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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 02, 1899, Image 4

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m 21 r4 1 .... r.'.y In all i' ehould bedtime. (r AjVT Ely's Crcaiii BI::i Cleans c ? , ? o o t li o s .in d ! c r. ! 3 the dise.ivl nicin'r:.;;?. It cures crtanii find ci ives away a cold iu t!ie Creaii?. liana is piree.. into ilie nostrils, spreads over the membrane and is alorbed. Relief is im medicte and a cure follow;?. It is not drying does not produce sneezing. Large Size, 50 cents at Drug gist or by mail , Trial Size, 10 cents by mail. EiY BliOTUERS, 5J Warren Street, New York. Bl CYCLES Repaired Promptly and Satisfac tion Guaranteed. FRESH FRUITS And Vegetables in J stock at E. L. LI PES IN BRICK ROW. I AM PREPARED TO DO ANY THING IN Plumbing, Steam Fitting and Electric Wiring. I HAVE SOME NICE Bath Tubs ON HAND. OB. Winter is Coming. I ALREADY HAVE ON HAND THREE CARS OF JelSico Coal And ;tvj ten in ore car loads on the way. It is time lor you tu lav m a 5tipply for the winter, isn't it? I also haye on haul the best of antracite coil. J. A. C Blackwelder, West Depot St. at Store. frST'Phone 68. V ANTED ouy l(X)'HX) p U'i(ir rf rid c-t-f.-irrr. cra.., iiw ti d r th ,' : oo(y, f-f b i r -f in-a 44 HO Y GARS' kj .IV Trade Marks Designs Copyrights &fe Anyone sendlnp: a pketch and description may quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an Invention is probably patentable. Connuinica tltxs strictly confidential. ITandbookozi Patents ecritfree. Oldest agency for securing: patents Patents taken throuph JIunn & Co. receive $pecial notice, without charee, in the s . TTt , . . . . . A tandsomely illustratPd weekly, t freest cir culation of any scientific journal, i'orius, $3 a vear ; four months, -1. Sold by all stealers. Orct ch Of ' V S't.. v, --V'-U.;'. I mm . month 35c. 2.00. 1 year 4.00, r w w ' Til giS w THF HOW'S THIS ? We offer one hundred dollars reward for s.nj eaee of c.iarrh that can not by cured by Hail's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, Ohio. We the undersigned, have known F J Cheney for thu hist 15 years, and believe him perfecth reliable in all business transla tions and financially uble to carry out any obligations made by tiieir firm. West & Trnax, Wholesale Druists, Toledo, O. Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in ternally, acts directly upon the blood and mucous surface of the system. Price TS'i. per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testis nials free. Notice to TaxPayers. The . tax books for 1899 have been placed in my hands for collection and all tax-payers are requested to come forward and; pay their taxes at once. S. J. Ervin, City Tax Collector. WANTED SF.VEK AIi BRIGHT AND IION- est persons to represent us as Managers in this and close eo unties. Salary 1)00 a year and expenses. Straight, bomr fide, no more, no less salary, Position permanent. Our references, any bank in any town It is mainly qilice vork conducted at home, Reference. En close; self-addressed stamped envelopo- Toe Dominion Company, Dept. 2, Chi cago. Trustee's Sa5e. By virtue of authority vested in me b7 a Deed iu Trust or Mortgage, exe cuted by J. A. Smith aud wife, Mary J. Smitli, on the 0th day of December, 1887, which Morta je or Deed m Trust duly recorded in Keiristcr's ollico for Cabarrus county, N. C, in 15pok No. 3, pap;es 558 and 559, I will self at public auction at the court house door in Con cord, N. C, on the 28th day of October, 1890, to the highest bidder, for cash: Said J. A. Smith's entire interest in hid father's real estate located in No. 0 township, being by will one-ninth of Matthias Smith, fieceased, entire real estate, aupposed to be ab(,ut one hundred acres. (Since the execution of this mortgage the interest of John A, Smith lms been set apart by metes and bounds and is known as lot No. 5) and is bounded as follows: Beginning at a Rtone bv ft dogwood and corner of lot No. 4 and runsS. 87 1-2, E. 41 po. to a stone and white rock, Hearns corner, then with his line S. 20, W. 1C2 po. to a stone on the south edge of the creat road, Hearns corner, then with the road as follows: 1st N. 53, W. 27 po. to a H.toue in the road, then 2nd N. 81. W. 5' po. to a stone on the south edge of the road by a I O , Widenhouse's old corner, then 3rd line on road N. L'0, W. 24 po. to a .small white oak on the north edge of the road, then' a dividir' lino, N. 1-2, E V ();. to the beginning, containing 5 acres, more or less. .'i'ith- to . ii'l property in supposed to l-e u.' '!. but ill" purchaser tales such title u I an: authorized to convey" un der '-aid mortgage. E. 1o t, Trustee. TniP 27th d-t- of Serf., 1SD-J. .-3 $ Vtki km W mm 8S JUSTASCOOD FOR ADULTS. Gai.2 tia, Ills., Nov. 1G, 1203. Peris Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo. ("entleraen: Wo sold last year, 600 bottlo.3 of IjlOVE'S TASTI0T.F.-S CHILI, TONIO r.nd ha: lOUKht three prostf ulro:iiy this yorir. In nil osr orience of 14 ye:rs. ia th-j cirv.K h ever sold an article thatguve such erul sjiL' 'actioa as your Tctuc lours truly, itfobofly need have Neuralgia. Get f jr ' rSii FiUtrom drusgists. "One ce i ' i - i MM TASJELESSl I nn wm pi pi pi m , Medicine. the court oi Cai)tain i J 10 of martial in the vwyv Oberlin M Carter has been ap- proved and conlirmed by Presi dent McKinley, Secretary of State Root, Adjutant General Corbin and others in the line. The sentence was sharp and is not softened in the least. I im plies dismissal from the army5? a five years imprisonment : at hard labor, a line of 5,000 and publication of his name, the crime and punishment in the newspapers of his State and the station where the crime was committed. Fort Leavenworth has been designated as the place of imprisonment and Carter has been arrested. A resume of this case may be necessary as it has faded from the minds of many. In December 1897 Carter was formally charged with entering into conspiracy with others . to defraud 1b government in con tract s at S: i vannah , G . , wh iv he, as engineer, wa in com mnr.d of work under the River and Pnrh-:--biJh The sum out of wh.ich tbo government was said to hav; been defrauded was from Si. 00' 000 to si000,000. It seems that been iriven vei'y chance has Captain Carter to show his miMK'on or establish a doubt. AU has failed and ho stands crushed beneath the blow of what seems to be strict ce. Drying i)ieparations simply develop dry catarrh; they dry up the secretions which adhere to the membrane and decompose, causing a far more serious trou ble than the ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid all drying in halants and use that which cleanses, soothes and heals. Ely's Cream Balm is such a remedy and will cure catarrh or cold in the head easily and pleasantly. All druggists sell it at 50c. or it will be mailed by Ely Brothers, 56 TVarrqnSt., N. Y. THE BEST PllESCEIPTION FOE CHILLS and fever is a bottle cf Grove's Taste less Chill Tonic. Never fails to cure; Then why experiment with worthless imitations? Trice 50 cents. Your money back if it fails to cure. NO CUBE. NO PAY . Tlat is" the way all druggists .sell Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic for chills and jMtdaria. It is simply Iron and Quinine m a tasteless form. Children sow it. Adults refer it to bitter, ran- 1 nee tlx FOR SALE A nev Wheeler : Yv'iison strwing machine with live drawers, just from the fac tory. Call at this office and get a first class machine on easy terms. tf. K. L. Craven Has Bought 800 TONS JELICO COAL. 200 TONS HARD? COAL. Also Virpa Split ani Bird Eye Caniiel Coal. Best steam coalat niine prices. Good Smith Coal. Call and get what you want. 'Phone 74. Reduced Kates to the State Fair. On account of the State Fair the Southern will sell round trip tickets to Raleigh, including one admission into the fair grounds, $3.80. Tickets on sale Oct. 14, 15, 16, 17, and 20, with final limit to Oct. 33rd. Trie soothing and healing prop-J ernes oi unarnberlam's Cough Remedy, its pleasant taste and prompt and permanent cures have made it a great favorite with the people everywhere. For sale by .T. L. Marsh fc Co., Druggists. Carter 2l COAL! The Kind You Have Always in use for over 30 years, and ftf- jf' sonal ''CCCoCZ Wmxt All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but Ex periments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and ChildrenExperience against Experiment. WW SlStti Castoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Parrgoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and leasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor ot? er Xarcotie substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It dax Troys Worms and allays Fcverishness. It cures Diarrhis i and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, iegulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend. GENUINE Cj Bears the 4 8 Kind You Have Always In Use For Over 30 TNI CENTAUR COMPANY. TT MURRAY STREET. ME I hiji MliiailllUPHMMU 111. nuf ' lift iiiiir rffe Am ODELL illlilG m i -ff-f MANUFACTURERS OF FINE Ginghams UPlaxcLsi) Sheetin; Bags AND- Outing Cloths -o- DEALER IN- rjpriPPO I lVTpiTsfril rSlCO VJCllCll lUOlilia-. Ulw BUYERS OF- COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kind. .o. Four-foot Wood always Wanted. Best Price for same. o We inyite ar!inspection of all the goods . , . welmanufacture . . 11 4 5i U 5 Concord N. a i 3 Bought, aiid wliicli has been ha? borne the signature of has been made under his per- supervision since its infancy. nr mf tr tlnnU r rnn in fills. v & ALWAYS Signature of i hCtll n !3 Y cars. oatner n . t aaway schedul: Mi. IN EFFECT JULY THE 1CTU. 11809. ' This condensea schedule is pub lished as information, ancj is subject to change without notice to the public : Trains leave Concord N. C. 5.52 A. M. No 8, daily, for Eich mond; connpets at Greensboro fdr Raleigh and Goldsboro; at Goldsboro for Norfolk, at Danville for Washington and points North, at Salisbury for Asheville, KnoxviHe and points West. 7. 19 A. M No. 33, the New York and Florida Express, carries Pn 11m an Sleep ing Cars between New York and Au gusta, New York and Tampa, FJa., and Norfolk to Charlotte. 8;49 A. M. No. 37, daily, Wash ington and Southwestern limited for Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Mont gomery, Mobile and New Orleans, and all points South and Southwest. Through Pullman sleeper New York to New Orleans and New York to Memphis, Dining car, vestibuled coach, between Washington and Atlanta. 10:00 A. M: No. 30, daily, for Wash ington, i Richmond. Kuh-iyh and all points North. Carru s Pullman drawing room bufivt j i r. New Orleans y New Yoik; JaoL-Miiivillo to New 'ork: Pullman tourist cars frjm mu Francisco vii Now Orlefiiis and South tr Pacific Snufl -.ys and Wednesdays. 11:23 A. M. No. 11, d-ily for Atlanta and ail points SoutL. Solid train, Rich mond to Atlanta. 7:09 P. M. No. 12, daily, for Rich mond, Asheville, Chattanooga, Raleigh, Norfolk, and all points North. 8; 51 P. M. -No 7, daily, from Rich mond, Washington, Goldsboro, Selrm ; Kaleigh. areensbcro Knoxville and I Asheville to Charlotte, N. C. 8: 51 P. M.-No 38, dailv, Washington I and Southwestern limited, for Wash- -j ington and all points North. Through Pullman car, Memphis to New York; 1 Orleans to New York. Also carries vestibuled coach arid dining car. Close connection at Greensboro with sleeper It Vm 9.20 P. M. No. 35, daily, foi Atlant and New Orleans, carries Pullmati sleeper New York to Nsw Orleans. New York to Jacksonville and Charlotte to Atlanta; dinning car. Also Pull.nan tourist car Washington to San Franois co, via New Orleans Tuesday and 'Fri days. 9.45 P. M. No. 34, daily, the New York and Florida Express, carries Pull man Sleeping Cars between Augusta and New York. Tampa, Fla, and. New York and Charlotte to Richmond. Caijr ries sleepers Charlotte to Norfolk via Greensboro. First sections of regular through ox local freight trains cany passengers only to points where they stop according to schedule. . Frank S. Gannon, Third Vice-Pres. and Gen'l. Man. Washington, D. C. John M. Culp, Traffic Manager, Washington, D, Cv W. A. Turk, Gen'l. Pass. Agent, Washington, D. C. .:c.wan DasenberyfLocal Agent, Concord, N.C

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