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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 10, 1899, Image 1

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." v. ,,? r-xv 'r, hT V ; ... ' ' ' ; 1 Vv. I y- ..'A i. a-i Hi . 00NCOKD, N. C, TUESDAY, OOTOBEH 10, is: 4 . jfm -y mm i 4 1 aijk tossi tw.-. P!:i,v i.f Woihit H'Hm Rv.u!y- ravins H; Rill for I!l!. He Wftr a Geo;! Wnmr Man. VViiUto: ,r The taLclnrd. (drove, UCt. ad which is to be re- onm . i News. -The i;a 'n ? h ! ' r -ro us ( V-u ?: t o rfei f . For t"i,:v V-sj;.. counterfeit 810 silver eertiticate I -ioD9 of wotLer for their ciiihlr-: Vvrasnnton, Oct. 9. A now. bomo -timo ago it will be re-j Died, Sept. 7ih 169U, near Whiie inen)l)ored tliat Dr. D D Johnson Hall, Carms Patterson Helms. went to Corni:';-. l-t.Hncrc nnfV mmrrn enn nf Hnmnl W ov-i.l h..,.-, i ' . i tetthiug. v . th perfect .icciv? spent a wmie witn nis sister. May ;J.. JJoirap, aged 18 yen Doctor left and fa:::: 1 to pay her , months and 10 days. his board bill but .die like all good sisters is putt forth her 1 r--3 rurabi: be a.dded to .icl rs ahvadv Fount Tillman, register: Mor gan, treasurer; portrait, Hen- other kir.i i .'illu . 1 1; K.f CO t I ill? )a:sl church i: now ;;inp;et is n n is ;x y.c v iii.Ii: and is credit the ehi' i. soltri t- ie y . . , .ii ii -i secret service division oi the ; ,J-L' UJ1 ! ?:U-1,113 f 1,111(1 t',,Jie. n:-' : , T, . . j tue bent reiDi dy for Diarfh . . It treasury. It is of the series of relive the r(.o--.Trcr in.-.. :, He leaves an aged father and ! 1S01 ; check letter B; plate nuin-! Soa bv ,if ir v,lr" v: mother, one sister and five broth- ber indistinct; probably 74: J tie Re -ir " v't s 'V ty;. euorts to pay tho debt ol her crs to mourn his douh. brother, so Dr-tor snys, and has ; Though he was taken in younr T'iT -l I sour o:. t i wo foxes oi line apples manhood, the loved ones are not 'd ricks. It is a dangerous photo as a pari payn;. ;H for his board, licit to mourn as those who havu j mechanical production, printed The iaihiro lo pay the debt ! no hope. Duriner the summer of i soft paper probably made up :n to grieve the doctor 1896 he professed fn.ith in Christ i tum hueeLh, J.aPanese ! and connected himel f with Rock and con- doesn't s? m any wav. TiuocoiT and lain- jjls rust :;,:tod snarle, arrived here Tho ;n hieU there is no ! Hill B-jotist churcl: tinued amenibor until death, : t:.;sue. Uroen and red ink lines cue used to imitate the silk fibre of fhe genuine. The face of the note has a grayish tinge, owing, no doubt, to the use of a poor ' - "iA' , ,VuQ y;:-vs in wnicli tnore is no He was taken with tvphoid no OOUDT TO tne use ol a poor :d vill spend S(Miiv) thno ; ,t - 4 ' x' j -A , qaality of black ink. The color 1 .,, . , car.pain hj, io oe a uaa fover abou;. tlie middle of August. , , : Wmeccii's ta-Jier, , f .;rr 4 iu L . , ol tne seal is a tnlle too dark. .v. x- ' 1- LVy AO III 1 V ?Iiilur n:rht Ul'Iferent precincts in tho county collecting for the purpose - ai iiHMuvui, ml - ,tt,x.s- bherbT Peck drove to Lie is b. v eu 1 nam, ol lv-a-jKeui ;h Ciiliforsii;!. Rr-lrv Kiv- :pent the were no serious apmph prions as eceptive front. The 1 "3 1 . i has nnt aJl : m1 hi;. - -i i'i i of respect hi (j-i;)arrus. Mr. ' uay y i 1 I i A . theie, ar.d rcturnod home 1 ri l ne Vv i ! ! hng - cent of the law to the result but day after day ! imprint of the bureau of engrav- ho expressed liimseli as willing ! and printing on the left end j r. 0 1 0 I flirt Vvo-l- i 1 ,U to no if the Master cnlod him. J if ' C 5 During the last lour woel.s nis j it coli: ex.; mind was often beclouded, but: s.iys lie must go. f Xo. 1 lownship, j Sjim'-t-v s,n,,r: ?1ont- that lie .v- I" an i.anent of c;'i'? five when ids mind was clear he ex pressed the same confident hope and urged his frionds to meet Otl ulJAi:...j hiin h; be It ev land. At a meeting of iiu stewards) His funeral was conducted at of Central Methodist church i White Hall by his pastor, Rev. B Lacy o,fre after which he was : Ilarrisburg on j Monday night Mr. V,r R Harris ons place that! was elected the superintendent i.U'OOS. Curi- su.'dlv brought in to olace but f oU" iiia;'. n. -'-udi! r.isoii x i'rom the rule. iV1 v 5 tt? Irs. V F, HesM D.:ui. Last, week when Mr. Alartin of the Sunday school. This place was mado vacant by Mr. L D Duval's absence, in Concord. Dry (heb his daughter, Mis. W F H 's-. was tying at the point of de-t:h a i: cost. Today (Tue.Mlay) the end c.,.:io ab(;ut noon. Mrs. FT )':is heoa in bad health f---r e.'.: ' " r mcr v;liiie and her dea.h mear n -,.d to her suffering. II.; m.odon 'i:ii;:o was Marirar(t Dry. Rho leaves a husband a-d two children. An Arc Light i : 'u ; Concord has at least one arc light in tho town now. It has been placed in the Cannon & Petzer Co. store. It is an expe riment thus far. Like the usual arc light it is at one time very bright tii en grows dim. Forearm Broke Arthur, son of Mr. Will P Dry, vhib ou his way .. Mr. Wra. W":. . f r's to inform hhr: of the d-.:-ii id Mrs. jles, had the mis-f'- 'tu v,i! to ' 1 a-on his horse. r: rriit o'" oth lilies were broken. On for hieh his physician Rryan Mny Hnve to Eest. TheHon. Wl.. J. Bryan has been a marvel of a public speaker, making unlimited num bers of speeches to immense audiences and always making himself heard far and wide with something which pleased and electrified his audiences. But there is a limit to human endur ance. Tt was announced Mon day 1 hat he was suffering from aTeciion of the throat and lnnrs laid to rest until th morning of tho resurrection. Rev: J C Davis returned t e ' home last night from Le ',: ' , Rev. J R Brooks reti:i ner tc Salisbury this morning. Mr. Will Lindsay, of Salis bury, is here today. -Mr. Grant Buchanan, of p i r ,1 It X. j Charlotte, is here today. The Amount Paid to the VHow. It w'll be remembered that Policeman Kerns who was killed some: time a:o wTa.- a member of ;daj Cannon ville Council No. 25, of Junior Order of United American Mechanics. The expenses of the burial and tho physician's bill has been paid and remainder of the 250, which is $170, has been paid to the widow of Mr. Kerns. Mr. D B Coltrane went to Norwrood chis morning. -Mr. JT Harris, of Hairis Lithia Springs, S. C. is here to- Mr. Jno. C Wadsworth re turned home this morning from Charlotte. Mr. R K Blair, of Charlotte, arrived here this morning. He went out to Mt. Pleasant onbusi-ness. i TO' They arc on have r "or and Ur 7 Wo a-- y o CLl v. 1 Ji v.. a-cuunr of ;levo being no girth j scribel a long term of rest and pro- the s;;e-!Je slipped off ing him on his arm. y Lon . thrfw-! Mis Hr.:: Mr. D x Lhaker, who lives on South Main t. received a telegram today (Tuesday) from Sta'-- '!e stating that his brother. Mr. Martin M Litaker, who lives near that place, was very low. .Mr. Litaker left for his bedside. Mr. Litaker had beeu iu bad health but the news was a surprise. S-y ;o! ! sh vWf.,r tin? Asylum. iL(3 11 'f- a eorresio;;dent to the Charhi'.teObsorver savs Dr. Kirbydias just returned from Xew York wh-- -; had been visiting icsaue .'ums. Tt is ;s prrsjug as gJ'atitvnu qir;L A later telegram, how ever, lends hoje that his en : ,em(nts may not have to be c-i ncelled. U hliaM L. Wilson 'ot Da! jrero!iIy 111. We are glad to note that tho Where's Your Read SpotJ Most people have doubted their eyes when at some conjuring performance thoy have seen a man run needles and pins through both cheeks, evincing no pain as lie does so. In ret'ty every person ha. hundreds of senseless specks of skin all over his body through which lie could run pins, or even cut them out, without feeling any pain. If some one else were to do so when he was blind-folded, ho would not be even aware of the fact. ! Physicians call them dead spots. and the reason that one man can sew his cheeks up while another. A m line OF 0 I iimJl a dispatch announcing the serious illness of President Wm. L Wil son seems very i.; ... . overdrawn, While under treatment for lung trouble there is nothing serious, it is i: ow said, and he is even discharging h's dut ie. as prcsi d(uit of Washington and Lee 9 fori - AT -?.rfT8 assornmeut of iiecce-lined goods, uitiiip's, etc. in t.h-o stvlish plaicisat 7 I-2e I0o u? to 25o. yd Just received an Press PvvOkace oi new Tafietas m black aaci i .1. -i I colors, liiev may just vvdiat you ant. Our dress goods and notion del-arte: : Us are replete v;it:i th. newest novt. : Al- new goods. 'If s. could not is simply because the! vrty .,teW,CRV,NenT Qenc.KiPag former naipens to liave mauy Univer-.ity ppens to nave nuuiy hundreds of these .-oofs in (lo place. These dead spots a re caused; by the minute nerves which con vey every sensation to the brain; being either absent in these par -! ; lieu In places or d,3ad and sense ! less. But should any one of our ..' VV tattresses, Xinvriciui V&vUun Killed. i v ( . v h'ih insu i' w: ' O lh: vr;-"'-- the nori-he-n ' 'f iout 25 per c -eut j :es and think it a fair I 'h:tor was able o : s to be frou' b" to i ' i j o as''rn-, " reatment.- Tho J curt, a - further success i T ; i readers allow blindfolded, and tbe- j his tnen('S to p: Marion B SatTord of the gmitiy wit h a i-f 'S:try, a native of Relma, :all 0n one arm, : killed iu a fight with hundred pi'irks he w inos last Sunday. The ! ab0ut 60 or Tt) at iko u kud (',;:' troops In the other ca:-- ar miles of the heart of j wm iavo toufhed - it -et M .tiresS':;:t ea rn .. T'ee i Usui -go nis n ba were Cincinnati Enrpjir t a . Jot W-r.da; of Matresses in stock and a solid car of lb) on v.aa. Like Zeb Vance's whikey- all Ma? go 'd but ome are .better ih-oi oUici's. .). : ': -v, Ac ma Spring, Perfection, Sea Moss. iv : Caiied iiair, Cotton. Cotton and Husk -lai e. v. meansleast our Rice Straw with cotton top, :'." r t 1 e millions. We have Mattre-e es to -r ,.ee's coming. Don't forget us. o soiid car of -Beds today Solid car of ' We are at vour service. i aio on a aa- he i' as ui(; a " -1 -rv a.i,. iru:t s: an-: ; Hromo Qn.inine Tablets. ,, '. r,f ti,n i -rn- - - 1 ,'i iOli Carpets. We are agents for J. vV .1. o(b. Manufacture of the United States- It". aa ieone orders JNo. T - A . no i . raosi ae to at world a K M 'J Ii!" '.".'ii area!. busines-i. 9

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