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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 11, 1899, Image 1

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ft r Mr A'N s Ca . m m m $8 W ?4 1 ;i 4 Price $4.00 Per Yw, CONCORD, N. C, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER, 1S99. Single Copy 5 Cents PERSONAL POINTERS. -Rev. J C Davis returner! THi: COTTON SKEI) OIL MILL. : this siding near the seed At the -Baptist Chun, j :., Mimicry to Keiriii Work Vet This housG will he scales for weighing Despite the fact that Rev. B ,..vJ.,i , iim,i;. tho cars of and cotton. Lacy Hose was sick vesterdav ! liuuamgs will be lined along the he filled his pulpit last night. , 1Jim 3 ldSI nint lrom Lexington. r,-:.rlv limit A Sidetrack to i?e Built-- ' c;irt4,,n v . i-o mi , -, ,.x, 1 v sidetiacivfor a distance of 4o8 Though he did not deliver a! Mrs. C L T Fisher and fit Viventy Minutes Cotton Parses feot.. Following are the dimen- sermon he made a talk after ' children returned to Charlotte iiuouuh the Ginnery and Is Keafly gions of tho different buildings: reading the story of "The this mornin?- fi,r 1,10 0wiipr- j The cotton seed house, which is Prodigal Son." A large crowd Rev. J A Dorritee, of Char- 'i he fact that Concord is to a wooden building, is 110 feet was present. The church was lotte spent .awhile today at Sun- v a cotton seed oil mill does long and 40 feet wide. Th- only almost filled, j derland hall. Mr, M J Freeman left this ; sunice for our people to know timc tliat tno S0G(l he hand- As at' every service, Mr. Wolf .: .:miount of business thnt will : led is wllen tney aro beinS takon sohn, the noted singer, delighted ! niormn 011 a business trip of "from tlm ,rnm)ic flc 11 ,1.., i: imUtilMU IWOTOS. nt ;u uiere and the number ot . ""svuo WA . incaumwi wnu ui& Elections , : .r,n,- c,i, n tJ Alien elevators take charge of both as leader and soloist. n vessitates. Messrs. Chase Brenizer and UUUUill 1 : th i.-.: ' . Tno. R Van Ness, of Char-lotto. Almost a village v ,i -n .ni , , . . I spent last nio-ht here ! 11 111 t ho m im "ha navf A vv v.j. jiiii,.. a. n, ciuh lb ID piVJCliJUl I IlLCll IU alongside the railroad him I Mrs. R K Black went ovp.r iMMi iyond blippery Rock near j wiu be tho oil mina building Rev. Ho.o is better today and t3 Charlotte this morning to Salialo mill. j 147 feet long built of brick, will preach tonight This morn- As rapidly as possible work is This building will contain the ing's service was conducted by . mp;: done on the buildings. ' engine and boiler rooms and also Mr. Wolfsohn. The hour of the Tin M)iiy building yet completed an ell of 40 feet. Next inline, morning service has been N the ginnery, which is the most j with space of sixty feet between changed from 9.80 to 9 o'clock. -ilete one to be seen in the , on account of tlie insurance The evening service begins at 8 North State. The farmer, rt?uhit ion, comes the hull or o'clock. t vn vet tins weeic. can ormir , " . .v... spend ioaay witn ner parents. Mrs. M L Stevens returned here this morning from China Grove. She is stopping at Rev. Chas. B. Miller's. iU:i upon the scales and in v.-iy lv moments the whole i is by a suction pipe hurled '; thr t'oni- 70 -saw iins, each :t';:g tL c(unl amount cf the the to v.o. j y macmn- :( : I'1 u.'ing p.aced In a ; ! se(.d house ; driver can ;: ho raises a slid' u au'on is loaded.. - to tlie other Lid ot t sion of SO by 40 feet. This will, as its name indicates, be a gen eral storage house and is a wood en buildiinr. Tn rear of t ii is lino of bulldiuirs will be seen the gin . ncry. Avhich in addition to its ' dimension of 20 bv 0:2 feet has a hop- ' cot ton house of :M by 24 feet and e bv ! :i s, etl house 20 bv oO feet. Near his.t-'ee iiorlh end of this row of i i I 1 ; l . 1 : ,n l.., i -u : !. . , iii;.- so);n:i iciy will osj it building' for tho busin.n-s depart- ; meiU tlie of.'n e where Mr. 1 L j Buchanan, the secretary and Misses Virgie Shoup and 1 Bessie Summers arrived here this morning on No. 36 on their way to Mont Anioena Seminary, i iotii are teachers there the corn in it session. mv. toor ' e I'd Town Father:; Meet Tonight. ! Tonight is the time for the regular monthly metin.g of tlie town commissioners. One thing ' ()a His Rdjrn (w the Ai tnat will come uelOi'e tiie .;s Ine ' m , i TT , . ! Mr. Columbus Hartsell, a younir election of a policeman m the! -, ,, . , , iiiaii who lor more than a week place of Lh Goldslon, who re-u .... -..! ' j has been visiting his lather at s,&K(i(l- ' . I Leo, in Stanly county, was ihere Mr. Marshall Mabcrv, who i.r :. , ,k .m,, s x . v ' , '.oua i xueseay) on his return to 1,.,, ...1, 1 I V ' 1 he army near Washington. Mr. ing on the police force, and .r.,,.4 , n i c I iiartsell is a member of the cav- whose name is anions the list of , , ' i TT ;idry m the regular army. Ho j am 'ticauts ior : no n ice, las rc- , i . - i I i ' . w'w i: ho -n nunai' cov'uo on Duiing tho ciyil war, as well ns in our late war with Spain, diar rhoea was one oi the most troublesome disefcs the army had to c out cud with. In ninny instances it became chronic and tlie' old soldiers still Miller from it Mr. David Taylor, of Wind Ridge, Greene county, Pa , is ono of these. He uses Ch; laborlam's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and says he rever foimd auytbing that would give him such quick relief. It is for sale by M. L. Marsh & Co.. Druggist NEW LINE OF w N 1 considered tho matter and will ; jhave his name left off of the list i nodding his bale is also i'iati'orm waiting for hiie. ' .is ti, ne only twemty min- i. ve (dapsed. Never 1 :.- e our jeopie vrn a an oil inill of forty tons capacdty mi -h as the one used ihere. per day and a ginnery which Camden, S. 0. tlie last of thi rsou ha.s. the disj)oses of cotton from and to week, He has succeeded m get handling the lint, but j the wagons in less than iwenty i tiugsome nortliem ca'talisis vr. tren rov will ho nnnrtevofl ' , ' ' , . . i , for the consideration of the com- vi tn all of tins m)-to-date . . j machineiy, looking towards con- J jQ' venience above all things, Avitli They are Fiuiu in o:i H. itor bed)- mustered out he re enlisted. Mr. Tr A Foil intends to go to' I A fell i lie, OL asses from the gin ' minutes, there is going to be one . terested in building press and instead of one .ne ho;e'.; frreai necessity ana ui;u is me in is noi. vol asuiv . uul ! into the press to pack cotton and cotton seed on which j Foil thinks it is almost a '-or-1 T w.u Ar' ur. ! to work. But the most enter- tainty. Camden is qvme a o.n.a-: small iK).y, a stcam valve a slight, turn and down a large wooden presser. e w v- vy;z prising larmei s ol our unuuj iaL w luivl x-kji l. the stockliolders, together A.-'imaLically. the supply of lint now until the packer re- f , . ivil- Inr-a tIioti tllO cntft 1 hopeful w;ou opens. v lien me press' - ; -ones full the large revolv J Forest Hilh '! i ':it)le is turned, and an empty is thrown into position for ' 'm-- while the one containing i hah.? is thrown into position Two More to the Chainsraiii;- Policeman Mabery maoe a h;- eressing. By these means with some of our most promi nent business men. and the out look for the success of the Con- 'double haul Monday night off of , . . -, vi ... -n : . . Tr t-t.Q tho nnvthbound vestlbul.j com uotton oeeo un mm is ,fll1 i train. He pulled two negroes. for beating their way. They j (were both sent to the cliaingang j Miss Berta Saunders, of Char- for fifteen days. ! lotte, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. i cuiieO PA. I W A Wood. ! That ia, the way all drasKisteSseli t There were no services held ' Orove .Tasteless Chill g ems- Sunday night on account of Rev. Quinine :u a tasteless form Children Plnrl tn SOV8 It. Aauiis reiur ll iu yiuti, unu- , r ' ... 5 1 is A 11 r h A L .9 0 AT 0. I-V 8. AT H.L.Parhs L(h The Summer is Ended, Arnold being gick. "..".ii- and pressing continually Lr(i"s know he is better. Neiiber cotton nor seed are T j irou smokes '' "'.'lied at any time. In case f m No. 5 has been placed, . , 'it' i.iiK rf rrvttrn wViioVi nvo for ! . , ,L ' ' Cotton maiiuf acturnig in the j A vvvvv-, v. i ma King inmgs iook more imu all quantities, are to be gm ! business. South Carolina First C. 'ex. South is still mainly localized iu;THvE TIME TO The Haryest is Past. : 'I a person only opens a small j the southeastern States. South i-.,r and a suction pipe is wait- Th, charter Obtained. ,uaroima u u 7"' ; I ...rorit and semi, it rapidly ?ho charier has been secured third of the total number of bales m.. tho Kin.. Later an arrange-1 for the tiew cotton mill to be, required by tho factories of tms -....n will also be perfected ! built at Mt. Pleasant. It will be section South Carohna and, h,,,.i,v tho seed from the gin- - called the Tuscarora cotton mill. North Carolina togot hoiVonsumo v A-m w hlnwpd dmM'.tlv tn . rrKrt inr-nmnrators are Messrs. l . v w ; ' - W- vavit-w". " - - v w J i 1J illVVi 1' e BUY FURNITURE IS NOW AT HAND. Every! cdy and their kinsfolk knew that bell, Harris & co. f1 ...1. -I 1 V,.4-l, rr. 1 J ...1.1 d house through a long j oil. Jonas Cook, Jas. AV Can oum tdimiM luu'u,!,k the place to buy U and don't you iofget it. t ar lots, spot oaso . . . . .i t., ri (inAi'frin mn A aiama consume i -. ,n x i fiAv,; . l,, T'nito-i str!f. nt (:u- commana irives PO-er egme on, A rnes, ana xv . . the othpl. Rjght u" lonead in LOW PRICES. o have Iwrn'lii . s.,.l-,, .dl. iMi-msh the power or the Barrmger. - 1 12 iel. cent.-Col.mbia i see i !we dont. Have you soon our line of Pictur,s just .n-noth- "in? work ov the hill nftor ail kJul,-t 1 '. .... i r,.,-.v,i !vi t-m.. nun l'.ic lo.-i'l. 1 " ' , inir M .'o ir pp - s u i in - ' 4-t-,.-H 1 I 1 1 1 J LV. XI- V. . - ' - ; Don't miss the sight. ' augemeiits are completed. At i Tne soothing and heahng prop- nt, on accout of the neces- ; eTtie s 0f Chamberlain s bougn j a FRIGHTFUL BLUNDER d thr ginnery long before .Remedy, its pleasant taste and- wm cge a horrible Barn , oil mill n 40-horso nower ' orompt and permanent cures p Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Aroica L UUU a.-4U llOrbi. pUNSLl V ..rl. i...f vcifh oi ' l,oe in thA wnr!l will till thp 1 have malic lC a reilL iay. oaivc, n" " nil Just the thimr for ih idal. liirlliday any other kind of Presents. .New line ot mourning jum ... Frames made on short notico. 1H ' nas1 been placed at the the people everywhere bv 31. L. ISUrsh & Co eery. : Ve ' ' 1 if! P.' "! t li n ' 1 ! i -- t Tfill "' . - r--i - nnh- Onlv O.r; nc o li.V " d on the site when the entire j CURE A COLD IN OSE DAY Oure guaranteed. Sold . at Fetzer's ' U" is eonmlotn l A cwlnfvnM.' m..... t- .,4-,-v-o Tirnmo Oiiioine Tablets. . . . b-.i out in frr.m ihonm Ah druists refnna money ii d fa is to OltC'r. -t. v. J - 71. xviiJto ..v For ?fe fcsWl &s i Fa ire Strictly in it for Business , Druggists. a,, Kv;n Kraptiotis. Best ! 8 a (jy&flM. one sick, weary and restless. Restorative Nrvire brings rest. hhuf i.i CM: !J mills -.switch- On 3a each tablet.

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