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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 06, 1899, Image 2

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ill if k "J TANOARD "VK JOHN D. BARRIER and SON, Editors and Proprietors. Ufci'IC'E IV THE BIIHIKVK lUTILDIXG r! HL oTAN.OAKD is published every Sunday excepted) pud delivered by 4.00 200 1.00 nes. Una y Hl LI. .35 Tbr-.-rt months Our month Single co uv Q THE WEEKLY STANDARD is a our-p,?, tight-column paper. It has & larger circulation in Cabarrus than any othcvtuper. Price $1.00 per annum in advance. Advertising Kates : Term for regular advertisements made known on application. A LI . i.ll communications to THE STANDARD, Concord, N. C. Concord, N. C, Oct C. It seems that a short interview between President McKinloy and Admiral Dewey caused an order for five war vessels to proceed to the Philippines on short notice. They are the Brooklyn, Nash ville, .'ew Orleans, Bancroft and rr. I no reasons lor uiebo ' so's of 'good size and power t") that the smaller vessels are expo I to the late of the Ur daneut. They must do a good amount oi patroling alone and the larger vessels only only are safe. It seems Dewey's ideas and th..v conn'; with every body now. fin iJSN'r suit the Cabarrus who want to attend the i;ur that court comes at the ji - time. More then one to ioreo seeing the hog in the world, and the ;d -hh-V-'ii descend in a fond . . - : , -n who are giving c uToncy to ru-j The Russian y" never drop a ; January 1 , HhJl, instead The Twentieth Century. The Scientific American con considers it necessary to advise its readers that the twentieth century begins with January 1, 1901, and not with Janury 1, 1900, as some of them suppose. The Scientific American is un doubtedly correct, but it is strange how many persons and intelligent persons, too, will stand you down that the nineteenth century will end with the last day of December, of this year, and that the first moment of January, 1900, will be the be ginning of the twentieth century. The fact that the great Paris exposition is to be held next year has increased the errone ous belief that the twentieth cen tury begins with the year 1900, but the Paris exposition will cel ebrate the close of the nineteenth century, rather than the opening of the twentieth. The twentieth . century will open on a Tuesday and closo on a Sunday. It will have the groatest number of leap-years possible for a contury twenty four. The year 1904 will bo the first ono, then every fourth year after that to and including the year 2000. February will three times have five Sundays; in 1920, 194S and 1970. The twentieth century will con tain 30,525 days, which lacks one day of being exactly 5,218 weeks. The middle day of the century will be January 1, 1951. Several announcements are made of changes to be inaugu rated with the opening of the new century. The first of im. portance is that Russia will adopt the Gcogian calendar. This will be done by omitting thirteen days, the amount of error that will have aeeu.. uh.'ted after the close of February IDuO. will the: wr.- Te!l it Softly. The Fayetteville correspondent to the Charlotte Observer says: It is not unusual' to see in stores the cold, crude printed announcement, without ' 'frills," that you must "down with the dust" if you wan,t the goods; but it is refreshing to the customer to have this injunction softened by the liquid rhythm of poetry. In an upper Hay street store is this legend: Since man to man is so un just, I do not know what man to trust; I've trusted many to my sor row : So pay to-day I'll trust to- THE RACKET STORE! morrow. 5 The Atchison Globo tells of a wife who has bluffed her hus band into the belief that she has heart disease, and is liable to drop dead if crossed in her wishes, and adds that she is the envy of all the other wives in town. .d A MOTHER TELLS HOW SHE SAVED DAUGHTERS LIFE. I am the mother of eight child ren und have had a great deal of experience v .lm medicines. Last summer my little daughter had tiie dysentery in its worst form. Yvo thought she would die. I tried everything I could think of. I saw by an advertisement in our paper that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dinrrhoea Remedy was highly recommended and sent find got n bottle at once. It proved to be ono of the very best medicines wo ever had in the house. It t:oTed my little daught er's life. I am anxious for every mother to know what an excellent :nedleirc it is. Had I known it at first it would hrva saved me a Li e C C .,..1 1 ? e.f iixietv and my little daughter much -iLlTmng.-Ycurs truly, Mrs. Geo. F. Bur dick, Liberty, K. I. For Sale by M. Jj. iUarsh & Co., Druggist. We have just received a lot of Stamped Linens which e are selling far below their usual values. If you anticipate doing any Embroidery for Christmas presents now is a good time to star your work. Small Doylies or squares for lc, larger ones 21 to 10c. Table and Tray Cover, Center Pieces, Splashers and Scarfs. 15 to 25 cents. Wide hemmed with wide silk stitching as above at 5 to 50c. See Our Window Display. Embroidery Silks, wash colors, worth 5c, Embroidery Hoops 5 and 15c, Embroidery Scrim 15c yard Embroider Silk (not wash colors) per skein. Crocket Cotton 4 and 5c. Silk 5c Short length spools. Special in Stationery Department 200 New Novels at 10c. Indelable Ink at 10c. White Ink at 10c Game Boards, containing sixteen gams, $2.25 and twenty dito for $3.50. 5&35$S? 2 2 33 -73 Z E . 6 (S 5 3 2c See cur 5 and 10c Departments up-stairs. Nice lot of Giass etc. in them. J.. Bostian. l plat' it said thev are storing It si -'i with a grain of salt. ao inaijL count the cost of a Hup; iness is not in doing in liking vhat von like, but von do. Crooked conduct makes a cross Christian. T.w- :s but a seed, and the grava his furrow. Man may hide from justice, but he cannot hide from himself. i . vk 1'rom the Piiillipint. , I ue News says that Mr. Dixon A Everett has just returned to Charlotte from the Philippines, lie sutiered from two wounds one i i the shoulder and ono a compound fracture of the hip. He is honorably discharged. Mr. Everett was in the thickest of the fighting and can therefore talk very interestingly of Phillip pine experiences. comber 1'.;. 1900, or rather, in stead of both, according to the dual -yslem now in vogue in that country and in Greece. The other important announcement is that it is not at all unlikely that the astronomical day, which now begins at noon of the civil day, will begin with the civil day at midnight. The present method of having the astronom ical day to begin twelve hours after tho beginning of the civil day is nptto bo confusing. In many countries fv !;es and celebrations of vario. kinds j are already boin proiec 1 a .v. I arranged in honor of theconiary which will dawn before most of us are roady for it. rinaiipox in Halifax County. There are three cases of small pox in Halifax County, says the correspondent to the Char lotte Observer, with a good deal of danger of a spread of the dis ease unless vaccination becomes goiiei:! and many had such bittei expe-'ionce with it last win ter as to claim that it is as bad as the disease. The disposition to look on the worst instead of tho best side of our fellowmen no doubt accounts in a great degree for the distrust we have of one another. What a good thing it would be if wo could have a correct balance struck every now and then be tween the good and the bod in order to see just how our several accounts ought to stand, and then, perhaps, more correct esti mation might be placed on men's character. -r-Durham Sun. Trustee's Sale. Pursuant to tho authority vested in j.-iO Jif; ruort.yee it.: a certain deO'l of trust cxt;catrtl to Tiie by M. C. Doer and wife and recorded in tho oflico of the lleister oJ' Deeds of Cabarrus county in hook No. 11, papre 350, I will si ll at public auction to tho highest bid der for cash at front door of the court house of Cabarrus county between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock on Tuesday, the 2Uh Uuy of October, 1899, the fol lowing lot or parcel of land lying and being in tbc corporate limits of Con cord and bounded as follows: Beginning at the southwest corner of Catherine Turner's lot, running south sixty feet to a stake on Love's avenue thence west ono degree north one hundred fret to a stako on Coleman's et al hue. thenco north with Sidd line .sixty h'ei to southeast corner of said Turner's lot-, thenco west one hundred teet wilh said line to the beginning on Love's avenue. Thirty and one-half feet are given in front for street. Ono part of said lot 7no. II. Love bought from d. M. Lore. Given under inv band this 22nd day of September, 1899. W. C. Coleman, Trustee. GLOlilOUS NEWS Comes from Dr. D, B. Cargile, of Washita, I T. He writes: "Four bot tles of Electric Bitters has cured ?Irs. Brewer of scrofula, which had caused her great suffering for years. Terrible j sores would break out on her head and j face, and the best doctors could give no help: but her cure is complete and her health is excellent." This shows that thousands have proved, that Electric Bitters is the best blood purifier known. It's the supreme remedy for eczema, tetter, salt rneum, ulcers, boils an 1 run ning sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and bowels, expels poisons, help diges tion, builds up the strength. Only 50 ' cents. Sold at Fetzer's Drug Store. Farm For Sale. In pursuance of a judgment and de cree of sale duly rendered in the Supe rior Court of Cabarrus county, in the case of J C Query et al, ex parte, the undersigned will expose to publio sale at the court house door in the town of Concord. N. C, on Monday No vember (ith, 1899, t 12 o'clock M., the following tn -t f laud in No. 1 township, bounded as follows: Be ginning at a B. O. in the lane, Andrew corner and runs with Andrew line S. 6, E 35 poles to white oak in ttie lano then S 11, E. 24 poles to a blackjack in the lane, then S. 40, E. 50 poles to shikc in lane, Phillips corner, then with Phillips land N. U. E. Ho pole- to hickory, Phillips corner, then with Phillip and King lino E. 120 poles to a pst-oak, King's cor ner, then N. 26 poles ro hickory on Mor gan's line, then with it N. 81, W. 59 poles to u stake by an old road, Mor gan corner, then N. 20, W. 175, passing Morgan's with Harris' line to a B, J., Andrew's corner, then, with Andrew's S. 35, W. 7G poles o a B. J. by the side of a glade, then S. 3. E. 50 poles to a B. J. sapling, then S. 23, W, 2G poles to the beginning, containing lOGf acres more or less. Terms of sale: Oae-half cash, balance payable 12 months after date. Title reserved till purchase money is paM in full. Jas. P. Morrison, Com'r. Concord. N. C. Oct. 5, 1809. Caldweii A: Stickley, Att'ys. "3K.VB 'ITXi L iCTPT i V 4 5 If you aro not a subscriber to I hp -! now Is tho time to subscribe. t Wtity'ft ; Ii" "you have anything to sell t y you can make it known through The Standard. if ft 1 ft If b a km W 14 so. k3 U EUtMi is published every day Sunday ex cepted) and delivered at your door for only 10 e per week or 35c- per month prints home and other news that is of interest to our readers and to mahe it grow better we micst have the pat ronage of the people ifyy -f -nim - Gfve as a trial when yqu make , yonr next order far Job Work. Work ready when promised. . i4 gg ! i If iyou want;to buy any thin- Advertising,ates: in yonl can: call for it through The Standard The Standard. mado oa applioatiOD. t f -MAAt 00352 .J

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