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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 11, 1899, Image 3

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& i'CA 'til ' CU-Cfa. Tw folio vzuv bnrt&e of schedule took NORTHBOUND. iso. 8 arrive U 5.5 a m. l: 02 " ('.) p m, " : (flag) " 2 00 a ta (Ikukj t) SOt'THIHH'ND AO. l 11 at H 14 11 28 a ra, " S.51 p ' " !-h20p'm, (ling) " 7.19 a m, " 8-40 fi m, (freight) No. 8". vhea running ahead of No. 7, is rtsiiTS?o7 if nocessary f or through travel st'iitCof v i:iirlottp, and is Ftop peel for p.eugers arriving from Lynchburg or boyond. No. JJtJ stops regularly for IHis-sengers for Salisbury, High Point, Greeiibboro, lleidsville, Oanyille and principal stations between Danville and Wayhi'ngton. No. 37 stops for pas Beugers coming from Lynchburg: or pomts beyond, and to take on paa--a!igerp for regular stopping places south ot NowellSi No. :iS etops to let off passengers from regular stopping places south of Newells and to take on nassengers for regular stopping places, Lynchburg or beyond. Nos. 33 and 34 stop at Concord for pfisfienirers to or from the G. 0. & A. Division -Charlotte to Augusta and other joints in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, reached through Columbia or Angunta. Nus. 7, 8, 11 and 12 are the local trains v.ud connect at Salisbury with trains of W. N. 0. Division. TELEPHONE NO. 71 FOUNDED 1842. r -i AS fee Bai Corn . . (Wheat. "Sixg Their Own Praise." TheSTIEFFisthe PIANO to buy; it has no equal for the money as yon ive the middleman's profits and it will b-.t ti lifetime; but we have several bargains in other makes. Wo have taken in exchange for rLiEFF' tvro I vers Sc Pond Pianos, one. the finest style that firm manu factures and it is almost new. If you wsiit this make here are bargains. Glas. M. MS, vtmn "ssssssvL L$m B;aficli Waferoom, ClinrloUe, N. C. C. H. WMnioth, Mgr. Ptne Tuning. Palace Organs. Paper Made from Peat. We've several times read arti- j cles fraught with the fear that at ; the present rate of consumption of timber for paper making as well as the various uses, the time ' might not be iar oif wnen paper March would advance in price. From an Sugar article bv Paul Hassack in the i Tobacco Scientific American it seems that problem, too, is solved for a few more centuries. An Austrian named Zsch corner, ! who has large interests in peat deposits, observed the fibre in the peat and conceived the idea of utilizing it. His experiments led to complete success,, fur he finds he can make all kinds of paper, card-board, etc., from certain grades of deposits, owing to the nature of the grasses and mosses that have been sub murged in the bog that f ormed it. The chemical process by which the dark mud is separated, leaving the pure fibre is not very elaborate and the pulp is obtained much more cheaply than the wood pulp. The bleaching, too, is not difficult. The process is patented in the Unted States, Canada, British Columbia, Japan and all Europe. The immense beds of peat all over the world will now become sources of great profit. There are deposits not suited to paper making, but they can be utilized as now for fuel, for which it is pressed into small bricks and dried when it is a competitor of coal. NEW YORK MARKETS. COTTON OPENED. CLOSED . 6.90 " 6.93 . . 7.00 7.0.5 . 7. (to 7.112 . 143 142 - 12H 121 Scotia seminary opens tomorrow. ivnt. dle:t live . - u house for Apply to J B Sherrill. THAT THKOBBING HEAD ACHE Would quickly leave you if you used Dr. King a New Life Pills. Thousands of suffers have proved their matchless merit for sick and nervous headaches. They make pure blood aad strong nerves and build up your health. Easy to take. Try them. Only 25o. Money back jf not cured. Sold at Fetzer s Dru Store. Mr. Gus Hartsell loft Tues y niirht after spending several ' here. Mis. W J Swink and little of China Grove are visiting : Dr. 11 J Herring's. Mr. B W Pressiy lias returned to Coddle after attending the ex position at Philadelphia. Mrs. Jno. Craven left Tuesday li'it tor Uno Springs, Ala., to enu some iime with her Mr. Ed. Hall returned home r.i'-sday night from Syracuse, N. Vv- v, :;ore ho ias been stationed fur some time for the McCor iiiick Co. M;ss Knt" Archibald is operat ing the i:iti-al telephone in the absence of her sister. Fred Mo ' x ; i i i i relieves hor for a few h-..;ur.s caidi day. One 16x20 Crayon Potrait giv- !) free with each one-half dozen ':binet Photographs at Scott's cillery ojiposite ork & Wads vth Hardware store. Saturday night three s, while loaded internally ' ;i whiskey, were . v rowdy ovi'r m tiui colore;' portion of the .ouii. Mi-.yor Mo 'iis found it oi;r -nd the town's treasury has been replenished by 24 The 'n: they wer "made to pay .. and slO. : ' A VON POIvTAiTTJxlr wiii i,e given with every thi.;.o "Mnnet hotos or one 16x20 wi.ii ' " ; '-"ilf '.i'.'iei: at oar gallery 1 no eurt house. Wo outdone in a good buoiness br any Come and seo ook x Shive. DECEMBER. . . 30f 30 72f 73 The Eternal Grumblers. What is success to brae: about? Some men make wealth, 'tis true. And envy others, who, no doubt, Will envy these men too. Some men go childless to the grave Perhaps 'tis for their sins While others curse their fate and rave Because they're blessed with twins. . Pick-Me-Up. SOW'S THIS? We offer one hundred dollars retvard for any ca? of cfttarrh that can not by cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, Ohio. We the undersigned, have known F J Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly reliable m all business transac tions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in ternally, acts directly upon the blood and uiucous surface of the system. Price 76c. per bottle. Sold bv all druggists. Testimo- nials free. FOR SALE Dr. J P Gibson's residence on Main street. Dr. W. H. Wakefiled, of Char lotte, N. C, will be in Concord at St. Cloud on Friday, October 20th, for this one day only. His practice is limited to Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Miss Nan Archibald, the ac commodating central telephone operator, has been granted a vacation of several weeks. She has gone to Dunn to visit her sister, Mrs. Hooks. I !H1 BONDING 1 II Resources Over $2,500,000 One hundren Childrens' Suits. Stylish Patterns. Hand some trimmings. New and ele gant designts. Finely Tailored. Altogether Swell. All sizes, 3 to 8. They are $5.00 andl$6.00 suits and strictly up to date. ;You can have choice at $3.00. One hundred Vestee suits at ara $2.00 1.25 to $1.50. They and $350 suits. ' Two hundred Childrens' Reefer suits. FinestCgoods,!splendidly tailored, at $3.00 to $3.00. There are plenty of $5suits among them. Boys heavy, ail-wool Kersey suits at $2. You won't find them for less than $2.50 anywhere else. Splendid line of in. We save you 2530cents on every dollar you spend. Cannon c Fetzer Co. en'ssuitsjust Accepted as solo security by tho United States Government anc State and Counties of North Carolina and all persons in posi tions ot trusts and responsibility Don t'jinvolve your friends. We will bond you at a reasonable rate, J. F. HURLEY, Agt c 30c 30 ace 3oc 30c e 10c xceCi wxra:)!C.o: SAVING I Is the roval road to fortune. $ If you want to save come to Lour store, we-can save you money on Attention Mothers. We have 44 doz. Rev. B Lacy Hoge has gone to attend the meeting of the Meck lenburg and Baptist Association at Friendship church near Char lotto. He will, be back Satur day. Mrs. W. A. Davvault. of Elmwood, came up Saturday night and is spending a few days ' Misses. Ribbed fleeced lined cot at her old home. Everybody 1 welcomes the ever popular ton Vasts with drawers to match; -Miss Bettie,''-Troutman cor- j f lg to 34 at 25 cents respondent to Statesville Land mark, jeach. Call and see them. They Mr. J T Harris, of the Harris ! are just what you want for the Lithia springs in South Caro-I ' lina, spent Tuesday here in the j H"10 toiRs. interest of his business. Read in his six inch ad. at the top of the editorial page the guarantee he makes to cure the most stub born case of indigestion. TURIN ITU RE. We are the whip to prices to double the speed of sales. 1 1 v, t 1 n III nil 111 I -f , n Q FRNITURE AND .UNDERTAKING- ft 9 o FRESH OYSTERJ Gibson & Morrison. ' iji not be ' 1 ' ! . 1 . : 1 US. AT THE Concord Bakery. Bread, Doughnuts, Buns, I Cakes, Pies, Cream Puffs, etc. j Special attention given to lad patrons. OysterS'35 cents per quart. JoeFlsher , Proprietor. 'PHONE'122. They Are Beauties! Every one of them will please you. Come and see them. A fine lot of I mm Ha id III Opal Rings. W. G. CORRELL, THEfJEWELEK. We are prepared to give the people this winter better bargains than usual in all of Heavy aod Fancy Ojycges; At wholesale and retail. It will pay you to see our Large Stock of Tinware, Wood ware, Glassware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats, Etc., before buying. For Clover Seed, Seed Rye, and Kock bait go to QW; Patterson's. Offers the b uai a am public a reliable, per manent, conservative and aooommodat ing banking instation. We solicit vour patronage with tho assurance of honorable treatment and due appreciation of your patronage. If wo can eervd you any time we will be glad to hve you coma and see us. ts LIBERAL ACCOMMODATIONS TO CUSTOM E11S. Capital anl Surplus $70 003. L. 13 CoLTiiArR, CLa. iiier J. M. Ode;l. jrotiident. U T Brown & BRo. LIVKKV. r KE LE STALLES. Just in rear 1 1 St. C o.:d Hotl. 0m nibaseB vital all ptiisecger trains. Outfits of ail kinds furnishei promptly and a reasonable prices. Horses and mulen always on hacd or sale. Breeders of 'norougbb re Poland China Hj,

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