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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 27, 1899, Image 1

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3 r, .': i1 ft 4. Vj r ".V. A. 3? L'er Year. ooNconD,N. a, Wednesday, septeubem 27,1399. Single Copy 5 Cents f M If 'SI If2! p 1 fl Ad p life' 1 1 f$' fj 'l I5CU . MY h-VJ A iVH V't rtf :cs ssoi A vi;y 10L1CE5IA:. CATTLE IN DEMAND. I tI,"', 1 V:. t- Tno Days Personal, for The Stanford. Pleasant, Sept. 2G. Mrs. Lathers ofMt. lMoasar.t liiwng Mr. Tom Lowder, An Aged Citizeu of v to Tlicir Laws-The Mill Stanly Connly, Dead A Finger Cut i Off In the Norwood Mill-Other News. , Written for The Standard. Shankle, Sep. 26. Cattle deal- -"' J " . t ers are working: things lively c -7 i mo and two of her daugh- s ..... AT;rt t,o ...f around here at present. ;!,.. are visHing Mr. C G Mr- Henry Malden andfamily. moved to Albemarle last week. c 4.1 v. i ev- Jinimie Farmer, who (vouut of the breaking of , '.. f the feed ium ) the raduated at Newport News, ;i;to le.eec pump, le acce j-e(1 a caj tQ a y .Mills did not run two missionary circuit in the eastern i week. -nart of thfi Rtnln TTs dostinr... 1 P..' s'Hlarct ol mo -'ora tion is at Tarboro afc nt; . i ,,, .',,,. death of Mr. George! The school tanght here by W ,0i. The funeral services were WUsQn cloged g lgt & J .,;,.tt,l by Eov. Paul Barrm- ial entertail?ment at ni ht 1 : J;unes Roi?m chuh ; Miss Lelah Lisk made the high t, -umlay cvenmg at 3:30 t RVerage QU 11A which, v;uck. in the death of Mr. TO, j:,o ve fool the loss of one of j vare sorry to note tho dcatll ;rb ciuzens. ,0f Mr. Tom Lowder which j IV. S Hartsoll spent a few occurrod on tho ni?llt of Sopt jav; in Salisbury last week. 5th Mr Lowdcr was nearly 75 OEvtov. n ordinances have been years old aud 0ne of the most jrn-.ea and posted . at the most j prosperous and inn aentialcltizens . .:,;dus places about thejof Stanl t His son, Rev. AT HOME AGAIN. SOX buuxvo. At the last meeting of the fathers Mr. James L Loner n; elected chief of police, who I- noceed to enforce these 7?- - "I Messrs John Lisk and Ben of Norwood, spent a day I two here last week. Now 3::e::7 yua can't fool us. "We what kind of prisoners j ou are afier, and we are in j fcned that you are going to j iave a life sentence passed. I iFeari 1 Venture. j:Ir. Iglehart, one of the en gineers of tho Yadkin Power Chany. with several others perj feed a feat a few days ago, a: i as iiever been done but Otce before. Ho took an ordi iry river batteau and went Irondi the rapids at the Nar-o-..cti;,- Yadkin; This was :$)".'. r fnc leforo bv a drunken a:;. n-fj has never had the it .-nice until -Mr. Igle- th." trip. He says !!( -..igh money in the J .hn to make tlio James LowTder, who has a cir cuit in Eden county, arrived only a few hours before his death. The foundation of the new cot ton mill at Norwood has been laid. Mr. Joe Almond is mak ing the brick. Rev. J A Clark will conduct a series of meetings at the Fork Academy next week. There will be preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. each day. Miss Pearl Shankle has ac cepted a position as clerk in a store at Rockingham. The Literary society was organized at the Academy here on Eridry night Sept. 15th. It meets every-Friday n"ght. Rov. NR Richardson is con ducting a meei 'ng in the grove near the Wiscassett mill at Albe marle. About twenty conver sions have already resulted. Rev. Richardson says ho intends to continue another week. T,:ttlo Tnrmnio Cntchin had . . , , 4 .. wdway to his home at Norfolk, the misfortune to geo oae of nisj J The Olymphia Arrived Two Days Ahead of Tine. The Olympia, fiough under no strain in speed, came into American waters at Sandy Hook two days ahead of time. She ar rived at dawn Tuesday morning, the 26th, instead of the 28th, as was intended. Of course there were cannon salutes and joyous greetings. The hero just then ! learned the immensity of the preparations for his reception and ho said it almost made him sad. . The Admiral is in good trim, save a little tired feeling; eleven of his men, .however, are sick of .typhoid fever of a mild type. Rear Admiral Sampson, the Admiral's brother and others, sailed out to greet him at an early hour. He will stay aboard and comply with the program of arrangements. ft n . ft O ti Q r? v v H ti ft Drying preparations simply develop dry catarrh; they dry up the secretions which adhere to the membrane and ; decompose, causing a f ar more serious trou ble than the ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid all drying in halants and use that which cleanses, soothes, and heals. Ely's Cream Balm, is such a remedy and will cure catarrh or cold in the head easily and pleasantly. All druggists sell it at 50c. or it will be mailed by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren St., N. Y. PERSONAL POINTERS. Mr. Robfc. L Tate, of Char lotte, was here this morning. ' Miss S H Vinsonf of Spar tanburg, the lady drummer, is here today. Messrs. D B Coltrane and W C Houston returned home this morning from Norwood. Misses Emily Gibson and Fairfax Loving, accompied by Messrs. Frank Smith and Percy Jones, went up to Salisbury this morning. Mr. Jones is on his ti ?! o' 8 0 8 ft it H ose 50 dozen men's ba,ck sock:. thrown to the breeze at a great sacrifice. How vje come by them is too long to tell, th y come to you about at hall price and that should be inter ing. Not a pair that's not worth 15 and 20 cents. You get them at 10c a pair or $1.10 dozen. They are fine gauge, full fashioned feet, spliced heels and guaranteed fast black- They are equal to any thing ever thrown on a counter at 15c and many worth 20c. A hosiery chance that don't come every day. Bargains, True Bargains for the eco nomical buyer , .,.. '? ... I Vi ' . I,-.-. f,i ' ' ' 1 7 fingers cut off while at work in the ..otton mill one night not . t certainly was lo1 7ltU,0 venture. Raleigh j 'Ls Teuio Hoiieycutt has been sick for quite a while. Drs. Hathcock. Dunlap and Patter son are attending the case. ,mmU CUKE A COLiD i.N ONE DAY Take Laxative ttromo Quinine Tablets. All driifrsnts refund money if it fails to care. 25c. The gemiin h Tj. B, Q II . i Charlotte. V OYomng' at Char 1 nogfoes wore con round a negro wTo v u .;i Br rwoll Wash Si;iney Phelps v :mh as a result ;! -hi nutcn was shot- led almost instantly A woman wras the : rouble. Pholps 'M4po and h id not The Vice-President Vice-President Hobarb is said to bosuffei'ig from kidney dis ease. His coudition is not very encouraging VI-3 BEST PRESCRIPTION FOR UHJLLS bottle ci Grove's Taete- vot nflor r- Kln- hti-d' isa bottle cl urove's ibb claucrh!ian"---alleGi)mTomo.- Never fails to cure; i Ti.t-n why experiment with wonmess Simitutions? Price 50 cents. Your in one v back if it fails to cure. k -::U v;,..; t I;d. ! (1 rat:! , danrh r ( iMi. Fin;) G d !ia nghter f -ih .- ! n if ui hi a .ii ! (Jave the Admiral's Salute. i Richmond and Columbia ,yn! I'ai'.dgh tisi ii i" . each fired 7 rounds Tuesday aner joihi in honor of the arrival of . - Maiiihi hero. an tstMiai' A THOU UXD TOXGQE3 Could not r -ss tiie rupture of Annie E. -printer, of ilSo Howard fst Philadeiphtiv, Pa , when she found that Dr. King's New Discovery for Consum ption had completely cured her hacking cough that for made years had mude life a burden. All other remedies and doctors coulct giye her no help, but she says of this Royal Cure "it soon re moved the paiu in my chest and I can now sleep soundly, something I can scarcely remember doing before. I reel like sounding its praises through out the Universe." So will every ono who tries Dr. King's N'ew Discovery for any trouble of the Throat, Chest or Lungs, Price 50c. and $1 00. Trial bottles free at IVtzer's Drug Btore; eyery bottle guarantet d. Ate OF 8 2 '5 H 8 O G ompy 3 HOSE SOX. Q 00i Wf hfiv Wen -ri.riiv m it for the past tliT weeks. We are fxpectiiig evrv d::y auother Oar of Furniture, 1 WlH A FRIGHTFUL BLXDEUR Will often cause a horrible Burn, -,U C.nt ov Bruise, iiucklen s Arnica ..Hi, UII1, Ull UXi-i" . r-; r-nr nn Porfv. Onlv 2a cts. a box. ; Care guaranteed. Sold at Fetzersl ' Store t A V U 0 $ fa o AT S. 1 Eiviii Car oi Stovcci, Car of Sj iiiji, least, Car of Chairs. It keeps us moving but we ar ru'crs, you kncw, -.n. will keep your eyes ou the bouibeast comer ui tlie fii-i p i: Standard we will keep you posted folh.w , ur ,.- rw do tiiti net. Come and see if ve tlou't. BELL, HARRIS & o. l N Tkn the miller of old we srve in t-.n. the n.ce pictures until we can serve you. Boll, Harris Co.

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