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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 10, 1899, Image 4

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A MOTHER TELLS HOW SFE 0 I!:;r.cratie 1 Av ' . . :jrer i . r I T ! lit- ' - j . K , - - IE u. Ely's i W , 3 'TA It snT3-1 : . . 1 - al -j i . v qrck!y. cret tic ' :irz s.-! I- u L Re'.ief is in- nediat? & care fc:iovr I: is not csjlr. lot r r .:Tjr:is, :-i . . :ven Street, York. I AM PREPARED TO DO ANY THING IN ijteam Fitting and Electric Wiping I HAVE SOME NICE Bath Tubs ON HAND. IO4 B ! v 0 L i S Kepahvd Promptly and Satisfac tion Guaranteed. FR..SH FRUITS -An"; ''-rotables mistook at IN liPJCK ROW. UJAL! i. i.., craven Hps Rnmrht 8C0 TONS JELICQ COAL. 20 TONS BARD COAL, Also Virgliia Split and Bird Eye Cainel ' Coal I est steam coal at mine prices. Gw, Smith Coal. Call and get what j.-.u want.. 'Phone 74. WinterisComing. I ALREADY HAVE ON HAND THREE CARS OP Jellico Coal Anr! have tun more car loads on the way. It is time for you to lay in a supply for the winter, isn't it? I : o have on iranrl the Vest of antracite coal. J. A. C Blackwelder, Weft Dm.-- t St. at Store. &7"Phone68. Not ;c.: to Taxpayers. The 4.x books for lhW have been r. -(('. in my hands for oollecticii anfl all tax-payers aro request' -J 'j eoin forward and pay th iaxr-s at once. S. .1. PHVIN, Citv Tax Cnoetor. LOST OR STOLEN. NOTICE is hereby given tiv.-t a note for slOO dated May J on J "V Cannon has been lost or j stolen and parties are warned not to trauo for same. T C Wilson. est persriLiii to reprertrnt nh nn MaLagers in this and close counties. Salary S'jOO a year and expenses. Strrdght, bona fide. no n re, no less salary, Position permuiat .T. Jur refcrtiires, any Itankj in any i-vu. it is rntimJy oiiice work conducted at home. Reference. En close Rer-.aidress d stamped envelope. Thf. D-:.'nion Company, Dept, 2, Chi cago. 5J:M& ?i YEARS- 6 i Trade MaS 'TfV OOPYHI-3HT3 &; Ciltly or.? opinion tctn wtetier aa Krrention 1 probably pttontaMa C.'omnr.lrn 12?K3 strictly oonSdeotCaL IIan(Ilxxkon Pa:cij erx frf-e. Oldest fleecy for eecurina vpatet,t. vf-,)r.ifJ taken t rcri.-ii .Mana A Co. nxxfrti 't&'Uai notio. wither, ebftrre, In th Tla'.'.r o-' f "r'V'- J-r.-r.:u. if -ms. a I am the mother of c:;:iu ren and Lave hd a rat do! ef experience with mouic'iit'S. L .::. summer my little daughter bad ; the dysentery in its worst form.: We thought she would die. i tried everything I could t-ii"- ' . I Raw bv an advertisement in onr : paper that CLamberlaiu's c o!ir ' Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy ; was highly recommended ar- t : s-:-tud ft S ute Pror-s As sent and got a bottle at once V(), Carolina proved to be one ot the verv e ' i " , ; 3 medicines we ever had 'in tht i ha lor u house. It saved my little dau-Lt-; p-rpcso the :.. ? complete co er's life. I am anxious for ov.-jj ' operation of 'he Democratic mother to know what an exce;i medicine it is. Had I kno,TTn it first it would, have sav-d : c. ereat deal of anxietv arui my; , . little daughter much suffering- I 1-Y auvmr Tours truly. Mrs. Geo. F. Euv 'rhe .l-as oi the pr-j dink, Liberty, K. I. For Su V.y : M. L. Marsh fc Co., Druggist. Duiing the eiyil war, k r'L in onr late war with hpu'n, .1 rhoea was one of the r 'ml tronblesome diseases the n-y had to contend with. In n?nv instances it became chronic an-J ' the old poldiers still suffer fr :r. Mr. David Taylor, of Wind I lucge, ureene county, i'a., is o'.t of these. Reuses Chambera; Vs j Colic, Cholera md Diarrhoea Kemerly and says he r ever found ! iinythin that wouiu .i'itg him such quick relief. It :'s lor sal by M. L. Marsh Co. -T r.: $5 T riffelik. i x--i i j , vr. ! : ' I 13 JU8TA8COOD rCfl ADULT WARRANTED. FRiCE BOcts. GAITfA. IT.LS., ITQT. 1?, ir.3. Frt Medicine Co., fct. Lyonii. Mo. j Gentlemen: V bold Iryi yt-ox, 000 tottJos -,f wnuvL.i 'lASi.ii'. (.liiiji 'iumc ana n;:v boasht tiiro cr-'M8 artu2y tt.lf- year. 1: r ?. pcrlence o 11 yfirs. in tLj dri-i t'-rtlLftie. ba. ', j Lever sj!d en article tliskt L'vo eurii t,,!vi,-s,' j JacU aa your Totilo- Vcirstr;:"v, THE TIE ffiiii month 35 1.00. ZXAJ.i TAB b r" n jtx ej ii a r-"i f-AJfc tva tvA C5 . ' e vorr, ....... ee. reiu' Deii-Ocrauc newspapers in Ine Siat-Mo meet on Tuesday, die 17. j mR,-.:i fo, the purpose of - . com- uio organization of V tvmT-tV- press of tne? State. Tills; movement was ; :iato. It; . " on :o tiie i re ss issoc:a- j eeinurs. 'Mi- Duo vf,t lil-tii:-j i)ipatplics. Xov,- it is annou?if 3d in Manila .telKSthatnews reports frorn have not oeen .ur;jOC'4. to j y ceijo iii) for the last in01lth- Noth:-- n-ore Is rc-j ouired from corresrondents than ! :o file a duplicate cova' of ihoirj j I'epOI "IS V.'nr;I 11"' - 1 M :ses. ; rrho abolition cf V.- cu.-orshi) : ::s at mo : roquost or Cf-n., ( 't".s. So n.v v.-'in now- eomos n r ; . b o d e r r n f h ul n c. n that it-is : rUUt-d bv Otis. : 1 You aE&nme no rrk when yuu! ijiit Lhsmberltm r coiic, Lnolera; ;tnd JJiaiThora Pwemidy. M. L. "Mar;-h Co. Tviil refund yonr r:o:j'-v if yon sre rot satisfied rJter rising it. It ia everywhere b.ii.tyd to be the most success ful reir.od? in uee for bowel com p U: n t and the only one and the only one that T1k smallest baby on record passed away in New York a few days ago, a inch one which v. eiL'ed 17 ounces. It was being kept in an incubator and al though it seemed to be doing well, fell into a sleep from which it could not be akei.ed. Morn- - -e The Boothiug p.nd nealing prop- ortieB of Cb?imberlain:s Coutrh Remedy, its pleasai.c ts.te and prompt acd permanent cure? have mado it a great favorite with the people everywhere. For Bale by M. L. y -rh k Co., Druggists. An Editor Killed. j Editor C M Gardner, publisher j of r Sunny Land, of Miami, ; Florida, was killed on Monday by a merchant, Marcus Frank, j The quarrel grew out o: a pub j licaticn in his paper in which i the. name of Frank's mother was :usfd. The slayer is hevl for Itria'. THE BEST Pi;ESCP-IPTIO; CHILLS and fver is a bottle ci Grove's Taste less Chill ToDio. Never fails to cure; Then why experiment with worthk-R imitations? Price 60 cents. Your money baok if it fails to cure. Reduced Rates to the State Fair. On account of the Stato Fair the Southern will sell round trip atssion hUc1 "groL'ds! I Ti iciretc on sale Oct 14 15, 16, 17. and l'O, with final limit to Oct. 33rd. FOR SALE A new Whoolerl & 'ii?on sewine machine wi-fh I rlvo drawers, just from the fuc- i j tory. Call at this ofrico raid -ot at : ii i ( i a S S ir n r- h , 7-.- on ea-v ! WA NT'ED-Tt. r.riy joOaV-u j j p -, - - el old csn - 'or The Kind Tcu Havo Ahrays in for orsaP 30 years, fnd V jtyZr sonal yj A44 Allow All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are. but Ex porimmt?. that trifle with and endanger The health of Infants and Children Ezrrerieiio ari;at Experiment hat Ss CAS i OR! A Cctorlr is a substitute tor and Soothing' Syrops, Ztjia ilannless and feasant, lb contain neither OpBm2Iorphine no? ctl cr JT&rcotiG t-.b stance. Its we is ita ruarante It de-sroys Woni and'alZajs everislnre. It cures BLarrhfE . and Yvrind Colic It reheves Teething Troubles, cures Ccristipatfoa and Flatulency. It assimilates the Foer, rcgriioter the Stonmch and BoTrel, gdving1 healthy natural sleop. The CM! Proa's PanaceaThe Mother-s Fvlend. GVIME CASTOR I A ALWAYS 7 Bears the 'iri Yon Haye Always BougM 5 fj w n Use For Oyer 30 Years, TH eiNTAUR COimNY, TT KURfUY tTRIET, NIWVOM 0117. ODELL WMwm coir 4-f JiiairAOTimBJM e FINE inghams, Plaids, s heeting, Salt ags AND Outing Cloths. DKAI.KU IN r . , . bener -1 Merchanalse o- C0UN1RY PROD U Cfi of 0l kind. o FcrQjr-foot Wood always WaDed.jBe$t 'Price for ime. O Gr! Bought, and vhicb. Irr.s been haa bomo the pijjnatiire of has been rnaUa under his per- gnprvisia biace its inland v. no one to deceive you in this Castor Oil Par-oric, Signature .of outhcrn jf ail way SCHEDULE. IX EFFECT JULY THE 16TH. iftb. This condensed schedule is pub Iisned as information, and is subject tc change ith:ut notice to the public : Trains leare uoneord N. C 5.52 A. M. No 8. daily, f -r Rk-h-mond: connects at Greensboro far Raleigh and Goldsboio; at GolJiboro for Norfolk, at Danville for Washington and points North, at Salisbury for A&heville, Knoiville and points West. 7. 19 A. MSo. 33, the New York una Florida Express, carries Pullman S???t hig Cars between New York and A u gnta, New Yor and Tampa, Fla., and Norfolk to Charlotte. 8:49 A. M. No. 37, daily, Was inton and Southwestern limited itxr Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, ModI gomery. Mobile and Orleans, and all points South and Southwest Through Pullman sleeper New I'ork tb New Orleans and New York to Memphis Dining car. ve?tibuled coach, betweSft Washington ::;d Atlanta. 10:00 A. M.-No. , dfiilr. for Waslv Stcn. F..iw,:::v.:i. Iwdeirh and all tviti NcTi':. c'lvrrit-s r;iliai:in drawing roo:u bv.:.-.-: .;vtvr. ow Orleans ti Ni1'!lo to New ork: rv.:;:v.;i:; tourist c.-irs frjm Saa F:.uv:s;,H ::i Now ("rloMi and Solicit fr.-. rv-.::.o S v s iud Wt-ihu sda s. ::$ M. -No. 11, daily fitr Atlant j v..:. .vr.-.t? Sv-att.. Sclni tram, Ricl J :;r. M No. U daily, for UicvO j sV.c-viilo. ChrtttiiiKvgs. Raleiijh. No.;v''.. sr.d nil vvints North. S.M lM. -N7. il-ily, from RicV .I' V:ivhmtou, Goldsboro. Slnj-v v uh-W r o K v. o v : '. AN-u vdlc' to Thsrlotto. N. O. i Sol P. M.-No SS. dnilv. Wrhingfvs;; h:uuod. tor Wa?l. ' iv.v-to-. -a-.-.o; :vtius North. ThroTili i r-.;.:v..iu . Momphis to Nc.v Yorht i t .;i.v.-.:vn .uompms to c.' lorj ! N ?x uXoxt, ork-Aia c:irrit i wsbuU ooaoh aua dimnir car. Close Uv.'.v.cvfa'ii :it Greensboro with -lOcps ! for Norfolk. o.CO P. M. No. 8.?. uVolv. for Aikrrta Aud Now Orleans, carries Puilcaan sleopt r New York to New Orleans. Nes York to .'iicksounllo and Charlotte t Atlanta: dinning ear. Aleo Pull-nsi tourist oar Washington to San Frnc-is-co, yia New Orleans Tiusdav and Fri days. 9.45 P. M. " o. 84. ; ... the y York and F'i da jCxpi .s.- carrie. I u--man Sleep!" . Cuis l et.-e-: A; ms and New . i k. Tan: pa. I'Im. a :. fz.'c York and Cs . t t t. - - ' .. ries sleepers C-arh-ttf to N' .w.k Ji4, Greensboro. FiBt sections of rcn!:r throul v local freight trains cany pi-.-cL-crp-orjly to poin where they M.,p u:.uZ to schedule ai'k S. Tail1'"- Third Yio: r.c. and G'. yLm. . v. e manufacture . . i . . - jPS tB - 7iil nay r ;jl , L ; ron -Tasted. Wa Clll'.rt n'-ri'.".' . D. C. lip, John M. O : V. TtM-!;- ."Ma - j W. A. T u-s. A. if. year Vu-fhl: i:tor., 1. C Dtoenbcry, Ic:;l A ;." Concord. . vr. - Js., v!i;':' hc.CZ cur. :v- i-v - -v:-:jC(.;.ra )S. c.

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