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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 16, 1899, Image 1

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i ITio'l m : is a Prico $400 Per Year. CONCOKD, N. 0., MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1899. Single Copy 5 Cents .VST tft Trr. 1M W VIII J I ? I I II S I ,7 t i THE 3SATTEH EXPLAINED. SUPERIOR COURT IN SESSION. Tho Explanation of the Charge That a Judge Robinson On the Bench the Sec- '.Negro Neman Was Manager of One of Rooms at the Orphan ond Time Mr. Chal Harris Appointed Foreman of the Grand Jury Cases Disposed Of. Our third term of court for the year is in session hero this week the Sowing AsvIujti. ' There was some little stir last week over the report that a neirro was temporarily manager of one of the sewing rooms at the with Judge W. S. O'B. Robin Oxford Orphan Asylum, and the S0I1, Qf Goldsboro, on the bench. Masons were especially anxious TMs .g Judge Robinsons second to hear the truth of the matter. ; " , . fi term held here, the other having The negro herself m the fol- b lowing words gives the explana- ( been last July, tion of the affair, as did Super-j The following men were sworn intuudeni Tilcks when the re- in as the grand jury during the port went iA: jweok: C P Fields, R C Harris, "I did some work at the Asy- D L Barringer, C L Smith, H S lum las week. I did nothing Barnhardt, D S Foil, Jas. W The Foreman-Black Case on Trial. At the beginning of this after noon's session of court the Foreman-Black case " was taken 'up. On account of the absence of one of the principal witnesses the case wherein Mr, Foreman is in dicted for shooting Mr. Black was not taken up. The two gentlemen, Mr. J Q Foreman and Mr. J C Black are being tried fo an affray. Very able counsel is employed on both sides. Mr. Foreman's counsel is Hon. Theo. F Kluttz and Judge Montgomery, while Mr. Black is defended by Hon. Lee S Overman and W G Means, with Solicitor Rush on the part of the State. except to receive rny orders from Taylor, P C Earnhardt, M F . , t i m X T" A T71..ii. Hf T TT! 1 Miss Ah" er. 1 finished up iwo leeier, u rviuuz, iu u iviser, The Town Ordinances Violated. blazers and dress skirts and two J M W Alexander C M Sappen- Chiof of Police Harris pulled a shirt w- , is and some other ar- field, J S White, Wiley M Barrrn-1 hito m.m 8uuday evonin for tiries f some of the young la- ger, W A Castor, W D Foil, and , . ft waR . , . -dies who were going off to school A E Furr. Mr. R Chal Harris, ( ut -n loss th and for sumo who had gone. I of No. 3 township, was appointed j. n(Hessai yun( T fai'd ii , excor. my or(l r- tS'.H.U1 OS,-' .v e".t ,:p ' : ,wan Le . '!sl." : . sired -.tola her the a i . -i r ii. . i 1 g to do Willi anyone uie loreman 01 me granajury. jnver who iravc me Luther Overcash, who was in- i was sent for by dieted for carrying a concealed :.r the Asylum and I weapon, plead guilty ana the to to see what was judgement was suspended, -aw Miss Bemis and i : v if I could sew. I I thought so. Miss me that she had be ,rk and asked me to an half an hour y amount was put, up to release him until in money trial. A negro was arrested for driv ing too fast through the streets. He submitted and paid his three dollars. finish i1. nicely. Miss Bemis said "rIwoul'J have to get my orders Marriage Licenses In Demand. Last Saturday five couples SelIg a Part ef Iis LamK were issued licenses to wed by Register Johnson. It is often the case that Mr. Johnson re ceives no calls of that kind for a . A .. A T,,- r AX A ' i 3 Vii speak to any of the girls about that all of the aspirants to mat . their v:, 'ina they said nothing rimonial life come at once. Mr. to me. I was only employed to w G Hess was -ranted license to : sew by rho day. I S6wed under the direction of Miss Mayer. She did the cutting and gave me my directions. I was not em ployed to assist in instructing , anyone with her work. I only sewed on articles given me by Miss Mayer and obeyed her or ders. I worked six days and charged fifty cents per day. I , did not show anyone how to do anything, and I was not em ployed to do so. It is not true ; 1 J T 1 .... t mat i was employ ea as assistant manager in the sewing-room to instruct the girls how to sew. I sewed at the Asylum by the day, as I have been doing for many years in the homes of a great many ladies in Oxford. While I was sewing in the sewing-room of the Asylum I moved my maehino away from the girls ov to another part of the wed Miss Sophina Carter, of No. 2 township, also Mr. H M Fink and Miss M E Little, of No. 4 township; Mr: J B Millertmd Miss Mary Moore, of Forest Hill; Mr. G W Widenhouse and Miss Loula Miller, of Forest Hill, and Mr. Lindsay Bost, of the Bala mill and Miss Mattie Brown, of Forest Hill. The past records show October to be one of the best of months for marrying. PERSONAL POINTERS. Mr. Gus Hartsell spent yes! terday here. Mr: Ed. Ray, of Charlotte, is here today. Mr. Jno. Leslie, of Albe marle, is here today. ' Mr. Jno. Yorke, of Char lotte, spent yesterday here. Rev. N 1 Bakke, of Char lotte, spent yesterday here. Mr. J R Smith spent yesterg day with his sister, Mrs. M L Brown. Mr. Ben Craven, of China Grove, spent yesterday and to day here. Messrs. D A Foreman and Jno. Foreman, of Salisbury, are here today. Hons. Theo. F Kluttz and Lee S Overman, of Salisbury, are here today. Mr. Horace Freeman, of Lexington, arrived here this morning. Messrs. J C Black, Jno. Beard and J M Steele, of Salisbury, :u'ilv .A here this morning. Mr. Frisby Thomas, of Balti more, who visited Mr. Ernest Fetzor here this summer, spent last night here. I o n T 3 TT T Mr. Rufus Lippard, of this' "i" ; mmduunD , . Parks wTent over to Charlotte place, last week sold a tract of land containing 6G acres to Mr. Fred Barnhardt, of No. 5 town ship. The land lies . .in that township near thd Rowan county line. The Allison Property Purchased. A considerable real estate deal Dark W ar Cloud In Africa. The war cloud in Africa is now of the most ominous character. England, chafing under the de feat at Majuba Hill is likely to go to war with such determined energy as to bring modere war fare, now so terrible anyhow, up to its most advanced stage. . - ; - ; Gen. Buller has been assigned to the command on conditions named by himself and is looked upon as a terror. He is expected to have a sufiiciect force of some 70,000 men and with it u) press : with great energy and dash. this morning to spend the after noon. For Ovr ruiv Tenrs Mrs. Winslow's Soothirg Syrup has been used for over fifty yearn by mil lions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. . It soothes the' child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immedi ately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bot tle. Be sure and ask for ''Mrs. Win slows Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind A Fres OF TTl, --.-A V.nf4l. . X t-t AT ofol has been made in Concord, but'. - , . . , . iU . is a-mistake ana only the attack the purchasers don t want their , x J . , -U . 4. -i ron - the armored trains have names given yet, but -just- wait ; 1 time will tell. The deal re- i ; Tprr expected bloody war. - room. SalMui. y Wrestles With Small-Pox. Despite the freedom from sen-sat-hm nir neighbor, Salisbury. - .'laving no little trouble with f erred to is the Allison property on North Main street where the Presbyterians had hop d to place j a new church. The property was sold for $7,000. The British forces "will hardly be ready for action befor '-early in November. CURE A COLD IN ONJB DAX Take Laxative Bromq Quinine TnHets. All druggists refund moiieyv faf it failn t 25c. Ihe genuin . nas I n. U on re. n each tablet.. I FANCY I CAKES Oi Ji I'iflllii Mnail-v.ox. A negro man stepped j - into a drug store Saturday wish-1 Ten Perish by a Burning Vessel. The steamer Nutmeg Sta;3 He Is Yet Undecided. It was noted in these columns several weeks ago that Dr. Thos: Costner, of Lincolnton, wTould RntnTvloTT ,T-iaVi. verv nrobablv locate hpro ahrmt. jitiuiuity YYlOIi l I o v , i 1 mK to W what was the matter Hhe 15th of this month. We nre ,01"' j- With him. Hrv Trnicn 1 loam tlint ho is vpt unrlopulr oc ng m Long have a iullv dcvoi 9 I trt wTipfhr nr Tint, Vip will loaira l b: I t'.KOt CM 06 C6?ml TOD flens Fine SHOES. rN 7. -..-i -m We are the ex elusive agents for George. Snows' They are shoes that's made right and wear right. They have a rep utation that is known evsry where, w e nave them in all new styles in RUSSIA CALF, BOX i nun iris i iu via in all sizes from 5 to 9 1-S. We have an elegant line of Pit EHIS. ID .111 D CI in lace and but ton, sizes 5 to 91-2. Snow shoes for men are abso lutely the best and priced at $2.50 8.00 3.50 H.L.ParhsACs M attresses, small-pox. He was, of course, taken to the pest house, but how many cases will spring from him ! is v( ! to he seen. There have now been twelve cases at the ,M St his present place. insr in Long Island Sound and was' run ashore, but was' so quickly burned to the water line that ten lives were lost. Mattresses! i;; THE BEST PRESCRIPTION FOB CHILLS . and fever is a bottle c. Grove's Taste- Miss Nellie Isenhonr Oea'i- On Sunday afternoon Miss Nellie Isenhour, daughter of Mr. liiey are all negroes B M Isenhour, of No. 4 township, less Chill Tonic. Never fails to cure; , , , , 1 , . Then why experiment wun wortuiess rri. jdied. She was a lady of about -tions? Price 50 cents, your 30 years of age. The funeral roonev back if it foils to cure. .'jkes Lodge No. 8 j was preached by Rev. V R Stick jniar Lomrannicntimi ; hjv :t Trmitv church. . . " ' " night, 10th, 8 i ue sdav O CiOCii for wo 1 rt't lji'i' o:i degree. night t t t : it to odliif ess. NO CURE. NO PAT . That is the way all dragrists sell i ii 'i ii tins: ; clean and j)ressed by Alexander leatina Topics Tlendrix. Satisfaction ai ' due notice. 1- Buchanan. Secretary. i Grove's Tasteless Chill Tom'c for chills anl Malaria. it is simwy iron aiiu Oninine zn a tasteless form. Children eovo it. A1ults refer it to bitter.'nau- Price. oOo. Worlds of Matresses in stock a:id a solid car of 100 on the way. Like-'Zeb Vance's whiskey all Matteresses are good but some are better than cihurs. See our Royal Pelt. Acma Sm-insr, Perfection. Sea Moss. Pine Fiber. Curled Hair, Cotton, Cotton and Ii i . -1. :t but by no meansleast our Rice Straw with cotton top. the Mattress for the millions. We have M:itiress-, i .spare. Con ferenceis coming. Don't forgot u... V e ;.re unloading a solid car of Beds today Solid car of S'pri. -- last week. We are at your service. T?k a ! i; at our liin-oi Carpets. We are agents for J. k J. -or;. ;b. largesi Manufacture of the United States- If you haven't tin.e u, come, 'Phone orders No. ways guaranteed. i fTMdaene tttavvvti m minutes uy jc tttiie' Vain Pllls. "Que cent a dose.' 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