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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 19, 1899, Image 1

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I s : 1? Hha m, Bffl ty m .V V.4 lib.. 4 1 Price $4.00 Per Tear. CONCORD, N. C, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1S9S. Single Copy Centa as mm 1-3 -a fei ? - I AX EXCITIXQ RUNAWAY. 2IR. SUjOIERS (JUITE SICK. A SHOOTING AFFAIR. For Ovnr Fiitv Tears T?so Team liases Up Sp'ig Street Mrs. Glass to Be Treated at the Sani- Two Xeproes If ave a Row Over at Gold'?1' f'8 Soothir Syrup has , w -w V MU I LJ WW 11111 ions of mothers for their children Hill-One Shoots the Other In the Neck With a Pistol -Roth Here In Jail. . while teething, with perfect success. It Last Saturday night two ne-! soothes the child, softens the gums, With a Sinai! Roy Haiigmg to the torium Four of Their People Marry Tonsrr.c Th? Waon Ran Over Him Other Xews. Mr.t He Cfi:-;: Out Unhurt. j Written for The Standard. An exciting runaway occurred j Glass, Sept. 19. There a groes, Robert Hasty and Frank Monday afternoon about 5 ; great deal of cotton in the fields McDaniel, had a row at Gold j relieve thloo little raffeJw'imm lock when a team went dash-' around here. The rea crop is Hill on this s'de of the county ' at,el7' So!d by druggists in every part c . . n ' i n A -i " of the world. Twenty-five cents a bot- up bpriiig street with a small ( ctomg right well since the ram. line. After some amount of tie. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Win- ,v. ::ansuin Upchurch, son of j F W Glass wont to Salisbury quarreling McDaniel, with a dthing Syrup'" and teke no 'r. Geo. II Upchurch, hanging . Saturday to make arrangements rock in his hand, threatened and j , the wagon tongue while the : With Dr. vyhltehead for treating was about to hit Hasty in the! l-!vr. Mr. Jno. Blalock, was J his wife at the sanitorium. head with it, when Hasty pulled' v. K-ing e.-ery effort to stop the Mr. Summers, of Salisbury, is out his pistol and shot McDaniel. j i m. quite sick at Mr. Ed. Cook's. The bullet took effect in Mc-! Blalock had on his wagonj His wife is at his bedside. Daniel's neck on one side and) Fourc yo- ig people were came out at his shoulder. He is' married last Sundry morning, not badly hurt. ! You assume no riK vrhen jcu buy Chatnberlftin's Colic, Choker i and Diarrhoea Remedy. M. L. Marsh & Co. will refund ycr money if you aro not J after usinc it. It is evnrjv. her? admitted to be the most ?aoco-is-ful remedy m rise for I'.-oi c?m plaints and the only "v.?. IV t never tails. It is pleas:1 nt, ?-fe and reliable. T ri ION Mr st'ral .)ales of cotton and when vcv.t . o turn into Spring iret from Depot street the 1.'-i,ol to the froul of- the .w.LVi v iLiiig against the mules. '"e I; lies : lipped forward i h-jy was thrown out 1 ' -or' end the driver 'u ruled on the ground. As tho t; r , . i i ed Both of the negroes were IS NOT DEPARTMENT is the most complete to be found Rey. W B Oney tied the knots in Concord. The parties were Mr. arrested Monday morning arid ' TTi OUT CitiV. j. Visit tO CU' David Winecoff and Mi.:-, ?d attic tried before a mugisirate. Iii- j - - Poteat, Mr. Ed. Bost rnJ Miss ing to give bonds rr tv -'Wlli demOIlStratO til 8 fa,Ct- Ida Potest. They took dmrer r. oar, i nee at courU both X - (W1 W i. 1 V'T we: v Ojl y ctSV Winecoff's. brought here Monday cveah- j tiling tR&t SHOW aild Up-tO-la13 III sville ih's week.' w-:1 s y in. i.i i-i:uninG"ci.; went along a r-.O'O' 11SHl 1 gave v.y and he fell to the He is earoi'ul and does no dam i..,. f.:)1 tun-itclv the w,i;;- "r: Jio cro v Rnt bJsl t'ng o'.i nice' training Irs dogs :tha most popular Novelties uio'k,a,K-,cvn,o;. oxi. display. .scmewnnt ..uo::cr..oa e i ue u.u oi cr: n on oa went over him and he came Dr. Flcvo has been busy for years. At this ti ne heietoforo; ri t; a-r. -y inihurt. some time hr.t we h:ive 1:0 sen- our stress for a fevr hours v;cu!d , '.c v C 11 8 1 SlllT) 111 8 H t of Xj SI G. 1 G Q' Alter t-hoy n eared the Baptist ' :,"i"l 1 ' f ' " Hi W" .v St C ''""lod ''111 .! .oris - .. uxr. The oviou-ng at this institu . v; v. than usual. Al- ;:ly fr. rt. '-t hreo stud en t s h.rve eeuiva r.;...i -,s in the dormitories of the in tuition. This does not molude he local patronage and o. hoard in town. Of .houirl :nis number of boarders South C:iro:-- : j" li-hoslC a iKhorgir. All of the rooms are occupied i few more students be accomodated in rooms which have not their full num "'t of occuirmts. The total en 'jliment will appear smaller than 1: v 0 1 t h year as the institu tion discontinued the primary l',T'MrtmcE.t which usually added -1 or 05 to -he roll. .s !i,i(.- hi.., (f students- is rep- 'v-ated. nearly all of whom are ? i!.e 3e i-.i-.iary classes. At: informal reception was i.-reu '..he new student s by the 1'Y.iity on Saturday night. ' . v elocution and refresh delighted the new -corners, ; .v; . j ' :yi familiar inter ',t;;r,' oi teachers and old stu n's foi , ;'. t old the new ones ; tl;oy f re in a school with - ouments and that they : e wcucoijie, lh us 0;;I - lite Deliverer. A negro was before Mayor ; ''.-as Monday for acting as a 'ieliverer for a white mail. The lU'L'ro went out into the country ;ll secured whiskey for the 1 yi:. Nothing could be obtained ' niio sold him the whiskey. i ho jKgro was fined a penny and ous sickness.- j tlUWALti-i Willi lilt" i-.Mi; - o . j such has not ;een the case Vr' y ' t , j year. On las' Fri.-.'.j.y cur score ; Hi did reach 101, ana on fcaturaay j idsomest belt yet s:,V!l,hat-rn unloaded 100 ba) - s wwe wo;g5,c(lj fcct olie are m pat. Calf, - i . wrf- a "I pistol does the tiring" was vcri- year ago from last Saturday 245 nod today rMay) vhon a teles wo geaJ With hOEVJ 11 i -i , c tt,,. cie i ease ni i'.e v.:u i liii.s 01 , ,7 cle'k m 01. e ox the hardware . . , 1 , . 1 numoers ot larmers are noiu:iigi . ? t 1 -i stores was meddling with a new back lheir Slipply hoping that; trimmiUgS 11(1 the FegUlar paOAi; pistol which was purchased at a bettor price will be paid later.) - ... another st ore. Tlie clerk didn't PEPvsONALMNTERS. i a ttaCHmeilt. i il8y Gail 06 think that a pistol just purchased! j 0 . . .7 at another store would contain! Mr. J H Mason, of Raleigh, ' 1 SliperiOr tO QJiy blDTLg o r t any cartridges and commenced ' spent last night here to snap it, as all like to do. But -Mr. Julian S O? r of Tit" 4 X. there was a buret in it and out : Durham, ishere todr- it went. It first struck at an angle live window glass and cracked them, then passed through a ball of putty mid stop ped when it hit a scale weight. The clerk was terribly frightened over the affair and has no doubt learned a lesson as to unloaded pistols. Bad luck fell to Mr. Will 5 ? " of Rev. N I Bakko. lotte, spent yesterday Rev. C Brown Coy bf vshe- I ville, is spending todny ' t i Mr. and Mrs. J A C Black welder and Miss Eagle are spend ing this afternoon in Charlotte. Miss Clara Starrette and Mrs. Addie Freeze, of Mocres ville, -spent Monday night here. Mr. Pleasant Monroe, c f liOw;-n county, paso 1 m A few swell novelties in TO 14- ! 1 !rmnf3 at 50 and 75c. The best line of Leather Pur? at S5 and 50c. ever shown. Cyrano head Beauty Pins : Ovrano Chains are here as well srood assortment of Enamel Beit . .1 terougn ; o i , t l..;. , . i at. d , i ,m i ' here xociay on m ay lo .uouni den, ot Albemarle, this (Tuesday) pieaRant afternoon when his horse which A orn a tT-r I -c h " e Kaon niiniid it 1 fT T "fl v t. f IT Cl if 1 :YYjH.&o, anu (j.w. Buckles. Pine Silk. Opera Bags' at cni-no vrppks h; hppn visit mo- ran away, tearing to pieces the j M p p Mori-ison's, will h buggy. He was preparing to re- tomorrow morning for Winston. i she w:ll return -o lier home in J S. & 9 ! Texas. H1 COSt Trt03t;iti;ailroad. Mr. Marsiial Mabery, who has l serving on the police force ; turn to Albemarle ana mal commenced to run so soon as he drove out of Mr. Baxter Parks' yard. The cause of the ranaway was the shafts coming loose on one sVlo. Mr Peden and Mr. Clarence Connolly were in the buggy at the time. Mr. Connelly, like a contortionist, w;nit backwards out Of the bthrry. Mr. Peden jvunped out at . the 'side and fell but was not hurt. The buggy struck a telephone j nnst near Mr. N F Yorke's resi- ; i denco. ,7 1 JJ I j n i. ! Mi OF V- V- i FIMf.l ltd CallcJ to Ralei-li to a 3Trr-Un-. Mr. A B Young was called to; Ealeisrh Monday night by a tele-: gram. He is chairman ot the executive committee of the Direc- -s c" the State Frison ana wa& in,,! itinrp to take rrat in tne Mr. Will Johnson was'- ;vt.,t otims hpfore them.! lllUjyji uuii.i"ii"'v;j--' i fa w sea fa a The Summer is jjadecl T)9 Hires s minitrmnc is now THE TIME TO BUY- j - ; 1 Everybody and their kinsfolk know that BELL. HARRIS & CO. iS ill AT i i ..." ' 'TOiiH s I'lrnii iiv nn ennan. hns n.n thinw lo h transacioa at me u 11 i! i - '"(a a v-osition on the rail- raect-ug is t"-0 purch: .- , 0. J. LI I !!! I ,,,,1 tt. ii , .. , , Catcclo-ria farms lor -voi:... . - , 1 ' m . Hp Trill hn tt i no Irkr'nJ i .i 1. Ijm nince to buy it ;:nd don't vou :orgei n. t :r lot- sro, cisli I Lllltl 11K - Utf.rsL ldtiui:i;.i jh cuv v""- 1 . x. !ns ii lonx lead in LOW PRICES. We have bought to sell we ell, see if we don't, nave you seen our one oi rxiun; in- like it ever shown hi Concord. Price range from -fx- ti)'Lf0. Pori't miss the sight. Just the thing 'for Bridal. Birthday or any ! other kind of Presents. New line ot mouhiing jus: m. r-.:luro 1 ' Frames made on siort notice. , We Are Strictly in ii for Business nnnv p.ts Several I . U" iV-wi -l j ' i , h.'" ivi Vinl rrnnn Q-vn-rv 5 .t,. nvn fr hfl nTOUfTht' i rs 5 k ? llllilltlf u v v m i h ill i I V Y

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