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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 06, 1899, Image 1

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Ok- &i s? m 20 t Price $4.00 Per Yw. CONOOHD, N. C, FRIDAY, OCTOBER G, 1S99. e Copy j Cel .. m jsm m m mi m a M N .v4 k m pJMM-m m mm mm 3i -rtt. a?.. s. i.Oj A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING. THE DEATH CALL. GEN. JULIAN S. CATC? The Baptist Church the Scene of tho A Maiden Lady .Falls Asleep Typhoid Offers $100 for the Best Sketch of a Marriage Beautiful Decorations. j Fever the Cause of Iler DeathThe Re- J Decode of North Carolina History. Thursday night the Baptist mains Interred in No. 5 Township. To promote the study of North church was beautifully decorated It was noted in Thursday's edi Carolina history and to encour to await the fulfilment of love's tiou that Miss Mary Locke Good- j age our making a home litera vovs made by Rev. JEM man, a lady who lived with her ture, Gen. Julinn S Carr has o'mlMlV.t of Ooiniock N. C, brother, Mr. Wm. Goodman, on offered a prize of $100 for the "uir Jennie Sapp of this Church street, was very ill. On , best compend or epitome of any Ti lh,nifnlPhiirch Thursday night slv fell asleep to decade of our State's history XL ao lm uvuuui"- Pays to Keep Cotton Clean. It s a mistaken idea that some farmers have that it does not pay lu tvp uiu tunuu cit-ciu. :ur. soothas the chiM. softens the -nm For vf n.iv icprB Mrs. Winslow'e Soothiijr Jryrnp h : been used loi over fiity Jtars by n:. lions of mothers for thi'ir ?hih1r' while teethincr, with perfect snceess. ii place. wedding and numbers of peo ple attended. wake no more. j within the period embraced be- Jere Brown, one of our good far mers who has always been careful to keep the cotton as free from dirt and trash as possible, had two bales sold in Norfolk two or three days ago that sold above thc3 market price. Messrs. W. B. Rountree and Company, who 1 Miss Goodman was a good ; twCen tho year 17o2 and 1SS2. j sold it wrote th..t it brought the Christian ladv and leaves cood ! At tho nppo:uted iou , deeds nnd a good name behind ; resident North Carolinian. No j any cot' on selling for up to the xvinv, - 10 enter, She was a J firc.t who apply. 1 The sketches mnt not exceed ' I'viaians Take Notice! o'clock, the bride, leaning upon her Some time ago she had an ' more than fifty w:'l be allowed tr.e arm ul Mr. Jas. Sapp, and at,tack of typhoid tho ;(,, Jin. escorted by Rev. B caused her death, Lacv lioge, entered and ad- lady of aboul o'.. md so will be tho present Jiis session." Patron and Gleaner. vanced to the altar where the The r.meral was preached at ; twonty-fivo pages 400 words to marriage vows were taken, the home today (Friday) at 1 j the page. They should bo writ- which ; ws weru sealed w beautiful ring. ith a o'clock by Rev. Nelson. The j ten in a simple, direct, and log , remains were talion to the bury- -y(;S, for this contest the The ushers were Mn,cn, ing srround of Mt. Crmel church Wade Kimball and J IT Jo.ncs, . in No' 5 of Sali-b-iry; Mr. Wm. Muswick, !)1 VQ Mid Mr. ; Couldn't Sail YV:t: : ;:t Wind. Hopkms, of ihis city. After the . 1 ' , .i - i rock, the former American the purpose being to cultivate b cere nit:'! ones iv s-is -nded the invited to the Kimball I'll! OU latter oth a irary ana nibioricai spn it. Tho rizo sketcli : nd soie of the best of the others n: y be published. I n com p i i m e n t to t b e un'o i i s o t Fnciish, attempted I thb North Carolina Publishing ;l-.-ro an excellent rocep-1 ! Wednesday and Thursday to get rlifomthe future be h . ...... (tireciion 01 me wma, dui no breeze took the wind out of tho sails. ... : adored by Mrs. Kim ".I.:y i ; , a'C'.vn vnth tho most beautiful roses as it was on this occasion ;' !'lue Mi.-be s Lula Craven and Au lie Tloge. Ti:e : evly wedded couple vili remain here a day or two i ; re 1 o i urning to the groom's field of work. While the invited ones were ;j?.ombod in the church the audience was treated to a beau tiful solo by Miss Adah Craven. Miss Mat tie Lindsay, of Mat thews, presided at the organ and played the wedding march for the occasion. ; oil' the speed contest, but it was The S ha ra rock wT a s no go. A. Sunday School Rally. Sunday promises to be an in teresting day in Presbyterian churches, being the day sef apart af: sober Is !ly Day by the Sunday tho Presbyterian church. An interesting pro- irrarume has been arranged, con- Mt, Vernon to Change Hands. The Mount Vernon hotel at Salisbury changes management. The owner, Mr. Frercks, who lias been running it for 14 years retires, but will live in the hotel. The hotel will be under the pro prietorship of J W Crowell after the 15th inst. Young Lady Dead at Mt. Tleasant. On Thursday night Miss Ollie Honeycutt, daughter of Mr. Joe Honeycutt, died. Miss Honeys cutt was a young lady and some, time ago had a severe case of typhoid fever from which she never recovered. Counterfeiters Kiiii IJown. A gang of counterfeiters have Society of Raleigh, N. C, in be half of the history and literature of our State, Gen. Carr has asked that the contest bo con ducted under -their auspices, and Charlotte this morning after that all communications on the spending the wee here. subject bo addressed to them. All members of Concord Lodgo No. 51 Knights of Pythias are requested to meet in Castle Hall tonight at 8 o'clock promptly. C. L. White, C. C. FERSONALr6lNTEIlS . -Mr. M LRitch, oi Salisbury ;s here today. Mrs. M L Scott returned this morning from Salisbury. Miss Midge McAd :i, of Charlotte, is expecied tc :ic row by Miss -Nannie Cannoo. Mr. Harvey Day returned to allays all pain, enres wind culic, aal is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It""1' relieve the poor little sulTerer inimeui atclv. Sold by drajjjriBts in every p.-r of toe world. Twenty-live centa a tut tle. Be ture and ask for 4,Mr"'. Viih slovrs Soothing Sy rup," J.ind tit :.j other kind V 4 w T ri fKj u A Km 1 ' n fl ,- .v Jon. i v. . . 1!t""3 "" .-"4 The following shall be a suffi- Rev. J R Brooks and wii - of- vSalisbury, arrived here this cient form of application to.enter ' morn og. They are stopping a' il j J T iUJ . XJ. AIX XJVUi. X KJ VV O. me coiiLUtsi: x, , of : county of sistm of responsive " reading, j been run down and tho Princi" tine music, recitations and :.d. have ben nested and dros :-ir. N D Fetzer and I iod-0lt in Jail hl 1ho ( I' , a resident North Carolinan, apply to enter the contest for tho history prize offered by Gen. J S Carr. The decade I have chosen is that be tween ... and and I agree to diligently study it and submit a typewritten compend thereof done to the best of my ability, and according to the rules and requirements of the contest. The Whipping Tost. Delaware has received much criticism on account of the whip ping poft law, which has been in force some years in that State. On Saturday' nine men were ?ub licly whipped at New Castle ror !y and petd. bt "Co TP i4- n all o" Mrs. Marshall Crowell, oi Albemarle, arrived here this morning" to spend a while with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bax tar Parks. Miss Janie Richmond will return home tonight from Lenoir, after spending several weeks with her sister, Mrs. G L Earn hardt. Mrs. Barnhardt will ac company her here to spend a wThile. .which ca,ii be found IIS "fcl dim A m m the crimes of burlaj 1 or stern part ; lareny, in tho presence C Orr, princii)al'o:ourif tho SUlte' Tlie mouids nd j people. There w lit .4 graded liOOl A rally day is specially appropriate, as the roll in this Sunday school has been run up rum about "90 on the summer basis to about 200. ae ..i have been found and j about the punishment ceized. Publicity is y plete The lash 4 1 A Small Vreck at the Furniture Store. Thursday afternoon trouble came to the firm of Bell, Harris & Co. The mould ing to which numbers of beautiful pictures were hanging, came loose and down came about six of the largest pictures, drop ping from, the ceiling to the tloor. Several were broken to pieces. Hi . v' y 2s Limited. Dr. Byers, the eye specialist, is at the St. Cloud hotel for a limited stay. His services are in large demand by the apprecia tive patients, and as his stay is of a shorr duration, we would suggest that those wTho antici pate a visit Dr. Byers' office with view of consulting him profes sionally had bettor do so at once or be disappointed. Office-hotel. -Room 15, St. Clond jm,um- j was jaui on aecoramsr to tiie i:-:u ner provided by the law. it i easy to say harsh things about punishment in this lorm, ana trio ! so-called humanitarians and the! super-senitive lor."1 not been sparing in their condemnation. There is, however, another side of the case. The fact -hat Dela ware has tried this method of punishment, and refuses to repeal the lo,-v, is evidence that experi- j euce -ias shown that it is not ad- &. ill? v a fe?, a 1 ft U U K tlie 4- most. AT I J. I. arK Miss Daisy Sins Married. On Thu..,u;;y night in Char lotte Miss Daisy Sims, of that place, wos married to Mr. Claudo .. itu ie Lity cuitor oi ie News. Miss Sims Humping 9 With a ear of TRUNKS Car load of STOVES. Car load of CHA!KS. and the Thii 1 Car of SFUlNUS in the last four months, ali-iu this week the Chaih ';N a dau-h;,-r of Mr. J M Sims 1 to the family of 010 is O;;0 Color Line Tiirht. The color line is drawn more closely in the Transvall than any ' whero we know of. A negro is not allowed to walk on the side walks but must walk in the mid dle of the road or street. tooli;. : r -... r till nan THE BEST PKESCEIFTXON FOB Smith arrived here .o visit his sister, "own. '"iJLLo and fever is i.- be '.tJe - :? -; r..c-5 iy. ls Chill Tonic. Kpvpt fnUa fo . l lien why experiment with worthless i visable to abolish the w nipping post. There is nothing more valuable m the sr than cxnerieooi:i what method of . nishnjcn Delaware has concjudeo uir.t ap-ij? i plying the eot-o'-uo thieves is better than locking Z I ' -P . ..." -vi A111 '1." 1 : 'I feeding them at the st-. 's ex-VVe are expecting a Caret Firrmu re today. pense. Baltimore Son: ' 5S.-T .- r -.-f CURE A COJLD IN OJSJi Dai j . . Take Laxative Bromo sJiuiur.e 1 , R hi Ahi'rllo 'V V.0. Is , any wonder we had to finrelia tha "M iyorN Corte" for hi ;oil"- ; ! ;-j--.vii. Our trade makes :ii necessary. Give uh your tr-nle; thAt what we want. We need new streets and hrni r 1 1 1 -1 oi i ..ou..;. --it UdvH .-... nr. 4-1. on.l nfn rr-illlti.r fri i-iin t ! n - . ! r 1 ; t II I ) 11 ' V I Ci i nd "e won't kick as; we haven't time. 8 0 All drnoists refund money it it mixe fu money hack if it feu;: t- eare. 1 Dn each.jtablet. la b. 3omethir new m town. Spring MattieBS, The Bebt in town. Ye ct'iy oixvs he Oown at: C jfca."t:vn licll, flurria Co.

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