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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 02, 1899, Image 1

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i 11 1 Cf I-...Vt . X aw 3 3 V" '. :-f i;t ' Prico $4.00 Per Ywr. CONCOKD, N. C, MONDAY; OCTOBER 2 1S99. Fir pie Copy 5 On tr 13 ft if 111 ITli Iff p saw F3 fife IS 3 ; i-i Far i.i Bittd m& ;4 ;3! Li I H THE (iH EAT OVATIOX. he called his captains forward j and introduced each and said : i ''These are the men who did it. These are the men who j should be thanked. Without , TO RETURN HERE. Two Pay of Demonstration in the (irat Citv. The Hero (Jifts Mod estly and Shares the Hor.flrs. New York lias just pulled off them I could do nothing." the Nprjrest affair -in our history jt would take a book to con in the reception of the heroes of tain all that is interesting in the Manilla. We say heroes for reception. Admiral Dewey very properly Mr. Chas. F Hislop the Former Superin tendent of the Rufialo Mill To Return Here from Bynum. Numbers of people who know j "Charlie" Hislop will welcome the news that he will soon return , to this place. Mr. Hislop is well known here havinur been for j some time the superintendent of ! Notiee to U C VN. The following call emnnp.tes f 'om headquarters and it is a pleasure to promulgate it. Office of Confederate Veterans' Asscca ciation, of North Carolina. Sept. 30, 1899. . The next annual meeting of the Confederate Veterans Asso ciation of North Carolina will BIG n.. l cOv.r.- nf ihn. A Simdav After;:C! a Fire. honor to Wscaptain's and men. About 3 o'clock- Sunday after-. tho Buffalo "nil, and vrho is now I Ir.ko place in the Senate chamber Tbevation itself i. larsroly cred- noon the lire r.larm was given ' si;cntondcut of tho cotton nnll of the Capitol, on Wednesday, itabie Tor tlu -roat victory, says and it was found to be the roof atn"ln; 1 0cter next, at 8 p.m. Dewey. When on the way up of tho Reed building, occupied'' M r. H,slop .hkes bynum, but) All Confederate Veterans, tho rivo- U, Gon. Cranio tomb by David Hvmes, who keeps a i s ovA better. He whether members of organized to flavor Van "cloding" store. Quickly the Ui --tpu: diuun or not, are nnnnio ti,oW ni i n !i W tuo spnimiig dopartmeiit in the ' cordially invited. Camps of X L Friday Wych : 'We won, Mr. Mayor, because minutes .-carro an-thino- was No- 4 milL His nw situation : United Confederate Veterans will take e rect about t ie .it h or rva our government spends money Jolt m tho, tno vmun- ; . v .iv.o. for target practice. Our men teers carrying everything to the th,s month Mr. Hislop ts ato send representatives, and to wore pXici' nt, ,ud when Ihey Morris House across the street. . comment m,l man and we are forward lists of their members 1 - . . . ., . ? :ii In i mow that ho. is ni-nm in frv mivnll .IuI m :'.! Thn S mn- The lire commmes cot m tlieir . . . ' ; "llwlimuuu' 1A u" 1Aart LLK'1 11., J , . - j - - - - L ish sailors nevev fi red at a target work and in a few minutes it ;laee a lew make Concord his home. Will Very PnJ!)ij PiucLa). On the condition that Vo nec essary amount can be raised h subscriptions, the Allison pro)- l'esidont ertv on Xortli .Main will been done. Subjects of inter est to the veterans of North Carolina will be discussed at the meeting. By order of Gen. J S Carr, ii-. 4l..-,'n i;rn:. . - .1 -ti'l-.i-i 4irclif t'T(." 'ill .rnv mill ill lliL.lL 1-l.lLvl. LIIU Ui,lil tti.J nil VI hilvi. , came they could not hit us." feet square only was burned in Friday's aeat naval parade the roof. It was caused very which was a medley of scream- probably by v.u'ks dropping ing whii-tles and throat rending upon the dry rojf. There was cheers together with twenty-ono no insurance on the buildings or i3G purchtisod as tho site for the! guns fired at the tomb of Gen. the goods. V. r. Byrnes had only pHan church. It Grant was if possible surpassed a few days ago taken inventory was go decidod Sunday at the ; by tho :!.vt parade an batur-, and despite the lact mat tne peo- cor)(rrecrational meetinir. The' day. Fifty thousand troops' pie, both ' white and colored, 1)r0pQrty has been offered for! Mr. Arthur Copening, were in line, beside many organ- emptied his store for him, he has ooOand in case the purchase Morganton, is here today. izations such as veterans, sons ( not missed one thing, of veterans, etc. i SHOE s A A. 7 BEGINS AT C. B. DENSON, Secretary. PERSONAL POINTERS. of ri 3 r sn tic r-., yi 'J? i 1 1 . 1 On the way the Admiral was greatly pleased with a stand of To Live in Concord Again. Mr Will Widenhouse, of is made 1,000 wi Li be donated ; Mr. Robt. Wheeler returned ' by the Allison heirs. If this this morning from Kings Moun deal is made a handsome church ain- win ovj erected on this beautiful! Mr. Morrison 'Fofyor of schoolchildren dressed some in Georgeviile, who some years ago ; t 1 t i Davidson college, spent Sundnv blue and some iii white so ar-'wasinthe merchandising busi-j i here with his parents. ranged that those in blue formed ness here, has secured a position j To Transfer the Stock. . 1 T7,T,(lr w . , , . Our townsman, Mr. B P Rog- L - t. -Vr V v TA,- . ' , , ,& ter, Miss Nellie Wright, of China ers, went up 10 oansuury touay Gr0Ve, spent today here. (Monday) wnere lie transierred the ground and those in white formed the letters spelling Dewey. When the Admiral ap proached they rose and sang, "See the Conquering Hero Comes5 and kept the time with waving flags. At one point seventeen aerial bombs, an admirals salute, were fired from the top of a tall building. Of the Arch of Victory the Associated Press dispatch says : It is modelled after Titus' arch in the Roman forum. From the top. in a quadriga drawn through rolling billows by plunging sea horse, "Victory," with out stretched wings and the laurel with H L Parks & Co. When ho finds a suitable house he will move his family here. Mr. Wi denhouse is also a partner of Mr. Martin Barrier in the store at George ville. Wednesday The fleeting Has Regun The protracted meeting began at Forest Hill Methodist church Sunday and Rev. J D Arnold will continue it throughout the week. Prayer services will be held each afternoon at 4 o'clock. Similar services at 7:30 in the evening, the regular services to commence at 7:15 o'clock. the stock formerly of the Economy Clothing Co. to the store of Smoot Bros. & Rogers, which firm recently purchased it. The Coldest Night Yet. Sunday night was the coldest night that we have had yet this winter. Mayor Means had ice at his house. Mr. Chas. Mc Donald's thermometer registered 37 degrees. A M line OF Dr. I J rooks Unwell. For vr Fiiiv Years Mrs. Wiuslow'a Sothir Syrup lias hen use.l for over titty yt".irs by iml hon.i of mothers for tlieir children vliil tot'thirijr, with perfect success. It soothes the cliihl, .soitens thn minis, nlhiys all pain, cures vvinJ colic. ;iu( is t; best remedy for Diarrhoea it wiil relievo the poor little suii'erer immedi wreath in her hand, typical of: Rev. J R Brook's, tho presiding the reward to the victor, reared elder, spent yesterday here and her beautiful outline against the Rev. Arnold announced last night atejj- aJ( by dr agists in every part iim ; . , , ,n of the world.. Tweuty-nve ceuts a ir,- rcy. un tne attic are neroic ! mat uev. urooKS wouia preacn tiQ. Be for " Mrs. Win figures of John Paul Jones, Hull, i tonight at the church, but ho is 8?wa hootampr bymp and take no Perry, Decatur, Farrarut and to unwell and will return to Sal- oije-r naval heroes, wmie on the lsbury tonight. faces of the piers are magnificent group:-;syj))boiic of combat, the (i-ts Them Directly. return of the victors, the call to The Westem Unicn Tel h aru,, and peace, and on the Co had lheir lhlencn hei.0 last .aieisare groups representing:Saturd ui in a line for the JNorth and East rivers, and at w i mi 1 FANCY 1 i CAKES i - AT Prices will b cut by halves. J?x "i jy ".f t Z- ? the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The arch faces the sea. The ap proaches are guarded by tall colonades, transforming the street at the reviewing booth in to a court of honor. The Admiral on Friday re ceived a badge from the mayor with the compliments of thecity. ivnor me speeches the miral directed his Chinese vant to pin it on him. Mr. W G Boshamer. The wires connect directly to his office up stairs in the King building where ' Ernest McOonnell, the operator, will have the market quotations. pins; i Tir-i. f..4l 1 ' SWi) ill iier uuiu. Masked parties broke into jail at Winton, Hertford county, last Saturday night and shot . Robert ; Vaughan, who was charged with bur;-i;;g a barn. He was not killed but is thought to bo fatally wounded. The evidence against him, it is said, is only circum- 0 Stantial. The frenzied act is y what we want. VY.- tf i d new sireet mid straighten old ones it takes Hi , -j -i t money to ffet them ntd we are williii 4 tj contribute just keep us busy if very muen cleploicd. g amJ we wont k:ckH. we bavea't time. j With a car of TRUNKS. Car load of STOVES. Car load of CHAIRS, and the Third Car of SPRINGS in the last four months, all in this week it any wonder we had to figure in tie "Mayor's Corte" for blockading he town. Our t wit- muke- it ut-crhsarv. Give us your trade; that's 8 Do: mi i:: Oil' H rlu.-o hit 'Vt I as Dr. I5yers, the Eye Specialist, Here. Dr. Bvers. the eve snecinlist is in thecityat the St. Cloud hotel fc ()!,M,'M,! wiiovn "ho line ii-rrrmcrorl crnrl hoi !' Ad- opened ti) an office for the treat-ser- ment OI y diseases and the adjustment of glasses. Dr. i. t;j--. rend with. i;i irmav 4'rf' -jWe are 9xp. ting a Car of Furniture today. BELL HARRIS & CO. Ye wi aiy - , O , . , Jt'l.-5 li ILK.) Ll clli.' 1l1 V-UilLUlU. I 111 '.11! - I 'I TT -1.-1 U . . . ' - v J tUlt uxu.uw IK. was. Ho has naved irold made the recipient of a "Loving Cup" by the mayor, tl gift of the great city. It stands 1 O t-.-.. .V 1 -1 T 11 A 1 jo man's n,gn, noids -i-h quarts ZOO" dollars. r the reception speeches us visits after services are al- ( visits and his io ways highly appreciated by our oest citizens and v;e welcome the occior ior a lonir star. U nee a: sucn quick reuei Cloud hotef. room No. 15. hv L L. Marsh & Go.. DrnR?ist Cihco hours 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. and : ' , . n nr o - oA 1 ne4itTacTie stopped ' in 20 ininute3 by Dt - 1 o ;). o0 p.m. ftiiitis' Vain Vud& "One cenfc a dose." i stau-es ic berime chronic ano f-e oh soldiers stUJ Himer irom ; i. Mr. D ' vid Taylor, of Wind p. s. Something new in town. liid1, G' v no c 'ViLiiy, P.-t is one Spring Mattress. The 1U et in tewn of these. He o-r- Ch?imberlain's Colic, Ch ()- "d Diarrhoea Knsey and ss Lever found a ? vtbirjL!4 thai would ive him It is tor sale lies lie flown an a Cobiuatioii Bell, Harris fc Co. 1 Br , mm tMmwmk teethims pswdehs icL .vis Digests, Regulates tho Boucfe, MesTeetfcta Easy. IEETE1NA Relieves Ecel Tickles cf CLilcrcn cf CC3ts Cr' Your &2

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