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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 30, 1899, Image 1

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ti 35 ' TV -V. Prico $4.00 Per Year, CONCOKD.N. 0., :. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBEH 30 1899. Sirgle Copy 5 Cents jpfA ffc J?7 illy J54:3r ' 3Ir. A Darin? Robbery. The Statetsvilie Landmark of a HE DIES SUDDENLY. 1 The Protracted Sleeting Begins Down ' Tho presiding elder of this ' . T , 1T" lw M:M,,to district, Rev. J R Brooks, of Sal- the 29th says: L mm the Bod and In a lew Jlinutes 1 ' J IIlS Bad J ' -lJL-1- jJituiU til J. i lo L, iiiu i'Hi J- i i u. i Loviij v-l a uiio IMethodist church tomorrow town ship, sold some cotton here morning. Tomorrow night the yesterday. As he was returning services will be held by tho ' pas- home, after dark, on this side of tor. Rev. J D Arnold. The ser- .Troutman's two men jumped in vices tomorrow night will begin his wagon. One of them grasped the protracted meeting wliich his throat and choked him. Just A will continue through the week, at this time his pocket was torn! 2 KJVAV Cv 1 IVl UUUUl '. '- ill mviivj Is Lead -Complained of Health That Day. "In the midst of life we are in death." Unexpectedly did death come to Mr. A D M's3nheimer, of No. 5 township, Friday evening. Just as the day was ending so was the life of this man. That day he had been complaining of his bad health and a while be fore sin S a u a Q 9 Road Complained ur. secured. After taking the Sharp complaint. comes to us money one of tho men fired ati of he i condition oftthe road be- u:, uw CeJ idownhe lay, down ins an - tweon-the creek and the depot. , tl)1.nllfrl, hitl hntnrtA Rinrfiinsy near by house for a short The road is said to be disgrace- his hair above his right "temple: whil.. He rose and went to the'fui to tho county. We hope Tho robbcrs lhon made their! lions' and lay down on tho bed. I attention will ho siven the matter ! was UIJ Lli'J U'j-.i uiiL it ' ' ioi'f is tnn nmph nn,ino- thnt y few minutes wh,-n it was way for anything but a gta4-)lo woro (.omhl!? aiona und tlutt life was gone. passable road. ! public road very frenuei iOlllHl Mr. Misennoimej' was years of age and leaves ; vrife and one cliild Mrs. Michael Scott. He was a hard-working man and had accumulated some means. Only about six weeks asro, it will be j'eiih'iiibercvl, liis buvned. tc;i!'ether with his house ho.u goods. Tin1 funeral was preached at Cold Water Lutheran church to il;! y (Saturday) al 4 o'clock by Ucv. W B Oney. And Vet Population lnci eases. . The scientists have discovered the germs of disease in almost every ''nook and corner' of'life, and even along the highway s.oZ travel. We breathe them every step we take. They are found in the miasmatic swamps, and in the flying dust of the cities. The very sewers, built for the protec tion of the people, are to be guarded against lest we take in life-killing germs. The refrig erator, largely necessary to our comfort, and once thought to be safe, is now said to be a "danger spot," the home of "putrefactive bacteria." It is also said that the broom, the best friend of the neat housewife, is the "habita tion and breeding place for whole colonies" . of microbes. Thelit is "organi-ms," so small that a million of them can play "h'.le and seek, on a half dime, ha ve ' 'It was a daring robbery, as : g the I public road very frequently, His Wife Dead. ' circus-bound, but it was done so News comes by letter to his quickly that Mr. Hartsell doesn't relatives that the wife of Mr. . know whether his assailants were j Mack L Parish, of Texas, died white or black. Mr. Hartsell is j some days ago. Mr. Parish is a hard-working tanner. dwelling was , , . 1 , . . ev York's iJala Day. i iSew i ork had the birirest af- 9 a a county. He went west thirty f . T . , . , . , f i ft J J tnr Frulay m the history of tho l o ai S' . , . nation. It was estimated at least ' p For the Coming Session. j 3,000,000 people viewed the pa-' Q Miss Hurvey, one of the teach- rade. It was elstimated that 250, ers at Sunderland hall, returned 000 were on the various vessels. Friday night from her home in j The pyrotechnic display was : (j enormous. Today was tho grand j (I street parade, , in which 23,000 9 West ' Virginia. Miss McCartney, of Pennsylvania, also arrived at the same time. Miss McCartney ! uniformed troops wore in line. will have'harge of tho school at j Pattergpn's mill. Paj Yonr -Ifebts, All merchants v "have more or less cause to complain of the extremes to which the credit sys tem is carried, but none more so than the merchant, who is com pelled by circumstances over which he has no control to credit people whom he does not know. As a rule, credit is granted ac cording to ability to pay, and no one can reasonably expect a mer chant to credit out his goods without some assurance that he will receive pay therefor. If you can, it is best to pay as you go; be just to' pay as you go; but if you should ask for credit, be just to tho extent of satisfying The cotton mills of Spartan burg county use about loO.OQQi bales of cotton a year, while the county' produces in round num ber but 1 50,000 bales. The Clifton mills alone consume nearly as much as the crop of the county. Anderson Intelligencer. In Sumter county, S. C, there are said to be 2, 100. dogs and less than three hundred sheep and goats. Well, sheep and goats are no good to hunt coons and Jpossoms and catch other peo ple's sheep. Morning Star. the merchant that you pay your invaded the sacramental cup, and i debts. Ex. PERSONAL POINTERS. Lewis Brown reiurnod he this morning from Charlotte. Mr. Robt. AYheolor went Kings Mountain this morning (J -a O (! a o made it dangerous for Christians to commune together, and spec ulators with an eye to "the maiu chance" are advertising"individ ual cups" in order to save the Lord's people from wholesale The sheriff of Durham ' 'listened to the voice of the charmer" and let a circus show for only $100 State and county taxes, instead of the required s4'f). Now he is j here today. out of s!50 to the State, for the Mr;'. R A Brown and Miss! Ti 7T ..,4- . .4 1 ! luitmie ui) u:;u yieruay in Charlotte. Mr. Jas. L "Watson and Mr. A L Smoot, of Salisbury, are 0 8 it j.O .l-truclion. v en-y,iue paicn- Auditor says ho will require him v;: v v-. beset with many hidden , to pay jt. This is a good warn rmemios. But let us not, be ' -mSr to the other sheriffs. Ral- to -Mrs. II B Parks went over Charlotte this morning to SOX. 23 S0CrS. Qeni Hose Sale. 3 n o 3 p e ii Q 8 D ii il v. 50 dozen men's black scr1 thrown to the breeze a t a great e sacrifice- Plow we come ':y them is too long to tell, th y come to yon about at, lx3l: price and that should be iv" or ing. Not a pair that's not worth 15 and , 20 cents. You get them at 10c a pair or SI. 10 dozen. They are fine gan. ij full fashioned feet, spliced j heels and fri guaranteed black- thing ever ciSt I r hQ,: are equal to any rr thrown on a counter at 15c and many g worth 20o. A hosiery chance that don't come every clay. Bargains, True Bargains for the eco nomical buyer. in P ti i', ( ii it U k u 1 ii i s n P P n il h I 2 JS n v. n visit her ?ister. Mrs. Stephens. Mit:. Jas. TCook this : naiio! te alarmed. The bacteria existed ejh correspondent to Charlotte vcllt over before the scientists were ooin. i Observer. , morning to spend Sunday with : U iHwuvni uv.. , j.ur. anti -Mia. XV xv-oiuii. ' , W lthm two months the Isavy: Yellow Fever at Jackson. Department will be making its Jackson Miss., is among the own supplies of smokeless pow yellow fever infection but little der at the new plant at Indian alarm is felt as frost is near. Head on the Poioinac, and the One new case was reported Fri- difficulty experienced during the Hnv TVivort irorp renorted from Sornish war in obtaining u?- Vtlljf. 111 V. VJ-V i Oo HOSE J 310o sox n limping i i L UU mi OF Xev; Orleans. Si r Salis' ury Has Tlnee Cases. Salisbury has three cases of nallpoxbut they are mild aim. ail from the pest house who got "ii' infection from the original "ise. plies from ;rivate linns will be obviated in future. Southport St mdard. '?d:iinma," said little Florence, 'vi'ii1 going to take some water and christen my doll." ;No, dearie, that would be wrong, you know.'' "Well, mamma. : ive me some wax and I'll waxina-e her. She's 2 0 D im 0 o a a a AT VTilh a cur of TJiUNKS. Car load of STOVES. Car load of CHAIKS. and the Third Car of SiT.IXGS in th 3 last four months, ali in thi.s week 0 D CUKE A COED EN ONE DAY Dnininfl Tablets. All drur'ists refund money if it fails t 0( onousrh now to nave SDme VncacUUUrt thing done to hov."-Es. r mi s. Is it any wonder we hud to figure in the "Mayor's Corte" f;r hio?kidi; 'jr fl 9 what we want. W ; riHtd new streets ai d straighten old ones it money to et them tud we are willing conti ib';t" just keep lis i.u-y Q and we won't kick ns e haven't time. We are expecting a Car of Furniture today. BELL HARRi:- & CO. P. S. '( methine; now n town. Ye w ary Spring M itt: ess. The Bist in town. e down uri ' ' ,'. .1 v.dK-n ikdl, Har a- Co.

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