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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 05, 1899, Image 4

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p Mi h m If'? 'ili 'l??. ill 1 4''' .! . i p. if: i: & ft! V f. ' f in It; 1$ 1 ' -in n; : ; 1:1: 1 5 t' ti H: i) in Sri I;! -id' - .:' ' ' if. a ti lli lit ..y In fill Its staces v.ers 4 chonlfl hi" . ! ( i Ely Cream B-:'i:: fe cleanses. ?ootaes and c:.H v$ the diseased rnemb .::e. It cures cr.tarrh and 0 ves away a cold in the ad Hrckly. Cream Balm Is placed ntc the nostrils, spreads over the membrane a:;d is absorbed. Eelief is im mediate and a cure follows. It is not drying does not produce eneezlng. Larj;e Size, 50 cents at Drug gist or by mail , Trial Size, 10 cents by mail. Ia-Y BKOTUERS, 5G Warren Street, New York. Winter is Coming;. I ALREADY HAVE ON HAND THREE CARS OF Jellico Coal And have ten moro car loads on tho way. It h inue for yon to lttv m a Supply for the winter, ipn'r it? I tilso haye on Land tlio bust of ontracite roil. J. A. C Blackwelder, Weft T Mot St. nt Store. frSTThone 63. COAL K. L. Craven Has BoiM 800 TONS JELICO COAL. 200 TONS HARD COAL. Also Virgina Split aafl M Eye Camel Coal, B?st steam coalat mine prices. Goc: omith Coal. Call and get Avhat you want. 'Phone 74. I AM PREPARED TO DO ANY THING IN Plumbinsr, bteam Fitting and Electric Wiring. I HAVE SOME NICE Bath Tubs ON HAND. ""r E. MoNISH. B I C Y C L E S .Repaired Promptly and Satisfac . tion Guaranteed. FRESH FRUITS And Vegetables in "stock at E. L. LI PES IN BRICK ROW. Notice to TaxPayers. Tho tax books for 1899 have been placed in my hands for collection and all tax-pavers are requested to come forward and pay their taxes at once. S. J. Ekvin, Citv Tax Collector. LOST OR STOLEN, NOTICE is hereby given that a note for sluO dated May 1695 on J W Cannon has been lost or stolen and parties are warned not to trade for same. T C Wilson. Notice of Dissolution. The firm of Mabrey and Delyanx is The interest ia all stock of oodi?, ac-) counts and otner evidences ot debt are transferred to J M Mabrey, who as sumes tiie payment of all debts due by the firm. l;Thib3idday Oct. 1S99. J. M. MABREY, Concord, N. C. J. B. DELTA UX. SO YEARS GXPERIENCE Trade Wa DESIGN! RK3 Anvona sending a sketch nd descriptina ros-v qulrkly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention is probably patentable, Comninnlra tlcmj Ptrictly cr.nndential. Handbook on l'ntfnts eont-free. Oldest atrcnev forpecurir.g patents. -Patents taken throutrh Munn ft Co. receipt fJ?Yiaf r.otic-e, without charge, in the cienilfic Jftnerican., S 111 PJlfJl?! A 4 A nanasoraeiT liiuTrnrpa weekly. i.arcest cir CUlation oi an m-M'i:u.- j j...:u. n .-.s. j f' P. ?.0 .Zr-z-ziT'.v. IpWJ VTV' Dmirur the civil war, as well as in our late war with Spain, diar rhoea was one of the most troublesome diseases the tinny bad to contend with. In many instances it became chronic and the old soldiers still suffer from it. Mr. David Taylor, of Wind Ridge, Greene county, Pa., is one of these. He uses Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and says he never found anything that would Rive him such quick relief. H is for sale by M. L. Marsh k Co.. Druggist Reduced Rates to the State Fair. On account of the State Fair the Southern will sell round trip tickets to Raleigh, including one admission into the fair grounds, $3.80. Tickets on sale Oct. 14, 15, 16, 17, and 20, with final limit to Oct. 33rd. WASTED SEVERAL BRIGHT AND HON- est persons to represent us as Markers in this and close counties. Salary &S)00 a year and expenses. Straight, bona fide, no more, no less salary, Position permanent. Our references, any hank in any town. It is mainly office work conducted at home. Reference. En close self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept, 2, Chi cago. WANTED To buy 100,000 pounds of old cast-iron scrap, de livered at the foundry at once, for which we will pay a fair price. Nt burnt irun wanted. alCtf. foNcoRD Foundry Co. FOR SALE A new Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine with five drawers, just from the fac tory. Call at this office and get at first class machine on easy terms. ti. TO TAS TELES IS JUST AS COOD FOR ADULTS WAR RAMTED. PRICE GO ctss GAL2 TIA, ILLS., NOT. 16, 18D3. Pari? Modicine To., St. lxuis, Mo. Gentlemen: wld lost vear, CX) bottle oi GROVE'S TASTKLES CHILL TONIC nr:.l ;ar bought three mss already th.s year. In iiil r v. perience of 14 yi-iirs, in tho dn; Uaiiw. lia ' . Dever boM nn urti( le tbut b'hve s-m n iiulvorsul . faCUoa ttd your Tunic Yours truly. HE I9 SIliDii month 35 it 1.00. 2.00. I year 4.00. SFERSALS! weaKness easUy rt:rti ... jmmm P'rm n r Kr1 Wti mm n ? K l M 51 M fa Us $si2 i'SJi r3 Hi? I izD Urn i cjpi nzj n ras& Return of a Confederate Rattle Flag Dallas, Tex., Oct. ""4. Gov. James Mount, of Indiana, and his entire staff, accompanied by many prominent members of the G. A. R.f have arrived in Dallas. Acting in accordance with; a res olution passed by the Legisla ture of his State, the Chief Executive of Indiana will tomor row return to Governor Sayers, of Texas, representing the sur vivors of Terry's Texas Rangers, the battle Hag which was cap tured from the Rangers by an Indiana regiment during the war between the States. The ceremony of returning the flag, which will be most elabo rate, will occur in the audito rium, or on the State Fair grounds, in this city. Indications are that it will be witnessed by si least 15,000 parsons. Within the last nine years 16,000 horses have been must ered out of service by the Metro politan Traction and Thivd Avenue companies, and in their places electricity has been sub stituted as a motive power. There remain today 5,100 horses in harness on the street car lines of the city, and thai number will be diminished by several hun dred before the year is out. Five years hence, the officials of the Metropolitan road say, the horse will be a thing of the past as motive power on the streets of New lork. York Post. iew Drying preparations simply develop dry catarrh: they dry up the secretions which adhere to the" membrano and decompose, causing a far more serious trou ble than the ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid all drying in halants and use that which cleanses, soothes and heals. Ely's Cream Balm is such a remedy and will cure catarrh or cold in the head easily and pleasantly. All druggists sell it at 50c. or it will be mailed by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren St., N. Y. From Cairo news comes that the river Nile is at the lowest point of which there is any record, or since the drouth in Joseph's time. This means a severe injury to the Egyptian cotton crop, which should also have some effect upon the price of Ann-ricrn cotton. Morning Post. NO CURE. NO PAY . . That is; the way all druggists sell Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic for chills ami Malaria. It is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. Children sove it. Adnlts refer it to hitter,fnau-leatinj- Tones Price. 50c. A splendid bust of Edgar Allen Poe by Zolnay will be un veiled on Saturday, the 7th inst, the fifteenth anniversary of the poet's death, at Charloi tesvHle, Va. The .unvoting will take place with fitting ceremonies. Times-Visitor. TEE BEST PRESCRIPTION FOR CHILLS and fever is a bottle c Grove's Taste less Chill Tonic. Never fails to cure; Then why experiment with worthless imitation? Prico r0 cents. Your money back if it fails to cure. Drink, and the world drinks with you; Thirst, and you thirst alone; Fen tlu man who buys is indeed a prbv When tho price of a drink has tlown. -Times-Visitor. CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take Laxative Hrorao Quinine Tablets. All drurists refund money if it fails to cure. itfe. TiioKcnuin has L. B. Q a each tablet jVcborty rrt tmvo Nmjrnljrtn. Oe Fr. Ml,a2 3!T ttit, The Kind You Havo Always in use for over 30 years, - and 77 j7" sonal 'CCCCi44 AUvnr All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are hut Ex periments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children Experience against Experiment, W hat is CASTORIA Castoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and feasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays IFeverishness. It cures Diarrhos and Wind Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, curei Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend. OA Bears tho T The Kind You Have Always Bonghi In Use For Oyer 30 Years. THC CENTAUR COMMNV, TT ODELL illUFiCTURIlie COhlP 1 JIA.MTFACrfKEES OF FIXE Ginghams, Plaids, lieeting, Salt Bags AND- Outing Cloths. DEALER IN General Merchandise BUYERS 07 COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kind. o Four-foot Wood always Wanted. r-Beet Price for same ..... ...o We inyite an inspection of all the goods . . . wemanufacture . . Ooncord N. C. Bought, and which has been ha? borne tho signature of has been made under his per- supervision since its infancy nn rvrm tr rlfxvMi A mil ill this. ALWAYS Signature of MURRAY STREET. NEW YORK CITY. (gftOuihem SCHEDULE. IN EFFECT JULY THE 16TH. 1899. This condensed schedule is pub lished as information, and is subject to change without notice to the public : Trains leave Concord N. C 5.52 A. M. No 8, daily, for Rich mond; connects at Greensboro for Raleigh and Goldsboro; at Goldsboro for Norfolk, at Danville for Washington and points North, at Salisbury for Asheville, Knoxyille and points West. 7. 19 A. M No. 33, the New York and Florida Express, carries Pullman Sleep ing Cars between New York and Au gusta, New York and Tampa, Fla., and Norfolk to Charlotte. 8i49 A. M. No. 37, daily, Wash ington and Southwestern limited for Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Mont gomery, Mobile and New Orleans, and all points South and Southwest Through Pullman sleeper New York tb New Orleans and New York to Memphis Dining car, vestibuled coach, between Washington and Atlanta. 10:00 A. M No. 30, daily, for Wash ington. Richmond, Raleigh and all points Nortb. Carries Pullman drawing room buffet sleeper, New Orleans to New Yoik; Jacksonville to New York: Pullmau tourist cars from San , Francisco via New Orleans and South era Pacific Sundays and Wednesdajs. 11:23 A. M. No. 11, daily for Atlanta and all points SontL. Solid train, Richr mond to Atlanta. 7:09 P. M. No. 12, daily, for Rich mond, Asheville, Chattanooga, Raleigh, Norfolk, and all points North. S;ol P. M. -No 7, daily, from Rich oiond, Washington, Goldsboro, Sehm, Raleigh, 'Jreensbcro Knoxvilie and Asheville to Charlotte. N. C. 8: 51 P. M.-No 38, daily, Washington and Southwestern limited, for Wash ington and all points North. Throngi Pullman car. Memphis to New York'. New Orleans to New York. Also carries vestibuled coach and dining car. Close connection at Greensboro with sleeper for Norfolk. 9.20 P. M. No. 35, daily, foi Atlanta and New Orleans, carries Pullman sleeper New York to New Orleans. New York to Jacksonville and Charlotte tp Atlanta; dinning caT. Also Pull-nan tourist car Washington to San Francis co, via New Orleans Tuesday and Fri days. 9.45 P. M. No. 34, da, the New York and Florida Express, carries Pull man Sleeping Cars between Augusts and New Vork. Tampa, Fin, and Ney York and Charlotte to Richmond. Cart ries sleeper, Charlotte to Norfolk y' Greensboro. First sections of regular through or local freight train cany pasRengcri only to points where they stop according to schedule. Frank S. Gannon, Third Yicu-Pres. and Gen'l. Man. Washington, D. C. JohnM. Cnlp, T-rific Manager, Washington, D. C, W. A. Ttirk, Gen'l. Tass. Agent, Washington, D. C. -lowan Dusenbery,VilLcal Agent, Coccord, N.C O W JL

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