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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, September 30, 1899, Image 3

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n Arrlral of Trains. The following change of schedule took tfdect Junel2, 1899. JSOKTri BOUND. No. 8 arrives at 5 52 a m, " 86 44 "10 00 a in, " 12 41 44 7-09 p m, ' : 44 " 8.51 p m, (flag) .34 44 44 9.45 p m, 44 " 2 00 a m (ireigi. t) SOUTHBOUND So. o7 arrives at 8.49 a m, (flag) "11 " 44 11 23 am, 7 44 44 8.51 r m. 41 9.20 pm, (flag) . " 7.19 H JLIl, 4 t;i 44 " 849 a m, (freight) No. 'd. Vv-ken running ahead of No. 7, i.silaggfd if necessary for through travel .;;utli of Charlotte, and is stopped for ..isenrers arriving from Lynchburg or beyond. No. 3D stops regularly for :v-senders for Salisbury, fligh Point, Gret sboro, Keidsville, Dauyille and yri.'jvipal stations between Danville and 'A'.i.-'iinton. -No. 37 stops for pas iOiigers coming from J ynchburer or points beyond, and to take on pas--engers for regular stopping places ;:utltof Newells. No. 3S stops to let oil' passengers from regular stopping places south of Newells and to take on passengers for regular stopping places, Lynchburg or beyond. Nos. 33 and 34 stop at Concord for p.seugers to or from the C. C. & A. i;i vision Charlotte to Augusta and lherj oints in South Carolina, Georgia dud Florida, reached through Columbia jr Augusta Nos. 7, 8, 11 and 12 aro the local trains connect at Salisbury with trains of W. N. C. Division. TELEPHONE NO. 71. POUNDED 1842 "Sixg Their Own Praise." The STI EPF is the PIANO to buy; it h .us no equal for the money as you -'.iv the middleman's profits and it will ..-i a lifetime: but we haw several .uxrains in uther makes. We have taken in exchange for ri EPF'S two I vers & Poiid Pianos, one, the finest style that lirm manu- .oturers and it is almost new. If yon j ( s.Lit t ins make here are bargains 1 M QflOof 3'iano Miimiliit'turcr, 2i x.! n iwr iTrsTi. fvi I Co H. Wfllmoth, Mgr. j mni: Tuning. Palace Organs. I See change in Craven Bros, ad in today's issue. FOR RENT. Five room cot lage opposite J L Crowell's. Apply to J L Hartsell. A plain drunk case was dis- post.'d of Friday by Mayor) Means. It was a three dollar Inmk. HYACINTH glass ilowor pots and jardiniurs at Fetze-Fs Drug Store. V'altcr llonkins. who has been . .ing ome time near IMisen-j hut's s)rings, has returned i i 1 ! 1 1's (Jeorgia and Edna "e iiavo return;;! !o Lowos- ic ul'tur snomlinj; a while lH'iviu.Trvjw,;,,,, Tulips. Nar- h llieir friends. l j i ) i h i.-i. I- r,-, 1 t t , K i I'snlc-ton has secured a , i.o-. ; :. v o.n oruand vi soon . .,. ... "ii. i'e iO live.- --.iooV.-.Ville ( ) ro iiics-Ki'co On account .of renairs at Ceu-' ;1 Meili-hs! church there will! . no i)re!iviiiug or Sunday j -cliool tomorrow. Mr Daniel Khyne, of Jiiicoln n, lias purcjiased an automo-, olio and will operate it on the j o roots of that place. j - . - - I V 11 Miss iiessie Lampoen kh F0R TR DE-i-i-iday night for her homo in, milch cows. " Will vveodstock, va,, ditei i uiu uj, , ..vii-al months here witn nor fiends. ri,o Woman's Foreign Mis- i!iMrv society of the First i'r.-sbvteriaii church will meet .:-.,L Monday at 1 o'clock p. m. the home of Mr. Frank Good- on West Depot street. For nice fresh York River oys "is, just received, go to Lo ot's Restaurant. , By the quart cents. JJN'T send your orders for '"ver bulbs away from home -M i )ay high prices for poor -"ckbutgo to Fetzer's Drug rituro and buy all kinds of bulbs ''heaper than you can order them rom abroad. At the Concord Institute. Ed. Standard: Permit me to say, in response to many in-: at the First Prbyteriaii church .'. w. , t , -i ; tomorrow morning and tomorrow quines relative to the work of the uiht by the Roy w Q Institute, that all , departments Alexander. ' are now organized except the ; , The Rector, Rev. J C Davis, Art,; and are moving forward will conduct, services at All satisfactorily. The students in'1 Saints Episcopal church tomor tVin utmwiTMT nr.ovin, o I row mornim? at 11 o'clock and ing thorough Work. -1 The class of seven in the' Business and Commercial department is prom ising. The Musical department has twelve students, who are do ing good work under the skilled direction of Miss Van Wagoner. The Kindergarten department is full of life and promises well un der the lead cf Mrs. Color and Miss Van Wagoner. Mothers are invited to bring their little ones, and visit our Kindergarten de partment at 9 a. m. New stu dents are coming in almost daily. J. H. Ltppakd. You assume no risk when you buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera mid Diarrhoea Remedy. M. L. Man?h & Co. will refund your money if you are not !itisfied after usiuc; it. It i everywhere admitted to he the most ticcf-6s-f u 1 remedy in nse for bowel com pUiuts and th only one tbut nover iaiU. It is pleas. int, Kife and reliable. Cotton is bringing 7.."),") today. j Only 80 bales had been weighed at z o clock. Mr. E 11 Ballou, of Xow. York, arrived hove Fridav night to visit at Mr. Kobt. E Gibson's. Mrs. Adams, of Rock Hill, S. C, who has been visiting at Mr. Shakespeare Harris', has roturn- n iinmi e(l nome' "U" T7 f XT' " T T TP T 1 i J- 1. tally at the Racket. Everybody delicious candy I over imt in my niouth. Hcndo you make it Q cris), so brittle." That's a secret, says Mrs. Bostian. Miss Nannie Alexander re turned home Friday night from New York where she lias been spending some time in the inter est of her millinery business. PUTNAM Fadeless Dyes color more goods and color them faster and brighter colors than any other dye. Each package colors either silk, wool or cotton at one boiling. Price 10 cents at Fetzer's Druijr Store. Miss Sue Nicholson has prone to Charlotte where she will tako; a business course m tlie business i ii ,1 Ol "111 several months. A STOCK of winter .lowering !..:.. ,.',. ri,.,,;. m, r ,..1 icissus, Crocus, Chinese L,uered iTiir m- Tr "Plriwov int in ai : ljlI- 01 JOS 1 J(nuls .IllsL 111 tlL 1,1 ,t., .- 7)ri- Sto'-e - - u, ri.o.L. , , -r. MiKior T:irh:l ii'reema?!. son f lr Mild 1 J Freeman, i returned homo from i::tiinore Friday night after spending sev- era! weeks' with his uncle, A! r. Jno. Fetzer. r,(.)ST -Small black cur do" i Answers to name of "Joe." Leave any information at this office. Two fresh sell or ex- ciumge Call at this office office. Solomon Einstein, FRFSH OYSTER! AT THE Concord Bakery. Bread, Doughnuts, Cakes, Pies, Buns, Cream Fulls, etc. Special attention given to lad patrons. Oysters 35 cents per quart. Joe Fisher, Propraetor. 'PHONE 122. With the Churches Tomorrow. There will be regular services tomorrow evening at 5 o'clock. Sunday school' at 10 o'clock in morning. Rev. W.-B. Oney will hold services at St. Andrews Luth eran church tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. The Holy Sacrament of the Lord's supper will be adminis tered at St. James Lutheran church tomorrow morning. Reg ular services tomorrow night; by the pastor, Rev. C B Miller. There will be regular services at the Baptist church tomorrow morning and tomorrow night by the pastor, Rev. B Lacy Hoge. Subject for 11 a. m., 'Obedi ence." The question o Baptism will bo discussed. Subject for 7.30 p. m., "The Savior from Sins." Baptism at night service. Regular services tomorrow morning at Epworth Methodist church by the pastor, Rev. T W Smith. Rev. J. E Thompson will till the pulpit tomorrow night. Rev. Smith will begin his pro tracted meeting the middle of next week. Ttie bOothiTU' aud healing prop erties of CiiaaibBrlciin's Cough Remedy, its pleasant ta.-te and uroaipt und permnuent cures huve m:ide it a groat f.vvorite vith the people every vvhre. For sale by M. L. Marsh A Co., Dniirtrists, Ori of m the now famous Dog Collar Belts. At the height of hostilities around Santiago de Cuba, a celebrated beauty, Senora Hernandez, lost a beau tiful St. Bernard d-ji: one she prized highly. It way her daily companion in all her walks and attracted considerable attention, not so much for its personal beauty, csfor the jewelled collar it wore. After its death Senora Hernandez kept her favorite ever before her by wearing its collar as a belt. The fashion spread from Cuba to the United States and now reigns as one of the fads of the season. For sale by Gibson & Morrison. slay Mot For Delay Is Dangerous ! You have been thinking about taking out a Policy of Life In surance. Yes, and for the lwv iill v r l r, v 1 1. . 1 t" Mill! ?u ty , t . , , V11U3 VUU IY111 IU1 Lil. ill Policv Air. W. D. Sliuljert. MKicliinist at Cannon Maui!!':-. .- nring Co. um' Ir- Ji- HaytLock, ma- en.iiiM m uio o.eacue, nave bothbeen injured receuilv, and .... , ,. lim;Vr , 'bom prom ily n?eeieu tnen j- . ,l - ( . 4 Vw'eiviy ill; i-'ill 111 ; V. .-w t see :-.. . . i chhii.t at the .Hieacuerv, have Lin mi. ile " We- v.- ilt'".' oy me. You (,.an liiwl m-y in my ollieo every evening dui.'i:ig the week j from h to i ockkMc. Ofr're in .1 ' .,-.):.:. 1 ildhiir ns, Insurance Agent, lb JO. Scot. THE 7r.4U FOR at; W.C. Correll's D t One hundren Childrens' Vestee Suits. Stylish Patterns. Hand some trimmings. New and ele gant designts. Finely Tailored. Altogether Swell. All sizes, 3 to 8. They are $5.00 and $6.0D suits and strictly ujj to date. You can have choice at $3.00. One hundred Vestee suits at $1.25 to $150. They are $2.00 and $250 suits. Two hundred Childr ens' Reefer suits. Finest goods, splendidly tailored, at $2.00 to $3.00. There are plenty of $5 suits arnorg them. oBoys heavy, all-wool Kersey suits at $2. You won't find their1. for less than else. Splendid line of Men's suits just We save vou 25 cents on m. every dollar you spend. Cannon & Fetzer Co. $:.::e:j:'r::; i v n P, V FURNITURE. We are the whip to prices to double the speed of sales. & H i ; i ft 1 ivVtA' , r FURNITURE AND Qo To G V V FALL LnoUlN FOR lvv: .tlt Fresh Butter on Ice, i Quaker Oars, Hominy, Cllippu 1-ef, Canned Com. Tu:uatoes, and Peaches. j Soda, Baking Powders, S Starch Breakfast Strips, Gren aud Parched Colf.-e, Tea, Sugar, Soap, Peas, Meal, Corn, Shipstuff, Oats, Oil, Flour, Molasses, Salt, Vinegar, Snuff, Tobacco, Rice, Potash, Spice, boctled Pickles, VV ashing Powders and anything in the Grocery line. We also carry Rope, Crockery, Glass-ware, Wooden-ware, DryGoods, Shoes Hats, TinNware Etc. Etc We close our store at 8.15 dur ing the summer months. We de liver goods until 6 p. m. $2.50 ny where f-f 0. SAVING Is the royal road to fortune. If you want to save come to our stoio, we can save you money on S i v .UNDER 1 AXING 0- O- 0- " 0- O O 0 o- ilYerv, tin; business iuiiic ?i rcliubi't', j r-niiiiHnt,- oiiserviitive uu.i j-ccuiiej-. ! t- We solicit vmu ;itrori:i u .fb tt-e ussuniuce of houorubic trtatin nt duo up;n ( ciatiou of your j.i 'roiin;c. If we can servo yon any turn: we will be lad to have you come and see us. . . Lri;i:iiAL accommodations?! Ti crs i'MMEiis. ...... Capital Groins - - $10 Odd. :. 1 ( 'oltkake, Chasbier, J. M. ( )i);:r L. resident. L. L. C. L1VFKV. r 'VAi) AND SALE Juf. in r-a oi i. '.Jioa'i Ho!, Ore nibuses fQcti ):-eLgr traiiu. Outtitc ot u 1 Aiuug furnished promptly ana at reasonable rrice?. Horses and mules always on hand or &ale. Brenderg of j-boroughbre 1 Polan.l China rlo. " tl Vi irnn uua

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