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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 23, 1899, Image 1

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1 m n -J s . .v. Vv5 an f. M b:V, ; ' C0NC011D, N. C, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. H)9. 1r:- JJ &S8& m M. m mm m iifii m gun A ISatl Report from Cuba. 1 j tho United States would serve ! c lbv. J 00 Munday ism A dispatch from Xpw York just as well. Cuban political ns j ;Jst and is hooked for a reports William Willis Heard, and office-seekers want indepon-J in the opera house to- general manager of tho Cuban in- donee. Any method of giving; v oveninir at 3 o'clock, dustriai relief-fund, and who has , them offices would satisfy them. nil 1 11- c A. "1 .hnidiiv is professionally lust returned from Cuba, as me ouik or me people wam 01 ly 1 evan.urlist, though form- saying: actor. Mates 01 ''Cuba is 111 a p:hfu state. In- only r.d dt'ii ai inert arc Ml ma1 's .m be ad- st(ad oT a rainv se s. -n, (Jul a has had a drouth.. Not since 18-11 has there . been such long con tinued dry woa'iher during the summer. The result has been disastrous. rJ United States e ) 'eiaiiy a 1 ; ; i' -1 '.ve:'. ! ner l.uirea1.! r . ........ ' L - i :-ti;-,r. ; cfn.K lia.- be b : : i t h.-' cvo;1' -,:"t i'4,'S 1 i'!.".!! t iir' vl 11 j i Ot 1JK I'll a chance. . o earn iivinsr. An thing other than Spanish rule will suit. ' bom. "Anyone who denounces the j j Cubans ;..s a dir. . . lazv, vrorth- J ! : less people, is guihy of slanner Anyone who ass ;ri' ; that the Cu ban will not Aver; out ;:"ic vv!.e:!ge Ca aiis come U ' 1! "I 4 ?8 5 si-OOP i T"nrr.rv' - w O O spflKS Wi . 1 r-r; ! v. T.1T! .0 vi.jJ. i' 1 1 ... I in s'.vvi; rn K r-- - i , 1 1.1 cti t. j. V Co work. Not one ( yni cor:- i) VV v 1 1 most (listress: ir dronfb is the1 M4:.f Of . 0.:)(. ui ri t o . .i l ' 'lie ie 1" ! ' ( Ml : L L 1 , me us',-v;i'!ic;!.;;i 01 th'1 cov::. ii,ven mi- : uiKii.- lavoraLvo ci ..umstanees ! t . . . . . u l ' ' 1 1 1 . ! or o o: ;:(:(?!; i ft Y CI v.' j J oi (' v felt , tlie corn crop wo'.:--; bve bee n or i;' in ilio no.- i -, , : ' '' ' . s'lOl.ii- i o " p fh of hh. eloqmmce, pitifullv small, for it was .planted i '" . ' , . , , 1 tliom have m.siste : !Ud;. 1 smv 'S1 si)(;ken : in dribbles hT, Mid t hro on I he. :. :-,ome o! on wc-rking 1 : ' v. in their hearts ; outskirts of th.-4 to ill ihev droi)i;ed tii;:b . , w 'J J- i- - . tbiromrh sheer iat igne. Cu out ns to come. lie ; i)e()!e who had no means oi do- ! , .p , :n (,.r 1 1 ; ban will work :1 auvone ill gi 1 ! ':; i ya master hand p-a-j ing any better. The weather .'ioouent and humorous. eisode in one's life, ;. be forgotten, to bi one llv: iCilCe. It . by the Aid of the Ladies. ,u! libers of people came out i night to Caton's hall and - iied the festival given by hI ladies of our town for tit of the Concord band, wh with its twenty pieces was . - A upon the stage and fur ;rd delightful music for its yens. It was the ladies of own who put forth their ef in this wav to help to per ; rei organization . which is i d to every town and of ike band is under many .--ions to them and also to (,-n'S who showed their dc- hrlp it along by the pat About wasjrealized. .,and asks us to extend its also to Messrs. Swiuk & ;oid leib Harris it Co. ; -r for the use of dishes h'.'er tor the use of their L C . . ' 1 Cotton Seed in h nuuul ';' ; vers of co:1 oi) :iud cotton e on the streets! bese days ibeir eyes on all wagons ' t Several buyers !i materials are on .the -'S representing different b The price of cotton seed oi.;i, .1 Friday at 16 cents and re uu day closed 3 cents ; j'aid for a load. b:r i iopst weighed 110 bales 01 ( :)tun on that day. Most of il !'i"'ht 0.50 but some brought late that evening. Mr. ); i'!. after making his calcu-l?-;-on. predicts that the number this month here will be short ' v-en 800 and 1,000 bales. Oc u,1',:r was the biggest cotton :: ;-bi last year. hurorin reiiorts s Mow inn; leoi best of the corn crop in a few favored localities will yield not more than 15 per cent. "On our relief farms we have better corn than any that I have seen in Cuba, due, no doubt, to the fact that wo put more labor on the growing crop than any one else was able to do. We have one field that will give a full crop, another that will give three-quarters of a crop and third that will produce from a third to a half. "Business in cities is desper ately dull. The hotels are empty, restaurants are idle and all small affairs are lifeless. Large busi ness concerns are scraping along as best they may in the hope that the future of the island may bo definitely settled. "The gradual withdrawal of the American troops has materi ally lessened the amount of money in circulation. The hectic Hush of unreal prosperity which many persons mistook for genuine prosperity kas died out. ! him a chance. Mr. (ieorgc Moose Dead. Some days ago it was noted in the Mt. Pleasant correspondence ! that Mr. George Moose, an aged man of that place, was very low. About midnight Friday night he died. Mr. Moose was a good citi zen of tho county and until lately lived several miles east of Mt. Pleasant. He leaves a wife and nine children. Mr. A W Moose, the druggist at Mt. Pleasant, is one of his sons. Another one of his sons, Dr. J W Moose, arrived here tho week before from Texas. line of THE BEST PliESCRIPTIOX FOR OH ILLS and fever is a bottle ct Grove's Taste less Chill Tonic. Never fnila to cure; Then why experiment with woitlil'-s imitations? Price 50 cents. 'oiir money back if it fails n cure. PERSONAL POINTERS. Mr. Will Pown Is lien; today. Our mil Silks arc. "v h.ra m nil their beauty 4-Qn.. 7Fn. n.nrt QHa V&rd. Oui Waist silks at 48c. , 75c. and 98c ner yard are beyond descri tion. Velvets in almost any shade desirable. Drtss Linmgs.- This is a department much neg lected by many merchants. We cn fill every little want. "We handle the very best qualities such as we can reccommend and guarantee as to color, etc. Ad shades of Oriental and Near silks at 15c. and 25c. yd. Percalines, Selicina, Wiggin, Haircloth, Can vas, both linen and cotton, Crino line, Buckrum, Elastic Duck, ?;nd anything else you want in the way of linings. At last the carpenters ai 'O ct vV There can be no return ot pros -nerit v in Cuba until the 1 armors j tu.ined home this moi-meg ;o have leen helped back to their 1 short visit Iioiik Baxter Cillon n ( ! j pw Grove si)ent hist niL'-hl iv.-n'. '-;bUv;U lsls.dvl&Ks& V O U - . - ....-.-...o-itbroiisliout tne store, uur i wmter stock oi i.;?'y ic otions, etc., are m a iani "In the country the desolation wrought by war and Woyler still continues almost without abate ment.. The big planters have been able to do only a little to ward the rehabilitation of their A FRIGHTFUL BL?DEUK Will bfleii cause a horrible liurii, AW to OF nu M:imi ('jiujrht in the Machinery. :;- Monroe Thornburg, of ' :' ( -ivillo, was so unfortunate h) i(,so jis rjrht hand Friday :'"n';Kiii wliile at work in the u'p;irtment oi tne uun ' ,,;;Hs. By some means his ri v,;;s caught in the ma n n' bV' mushing if so badly that was amputated. It was b ' '1cl just above the wrist. Scald, Cut or Bruise. Bnckleu's Arnica Salve, the best in the wor.U, will bill the pain and promptly hxl it. Cures Old bores, Fever Sores, Ulcers, Bcils, Fel ons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions. Bst Pile cure on party. Only 25 cts. a box. Onre eruarnnteed. Sold at Fetzer's j I r properties. They have as yet , Store. been unable to obtain money - with which to resume operations. Money will not be forthcoming until the political conditions are settled. "The sugar and tobacco grow ers favor annexation as a busi ness measure. Free trade with BOBBED THE GRAVE. A startling incident, of which Mr John Oliver of JPhliladelphia, was thb subject, is narrated by him as follows: I was in a most dreadful condition. My skin was almost yellow, eyes sunken, tonque coated, pain continually in back and sides, no appetite gradually grow 'in" weaker day by day. Three physi cians had given me up. Fortunately, a sriend advised trying Electric Bitters: ami to my great joy and surprise, tne iirst bottle made a decided improve ment. I continued their use for three weeks, and am now a well mau. I know thoy saved my life, and robbed the grave . ti'm " Tr flTlft should tall to try them. Only 50cts., gunateed, at 1 Fetzfr's.Druglbiore. ivou to look over our autumn cas- play. L P Q osiness ! srAiwi AT LiU f fb urn 1 1 1 We have been strictly in it for th oast three wtrfks. We me xpecting everv day another Car of Furniture, Cct ot Stoves, Car of Springs, a but not lefi&r, Car of Chairs. It keeps us moyin.7 but we xcu movers, yon know, and if ydt will keep your eyes on the southeast corner of the fiist pae of Thu Standard we will keep you posted follow our instruction, vo will do the rest. Come and see if we don't. BELL, HARRIS & CO. P. p. Like the miller oi old vre -Mvin turrp. Lo k jtt the nb-e pictures until we can servo you. Cell, Harris y Co.

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