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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 19, 1899, Image 3

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. " . ' . J' . t 1 . - - J i .'. ?.'r: Oi ;:;.g change oi' died' ue took t; Il:;n. rives at n 52 a in, " 10.00 a m, " 7-09 p m, " 1.45 p in, u 2 00 a lu t; SOUTHBOUND ;;4 em 8 41 a ai, ( .iff) -r. A 1 li L u 8 51 p TT), "; ei p'rn, (ilag) " " t:.40 a ra. (freight) v,ie;: .uriiii i.het'.d of No. 7. !.-. .:ged it' aorvssiiry for through travel . it U. f ' Lariotte, and is stopped for , - ..-ngors nrriviiig from Lynchburg or , ;;"!. o. ;G stops' regularly for i i-i.iii.-bury, ugL Point, ! - !('!', iieidhviilo, : 'fiTiyi He and stations between Dunyille and V -iilngt.on. No.. .--7 htops for r:s .'!;'; coming from i.ynekbarg or b' y:-n !. raid t-. L; ke on pas- i j5.:iiir stopping places ' n Newtlis. Io. 3 stops to let :::sengen; from regular ijtopphg : .south of Nevreils and to take on rumors for regular stopping places, .'Lbuig or beyond. '...'.;, '-'' and ;4 stop at Concord for -sigerso or from the C. C. & A. v: -Km Charlotte to Augusta and ' :"ts in South Carolina. Georgia . i. rcaciicd through Columbia .'u:Lrusra 'o.s. 7, S, 11 and 12 are the local trains a connect at Salisbury with trains of ' . N. '. Di virion. r&Li-if HONE NO. 71 in -ad Craven Brothers ad. on ;!: Stoves. .Mrs. J L Peck is visiting in . UiWliIlip, yv. and Airs. P B Fetzer re . . : luio :.lonaav night from rip to New York. Mr. Jno. Sloan returned home : - i.p n;gl:t, after spending "erai days at his home at iK'ster. v - v )Tie hi Day Vault and wife to Elmwood where reside for several ; .,:-y t least. T J Brown, who has been k io" some time, has returned ? from Salisbury. He is .oiiio w hat imp r o v e d . FOR SALE. A mule 8.V years old. weighs 1100 pounds, gentle and works well. Jno. K. Patterson. Mr. H iMcNamara spent Sun l::y at home and has crone to ; wan and Union counties for a ::isiness trip of a week or two. VOii SALE. A good plat of :.nd 4i miles from Concord, '.'ould exchange for town prop : -. Call at this office at once. A : lie man of our town was lifty cents and the costs 'iiiclay night for using loud and erous language while using Mi.j plain language to his wife. riss Margaret Cannon gave a v? vix of lier invited friends t i j e v e n i n ,.: . . om pi i mentary is ' Madge VV'adsworth, of : ,s. v.;iara Cillon left Monday it ,r China Grove to visit brother. From there she re- to school at the Greens- j Slate Normal college. i Ladies Aid society of -Mil M E church intends ; huvi) party tomorrow f the weather interferes be held on Thursday M L Plackwelder lias gone burv, wiiere he will now ' u.i-. bis work in thu sevring v.-b:ne business. ;iOn account -ickness in his family he has n (b'lained here. MALE A new Wheeler A n sewing machine with .awers. just from the fac- Call at this office. and get class machine on n,vr,uA'liC ; J' u tf 'ome iiolict: and son, 'lolick, of Conover, ar- Monday to visit Mr. I n'Vi'U and family. Mr. li'ng the steel-spoked :n :b've', of Poplar Ik ken a )osition at ' through the win'er bb; will be the cotiou bio wi! not move his re. ilai-e Trouble lit ;he vci A dispatch, of the 18th from1 Cartervrlle, 111., gives an account that shades the South i'or hatred and domiuc-erin rvv It says : ''Carterviile was -him of a bloody riot about :'iioo .Jul ay, fi- i'-urops. on a r-v ship, in wliich six negroes wore in-1 which luul a light cargo. The stantiy killed and one fatally chip's comaiiy, .fearing Euro vounded, while two others re-j Pean legislation adverse ,to the ceived slight wounds. j importation ' of American live Trouble has been brewing stoc were not disposed to incur siiiL-o the milita was recalled bymilcl1 expense in the business, Governor Tanner last Monday. ; an( le stalls to nccompjodate The Vv'hite miners of this place nave refused to allow 11 miners to come into ' town, -p avs meetinir them and order! i them back. Yeslordav, how-ever.- thirteen negroes., ail armed, marched into town, go'ng to the Illinois Central depot, where they exchanged a few words with the white miners there. Then the negroes pulled their pistols and opened lire on the whites, who at once returned the fire. A running fight was kept up. The negroes scattered, some being closely followed by the whites up the main street, while the remainder fled down the railroad tracks. Here the execution was done, all who went through town escaping. After the fight was over four dead bodies were picked up, and another mortally wounded. They were taken to the T'.ty ijall, where the wounded man was at tended to. and an inquest hold over the dead ones. Trouble has existed here oil' and on for over a year, but no fatalities occurred until June 30, when a passenger train on the Illinois Central Railroad was tired into, and one negro woman was killed. These negroes were on their way to the mines, hay ing come from Pana. A short time afterwards a pitched battle ensued between the union and non-union forces, during which time the dwellings occupied by the non-union negroes were burned. Several arrests were made, and the accused are in jail at Marion awaiting trial on the charge of murder." The mob gathered fury as it continued and came near raiding the negro settlement to continue the 0 bloody work and probably annihilate the negroes. Governor Tanner was greatly wrought up and by request sent a military force to restore order. He appealed to all good citizens of the town and community to aid in ridding it of the stain of raur(jer by helping to bring the guilty to justice. The Losses of (he Eastern Storm. The horrors of our recent eastern storm grew in magnitude with their repitition and doubt less the reports went beyond the reality. The following seems a summing up since facts have been gathered: Twenty-live lives were lost. The greater part of these were fishermen drowned at Swan Island. The wind blew at the rate of 140 miles an hour, but only in spurts. While many of the marsh pmes were Uit u , a B V J : Tt(! cattle, i ne greaie&i iu;b uj tn was to tlie crops on ine man kind. It is said this amounted to hnlf n million dollors. The rain- fap Was greatest at Hateras, inches in 48 hours. THAT THROI3B1.NCt HEADACHE. Would quickly leave you, if you used Dr. King's New Lite Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their matchless merit for Sick and Nervous Headaches. They made pure blood strong nerves on1 build nn vour health. Easy to take. Try them. Only 25 centos, Money back j ij not cured, at Fetzti's btotc. j vtp r? IIore 'i :- ; '.aid." The following distressing story j for those fond of lay eouinei family is told by the PhiladeM 'r1 -roi; I ''I'.ol lo-.:r; i i-u u .r-rp Mnp-1 nient of bor io.- left Kow i" ork ' lie horses were put in of extern-; About rnld-o:jean jthe steering gear broke and The ?aiaI1 Ieu oa in oie trougn or sea. Being about very light sh" tossed j iolontly, and the i horses, being thrown agains their poorly constructed stalls broke them down faster than! they could' be repaired. In a few days all the stalls were demol ished, and their splintered stanchions and sideboards, with projecting spikes, were mixed up into a moving mass of half dead, killed and mutilated bodies of the horses, all shifting with every toss of the ship. Finally the whole quivering and putre fying mass settled on one side and would have caused the ship to founder had not the crew by herculean efforts managed to throw the horses overboard, killing a few that gave trouble. Ail were lost CUKE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets, All druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c. Tne genuin has L. B. Q & each tablet. A THOUSAND TONGUES Could not express the rapture of Annie E. bprinser, of 1125 Howard st,, Philadelphia, Pa., when she found that Dr. King's New Discovery for Consum ption had completely cured her hacking cough that for made years had made life a burden. All other remedies and doctors could giye her no help, but she says of this Royal Cure "it soon re moved the pain in my chest and I can now sleep soundly, something I can scarcely remember doing before. I reel like sounding its praises through out the Universe." So will every one who tries Dr. King's New Discovery for any trouble of the Throat, Chest or Lungs, Price 50o. and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Fetzer's Drug Store; cyery bottle guaranteed. SEE THE Watch FOR AT . CorrelFs OT For Di:lav Is D a n i k iuu s ! You have been thinking about taking out a Policy of Life In surance. Yes, and for the benefit of yourself and loved ones you will take an Accident Policy. Mr. W. D. Shubert, machinist at Cannon Manufacturing Co. and Mr. F . B Haydock , ma- j chinist .. at the Bleachery have J both been injured recently, and both promptly received their delai weeklv indemnity. Go to seeiu auu themthey were insured bv me. line. We also carry Von r.nn rind me inmv office ' everv evening during tile week j Wooden-ware, Dry Goods, . from 8 to 9 o clock. j Shoes Hats, Tinware Etc. Etc Office in Postoffice Building, j Jno. A. Sims, 5 We close our etora at S.15 dur t,, ,., i'nr thA Knmmer mouths. t e Cl6- ' XiiUltUil; -VI. I. ill. : ' , n -fto" tf Ck we invested heavily gsiin 3d point for you by so doing, tlun tity is a factor "vi -v jf" r r- are w a lot of DON'T YOUjMISSHXT. GemBritj X ft ft You would save wood lipj . BUCK ECONOMICAL. j. - - ft ft ft FURNITURE AND msMSK Qo To GW PATTERSON) run Fresh Butter on Ice, Quaker Oats, Hominy, Chippy d Bef, Canned Corn. Tomatoes, and Peaches. Soda, Baking Powders, Starch OracKera, Lard, Ham::, Prooes, Breakfast Strips, Green aod Parched Coffee, Tea, j CnnnK rtQn Alftftl- Corn, Shipstuff, Oats, Oil, Flour, Molasses, bait, yi negar" SnuH , Tobar-co, Rice ,j Spices, bottled j p. kl Washing Powders (ckles n agn Kooe, Crockery, liassware " liver goods until C p., di. nderwear. in bringing Li. goirisr to close out 21F ft ft ft if You see a person losing money you would t I 1 ! tell them even if you had f, never met them; we see you losing money every W ood bills. If you had a 5 C STOVE OR v RANGE V and get more heat. The most .. r j.i 1 r UNDERTAKING. jt iiiial hi IE Offers the business public a reliable, per manent, conservative aul accommodat ing banking icstution. We solicit vour patronaga with the assurance of honorable treatment and due appieciatiori of your patronage. If we can serve you any time we will be glad to have jou come and see us. LIBERAL ACCOMMODATIONS! TO CUSTOM Capital ani Ssrul-ds - - $100(10. L. B Coltkane, Chashier, I'resident. j ' ; U U-nu'lM , PT?A IDivU .v n DIU. LIVERY, F K I) AND SALE STABLES, ': c4t ( !lr,rd Ffntol Orr- nib:ia i mt.t paener trainf, OntQtc ; ih' iiiid? furnishec promptly a id at reasonable pricef, Hor-t- iivd ro-ib;- always on baod. or i- ib-. -(.:"' of -b'jro'jr-Lbred. Poland I 'itif .if 3. it u

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