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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 13, 1899, Image 1

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y i v- vvv rf" -V;-- . ... !tk ff 1 :i M f tit" WAlA , ;J '.V us Fric '.00 'T Yoar. CONCORD, N. 0., FRIDAY, OCTOBEI; 13, T ; )9. Cop- ( V.Li 3 ' '. tf-. t'n. 'i. Kau'lsoim-ly Treated 15 y rhe Kev. R C Craven, who is aidimz Rev. J D Arnold in IT- imr at Forest Hill re- No'.ts from the "Inlini:! S?hooL Written for Tho BUsdard. Mehnno, Oct. 15. Among tho Crops i s,:. , drain Frr '1)1). The total wheat crop of 1 0l ens Holds anl CV.t;ie. A new hotel has been built at , i y estimated by the American! list of students who stood rirst in Pinehurst, the famous winter re-; ATicnhuvisi, n its final report their respective elajos for the sort established in the pine re-! to be published Oct. 14 at 505.-! month ending October 2nd, were SioD " Moore county by MrJ850 0u0 bllsheiSt ffrown 0n-45.-! A 1a. Kt xt i Brandon Means and Gordon cp'vod a pleasant surprise today Johnson, of Concord, and Billy from his congregation heGrande. Last Monday night an old i.hi SHmcer in the way of a letter inir a )Ostal note for s20 fashioned candy pulling was n xxto, ""-51,000 acres, as compared with I tarn manufacturer from Boston. -, ,. , , T . . , , : a production last year which, mi It will be called the ;'Carolbv. . 1 J t ' . , , , . , , me iignt or me season s move- and when completed will have ' cost about 125,000. The hotel i iJi""1' iO.uu'J.UUU ousno s. The aver- a posiai nuie ioi c'j . , f, T;i)t-,u ni - f. c contains bkJo rooms and the dis. . , , , v guen by tne literary Societies ; niri - roqnost tha he make - ' thoroughly ojoyod byif ad if is cxactl- ' f 1 ? aC1 1"''n-:':lSi r 011 a "U all. Some of the loveliest young 6ht8 of a mi,c- Itis now Ulng s bShols. acre is placed at riot no- Tor that amount and .1.1 n (riff lTi tp;tiinmivl ' t t 1 11.; tl VILL- AAA .VVJVAAAXAJ ladies from the surrounding . , . T country were ivresent, and every - t he ic lovo and esteem. Kev. K , . . ... , , uouy seemeo 10 nave a gooa lime. )hed and J . . . . , . , i. ne Cuiertainment was held in I'avt': i course, com w:'s much pleased with the suit: obtained On i , .'.!i wii Not SubsvriKv!. i;anday. the first day of the large dinning hall of tho school which was handsomely decorated with palms and ferns. The bovs returned from Guil- Berkshire, n7 rooms; lagnoiia, 1 ,1,1 n . - it will be lenieinbit.-d ; ford College highly iv.eased with n.i:V--gational meeting tho rnm-lonns mid h-.Tiitn.hlo - . , ww.v... ' - . . . . Z-i T . iiw... ,w;ruib. .,, n ' -. ( and Pino Grove, 17 rooms. v-s t:anvas.s he mado'c,itinr from beginning to end. most luxuriously furnished and! rne winter wheat crop is esti wfill be open for the reception of mated at 197,000,000; average guests by November 1st. The 'yield 11.5 bushels per acre; carpets in i alone cost over 12,-1 spring wheat crop, 209,000,000; 000. j average rate of yield 13.7 The "Carolina" will make tho 'bushels, seventh hotel at Rineburst nil The aV(vao0 rat(, of yield of owned by. Mv. Tufts. The ft.her ! cats acconiinir to Agriculturist, In;;, 13J rooms;;. 4 of"oA faVZk V.1. - :tw ".:... V six are: .oilv 2b rooms; acre 2.05 bushels above that of ?7V V w J ? T? T. f ' elusive agfciibS for George. (V j last year and an average higher I 1 x TTOf ATTA11 l-vrvPl1 -M.-v -fc-v i r-V In addition to this Mr. Tuii.i1"1"1 uultJ -'rriptions for the Roth Guilford and Bingham got I ; he Allison property touchdown and the score was; owns 76 colt a ires which he :ents for the whole breadth. The till CJ.J. : i new enure! s a loca- thoil fiv(, t0 .1, rPV,rt 1 n:'v r'l dollars v" .s made during the! or- ':;?ys. Two thousand was tho amount to be ".land -nly si, 750 was a. kicked goal and won by a single j point. ..Neither side scored m the first half and the ball was gen erally kept by Bingham in Guil ford's territory. . to families. Last wintei hotol, eott?ges ud Viorrr(li?ior houses were full of guests. :. I.: - oorell to Wed. Ca'd' have been received by a h'Av oi iii most intimate friends nere ii ' inguiom to attend the marrh of Mr. A 11 Correll, of this pha;e. u Miss Essie Miller, of Colu nbia. S. C, which will take pi -co on the 25th of this month v : he bride's home. Mr. Concii, aniil recently, has been employed, nt August a, but has now engaged in the jewelry business with his brother, Mr. D C Cor""!1, in Spartanburg. S.-'v-stiii to laisti-r. A yn-i ; t 'y little story is told by the Evening Memphis Scimeter leaching a lesson to have about you the in cans of identity. In ; lays when Fayette 'f,u'ity sj.arsely settled a Mn w .i.s .found dead by a (,Jeek s. distance from Mr. Halls' ;ntel. On examination and it was found that he died of mitral causes and had 825,000 with him. No clue to his identity could be obtained. The money was turned over to the county trustees and put on interest. Twenty -one years afterward there came along a man of 27 years and stopped at 4 l . TT-. I i -. . uau noiei. ine proprietor that we would never see the urged him to register, saying it kindly face of our goodfriend A Ditnircrous Experience. Mr. Neai Henderson, who clerks at the Morris hardware store, had an exciting experience Thursday afternoon near the lumber yard of the Yorke & Wadsworth Co. As he was riding along the street on horseback a team drove into the street from the lumber yard and before ho could realize his danger the tongue of the wagon struck the horse in the side. The horse fell into the ditch and Mr. Hen derson was thrown violently upon the ground, but far enough away that the horse did not fall on him. Neither Mr. Henderson northehorse sustained any injury from the dangerous tumble. The driver of Uie team didn't stop to investigate the damn ere. Chicken Gii.on whose vocal ! crop is estimated at 809,000,000 hush els, against 790,000,000 m and 814.000,000 in 1897. Tho quality of the present crop is reported unusually good. The authority named places .1 -1 i n tne average condition oi corn r O l w O organs scorn to be suffering from , l!ir0G points jower tlan Scpt l similar misnap snoweci us a collar button yesterday that he took from a. chicken gizzaid. Most probably that biped was wearing that button about tho neck according to style, but like and onlv two higher than was reported at this date a year ago, and adds that if the final rate of yield shall substantiate that indi cated by the returns, thejerop is likely to be found rather above They and wear ri-'Tht. . - Jv f .Li h it often happens with you when , 2A2m j000 busheis a fairiy ine outton noie oecomes yor :i llberal msult but not a rec0rd the button dropped inside. In this case it went to the laboratory, instead of the waist fittings, where the digestive organs had it disintegrated in form of three pieces preparatory to complete digestion which was cut short when the chicken's head suddenly came off. crop. Talks Directly to New York. Not until recently has the Bell Telephone Co. had calls for their lino from here to New York. Within the last week. Mr. Jas. W Cannon hns had occasion to use it three times. The price for a conver sation with one in Now York That would to some A I'm Picture of "Ited liuck." The Monroe Enquirer gets the is 5.75 following off on Mr. H E C seem very expensive wdiile in Bryant, "Red Buck," getting a j important affairs it .is a great PERSONAL POINTERS. Mr. G W Ould, of Lynch burg, arrived here last night. Mr. Harry Shaw, of Char lotte, is here today. Capt. Jonas Cook, of Mt. Pleasant, was here today. life! line utation tbe.t is known ev Dry where. We have tyles in ! new iMmo in n . mm i OF picture of him from the Bible : 4 'We were glad to see Mr. H E C Bryant, of the . Charlotte Ob server, in Monroe again. He was here yesterday. : It is his first j satisfaction to talk directly to the person there. Organization Effected Again. visit here since his serious sick-j After spending their summer ness. . For awhile we were afraid ' months in pleasure found at sum mer resorts and visiting friends, . i i ii mi i would hoi v, , ap-ain. hnt, ho is tiott wall halo the mem oers oi vne xiiuibudy occasion required and told- him'1 a Red Buck" will Afternoon Whist club met again the story of the dead man with 1 turn t0 he Pvages of his WU' I this week with Mrs. Robt. S the ,noo. The voun- mil i?86 Bibl Vilh I Young and will now continue ther , , " xne onng manlSamnel, 16th chapter and 12th i had beeu striving all these years ' verse, he will ' find a good pen meetings regularly. The moeting to find out something of his lost Picture of himself. . was ; full of interest and the father and here was the clue, j The verse referred to above by members have commenced as He proved to the satisfaction of Brother Aslicraft is as follows: with new vigor. Elegant re the trustees that he was the son i "And he sent and brought him freshments were served by Mrs. and heir and was entitled to the! in. Now he was ruddy and . Young. lln1- He received the full j withal of a beautiful appearance ! KeceiTer Appointed. anioum which had grown to and goodly to look to'. And the'; Jud Robinson has appointed '"uoie i :ie orifirmal sum x t 1" ... . , ,T j Lord said. "Arise, anoint him, Andrew Murphy, Esq., tempo- S. I mi m, m m mm in all sizes from 5 to 9 1-2. We have an elegant; line of if . mi n FM pfii. m in lace and but ton, sizes 5 to 91-2. Snow slices for men are ab so lutely the best and priced at $2.1)0, S3.00 IIC M H.L.ParhS :;5a -LI M A A aitresses, Mattresses 1 i he f . otning and healing prop- ' for this is he!" ertu-. . f nh Kerned its nl-ncnnf oC r T 4T. i in r- uuu rars. !j iMcrsisnanaaaugnnji, J rary receiver for the business of J T Harrison & Co. This upon complaint of Mr. J W Hammill. A hearing in the matter will be i - permanent cures ! Miss Helen, will arrive in the nave made it a crpni, fn the people everywhere. For sale where they have been spending had m Concord on the 18th.-Sa, L- Mai & Co., Druggists, the summer with relatives. isbury Sun. Worlds of Matresses in sto.-kand a solid'car of 100 on the way. Like Zeb Vance's whiskey ali Matteresses are good but some are better than ethers. Sec our iioyai Felt, Acma Spring, Perfection, Sea !oss,vPino Fiber, Curled Hair, Cotton, Cotton and Husk last but by no meansjleast our Rice Straw with cotton top, the Mattr, for the millions. Wo have Mattresses to .spar Con ferenceis coming. Don't forget us. Wo an? unloading a solid car of Beds today Solid car of Sor:n'- last. week. We are at your service. Take a ... t our v of Carpets. We are agents for J. J. Do -.!. :)e la vr --r Manufacture of the United States- If yon r;aen:J titr e to come, 'Phone orders No. 12. H O arris i

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