Greensboro for Raleigh and Goldsboro; at Gold-! or. for Norfolk, at Danville for "Washi' r and points North, at Jj'Minrv Asheville, Knoxyille and points Wc-t. 7. 10 A. M No. 33, the New York ar. "s Florida Express, carries Pullman SK v ing Cars between New York and A frusta, New YorK and Tampa, Fla.. . Norfolk to Charlotte. 8:49 A.M. No. 37, daily, W . ington and Southwestern limited : -Atlanta, Birmingham. Memphis, ' goniery, Mobile and New Orleans, a-.i all points South and South Through Pullman sleeper New York : New Orleans and New York to Menr:-L.-Dining car, vestibuled coach, bet- : Washington and Atlanta. 10:00 A. M.'-No. Co, daily, for W.i ington. Riclimond. "Raleigh a:..I points North. Carries Pullman dr v room buffet -Iceptr. New Orlcai New Y'oik; Jacksonville to York: Pullman to;::i.-t curs from Francisco via New Orleans and s'u:i era Pacific Sundays and Wednesday .. 11:23 A. M. No. 11, daily for Atl -zv. and all poiots SoctL. Solid train, Uu--mond to Atlanta. 7:00 P. M.-No. 12. dailv, for R: ' mond. Asheville, Chattanooga, 3 Norfolk, and all points North. 8:51 P. M. --No 7. daily, from Km aiond, Washington, Goldsbrro. S-!::. Raleigh, Greensbcro IvLoxvilie Asheville to Charlotte, N. C. 8: 51 P. M.-No 38, dailv, Wa-L and Southwestern limited, for V. . . ington and all points North. TLr - Fuliman car. Memphis to New Y New Orleans to New York. Also c:vrr:-.-r vestibnled coach and dining car. C. . -c connection at Greensboro with she;--' for Norfolk. . 0.20 P. M. No. 3.5. dailv, for AlU- and New Orleans, carries Pull -i-sleeper New York to New Orleans. York to Jacksonville and Charlotte : Atlanta: dinning car. Also Pr.I'----tourist car Washington to San Fr.. - ' " co, via New Orleans Tuesday and F-"- days. 9.45 P. M. No. 34. dailv, tie "- -" York and Florida Express, carries I -man Sleeping Cars between Ar.-"--"--and New York. Tamta, Fla. - ' York and Charlotte to Richmond, t Ties sleepers Charlotte to Norfc'.'s Greensboro. First sections of regular thror.g- - : local freight trains carry rasstrnfe-" only to points where thev stop ace. : : to schedule. Frank S. Gannon. TV,;..; v; r a -i - j.ii.jaia iuc-i If . hHU Lie 11 i. - ) Washington. John M. Cnlp. Txanic Manager. Washington. P. W. A. Tt.rk, Gen?l. Pass. A.-. n:. Washington,!1 Uncord N. c. j :owan Dasenberv. Local A- -' , V, U Ww - "I - mthm t'f i I! iiii I

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