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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 11, 1899, Image 2

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i 1 S3 P il mm If fill J t 2 Vj JOHN J). BARRiER . a.j SON, : Eui- ors and Proprietors, j i:,' tiii: 3iKiirs ni'iLinxo j 'irlE STANDARD is published every c .t ... lay excepted) ai-d delivered by Ilates ol Sulj&cripiioii : 0.- i H00 6ix pvmths 2 00 ihit.r iiionthd E00 Oul -X OZlth . ;3-5 biuisis- copv 05 THE WEEKLY STAND AKD is a oar-pajre, eiht-coluniu paper. It has k Lrer circulation in Cabarrus than any ether pi per. Price SI. 00 per annum in icw Advertising Rates : Ternib for regular advertisements L15- Vncvrn on application. Address all eominnnieations to THE STANDARD, Concord, -N. C. Concord, N. C, Oct. 11. The Philadelphia Times of the 9th contains a statement from London getting forth the English side of the controrersy with the Boers of Transvaal ? The article is very distorting of truth or the British government has a good enougn course for the conten t :;;!.:. F xm the British stand pom... there could be little pity for the Boers if subdued, and complete sovereignty by the Bri.i&h would mean much more humanity and progressiveness :i Xh'- murky portion of the woEd's civilization. C V". erfhants importing American made shoes find a dru whack in fitting the Cuban womp". It seems she has a short ool . high instep and large calf wuich the American last maker will have to take into con siders -.n. "With a slight elon gation, iiu-.Tvver, which she may take on with American culture the Cuban woman will not be a whit behind her American sister in p-dal charms. AsirtONOMErtS say that No vember will be a neriod )eculiarlv attended witn meteoric display. On th' nhrht of the 15th, meteors will be most conspicuous. It will occur after midnight. Stick a peg v' tij date and keep your eyes open, if you want to see stars moving without the pain attending when you strike your -t ha hammer. owiinet an J Bonnet. Take golden ' haze Of autumn days A:.d write some rhymes upon it; Add "fading year" And "twilight clear" You've and October sonnet. T'ike piece of felt, C ive it a -relt And stick a feather on it, r wenty do; Lar pnce-maris all! It's an October bonnet! Josh Wink. SPAIN'S GRE. iol NLED Mr. K. P. Olivia, of Barcelona, bpcin, spends his winters at Aiken, S. C. Weak nerves had caused severe pains in the back of his head. Oq using Electric Bittern, America's greatest blood and norve remedy, all oon left i.itn. He says this grand medicine is what hi coimtry needs. All America knows that it cures liver ulu kldub troubles, purifies the blood, louts up the stomach, itro;.' ?.r.?. the nerves, puts vim, vior and new life into every jins'' nerve and organ of the body H weak, tired or ailing you jued it. Every bottie is iT'r-.inr.tced, only 50c. Sold at Eetzei's Drug Store. RUST TO EiitiAU ALi.ilN I'OE. A bronze bust of Edga ATcn ! Poe was unveiled last. Saturday at the Lmversity ot Virginia. Dr. Paul Barringer, an honored son of Cabarrus, as 'president o: the faculty, received Lie bast I from the Foe ALemoriu! xissocia tion to be held in trust by the institution. "We note thr.t Dr. Barringer defends the memory of tho poet from the charge that he had been expelled from that school. The biographer, however, leaves room to suspect that he probably but norrowly escaped expulsion. He possessed a genius of which the Amercan people ate proud, but his vices were hard to condone. Edgar was left an orphan at an early age. He was adopted by a wealthy merchant in the city of Baltimore, by the name of Allen. He went to school in London four years, when he re turned to America and entered the school that now honors him in bust. He displayed extraordinary talents, but became too fond of fast living, and quarreled with his benefactor till a breach oc curred and he again went to Eu rope, where he served in the Greek army a while and became very erratic in his life. He returned to America and became reconciled with Mr. Al len and got into "West Point. He did not act well and he and Mr. Allen had a permanenT aliena tion. In 1835 he won a prize offered by the Baltimore Sunday Visitor for a romance and poem. From this on he became editor and contributor to Miverai liter ary journals and maggazinos. It was in 1816 that he wrote 4 'The Raven," and gave himself a world-wide reputation. Strange to say, he received the pitiable sum of ten dollars for that unique production. ' In ISIS he lost hi wife to whom he had been married two years. The next year, loK, he was on his way to New York to arrange for a second marriage, but got on a spree and died in Baltimore, his native city, at the age of 40 years. It w;.s a case of genius beclouded with, weak ness. Original Observations. Conscience is the " P oli of the soul. W ler is always musl the fountains play. wiibii Men of might are those who can help you but won't. If all the fools wery dead a great many fakirs would lose their occupation. The Lord gets the worst of the bargain when some people join the church. The counter irritant is the wo man who goes shopping but never buys anything. The weather has been very Dewey in New York and "Wash ington during the past week. Love is a plant of spontaneous growth, blooming to perfection in any soil, and hath all reasons for its own. WW n rrrnnt .o,.,v .. , U jsa ovt-. .11- ii t i '. farmers it would be if hogs could follow the old adage of "iaucdi 1 , ana grow iat." , of ,h, T.oxiu - Editor Varner ton Dispatch, has gone to St Louis to attend a meeting of the executive committee " of thp National Editors Association. m tins 11 is tho strongest Natural Lithia water on the market and has the endorsement of the most TinUvl -nlwiir'n7ia of tVlP C'OUntlW i i ill ii r in i k vj v . a vaij. others. Read what the .noted Dr. John Hev Williams, oflAshe ville, has to say for Harris Lithia. springs. Asheville, N. C. April 24, 1893. An extended clinical use of Har ris Lithia Water prompts me to the statement that I regard it as one of the best if not the best, Lithia Water known t,o the pro fession. In the condition of Phosphatic Urine, its action is marvellous. Its use in the Rheu matic and County Diseases afford me more comfort than either the Buffalo or Londonderry Waters. Very truly yours, JOHN HEY WILLIAMS, M. D. WTe guarantee that one glass of Harris Lithia carbonated water will relieve any case, of indiges tion in one minute or our agent is authorized to refund you the monev, or if taken after each meal will cure the most stubborn case of indigestion. Why suf fer when you have the guarantee? M L Marsh, Agent for Concord. A NIGHT OF TERROR. "Av;f al iviixiety was felt for the widow of tlie braye General B u rub am, of Machis, Me., vhen the doctors said she could not live till morning," writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who attended her that fearful night. "All thought she must soon die from pneu monia, but she begged for Dr. King's New Discovery, saying it had more than once saved her life and had cured her of con sumption. After three small doses she slept easily all night, and its further nse completely cured her." This marvelous medicine is uuarAn'eed to cure all throat, chest and luner diseases. Only 50c. and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Fetz.Vs Drm.r Store. To T( a Thorn a Lesson of Honesty. Some Georgia militiamen on their way home from New York acted very badly at Hamlet, N. C, in taking dinner and scam pering olf without paying tor it. The governor of Georgia de manded of the organizations to produce the culprits or sutler the di sgrac o of d i sbandment . He has authorized an investigation and an etictual lesson will be given to some smart rascals. Atfc i RIGHTFUL BLUNDER TT7 11 . i ... in oiten cause a horrible burn, scald, cut or bruise. Buek Idn's Arnica Salve, the best in the world, will kill ' the pain and promptly heal it. Cure3 old soret, iyver bores, ulcers, boils, felons, corns, all skin eruptions. Beet pile cure on earth. Only 25c. a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold at Fetzer's Drug Store. At c meeting of the members of the Concord Bar he. i the uh day of Oct., 1890, in the ofiice of the Clerk of the Superior Court, it was agreed that all cases be continued, except tho follow ins: On ThursiUyOci. 1J), 1S9U. No. IS J. 3 Lsffrrtyyd. Joseph Young, kxecutiT -.. No. lO-TX T. iford ys. J. R. val- la?fi. No. 20 P. yL. Morris A- Son ys. Hum met Mnnt -nriiprv i No. 34 Sol Levy vs. P. R. IVIothw. eUle OOHCO VS- Edward ! .No. - Nellie I ivoonce. On Friday Oct. 20, ls. j Xo- 11 " O-iesby vs. VT. W. Burley- ton. Aumimstrator. None 01 the cases will be called 1p- j fore Thursday, and the above case of M iy - ; -t day. Txo. M. Cook, Cierk Superior Court. ' UZ4l$?thtfrP3' in 20 minutes Ijy Da fciiieo tAU -LLLi. One cent a dnsa." THE RACKET STORE! We have just received a are selling far below their usual any Embroidery for Christmas presents now is a good time to ; your work. Small Doylies or squares for lc, larger ones :: to 10c. Table and Tray Cover, Center Pieces, Splashers and Scr.rfN 15 to 25 cents. Wide hemmed with wide silk stitching as above at 5 to 50c. See Our Window Display. Embroidery Silks, wash colors, 3c, worth 5c. Embroidery Hoops 5 and 15c, Embroidery Scrim 15c yard Embroider Silk (not wash colors) l-2c per skein. Crocket Cotton 4 and 5c. Silk 5c Short length spools. Special in Stationery Department. 200 New Novels at 10c. Indelable Ink at 10c. White Ink at 10c Game Boards, containing sixteen gams, S2.25 and twenty dito for $3.50. See cur 5 and 10c Departments up-stairs. Nice lot of Glass etc. in them. 33 ft 41 5 I 1 If you are not a subscriber to i n t- m rt n rr. n r-i i uw uuiuuai u now is uie time to suheenbe. 4. J X A. is publislied every clay Sunday a oepted) and delivered at your door for only 10c per week or So a- per month THE prints home and other news that is of interest to our readers and to make I U grow better we ronage of the people v Give us a trial when you ; your nert order for 8 Job T X R brOTi wanito buy anything yonInoall forit through $ I The Standard., . t lot of Stamped Linens whb-h . values. If you anticipate 1 ( D. J. Bostian. El i J If you have anything to sell . . . ;t i 1 1 i jvu ut:uiiiiib.e it linowniiirougu l-O j-V tT 4- n - rf- j .-J 4. V 5 4 must liave the pat mas Work. Work ready when promised. AdvertisingateaJ in J t i ne otanaara i Tl t7A. . v made known, on application, '4. STANDARD JL .; w..

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