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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 14, 1899, Image 3

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Destroyed by Fool Friends. , Sunday Selections. In the midst of tho rejoicing Doubt is bom of mind; faith over Admiral Dewey's home is the daughter of the soul. coming, and the celebration of God estimates us not by the his splendid victories in the position we are in, but by the Philippines, there is the daily wav which we fill it. Edwards. disgusting spectacle of the wordy There is inspiration for prayer newspaper fights over the merits in the thought that God's good- aud demerits of Admirals Samp- ncss is greater than our exioc- soii and Schley. , tations. i If there were ever two unfor- God loves and therefore Mr One hundren Childrens' Yestee Tile following change of schedule took ell-ct June 12. lS'.Ji. NORTHBOUND. No. s strive? .'it 5 a in. " li! " - 7 IT. 7) ni. " 3 " " p pj, (ilui) " ;M ' " iU; p ip, 1 " " 5 00 rn. tlx :!.: t) nts. Stylish Patterns. Hand- some trimmings. 'New and T gant designts. Finely Tailored. Altogether Swell. AUisises, 8 to 8. U p ;v :.r. jt in, fa .vi'o Kimi V f.,n,,M .,-. "Ho- is t-iie electee ooin oi i .ii . , . -i j i r.i 'i, :,.). n't1 . Lilt: hi i ; ut o. 'i. loirv and moralitv. R:irr' t Arrivnl of Traltm, 1 .i:c oi lj.'.rl.u-:. -.ui'l is tv-p-tl lor j : N'-:. stop.-; if-ruli. riy ipal irtiitioiis bot w ecu Dan v He Kiui I ilv..',t-.-'"n. J'v?. i!" . f ia s l'. :jd to tiikc :;a pr.-1 i ' N'r-vt'Iix. No. to lei I rs fi(,m ie-nl.-,r t-,..-p.M:L i Jj- p)uc:c-, : wi -t.-)p .i;l ''cmcoavI for ' ' ! o!i t j 1 ; ; A . ; - jvi.-'i'.:.': -l.;jH'i'to to AiH-pi-ta and r ; '::;'s ia So;:4ii Cail;i.ui, rretnia ib. : reached ihr-: Oilumlna 7. S, 11 jmjJ 1:? are the Jocal trains at Salisl '.ry wil :j trails of ; JS. C. Division. rr;:iMD:.D 1842. & t Sixc TiiiriK OwnPiiaise." The STIEFP is the PIANO to buy; ' 1ms n equal for the money as you si ve the middleman's profits and it will 1 it-t a lifetime; but we have several trains in other makes. We iiave taken in exchange for ST117T S two Ivers A: Pond Pianos, o.-.e. tbe liuest Ktyle that firm manu al tires and it is almost new. If you f-t hv: make here are barprains. leas. I Stleei" iano 3lRnufcturr, Hnltiiiiore 31 1. F Jjf Bmcli farerooE itk'arlotte, JV. C. C. H. Wilmoth, Mgr. F i x 1 : T 1 ing . Palace Organs. .Ino. L Miller spent this ii'iorning in Salisbury. Mrs. J I) Arnold has gone to .cHlelgh to visit her relatives. One hundred and eleven Aisles at the platform yesterday. FOR SALE House on Spring street. Apply to Mrs. M G Deaton. Miss Ola Hamilton has &ono to Matthews where she will teach a class in music. Ke (jrdcij, of Mt. Pleasant, will p roach ot Epvorth church ' ouight. Mrs. D J Dostum has gone to ar!;:im to visit her brother, Mr. R D ioone. superintendent Morris had ten colored persons standing exam ination luday. Miss Mary Query, of Harris burg, arrived here Friday night to vissk at Mr. E C Earnhardt's. Rev. W H McNairy, pastor of Lower Stone Reformed church, will preach tomorrow morning in the Reformed church here. Rev. Jas. H Lippard will fill 'ne pulpit at the First Presby- ! i ni church tomorrow in the -"uce of the pastor, Rev. W 0 ''-anrler. ) AV. H. Wakefiied. of Obar- ' r b in Concord it St. 0'!ud ou Friday, October -'il!, tor one day only. His Pj'aciico is limited to Eye, Ear, We and Throat. rLi" Cabarrus and Mocklen uriT -''a) list Association, wdiich ''vliouriied . its meeting in 'ci-rieuburjr county, will meet ' f-' -u-lotte next year on the M"t vVednosdav after Ihe lift h S'lir.h'v in Anrrnst. i.v ,-, P ;Sinit li key. Finder Va ix-iurn to Leonard Eoyd. , . jiul s, these American Ad-; mis are the two. I in ,.,,n , x i.odit, ol ti)i?se recr;i..i;!ia- i lions rias becii 10 g'voat vie lor v at Saiitkw ..... i eh:- victory, as was iManila. the tire- -j , 4 , e , interviews, false doings and possible sayings of t hes two liiou are pabliMied in newspapers which know their falsity. These fool friends have not merely kept Schley and Samp son from receiving due and fair recognition for their services, but i hey have by their efforts of trying to down each other, kept i both their own favorite back, ! and prevented any just reward or recognition being paid the gallant captains of the warships wdio assisted in defeated Cevera's lleot. Sampson, Schley, Clarke, Philip, Evans, Wainwright and the rest, together with tho men behind tho guns wdio sank Cer vera's fleet, or assisted in tho fight, all Reserved and wTould have been given an ovation by the American people, except for the fool friends of the twTo admi rals. As it is a hardship has been done all the men, officers and crews, for not being given duo credit for their magnificent be havior at Santiago, all on ac count of mischievous bickerings and attempts to hoist Schley over sampson, or Sampson over Schley. It is a splendid illustration of being in the hands of fool friends, and the bad results of such a position. Newr Dern Journal. NO CURE. NO PAY . That is the way all druggists sell Grove'i Tasteless Chill Tonic for chills and Malaria. It is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. Children aove it. Adolta refer it to bitter, nau leatins. Tonic Price. 50o. -- FOR SALE Dr. J P Gibson's residence on Main street. Who can beat Mr. J M Moore Misses. Ribbed tleeced lined cot ofCannonville, raising hogs. He is joyful now over the fact that his j ton Vests with drawers to match; eighteon-months old hog tipped ; sizes from 13 to 34j at 95 cents tho scales at 290 pounds. j each. Call and see them. They All kinds of music for sale at ' - special discount by Miss Van are just what you want for the Wagner atthe Concord Institute. Jo folks cent wheel, cheap. Miss Elsie Morrison, of Pio neer Mills, and Misses Kate Mor rison and Alice Sims have gone to Raleigh to attend the State Pair. They stopped in Durham a few days to visit at Mr. Tom Fetzer's. Fresh Taffy, Fruits and Oysters AT THE Cone;, Try our Ham Sandwich, Tliey are Fine Joe Fisher, Proprietor. 'PHOTP122. Simplicity and purity are the two wings by which man is lined s ' bove. all n: 1 1 r f :i!y?-s. -' ! i xV jmiS ! A ' t r -1 v 1 his private n- uuenco hf the public ;good; a ;oi hiciau uses the )ublic illilu- im-ilco Jm' nis i,rivat0 ood. j ' j Thpy who disbelieve in virtue jbocau so man has never been fr'",;d pe-rlct, might as- reason- ably deny the sun. because it is not always noon. Augusta I" T : n are. If you wish success in life, make perservance vour bosom friend, experience your wise counsellor, caution vour elder brother, and hope your guardian genius. Addison. The Laws of Health. The true secret of health and long life lies in very simple things. Court tho fresh air day and night. "Oh, if you knew what was in the air." Sleep and rest abundantly. Sleep is nature's benediction. "Work like a man; but don't be worked todeath.'' Avoid passion and excitement. . Associate with healthy people. Health is contagious as well as a disease. Don't carry the whole world on your shoulders, far less the universe. Trust the Eternal. Never despair. "Lost hope is a fatal disease." Chicago Med ical Times. Reduced Rates to the State Fair. On account of the State Fair the Southern will sell round trip tickets to Raleigh Oct. 14, 15, 16, 17 and 20 at rate of 85.50 and on Oct. 18 and 19 at rate of &3.80 round trip. All tickets limited returning Oct. 23rd. Attention Mothers. We have 44 doz. Gibson & Morrison. They Are Beauties! Every one of them will please you. Come and see them. A tine lot of Opal Rings. W. C. CORRELL, THE JEWELEK. O y (p 1 1! n 1 t1 Cj n ana c'dqu suits. Two hundred suits. Finest goad.;, plend tailored, at $2.00 to $3.00. T. are plenty of $5s'"iits them. oys heavy, suits at $2. You won't find them for less than $2.50 anywhere else. Splendid line of Men's suits just in. We save you 25 cents on every dollar you spend.1 Cannon dfr Fetzer Co. Q 3 11 11 fell Op fflGtOlBl 7) . Rings true. It cannot be counter- g H feited. Its good qualities and perfection" of workmanship baflle imitation. Q Artistic FuroStu're' $ 0 At low prices is our specialty. If you want !? to furnish the, entire house or only buy a kitchen chair this is the place 54 2 to get it. g s ALSO UNDERTAKERS. I &8&g&G2G3GS!G&. CffSW32S3 We are prepared to give the people this winter better bariins than usual in all of Heav? aed Fancy Qx!5g; At wholesale and retail. It will pay you to see our Large Stock of Tinware, Woodware, Glassware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats, Etc., before buying. For Clover Seed, Seed Rye, and Rock Salt go to Go W. Patterson's. o 4 "'i ; ' t ' . all - wool Kersey 8 1 81 TELL B'f THE o 90 An horvost dollar from a counter- l f eit. So you can tell by its work Q the tkoronsrktly good stoye from j the imitation. y BUCK'S Oi SME FOR WOOD 3 a ElKaaS353Mea 1 Offero the business public a reliable, per manent, conservative and accommodat ing banking instutlon. We solicit your patronage -with the assurance of honorable treatment and due appreciation of your patronage. If we can serve you any time we will be glad to have you come and see us. LIBERAL ACCOMMODATIONS . TO CUSTOMERS Canital anS Surplus - - $10000. D. B Coltuane, Cha.5hierr J. M. Odet l. President. M, L. Brown-& BRo. -LIVELY. F&RD AND SALE c Just in rear of Sf. Oloud Hotft!. Om nibuses meet fd: passenger trains. Outh'te of all Kinds furnished promptly aad at reasonable pricee. Horeea and muls always on haoa or sale. Breo ! of '-aorou.'abrd Poland China E.'d. mm I U NifaoH

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