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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 03, 1899, Image 1

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Price $4.00 Per Y?ar, CONCORD, N. C, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3 1S99. Single Cop 5 Cer.ts MR. ;EO: W. PATTEKSOXDEAI). 3IARTAIN DRV DEAD. Passes Auay With the Strokes of Sine He Received a Fall More Than a Week 1 1 T 1 T'.. IT -leaves a Second A" il,K1 lik-ouh-iuus ilt Since That Time. More than a week ago Mr. ATn.rtin T)rv whn livos holnw the hour of nine on Monday a faU Qn the ni-lit, the 2nd, the reaper death following day ho becamG un numbered the days of Mr. Geo. conscjous anc gradually sank W Patterson. He had suffered until Monday nrht after mid- iVfi (?: Wars Old- Wife and Two Children. As the town clock numbered DEWEY IN WASHINGTON. Meets the President and Cabinet Also and Mrs. MeTvinley Reviews the Pro cession Retires at 0:30 O'clock. Washington has had her round at honoring Admiral Dewey on Monday. A special train left Jersey city at 1:50 o'clock and with only necessary stops it rolled into the cipatal. The reception was, of course, GRAND SHOE SA mm WEDNESDAY-TOMORROW ill M atchless Prices. Never in the history of this country have such prices been put on fine shoes. Each lot will , 1 acculctly for some days Willi in- night he died. tlamation of the bowels out uie Air. Dry had reached the ripe muguiiLceiii. ino nero was e-mr oiudi of the end came with old age of nearly 79 years. Ho , driven to the White House amid tnvfih,r rnnidilv to the public, leaves two son, Levi Dry and , roaring applause and was "hp VpfllllTr i.l nkai'.Ofl QnH m Q TIro,'l ' ' 1 ' 1 1 lrr,' , nix I A..A 4 , j.i A, ' ' r w w-. y lXJ,W --Ai.VA VU. Mr. Patterson was norn Man-h in Alamance i I I nd was. therefore past his (KIrd year of life. lie was married in lUHo Miss FoUSt WJlO bore to him i wo children. Mr. Ceo. L Pat terson and Mrs. C F Kite-hie. Dying in WW she left daughter an infant. In Fa pi Will Dry, and two daughters, ! ushered nto the presence of the Mrs. W F Hess and Mrs. Bettie President, Mrs. McKinley, the Dry. j cabinet officers, and others. The funeral will be conducted especially officers of the nay. Wednesday morning at the homo j The admiral mounted the ri by Rev. Clias. B Miller. ' The viow stand, leaning on the arm of ramains will be interred in the . President, McKinley. In the old Lutheran cemetery. j parade was a detachment of I International Machinists pre- th0 Land Deals lieinJkade. 'ceded by a C-inch cannon on Since the step was taken for a which were inscribed, "We he was wedded to Mrs. new cotton mill in the north Made th.e Guns for Dewey." Albert Area, of Concord, western part of Concord to the! The public fell in after the as to price and size. The sizes do not run regular but almost any one can get fitted in some of ti'in. On lot of 324 pairs woman' ?. line dongolas,lace and button regularly worth $1.50 and 1.75 place i on one counter at 98 cents per pair. Some are a little damaged but the price makes up for all that and vl'oni he now leaves bereft of a right of the Buffalo mills, sov- : processiou but broke the line of husband as she oral land deals have taken place, review by crowding around the TTt.TlV OT t, U PTTI 1 V Iflfif. Gi tV";h- Kiim readily testiiies. j some of large amounts and some , stand till the admiral seeing that Mr. Patterson has always been ' Gf mucx smaller amounts. Over j n could no longer bo regarded a man of business enterprise. ' o .-no im hnnn inirl tho Alison-! as a review quitted the stand. ,:ier imunage me M-umu ; hohncr heirs by parties for their he n.ade his home in Concord' , d j u t t f t A j new enterprise brings new busi ness. and lias tlierefore been identified j wi;h the city for ol years. For the past ten years he has done a wholesale as well as a retail rrocerv business. His manner of life has been that of quiet peacableness, free from all turmoils and strifes. The sympathy and condo lence of the community go out to the estimable wife and the son and daughter in this dav of bereavement. The . funeral rites were con ducted today at the First Pres byterian church at 4 o'clock by the pastor, Rev. W C Alexander. The interment was made in the city cemetery. The pall bearers were Messrs. V B Fetzer. K F Gibson, W R Harris, W R Kindley, G W ! '!( vn. G M Lore. Afternoon Services Tins Week. Rev. T W Smith, pastor cf Epworth Methodist church, will begin his protracted meeting at that church tomorrow afternoon. Each afternoon at 4 o'clock ser vices will be held. Next week services will be held twice each day. Regular prayer meeting services will be held tomorrow night. m i i t -l -i. no c, tv was inn fin Mnzznno' with vaii gated electric lights of pleasing designs. It was 9.10 when the tired fighter got repose in the home of Mrs, McLean whose guest he is while in the city. He retired at U.yo o'clock. A IIouso Burned. This afternoon, just before go ing to press, the news comes of a tire beyond Pine Land in the di rection of the Coleman mill. The house belonged to Mr. Joel Reed, of this place, and was oc cupied by colored people. It was ; burned completely. . PERSONAL POINTERS. Mr. Jno. R Morris, of Balti more, is here today. Mr. C 0 Hook, of Charlotte, arrived here this morning. Mr. Tom Barringer, of Char lotte, spent-last night here. Mr. Harvey M Day, of Char lotte, returned here last night. . Rev. W P MeGhoo, of Pino ville, arrived here this morning. Mrs. Jas. P Cook returned homo yesterday evening from Charlotte. V F 1 1 Move Here Soon. '''!; '.York efthe ConuiiNMdmTs. Besides the paying of the pau pers end the current expenses of' Mr- o' Gilhrn, who live th.e -eiiniy for the month, only a : in tl10 country beyond the depot, few n! her things came before the has rented from Mr. J L Ilartsell '.;M!!o:ie's for tlioii at t en-! the residence on Mill street and clean as from the inarm ture. Now the sizes in the above are mostly 3's, 4's and 59s some larger number. Its the finest genuine shoe bargain we ever saw. One lot contains woman's button patent tip shoes at 39c pair. Children quarter shoes at 15 c pair. Another lot of 106 pairs was line French kid shoes worth irom $2 to $2.50 sizes mostlv 2 1-2, 3 and 4 to go lor $1.48 c pair, some lace ana some button, cloth top etc, among them many of the celebrated Ziegler shoes all go on the $1.48 c table. Just 34 bottles of G-ild Edge shoe dressing told the world over for 25 c to gom the sale tomorrow at 16 c bottle. One lot of boys shoes eery pair worth 1.50 all number 13's to go at 79 c per pair. DRY GOODS. We will offer some special inducements in this side for Wednesday only. LOGO yards good calico worth 5 c a yard to go at 2 1-2 c yard, only 10 yards to a customer. Good yard m-e sheeting 4c. Ked wool nanne tins clay inl-u- TO n rrrri Ynnr nhmnp of nrwP;n' dvr-R Mr. D F Cannon will leave tonight for Philadelphia to at tend the exposition. -Mr. Laurence Moore, for- only 10 c yard. Your choice of any 25:; dross merlv of South Carolina, is visit- gOOG. m OUr 110US6 XU1S Qay Only ao .Lb? C y.U, in X at Mr. C 11 "White's. 72 Pairs Foster hook kid gloves b ac'r and -Dr. win pinuT. of NeweiisJ brown colors, gussets m the tixgers .tor and Mr. Jno. Pharr, of char-! V eauesday only 7o c Pair. Better be quick, lotte, are here todav. Tiiev are t r ve line of ladies and childred s underwear ion. fnrmorlv ncpmnod bv Mr. . r.n Tr. Clon. W P:ittprsrn Sheriff IVck was paid several, M Young. He will probably bills incurred by the killing of I movo hcre the last of this week. ! THE BEST PEESCKIPTION FOR here on account of the death oi" fit everybody- We will hae extra ihelp to wait on the crowds. Big values hitchea to small Prices- Policeman Kerns such as guards about the house of Hill Lucky that night, and for other guards at different places, and (JlilLLS lotte to identify Will Edwards. The question of repairing sev . . ... - II i and fever is a bottle c Grove's Taste- Duiing the ciyil war, as well as ; iess Chill Tome. Never fails to cure; r in our late war with Spain, diar- j Then why experiment with worthless 1'rhoea wn onfl of the most ' imitation-? Price 50 ceutb. Your . , . . . I v . . - . 1 . -.4- f . i I n 4- m f i me oApenso oi going 10 Uliar-; truuuiebuuie uiscases ine army had to contend with. In many instances it became chronic and eialbndgesof the county camoiti Mr. Davitl Taylor of Wlnd up and will be attended to this 'Ridge, Greene county, Pa., is one lnonln- I of these. He uses Chamberlain's Chairman Allison was given ! Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea authority to advertise and sell I Remedy and says he never found the real estate belonging to the anytbin thftt wouM cive him ..i,;,,!, ,-4 t . such quick relief. It is tor sale uwuulj, i jiiiuiueu on Lit- ;l . t t i fell liic H. L. Parks & Company, umpin tie Cold Water. Mrs.iWm. McDaniels was or-j dered to be admitted to the by M. L. Marsh & Co.. Druggist For Ffltv Tears count v home. Mrs. Window's Soothirj? Syrnp has been used for over lilty years by mil lions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It I soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pam, cures wind colic, and is the. best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will Shooting in Statesville. Statesvillo had a shooting af lair Saturday. Claude Tomlin rolioye the poor little sutferer immedi- shot James Kerr. The ball struck a jit and fortunately did not do much harm. atoly. Sold by druggists in every part ot the world. Twenty-five cents a bot tle. B9 sure and ask for "Mrs. Win slows Soothing Svrup." andTtake no other kind. OF 1 FANCY 1 AT n i n ) I J. WIS, With a car of TRUNKS. Car kal of STOVES. Car load of CHAIRS, and the Thh J Car of SPRINGS in the' last four months, all in this week Sis it any wonder we had to figure ia the "MnyorV Corte" for blockading Q he town. Our trade makes ii m-ceRSiry. (live u your trade; that's 0 what we want. We need new strc-. ts ;:i,d .straighten old ones it takes J r money to get them and we are willm.' to c nUibute just keep us biny J Q and we won't kick as we haven't tim?. (J We are axpecting a Car of Furniture today. BELL HARRIS Si CO. p g Something new in towa. Ye weary ones lie dowj rn a Cob na'io Saring Mattress, The 13esL in town. B ill, Harris k Co.

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