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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 29, 1899, Image 2

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HRY STANDARD JOHN D. BARRIER and SON, Editors and Proprietors. w I i !: Tin: jiokius i;ri i.ii j 1.11!: STANDARD is published every Ly (buuduv excepted) and delivered by .ries. Kates of Subscription : One year $4.00 Six months 2 00 "Three months 1.00 'One month 35 Single c-tpv 05 THE WEEKLY STANDARD is a -oar-page, eight-column paper. It has i larger circulation in Cabarrus than any .rher'paper. Price $1.00 per annum in advance. Advertising Kates : Tii ins for regular advertisements known on application. Address all communications to THE STANDARD, Concord, N. C. vJUii mit m tffr a nrm t MirTanrTTJ Concord, N. C, Sept. 29. W!.J, HEAR FAT IE NT DELIBERATION. Willi roi; the cou Wayne McVcagh, the attor ney for Capt. O M Carter, says rrence to the finding of t martial against his ci iont th jit, 'a record so saturated with errors of law is impossible in a country governed by law to affirm findings." But few of us have the data from which to form a .occlusion save from tlie Will Buy American Stock. British agents at Now Orleans are authorized to buy American mules. The number could not be learned but the St. Louis market anticipates a supply of from 3,000 to 5,000 on the first order. No explanation looks so plausible as ihat Great Britian expocts war in the Transvaal. A Chicago dispatch of the 27th says a rush order was re ceived by a firm of horse dealers there to purchase all the horses they can get weighing 1,200 pounds. Dr. (irissom Insane. The Raleigh correspondent to the Charlotte Observer says that Dr. Eugene Grissorn is an in mate of a Colarado asylum. It is nowT recalled that when his troubles arose in our State and 1 ' i -1 a ne was ousted troni tlie super-: intendency of the insane asylum some claimed that he was not sane at the time. Puling the ciyil war, as well as in our late war with Spain, diar rhoea was one of the most troublesome diseases the army had to contend with. In many instances it became chronic and the old soldiers still suffer from it. Mr. David Taylor, of Wind Ridge, Greene county, Pa., is. ono the general principle that the , , T. , 1 1 . . I Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea oourt martial heard the evidence H6medy hm says ll0 foulld iind so lound. e heard a dis vrimimuiug lawyer who read the evidfcnee closely say that not withstanding the finding of the -.,..1 ho always regarded Capt. Carter as innocent. Wj.h vsT; our .muds we think it well anything that would give him such quick relief. It is for sale by M. L. Marsh it Co., Druggist Child Dies of Hydrophobia. Dollie May Landreth. an 18 month's old child, died in Aslie- he Dreyfus case fresh! vil1 Thursday afternoon of what is believed to have been a genuine case of hydrophobia. About a month ago while play ing in the hall she fell down and screamed when a bull dog sprang on her and bit her fearfully. Hydrophobia was not suspected until the child's symptons were far advanced. She die I amid the most distressing convulsions. :rh to suspend. ud:ement not feel too much outraged tiu I:.- findings are not a farmed by the president . with !Hi i a in- care. Tin: cTAXDAi:i) rarely in dr. :g-s in column love' stories, letters, etc., but drops one in to day clipped from the Monroe Enquirer and is probably tho ' '"'usion of Brother Ashcraft v. ho doubtless speaks whereof "u knows. Our chief incentive, vt. comes from a reply i v; oisod us next week by one of 'iiji' w'.Itiest correspondents. Dkwfy is a genius of war but ho is a genius of discern -j!-; Mii discrimination who can - j ' , the tru ':--v."s with mm. rom the Imso ; 1 ! ' av i'oi I'oi'to UifO. i'e.-;r has been issued from oart liie Under the Apple Blossoms. 4 'How sweet, how pure they are," she said, breathing the fragrance of the apple blossoms on the branch he bent down to her. t 'Like your like a maiden's love," he added, with designed sentimentality. "And how quickly they wither and come to naught another similarity," she said, with malice aforethought. "Or turn hard and sour and fill us with pain and anguish, if, like silly little boys, we think we like them," he amended, grimly, aware of her object. For half a second she looked into his scowling eyes wfith a re lenting twinkle growing in her own. j "For if wo have a little pa tieuce they grow sweet and wholesome again, and and de licious for domestic uses pies, for instance," she whispered, be tween a laugh and a sigh. The scowl turned into a be wildered stare. Then heaven sent him a spark of intelligence. "Mabel," he cried, eagerly seizing her hands, "Mabel, I adore apple pies." "And and, Jack, I (make very good ones," she murmered, de mu rely. And then all the apple blos soms. Hushed a delicate pink. Hi mt M ptft ha kW?l r. 3 Dry all fir it at. Washington it-class mail mat- it hiii Porto Rico and pass and from the United :id Porto Rico on equal ; m'-s wU.!i domestic mail matter. Heretofore Porto Rican mail was :. v to foreign rates. The department has recently ..ivcii notice too that with the close of this year all periodical New York Is Fainted Rod. New York had the grandest naval parade today according to program that America ever saw. The procession was esti mated to be nine miles long, though tho most important vessels w re Hanked by lighter craft. The naval pageant pro ceeded with the Olympia in the lead up the North River and turned around a steak boat, then took position fronting the mosoloum of Gen. Grant whore a salute was fired. It is esti mated that a half million spec tators witnessed the imposing scene. Rear Admiral Sampson on the New York took second place by tho courtesy of Rear Admiral Howison. The bunting used for decoration in the great citv miirht be counted in miles rather than yards and it is esti mated that New York has a mil- Invention For Dilantins rhnfrh' Li'hts. hfi.n whov tn -n-vtiphfn hi tho The Times-Visitor says that ceremonies of reception William Bonner lias h:v--!te ! a a 'neans of dimming electric lights at will. A very , v war has been found before biu promises to be ' perfc and quite profitable to tlie in-; a a-i a:ght thea-;a:rl iujunvl. Two vent or. vili; . aial two thousand You assume no risk wlnm you buy Chamberlain's Code, Cholca and Diarrhoea Remedy. M. L. Marh & Co. will refund your money If you are not satisfied after using it. It ia everywhere admitted to bo tho utost success ful remedy in use for bowel com plaints and ihe only one that nover fails. It is pleas . nt, safe and reliable. Goods Depart ment. Linen, colored Crash, for 5c. a yard, worth 10c. Printed Marsailles at 12c. Duck, Plain White, solid col ored and Printed. Calico 3c up. Yard wide Percale at 20 and 25 cents per pound. Light colored Outing 5J & 7c. Bargains in Towels. - - v r i. . i i v . Hooks and I's lu(. ix ' h''-r Thread 3c per spot 1 1 2c per dozen, Dr.i'lV . . . . Lm 'ir jhiH(l r-3 Hosiery. Two job lots of Samples of Gent's fine box, lot No.l, plain and fancy colors, at 15c worth 20 to 25c. Fancy colored and black Lisle at 18c -worth 25 to 50c. The best line of Men's and La dies' Hosiery on the market for 10 cents. Notions. Crochet Cotton, 4c per spool, Silk (short mea-ure; at 5c. Turk ey lied Cotton, 20c per dozen spools. Embroidery Silks, filo, outlining, rope and twisted at 3c per skein, worth 5 cents. Also gold embroidery thread at 3c per skein. Embroidery Hoops 5c. paper nd 2o Pins Ic, Hubi, ouieiuB iuonrinirr f , , 5 5c per box, Aluiuniuia IK 5c dozen, S;do Coa.h- 5 a , Pompadour 10c, c-.ur-.. P tooth Drehsibsj Combs 4 to 2 Stationary, Jobs in Box Paneratless,, co i 10 proauce. if,,c Ifin find 10n otiD1. t - V ' vvo un- .)Ci l iinflr n.t I0r hlroaorci "I ft 'T,TrT,i-T,.."i. .... i . U a, j. y JU Wilier (ilJ.JC 0 bon Paper for typewriter sheets tor 5c, Typewrite r,' '! at 3 ounces for 5c. Fncej Crff; Paper for Lamp Shades Cc t Toilet Paper 2 rolls for 10c h and Mucilage 3c, Shoe L!;iCl! lc up, Tan do. 5c, Black f)re2 5 to 15c, Wood Tooth Picker per 1.000. Genfs Furnishing Boston Garters LSc, Drawer! Supporters 3c per pair, Sit .Dosoru nirts 4oc. Glass TVare 5c up. an 3 L.V, 1 If yon are not a subscriber to f If von tmvn nnvthiuir to t The Standard now is tho time to subscrihe. v V: i iquake Was Terrible. i;- ;:1vi'(4s s;;y that in tho hni v run i OOpi'.5 WOl'O KlilOC1 IUU. HOW'S THIS ? woro oostroveu. AYe oiler one hundred dollars Mrs. Wuhl.-.Vs So-.thir r svrnp im reward for any chf of c-darrh i hrcn n.vd over ii t v enr by nui- that cau not by cured by HmII':. i ' :)f .Z1.10110, for Z111' , 1 I whiU- tt-etiini', with perfect buccess. Ii Uatarrn unre. F. J. Cheney & Co., Piods., Toledo, Ohio. We the undersigned, have known F J Cheney for the last 15 "l-IT-I. "1" post ago stamps win oe destroyed years, and believe him perfectly '11 1 . T . (? no more wriu oo issued. Those stamps have been sold in sets of 1, 2, 5, 30 and 50 cents and s2, 5, $10, 50 and 8100. They have been sold at 5 per sot and vverc bought by individ uals largely for stamp collec tions. Those who have them can command fancy prices for them hi time. Tno soothing and nealing prop--r vtn o of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, its pleasant taste and prompt and permanent cures have made it a great favorite with the people everywhere. For sale by M. L. Marsh fc Co., Druggists. reliable in all business transac tions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West & Truax, Wholesalo Druggists, Toledo, O. W aiding, Ktunan & Marvin, W i i o 1 e a u 1 1 I ) 1 1 i u : u I s , Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in ternally, acts directly upon the blood and jiucouh surface of the system. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimo nials free. Headache stopped in 20 minutes by Dr. Wiles' Pain Pm8 "Ono cent a dose" perfect MvoilioH the chii'V softens the rnnis, ulhiys all pa in, cures xvind oolic, and in the est remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little nffeier immedi ately. Sold by lviL'i-f.i in every part of the world. T a; :ji y-iivo cents a bot tle. Bo sure and ask for 4AIrs. Win slows Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind Itcihiccti Kates lo the State Fair. On account of tho State Fair tho Southern wdll soil round trip tickets to Raleigh, including ono admission into the fair grounds, S3. SO. Tickets on sale Oct. 14, IT), 10, 17, and 20, with final limit to Oct, 33rd. -p?ilmY "i i '.n'oiiuneiitiv In Furlner it-, eye rr 1 : . I - i vrefora ; WJl Q ? eaKncss slly enrea you can make it known turou The Standard. wmpu L .' is published every day Sunday c.v ; e-pf--d) aiul delivered at :,r:r ;'; U s or an ii in 'i . ... . a - mouth. v v Hfc W 1 faliESiiliy prints home and other news that is of interest to our readers and to make U grow letter we must have the pat ronage of the people. Give us a trial when you make your next order for Job Work Work ready when promised ' ' j, I J Advertising !rates' lQ f t The Standard j I made known on appl35' V V I If ;you want to buy anything youl can: call for -it through I The Standard.

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