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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 25, 1899, Image 1

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If ;'":'r:i?; -wr 4 v i p,;. -.00 Per Year. C0NC011D, N. C, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1S99. Sine Copy 5 Cr i is Iff 1 r ifrs 3H M YVS LIHTL'KE. ANTHONY GRISS03I DEAD. Clias. Freeman Pardoned. Vol viis and Pathdii He Appeals Hotly Servant of Three Wars A Darkey ' At the term of Superior court :i;reat Power A-jainst Certain of the Good Old Tydp. here last April a negro named! o Anthony Grissom, tho octoge- i lulh" loemau was convicted lor .Too Muudav had a narian darkov who m-oudlv ' sellmg wkey and was sen- house Sunday evening at formed one of the Cabarrus con-! tenced to the chaingang for Hall to hear his lecture tinSont to tho Veteran's Reunion ' e1 months. On Sunday Those who, like tho s servea m ms i t .. last war and is now, we trust, lJcUUOn irom uov- aniei kus more then ever happy in his last ! sel1 and Chas- Freeman is now who, like : . expected to hear a lec ' riroly on the dark doings discreet and licentious men ' realized their expecta A very slight modifica- reunion which has no breaking up. He was the first negro that Dr. Columbus Mills ,,mld have made the lecture he told the writer) & followed as suuaoie lor a promis- him through three Avars, viz : audience. He preluded the the Florida Indian war of 1835, lo.tu ro with a Bible reading from the Mexican war and the great tin. r.ih chapter of Mark. civil war between the states. Hp said ho would not preach Anthony was one of the good in- would lecture, for in a lec- old-time darkies that inspired -.:.v wider latitude is allowed for some of our most lasting and pa th., humorous. This "was evident- thctic songs and was the glory of iV necessary and if it had not Henry Grady's most eloquent iven the Sabbath it would have flights. To his latest day he m,vu all the better for a bora would lift his hat and salute his dramatist ho readily convulses J white friends with such cheerful an audience with side-splitting politeness as to mako it a nWs. ure to meet him. Such was the attachment be tween him and his former master that they were nover parted on account of the emancipation, and, on the death of the master, Anthony found himself a lifetime possesser of fifty acres of the homestead. This is now owned by Mr. D B Coltrane and he will leave the aged widow in full pos session while she lives. She too is so esteemed by her old mistress who now lives in Atlanta that occasionally she visits Mrs. Mills, at the latter's expense, and the telegram, an nouncing the sudden death of her aged and faithful husband last Saturday evening found her there enjoying again that endearing hospitality. tree asram to ride his vellow framed wheel through our streets. He Will Lecture Again Tonight. Rev. Joe Muriday, the lecturer, will again deliver one of his dis courses tonight in Caton's hall, his subject being "There's a Bran' New Baby in Town." He asks us to state that the admis sion fee for all is 10 cents, $5.00 apiece for every baby under three months of age and $11.G5 apiece for all dogs. THE Hp has a voice like a Stentor u:;d being of that nervous tem ?; mmt which has formerly :::ade him an easy prey to vices against which he appeals with telling pathos, he is a very attrac tive speaker. Parts of his lec would be well to take up aril pass from ear to ear. The basis of his lecture was tho man healed of his mania, ' -iothed and in his right mind. Hp maintained that vice enter dii :C and harbored in the mind incomes a mania that leads to monstrous deeds. He said that he who wins the love of a pure iwoman gets himself the richest boon - i all earth's varied gifts. But e-l he to the young men, you ::.;ty cherish unchaste thoughts ' ' you are unfit to grasp tho V of a lady, for you can't do u in purity of mind. He ;!('d for the mania of out- . - " eat blacken our records 5 his source or starting To Give a Concern roniglit. Miss Johnson, who is visiting Mrs. Boykin, has at the solicita tion of some music lovers of our town, kindly consented to give an impromptu concert tonight at the St. Cloud. BEST PRESCRIPTION FOR CHILLS and fever is a bottle c Grove's Taste less Chill Tonic. Never fails to cure; Then why experiment with worthless imitation? Price 50 cents. Your toonev back if it fails to cure. m mm nun i-i fl 8UPENBE ASSORTMENT ! O- -o The predoD mating feature 0f this dsess goods stock is the vastness of the assortment. There s hardly a taste that can not be suited because the variety embraces every bvlish weave and fashionable coloring Fine assortment of sMrting goods Crepons in black and col ors as well as the new Golf Plaids all moderately pricedfrom 48 to $1.50 per yard. PERSONAL POINTERS. Mr. C E Mills, of Salisbury, was here today. Clarence Connelly spent yes terday in Charlotte. . Prof. W Baker, the optician, of Charlotte, arrived here this morning. Mrs. A N James returned from Charlotte this morning and is .visiting her sister, Mrs. M L Buchanan. -Miss Minnie Johnson, of Raleigh, arrived here Sunday morning to visit her friend, Mrs. Boykin. She is on her way to Converse College where she teaches. New Silks. Our fall Silks and Velvets are here m all their beauty- TafFetta sks at 49c, 75c. and 98c- per yard. Our line of Waist silks at 48c, 75c. and 98c. per yard are beyond descri -tion. Velvets in almost any shade desirable. Messrs. Sam King and Gray Barber, of Charlotte, spent a few hours here last night. Mr. Bar ber is on his way to Elon College where he accepts a position as bookkeeper at a cotton mill. A THOUSAND TONGUES i r'milrJ Tinf Yrvrpfcci flip TVinf.Mfo if I She is the second or the throe Annie E. prmser, of 1125 Howard sr,. ",iored that married men i North Carolinians, who lns Phihidphm. Pn . when she found thut 1-4 4-n rrvuliritpd fin tho violin at tho Ur. iviusr'ri .ew uiccovcry ior uo7i&um- ihorinvrhastilytdlamania.giaauatca on rnc loim, ii lho tion had Cl,mpl(ltelv cured her mckiL- ' '"-ip into cornors of vice j oston Conservatory. She is an h tmt for inade years had made LU , ! accomplished musician. She has l,fe a burden. All other remedies and u lviiess irom winch triey I (jrht af Peace Institute and is ! doctors conhi izive her ,!-,iveu1ov,.y,conrt,l-i;!OV7 on her W to Converse j iJJZ :ito bosoms befouled I Colle embrace of vile im- no help, but yhe ure ''it soon re- to teach music on the j ow alpfin soundlv. somethinir I can violin. She Will use this even- - scarcely reuiembcr doing belorc. I i-,rr V. nv fjimmiR Cremona vio m. i reel liKe sounainjr us praises tnrougu- wen So will every one i i i noi rulss VU11 wlA1U1' i"-'-1 who 8 Dr. Kinsr's New Discovery drmk craze he appealed j at lho ilistitute, will add the . for any tr0uble of the Throat, Chest or mon tbnt it is their'm-m nf liw voire and instru- Lunes. Price 50c. and $1.00. Trial Uiey have liquor lib-j mental music on the piano. . said he, it carries on Mice ' bottles free at retzer's Drujr Store , ! T?Cei Pninnhpll and Miss Rose . every bottIC uarftntet a- wi, said he, it carries only - II" ,.;u : Hams win. Kinuiy cuiitxiuuLu hk, -rty as will wreck youi- tQ tho enjoyment of 'M!: the heart ot your , the audieuce. ji :nid best friend, a good; The concert will be given at j A '"nen the furrows of care ' ths St. Cloud hotel tonight. The i f r-ntai faces; humilate and admission fee will be 25 cents. whose i IB 1.1 Dress Linings. This is a department much neg lected by many merchants. We can fill every little want. We handle the very best qualities such as we can reccommend and guarantee as to color, etc. All shades of Oriental and Near silks at 15c. and 25c. yd. Percalines, Selicina, Wiggin, Haircloth, Can vas, both linen and cotton, Crino line, Buckrum, Elastic Duel:, and anything else you want in ths way of linings. At last the carpenters are away. Needed changes have been made throughout the store. Our fall and winter stock of Dry Goods, Notions, etc., are in and v-re invite you to look over our autumn play. rks & Conn -i ais- L D .r 5, v a ' inde and interest in you . q thQ southboimd lOCal ! ' bo esteemed. ; )assenger train was delayed un- ': 'l no charge was made for til after the middle of the after Monthe Whirev snid thnt iihrni todav CMondav) on account of a freight car of tho local j .... ""'J J-- T A-x !i"s in ashes from accident v. 'M ,';i' im to reinstate himself the delay ;i 1 Sort able home. He took was done. i , . M a : i i n t ii'Mi ni "viiicii nis ap ''"ere probably a bit more ' ' i Iimii would beappreciated !,: '"'df!- siKdieircumstances. OF havH b.; otrictly in it for the past three weeks. Wo are xpec.tin fjvery day another freight being derailed. The m nhiiW tr rpt tho caw back on the hes, through financial lr.lcvas"the greatest cause of Not much damage 9 a '11 lh'own and Messrs. loung and Leonard Boyd . "(,s1erday in Salisbury . A FIIIGHTFCJ L BLNDEUR Will often cause a horrible Burn, -cald, Cut or bruise. Eueklen's Arnica Salve, the best in the world, will km the lv lieal it. Cures Old 13C11S. Xtl- ' I . ions. xesi cts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold at ceizers SjtortN I FANCY a xjn. 0 l Oar of Furniture, AT hores, Fever 8ores, Ulcrrs, J ous, Uorns, all Skin fcirupti Pile cure on earty. Only 25 n Car of Stoves, Car of SpriE, and last, but not i leaet, Car of Chairs. j It keeps us moyin but v.v art- ip.ovcrs, jou know, ind if yr?n 'will keep your eyes on the southeast corner of the Mist page of The I Standard we will keep you posted follow -our mstmetiou, vo will do the rest. Come and see if we don't. ! ! BELL HARRIS & CO. J'Y!!) id i i we P. f. Like the udller o: i tho iwcki pictures until we can servo cu, turiiK. Bell, Huiri Lu -k at 3 iV

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