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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 07, 1899, Image 1

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f P? -;i . pp N $ "P .PI .i -T '-VTW- .v.m; t.v-; j f-r.v ;v.?j -v..- .rs sf., t - - rs 7f'i 47 YP4 W. ii "V...'. " rici)S1.00 lJer Yar. CONGO LID, N. 0., SATUiiDA, OCTOBER 7, 1S99. Sirle Coir 5 C f-1 K.3 m WiM . -..j T'.-tr . iva IU)V ILL JvT 1 .THE SrtfTES? CLOSED. I A iLi.e in Cbina Grove's Free M!v?rv Sy- tor- -The Fa,i.:?rs ' U I Spirits V.i'teu for The Standard. Cihia Grove, Oct. V).--M;u-ter (..Mir :t.or Scoliler, whilo s-juliHng V- i . . ! 1 y r b( y , fi 1 1 a ml b roke x )'-. in his urin jut below r . . n. 1 A.:. .Mil: atl :iie, ui uilcui-.-sir;n list infill here. The Broker's Excliaue of B' B Wilson S to. Closed Its lousiness Leaving Numbers of Co. :i.r.:s 1 -n Bi:o Con siderable Arioi::'i,i. Three weeks ihe firm of R IJ Wilson & Co., of New York, opened a broker's h:;nre liero and secured Mr G Boshamor to have charge oj. iheir business. The businec, which is gen erally cnllod -y ' 'bucket shop," T1- farmers around China ! has boon rim..', three weeks. k-.'.ve a dilTerent stej) now! A ocd tnncuni of patronage has MraTvmrk A c: ort hr. ' of several weeks ago. j been given it. ad -overal bun-1 1ecn fo U:r 0 ! 1 IESTRUCT10NVJ. FREE ?!0W. IIow tbo Ciu Coiiipa.iv Gets OH CO ;s. The Bakhnoi Sun gives a most inlQiCiilii:. account of a free show near Oetroit, Mich. It is the daily collision of fifty trains of vuiua1 cai'. by -r;o American Car and Foundry Co. There is an accumulation of out-of-date cars in vhich there is iomo ccd :aatei lai the cost For r t'i :v PERSONAL POINTERS. 1 Airs. "Winsi.iU s Scithii .cVinp : AT T t , been used fv r orer fifty t tars bv - -! Mr. Jno. KntlGdgo spent laf-t lions of motbers for tbtir ciii ken night in Charlotte. while teetLiiscr. itb pen'ect -. . . It soothes the chi ib hofr-ns ig 'rams. Prof. Jas. P Ccok returned i ailftys all iin. turtu winl co!u sna i.i tne best reirtdy for Disrrho: v;'H relieve the ioor little eHfferer ri- .li- ately. Sold by drappibts in tve of the world Twenty-live coi.t. 1 tie. Be suiof.nd nik for "?rr ni- slows Scothii,. i-y. .;," other kind novae tiij morning Mr. Frank Robbins. of Goldshoro, arrived here this morning. ol getting it ui:. is a serious Mrs. Jas. C. Gibson went to: Salisbury this morning to spend! several days. Mr. W A Smith returned home this morning from Nor wood, where he purchased cot- vVec ;n .ho first thing they say ! dred dollars h:;v- 1 rrade bv . :.:me Fri- !f- c:i speii a to one is: "bay, j uinnberr of our i)oorle. o d -. cOt'; -n Will sooube elglii j But the k j :y -. cidr-.g. Mr. Boshamer re Mr. A L C;i ;b wlio has been ; ' 1 ( ' to discontinue ivrrvim- too mail in China Grove! - a - n!1 that's is . i i . i !k?-o',vn about the fair. He lias been hi the sorv;.. . J ..eep declivity. On cvv.:y riei'ii. .1 fifty trnir.s, loaded probably with rubbish ! Julla y5 who s sick. ! --Mrs. TV G Boshamer went over to Charlotte this mornirg to Mto.nd the bed-ide cr -lis:- 'ilUi ii:e ! ie c s. aie. two -M;s L'dp'o at a time, in: iir . in two years, lie will-ae :- ' 1 ;y tlie company and that (t :!s d' vts w'i be iraid it t bnq bion rate or ao(,ul bO ;i;:les 1 v.od, who is teehb-'g school j xl j Rockwell, was expeeted here tips i vv nattier UP' i. ?iirs. lere the re various deirrv oir peojdeir-rrjoy'nent by the ev 1? '1 spent last n-h- er.' V Ad.-. O :-.:.i ::!. iUio. !'.A ii .m .l;a n'fV M,. i, l-ack- puivo jointly lost about 15X). accurate imaginations a3 fj tne irei it turned v- j The lasf telegram received by j tiiouSi.llds of sl)Ov.tators do by a j . , , , L:-,Jii'.ni'i - 0 t'o. i nit i. a n-uvi i v ! ! . . V. Ill' ' ' : j , this morning. . i , r oyevai months, !:.. nie lat TPfrb f . ioi.vliii, of Grgan ' -"at last nirht nere. t ;h::. ' pen sent vvhicii will prob- rl-'y ?.'plain the mattter partly. This is the second exchange that hn - stnrted here ai d left seme of our people wanting. A r . 'iur 1 att erson lia s gom u'eiip':'-. to studv cl'ictir-p...- iia anothi.'i voar. : u.-t, ; In Western Cabarrus. The Mooi esville Record-Times has the following of the business Pag douo in western Cabar rus: "Wall. Gilbert, lumber lealers 01 rjasi field. Cabarrus county, have, within the past two weeks. ;'! nat 5,7;S feet of lu; ibor ii)T 'ho Siuthern rail road hbots. This lumber was taken f.-u: Mi;: siurn),-and wps cir. and shipped from near Tj outman. nis, wpw hciij Vvpdnesday night, :p d in conversation with th.e wri-"-. -t M-.t he made from his on u l.1 - 'ms war 1 .10." ;a. Thov Continue Their Efforts. C'jv.tinually there are requests dr bv t-'e best Polhpis of the that :ruoth... train bo put on the Yadkin railroad, running from Salisbury to Norwood. In the last issue of the Stanly Enterprise, Editor Bivins makes quite a plea for a change, i claiming that the employes now have 100 much work to do. and that the service needs improve ment, relieving the passengers of such delays on the road. Ian d: I Miss Lillie ly. of !!p!p - ccompanied by ;M'.rs V'.-' IC3 There is a crash, a thud, a Vn who is a te, -h, .: ' - C vr clang, a rearing up of enrs upon each other, the air beclouded with fraginonts :-.f matter only to be broken up and jammed by the bump of the next train. ! mont college the v ' last night. They are at Mr. K A .bi'OTllS. Moth Meetings To Co?dir : r. 8 t W -trri 4l n, . . , 1 I The revival meet pp., which I 1 When the nftv trains have been ! been in progress at Forest i j Methodist church this week, vip i thus tenderly dealt wj;h the show is over for the day and the torch applied. Next morning the ashes are raked and the material wanted is gotten out till time for another afternoon's dis play of destruct ion. The com pany makes no charge for see ing it but it might gather a "pretty penny" if it did for it is a drawing card with interest in creasing with the performances- . 1 .V 1 a "I r continue after Supday for l i ast 'several days. Rev. Crrv of Spencer, will arrive Monday to assist Rev. J D Arnold. Rev. T W Smith, pastor of Ep wTorth Methodist churcli, will continue his protracted meeting next week, having services in itb. '7Ton and at night. mays. - ii W V t V ii- O: t)ii rth the Churches Tomorrow. The pastor, Rev. C. B. Miller, will hold regular sp vices tomor row morning and tomorrow night at St. James Lutheran church. K v. J. D. Arnold will hold 1 r-.r service.-. 1 vrc pp!i mucppni; match. Given to Swell 4 iioCburch Ti eas-1 Something The following is an extract duplicate of an invitation recently sent oui .a church entertain ment. can be forncl at this (CI f .'" OF is' i. t hurcii tomorrow morning -:rp T-:P'"t t'ou?id Pv! Imp'T Tlie U :o to Ipp ; muus. it p'eu imperfect estimate that over two hundred ai.d 'hi ty million of dollars are spent un- in iips EaropcNii travel. . :-P-ir p-gui; . " services botli tomor v morntrg n'pbt at Cen- .! T. E. eh p-... b . tb.e j)astor. j for a hug of two minu--, . .1. i iiompsTn. l2 y , . p: : v. Wr. B. Oney will bold pppp s at St. Andrews Luth 'v.' n cisiP'cli tomorrow evening p 1 o'clock. Kev. L T Cordell, pastor of tho Methodist church at Mt. Pleasant will fill tho pulpit of Epworth Methodist church to morrow night. Sunday school tomorrow morning at 9.80 .o ; HU mibl- ' 1 o ' C '.I. I: 1 P- o i Pg at 1 1 O'clock. will be an accurate investigation ! There will be regular services of the subject; and when it snail have been made it will be a mat- vp tlpe Baptist church tomorrow morning and tomorrow night by the oastor. Rev. R T-nr-cr TT tn- of a:;tf)ni-hmenf - how much Subject for '1 a. m.'Vhere the peoide of this country spend is the Lord God of Elijah?" Sub in foreign travel. The Common- ;Pr 7f0.l3; m'' cavon." woalth. i b'Um at niSbt sei,vice. j Communion services will be " . V" !heia the F;b- Presbyterian 'JJ ': ipp ' b tomorrow morning. At The Stanly Kp p e says j o'clock tomorrow :vftornoon the Troy h:: 'a severe fi:e Tm-dav . Sir:' ; v School rally will begin, night that burned the :v ThenMviiibea collection takenon ! . , -i-i -, 3 ... i uuu occasion. Regular services ! 'i,,v dwelbng;t,,.ni(1Towlljui.L :pjs0S3Ha AT I 1 ury. Terms. Crirls under pJeen, IT) i-e'nt ?r loj i cents for a short squeeze, inr-a sixteen to twenty " T0 cents;, school marms. 00 cents; arp-'her i man's wife. si. 00; widows, ae cording to looks, from 00 to 10.00; old maids ocents a p'ppje, or two for a nickle, and no limit of time. Preachers are not charged. Editors pay in advertis- rr irpp but are not allowed to hartic- r P' ipate until every oooy eje iias; 1 gotten through, and even then j they are not allowed to squeeze j anythpng but old maids and; school marms. j Truly we editors are an abud class. Sunnv South. j u .1 I .: lie r Grip n :kes one sick weary and restless. Or. Milei' Restorative Irvine brings rest. IT I With a car of TP.(,'NKC . Car load of S'J'OVKS. Car load of CHAlhS. and the Thk 1 Car of SPiUNCS in the last four months, ali in thin v.ttk Pi 1,1 V a (r !p j-, Remedy, its piep -H -e prompt jii-'l perp Dt-i.'i have made 5t a great : . ' - ! tVe r''r1?e every udiere. ! by M. L. Mar;h & Co., 1pp.;-p,. - 7 VJr' .. ! A1 I hotel belonipPPi to 'i ;v(P'al other dwolbrps -1 storos. Tb- !o.s is!XKE L'::- PP.LSCpIPTION .FOB FOR SALE A iiiv vender we bad to flpr " i tb "Miyor.-P'ortj' iPr rt '- - - Our trade makes ry. dive u.- yom trade; . ve w tut. We ueed new u Ps ard fctrtti plik'ii d .s it ;;: t them and -vve arj.'v?lm0- t contribute k-ei as bu -.von't kick as'e haven't riibe. . -.. . .--c- rs rsrr .. p... -J -e . I . Zf Pi ' "''') ,w "I '--P . 7 ..i- v V w V - i-..T - . i. T.v - - ' piLL' at 810,000. The origin of ms lo nave been irom letp Chill To :.. ,c.v,r r,,i!fl t, T'- by experiment with worthless ... .v. We are expecting a Car of Furniture today. i crowd smedping in 1 nn.iiaPtMPr Price GO cents. Your r v,OTT lir ch if it fiiP p. , -p. ' ; v Vv 'dson sewing P . e -b awers. just from . tory. Call at this pcp- ; at first class machine on ea.y j i. hp ' ni -. - j. BELL, HARRIS ,k CO. ! tewn. Ye s.ery f." PciJ, p: rip .v v 0,

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