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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 08, 1899, Image 1

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r y rur kkinw maim:, i . r,w,..?..; i ' t . i.ii;. ;m i" i i pi Mill JliiU ; ; A j.'wan! Reinsr Sent by Mayor a. !lr'?:vhm;t Our State and a : or Other States for the Capture ) ii! Kd wards. I : lias boon a busy time in I , . t i .'ii .ill.- vi j'tij 4 commenced mailing their I Thousand letters to all of the f 1 ,viiN in North Carolina, and the - I '... 'pai places in a number of : States, giving the full . otioa 'and the amount of i L for the safe delivery of y:; Va wards, the negro yet wa !:; I on the charge of murder :vi:ian Kerns. . i ' .i ... . : 4: ' iiriiTo. Mose Edwards, alias Kd wards, has been sent "lie. is about 27 years of ''-'. 7 high, weighs .: it'i5 louuds, parched coffee : high i'orohoad. Has the fol .i vh. iiu- marks: ii fro.!' of head about inch i,( v'!.. v til1 hair begins, a . , .-, i j a d ( ' by a pistol ball. I ii. :::..;'! o!" right arm several jtisin! ball passing through 'j iit. forearm left a scar about ; I way between elbow and wrist v it utered in front and a -:ir near the elbow where it ;i;ic! out behind. Had on, when lie tied, reddish brown trousers, brown coat, narrow brim black hat with a broad hand, yellow leather belt, leather watch guardjimitation gold watch with gilt nearly worn off, black sraiters. nearly new. Ml 9 Extends His Theological Course. The Lutheran Visitor says that Rev Robt. L Patterson, for live years pastor of St. James Lutheran church, Union Bridge, Id., has'resigned to close his la bors there the first Sunday in October. He will attend' the General Council Theological Seminary for two years. This takes the surprise from our Mt. Pleasant correspondent's notice that Mrs. Patterson will teach in Mont Amoena Seminary next year. - At the Baptist Church. On account of the rain -last night the crowd was quite small. The meeting will continue until Die 17th. Mr. H A Wolfsohn ih lead the singing and the preaching will be done by the pastor, Rev. B Lacy Hoge. All ministers and members of other churches are invited to Come and l,1lp in the meetings and all mgers are invited to come into j he' cliftif.- I lie Cotton Has Begrun U Come In. The time for fcbtton wagons te rowd our streets is not faV off. Already the wagons cftfe here " ach day bringing seral bales. On Thursday CoSon Weigher "Propst had thirv-three bales on his scales aft'd today (Friday) this number was increased four. It is bringing cents. The V.Vvernoi Oners a Reward. There is now 225 reward on Vill OEd wards, the third negro anted in the trial for the mur der of Policeman Kerns. Gov. hussell has offered a reward of 2o0 and Mayor Means also offers a Sfi5 reward. tiiuhFm u was Edward. Mr. If (I Millar it "Pr-. l.-l in v., x.. . j. .:iJtx, nil'cd a negro man Wednesday aiul dm'h day Mr. Miller, u- NLU1 H S U)ia ,J. 1110 stranger and by his actions, concluded thnt he tin, n.,i,.,,. ,f r - ' " luiliVlviVi KJ i- JL W liceman Kerns at Concord. He had an officer come for the no- gro, but he proved to be the wrong man. Salisbury Sun. Dr. Costner to Locate Here. A few weeks ago it will be re membered that Dr. T F Costlier and wife, of Lincolnton, were visiting here. His visit here was of a prospective nature, and he has since decided to locate here in his profession. He will arrive in October. Two Cases Atrainst Fallen Wcnuen. There was a very sad scene in the court house last Monday. A fallen woman, taken for her evil doinr. was hvoiu'lit from her x ' iivjuie in me nnniu iu enswei for her crime, committed with a man of another race. On the woman's face was written her character. I hat woman had onco i i , i been a pure and virtuous girl, but from her face was gone every , f mark ot teauty, every trace ol feminine loveliness and grace, A fallen woman! Her cheeks and lips bearing the impress of her sin, her very soul lust-scarred. Has earth a picture more pitiable than a woman fallen from angelic heights of purtty, virt ue and all that makes woman hood lovely and beautiful ? Poor, sinful woman, she is justly made to suffer before the tribunal of justice for her crimes. Hearing the charges against the woman of whom we write, we went in imagination to another court. An unveiled, disheveled, terror-stricken adulteress, fresh from the agony of detection, wTas dragged by a mob into tho holy temple and was set before the Judge. There flagrant guilt and stainless purity met. There aw ful crime and perfect mercy were brought face to face. The mob rlnmorifl orl 1 ? fcx tncoc finr? t.Vm law were quouted by the hard- x hearted, prejudiced mob demand - . -- v m 11 , v ing the poor fallen woman's life. m. . . . , The prophet of Calhlee stood v 5 , and wrote upon the ground, a . ... ..f .,. 7, symbol that the things thus writ - . x, , . . 17 1 ten m the dust might) pe obhter - ated and forgotten, and then, rlS' j ing up fromhis stooping posturef 1 Tr , . U.V HUCiCU 'VYUlUn nillVyll J.UJL1 XIIVV wmp lasnes on meir consciences y i i i t s Let him that is without sin. am6Hg'yH Urst caSt astone at her. tearfully the hypocritical ' Accusers loosed their hold upon ; Philpines. It is hoped that the the prisoner and silently, coweA Vh'ole force assigned to that field friafrV?n Kn fVicrp hv the first week in and shameful, they made thefr way out of that presence. "L&t ; him that is without sin awrongj you, first cast the stone- at her." . Ah, if that withering sentence) could fall upon some of rthe courts . t kc it probably arose from us a long lead in LfOW PRICES. We have bought to sell we sell, of to-day when the woman fallen , . bl ihat "occurred see if we don,t Have TU seen our liue of P:ctures -iu mnoth u i fhpm for nun- an mtolr troubic tt occunea shown in Concord. Prices range from 25c to si'.oO. is brought betee them for pun time ag0 in which tbe mgs the gjght Just the thing for Bridal, Birthday or any isnment, men wuum uC fully scarce about tnose places as they were about the temple m the long ago. Monroe Enquirer. THE BEST PRESCRIPTION EOR CHILLS and fever is a bottle r Grove's Taste- ioua nhill Tonic. Never fails to cure, Thpn whv exDeriment with worthless imitations? Price 50 cents. dttr monev back if it fails to cure. CONCORD, N. 0., FRLTAY, SEPTEMBER Q( icog. ! 3Iajor SU'dmau's Powei a a Lawyer. I Winiiioolo i't .-n , . ww.v' ii v-nui. -'viuj culviuuuiJ tl Utl U woman was tried in ;-ourt for re - ceiving stolen goods, knowing mem to Have bee:, stolon, tier husband having ht -n convicted of ih ,wt,.,.... " -KJ J. HIV. UV, llte- Major Stedman ai)peared for, her and mad a speech before tin nost capital ' !n''t JU1V. J liO evidence was somewhat against her, but counsel luut the law on i - -i , , , .. . nl his side and he made it tell, so that, the jury was out only a few minutes, returning with a verdict of not guilty I III-" v 1)111.1 II was then discharged. I Climax, near Greensboro, this table at ilis h(),ne iu Lexington She came out of the prison dock morning to visit his mother, who'county- Tlie assassin ap and made for the door. As soon s n(AV S() years old. ! preached the house in the dark, as she sa w daylight and perfect ; - Miss Bertha Stubbs who is ' l)ut tno l)arrol o :i sb'otgun freedom just ahead of her, she threw off her bonnet and vidled - out Hless Jesus and Major Stedman!'' This she repeated as fast as she could in a historical nifiimm' until iv-ic lnt, In . ' sight, wiiiie the negroes in iw court room set up a titter, in - stantly stopped by Judge Brown. It was a pretty close shave. In! riU;t ()f the spe-dators ' 1 ' thought she was guilty, but the . aw bearing on ' the case was & promptly brought out by her at- inrmw nnd hf earned Greensboro Record. J J- What a Tale of Suflering. During the storm of August lath the Norwegian bark Drot was wrecked below Charleston The crew, one after another per ished. Three succeeded in get ting on a raft and floated about till the two survivors were picked up August 31st. The intelligent one says that for. wTant of food they cast lots which should die for the other two. ' The one on whom the lot was cast was killed and' his blood was sucked from his veins. Soon one of the two became a raving maniac and bit chunks of flesh from his com panion before they were rescued. m m Millenium Not Here Yet. The number t of crimes com -mitted in this State within the' past week have been unusually j J , v rnVi-,i V-i o t r r hmiii n 11 linn. 1 ; ... . ' sual numbor of crimnal assaults ; , , . . . and several murders, and m two . x ' . . . or three instances the crime of . - i lynching came very near bene: j ,u fT A11 , . r i added to the others. All of. which . . . . , 4i at hand, savs the States-5 J "iZ'Z i- : I viiie Landmark: . Trahbrtatidh ft Chartered. A Wahibffteft dispatch of the .saX'StMt vessels ro cnar- tered ifo Vake the soldiers to fie . Vill be there by the first week November. . - Revolution iu Venezuela, rn0rted late insurrection- ,h v Venezuela was a troublers were quickly disposed The Benbow to be Rebuilt. The Benbow hotel property ;bas been sold and the work of Rebuilding is to begin at an early Th fi t of january is the time set, we believe, to open the , , , ' 'KUSONAL POINTERS. .MI. fl i I y OH T 1 " V SOI'H ' Luke Jolin()11 oi Meek.on .'i' : Jesse Smith and daugh- ! U'r- of London, are visiting hit Mr Pink ATionhoirnovJ " r v.j. hhiia, ui fvu.- boro, son of Dr. J E Cartland. win foi'ine7dvr Ih'Pfl here i horo today. r r 1 j TT. ! --Kev. J C Davis went to High p()int this movnin He win u his appointment in Lexington Sunday. Mr. K L Cmven vrpnt In went 10 visiting at Mr. E H Griffin's, went v Charlotte this morning to . fj l11" U1 anernoon. ; Mr.. Luther Hart sell re-! ' tmne-d home this morning from; inai a . A IT 1 . He informs us that ' a nfgro is being tried for life t'lere today foi "negro. ! killing another Mr. Jake Stirewalt, who had been at home for three months I . , wrestling with a case of typhoid 'fever, returned to Albemarle, ni . ,tt -. j Stanly county, W ednesday to re - I sumo his work in tho rntton mill mere, lie has iiuly recovered his health Statesville Mascot ins neann. frid iesviiie im ascot. CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c. Tne genuin has L. B. Q u each tablet. OF 1 flfiWlV I m inn a 9 A m liie UilliDlJ The Summer is Ended, The Harvest is Past. - . mTvr m FURNITURE BUY Everybody and their kinsfolk know that BELL, HARRIS & CO. ic tva nineft tr buv it ar,d don't land the best factories in the United States at our command gives . other '6f Presents. New Frames made We Are Strictly in it for Business BELL HARRIS & COMPANY. Single Copy 5 ("ts f Mr. Ieatn the IMitor. I ! Til'. -Mr. ri r i,eato.. ,,;IVS atr() (()r Moor..s,-r . -,,,, of the Mooivsvilo KecordvTime.. in place of the former id'" or. I Mr. U A Jones. From the ! Mooresville corresnondeiv-'o to theCharlotte Obser'ei- w ee th.a! the trade has been mad" and Mr Deaton is now the editor. Assassinated at the Supp r i'ai'le. Columbia, S. C, Sept. 7. Al bert Swigart was assas.- hirited loci n ril-i iil-i 11 . . m" '" u""r aL r supper i through the win.hwv ami v- .IN'd and : shot Swiirart in tiie head. j oral month.s ago Swiiraa a neighbor in 'seif-def : was recently acquitted. GLOlKOthS NEWS Comes from J)r. D. J. rrile, of Washita. I T. lie unto.--: i our lx-;. ties of Electric liitters hus M'! "d !rs. Ureter of scrnfnhi, - Inch lu'd caused her frreut MiiVerin f. r veais. Terril)h sores W0lll(l hrtak out ou Let liend vl I face, ami the best doctors eo.ild nve no ! help: but her enre is complete uid Ik r i Heallh' H ecolcnt:' TLis .-h-s tie.t I thousands have proved, that Lleetru : Bitters is the best blood ruriflerkiunvn. 1 Vs tbe ?lreruo reinedy for iczema, tetter, sa t. rhenm. nippTK. Imp.U ntn mn nm sores. It stimulates livT, kidneys ! and bowels- expels poisons, help di-eV , tion buikIs up tho etrelli;th Gll!y fi0 cents. Sold at Fetzer's Druir Store. The Kansas City Star says: 'A gift that was not included in the published list of wedding pre sents received by a newly mar ried Missouri couple was a re ceipt for 10 years' back subscrip tion due from the groom to one of the neighboring county papers, the generous contribution of the big-hearted publisher." You aesume no rik when you buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Krmedy. M. L. Marsh & Co. will refund your money if you ar but Batiafied after using it. It i everywhere admitted to be the most success ful remedy in use for bowel com plaints and the only one that nevAr fails. It, is pleas int, safe and reliable. Grip makes one sick weary and restless. r. Miles' Restorative Nervtpe brings rest. IS NOW AT HAND. vou.forcet it. Car lots. si)ot cash line of moulding just in. Picture on short notice.

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