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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 09, 1899, Image 1

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p f I a- a. O . ' . ,', ; .1 a:, at : CONCOttD.N. C., MONDAY, OCTOBER 0, 1399. Sh a do Copy r (Arts TO A S-:i?i'"!y School Haiiy. i A New Firm lie-ins siusines. The Craig Sushnmsl Mr. Win-h v. V Lv- w v fl,o4 r,m tuiIi, i i, . . i , Xue. eest remedy for!. it will J I . 1 , relics ; the i-onr little Fr.nvTiT 'TjPih- n, ,.lir fw,m lernm church, tlio session being me company mm gone into uaiiK- the law. The case will be further A'y- SoM bvUrutt?iu iu ev. . y nan p .,ir iu held m tho aiterncon. Interest- ruptcy. me loss nere to our contested trrl it reaches the iiV; iVe ;urV Rr;i Hsk for win ' inn talks were made hv Dr. N D people proves to he Ivss United States Supreme Court, itiowa SoetLu-.- "vrun." Ja other Idr.d , i ccs thf Vohir.M- Ihtsinrss tV - i , , , r, . n . i . m-ea nsfd f..r. over ff t -s by --'i;Ml:''- ' ' by the Prcsbyterip.n church for eraire business liere last Friday ' tory m the hrst contest before ; hos u uu tbers fr v-.v u ;n; i KnpM I' Made by Our,., . of iio!-:iiMr a Sunday of R B Wilson & Co., proved to -tho" courts. Judire Browu in the h'? ".Vith perfect Mi-cc;sr ;It School rally, i he day was ob- be a case of assignment. 'Mr. : r-se of Debnam vs. the Southern , allays all vpin. 'nre ind roi?o. a iTd i .1 T" 1 A currespo:: n;i h News and ills pl.KN' had tlie Sunday's edition: Fetzor and Mr. C C Orr. The J vvas stated Saturday. is said. Cor.cord needs two thousand servico was i:itvn'-c.-;linr and was w company lias at ,!)0.- poimlation in order to fur- a s0,ir,0 Gf reviving interest in ' onc Parted hi business here at thing arid healing prop, nish sufficient help to run tho the Sunday School work. The the same place and Mr. Boshamor j jedy, its phtiMxte and now enterpriser which have al- incrcae in the attendance of the has charge of the business. It .1 prompt ' amj .permanent enrs radv b. -n built, and those Sabbalh schoo; in this church""' !ST the firm of MurPhy & Co- of hare made it a great favorite with rn . ,w are in course of con- h .WMtlv increased l-olv I W 1 0rir' 1 UiS 1S Uie coinPanT : the PbPl0 everywhere. Jbor sale wmcii uoes ousiiiess m vnar- j . u. luau a vai., xruibi. i lotto, and which company has;X3E bkst prVs kt ptton for st riicti(n. j il.:,. CK, 1,n,. --. . tl! . 1 ...... ,ny--ii like the progress which SIieritYPock :.s-w f r tho first s beon in business many years. l h"is m -de in tho last timo getting his experience in' vo !i vo:- new mills have collecting taxes. He is on his 1 1 3 LlV . .i, t, Aid :iro now about rounds through tin county this! Mr P 0 Fms of Ah V i. i -i i i i 11V i i . v TTi-k ci'iiAc -vecAr rm wlio is an ex-iiev:spaper man, 1 ready tor labor, while hundred vaviv. Ho skips no.. woeK on, f- ' f ,hv,li;n(,; rHve be(Ul built. a-rOUllt of COUl t hero. He VISltS wuuu uu m. umi. iu jmu,, r:ieo is not n vacant six of the townships.. is week, j says that the prospers are bet- Hie place, while tho carpenters - .. . . . P Linux (ii iui i iimj ny . i vt ' ii l . A J 1T1 x. ri J CHILLS and fover is a bottle cf Grove's Taste less Chill Tonic. Never fails to cure; Then why experimeut with worthies imitationh? Price 50 cents. Yonr raonav back if it fails to cure. o PERSONAL POINTERS. In ligh" e.' v?. for gowns, ureciiig jsaeues, eto. Thce yor Meaus went up to . Greensboro this morning. g tilings e.lrc, while tho 1 1 d Tf 1 II. . . - .. ." p',ts -a-M rerd es-1 Two earth. ,i:,.kes during Sep-j The exhibits promise to be bei- Mr. N F Yorke is spending 1!M. 1()1V ' lj,ihfr.i:'vh tocher on our Northwestern . tor and there will be more in ; today in Salisbury. s nv.x- along the Southern ex-iveiy nay iu cue w.- Mr. Osmond iiarringer sien ; -r;Mity ot elicjl 111 jl: 1 4' n Uio l,;PUlU- ia:-;t Saturday night here. n,. to si-k the land as much Jls ' railroad rates are also cheaper) 0 c FL, h . . t : t. An Indian grave- tV:s year than heretofore. A jwiy worked for the Raleigh :-a - -t Yakuts dd ; :-ars leav- uumber wdi go from this jdaOejt i8 hore. OI SD1 c.m e : O C J. . v - O I M i (V ; 1 ra! 'r 1 i-a.'isjif SI. .-1 C. - " J V W ! Oi-l.'eU IT. 11 d:.--. a;id to- ing -aiy th(? cr.-s ee;-ted in it to take in tho Fair. --Mrs. E C Gannon, of Char j j lotto, arrived herti this morn i I .. i to visit her relativvs. j I'i A " Mr. AV A Wilkinson, wlio is .. i "r . , j Mrs. das. C (abson returned vv sr-iii-what oi a real estate dealer-boim) this lnorning after sp.eiKi- Q ,..(T r f wlien he so(s a good opening, ! hig Sunday in Salisluiry. j ct Oxt;. . -..c . Hb s informs us that he has purchased J prof. h T J Ludwig. MtJ Heo " ) )") ed g w J. a tract of lana Id oa.i Capr. Ghas. ; Phiasant, was here today. He 4 ' . , :dedical science las made an- i McDonald, in which tract hedias came to attend the meeting t)tj fe, :-.v.. . -i ' i-w, eight building lots. Tho prop-j0.1 mo oimty oura ot iviuca- stvhsh plaiCSa-t 7 I- C crty is on trie STreec icauiug 10 , ' , ;m-o re'M hing above the water. The r their !ii;;d::a to i'u'l , 1 a diaus became greatly alarmed , : . s'. and can o:i! rnanish at what they believe to be a a: 1; '.. k for the ak that J manifestat'on ( f : g'v a.gainsl i 5i- ho hig carried on. 'ha. th.erv; themselves a. i id the w h.r set tiers. is enough building in sight for I ' ,, , Ilroken Noek 3Icudel. hi-a-k as were made this year.! Ila-.dreils of other houses v. dl ! ' ltb(?r upward bound. This time 1 l-uilt next v-ar. everyone oiiitcoea'S to the relief of Walter v li will find a tenant waiting! A Dnryea iu a New York Hospi- - Purchases Some Moro !r'rrtv. okirg lor vd ) d o i a-y O'S ! ( . . "' o: Is COUide! icui, he cottv.)i- auds in tho toxvn w. :' 'he ."arM'reni-i' of. d M i t d. H(4 :ot his neck broken to the "Vacit that ho did not die of it but. become, paralysed from Udeh and J ("aanon h : ve ! Ha--i e down. The du;hors cut in- ii ever known anythine- a bo a! de-'j 1o tn' certbrae and relieved the pressings, but during all theh i -, p- csiaire on tho spinal cord. Tho since their building have u"T'er-i a i a n as expected to regain ac- t ivi' v. ceased running:, while duidng tho greater aart )f l-e Mine th y lao ' had, ai d ;ov hae, both a iOi'v-o of naia;s Sa"i -'e's a- a, and d Vuach at AT ur--a!-a: v i . Thoy Win Sec Three Centuries. rId.e Chicago Record estimates j.,,,;,- :lu-re are, o-r will be, 701 a-'-ede iii the United States that : wdi Inive s)a nned three cen 1 '. th'e beginning of 1901. the ball ground from Church street where Capt. McDonald has been raising cotton. Ih'ngham Was Defeated. Guilford college and the Bing ham school boys had a gamo of football last Saturday on the former's grounds. The Bingham boys wore defeated in a score of 6 to 5. Among tho Mebane players we notice the names of Dolph Mangum, Thlly LeGrande and Gordon Johnson. CUKE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All drufjists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c. Tliegenuin has L. LI. Q )ii each tablet 10c tip to Poc. yd. Jnst received an ex Pross Facka 3d e v if In a BusJti ss of Their Own. Mes.a;-.. Jno. Alexander and Mo its - 1 v.- b( o a -. a, h has -aiphftoii j ;: :i( ft a 'iittl0 : liarrv TIeiidrix, who for some! n. Theiaii.ha ,e " thal) 1(10 ;iVS old wiU j time have been working at the! a. -ov. jane- p-.u1- ; ' y- ,J ; ........ - : steam iaumiry, nave seveiea :e hhsoi- Mid.- !: 1 -r". Tins will be 'a ': a ''enturies Autrt.; ;::asta. a ne and ele- thoir connection with i-hat place land will conduct a dyeing and e 1 -.a u i n .g e s t a b 1 i s h m e n t . iPAfih MM OF 1 FANCY 1 AT 111:,. , i ; i no l ( )r! Ki ver e !' WY O; ;h;- i - :'a r a';)--,! ;,hail;- w.,; launched at Philadeh j A V;,!n!r'?';0 h!' 1 . -r A , . I the funera. t ot ' .o.roi v. anjiiui .as iair a o ' l 111! V U Li colors. Thoy in'y bo just what you -. a:a t . Our dress d and notion de par tiiion : are replete d; tht- A 1 newest r;rr''- l f-v: vv n v JdC ne'vv Ads. or- a. r.- s. ' ;,-(li . u i i . t i vea rs. li .ue- j . . i, Ionia a the ! !' :. o-i- ,)f (Job A I Andrws. i afternoon at V! ! ... voung nam ha. a typh(d,d fever, j ' . . ... j t i a- i ...... : i ...... ... 4 ...iiat; d.'-iai.nmer h . p-. a. rn-ent trie ??r'fj.Mhy Sivenh ? -"O liven 'onit a uo a! r- v-,; :;; v'o-t n,,,,., ,r i,.. w. -j i of this rdiaee. . . . ... -von '.a! . vv n;s signitu'd ! 1 ! : aw o; i, r is :; . , . ' ' . Ii :-; W O mi ' , A (1 ..-'., - hie court!'. va .- in . l, VU;iUia j .ehhvssed eaeb i h-r o': ,; i'csnt the sword to his Yon uo ro aA oi yt"a "d tha eor,.a -"i-eia j 1 i'dag Idieutenant Brumby. The ! buy Ci)-:'s Colic, Caole:a, ' - ''V: A -he gen-Ca-e a, :ol vot fixed tad wih be 'nn1 tii-hoa U-v.v. 'd . TJ d, Add .u.a i Mfo-h 4t C . wiM Mdwii,. ' -.;.; m:"11; Mattresses V Idi Lit i r v 1 -' d-.a a !' e ' ? l3-- -a cbhc. no j a v a 1 : 1 1 entO"!-; ) Will :! money i' you ! aftt-r nsia it. i I r?V fd! (h:;C;:itH SOU ' f,.l C 1 . Knos . aui , v::.c lor chills . , . ,1 a -a it is sio; !v TroD and : ll5-ts ,!; . t- i-Chihhea , uover fails It is p! d-hU ref.-r it u-. iutt-or. ran- ! srjj r?liahh.a ev; r v -'di-. ! e a ; te : aji j;a h iopia v !-.:. t . i , i a ' i aiOl. -wi . j r-.nv j(X).iX;) 1 FOR SALdv f ai r-i a' -i rd a. A X: AVilsiii aav. ... ( .v .' r dve dravvers. just A -a,, -.a' ,a.y a a,o yn,, id ; tory. Call at this o'ra-H-vtr-d. ' at first class ma-doae Coxcrcrj UNTWY Co. f t-Mllls i;" i v" "i v ) : i 'i a in ing ' acidne wild U L i Worlds of Matresses in stock and a sol:-i -:ro: on the w-y. Like Zeb Vance's whiskey- ah Ma! a- r -:: .! a some ixia better tiian otli as. S"' f 1 - : ; ' -It. A ana Spring. Perfection, Sea A;,--. , ' at i Hair. Cotton. Cotton and Ilia-h a'. . . ;";ast our Rice St ra w with e'Oa f p. - for the millions. We h.av.- Matt ; - t' r . aa -e as coming. D n't iorg'-a i . d ear of Beds to-day- Sdd car of : . a ae at vour serviee. Tala ' ; ( ' -. Ve are nger.t . for d. A a. .a -!a.ia.: l'--ture of the I'aiu d Stahas- if y '!e. ilOUe-O''.' Ae-s X' . 11'. OCA I, i Ibm i i

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