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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 17, 1899, Image 4

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A MOTHER TELLS HOW SHE SAVED DAUGHTERS LIFE. I an the rnothor of eight child ren ami i ,ive had a great deal of expen n - with medicines. Last summer my little daughter had the dysentery m its worst form. "We thought, sb would di. I tried ewryMiing I could think of. I saw-' bv an advertisement in oar paper that ChamberlainVtolic, Cholera and Dinrrhoea Remedy was highly recommended and sent and got a bottle at once. It proved to be one of the very best medicines, we ever had m the houe. It saved my little daught er's life. I am hxxious for every mother to know what an excellent luedicii'e it is. Had L known it at tirst it would have saved me a great dal of anxietv and my little daughter much tuffering. Ycurs truly, Mrs. Geo. F. Bur dink, Liberty, K. I. For Sale by M. L. Marsh & Co., Druggist. 1 ItE CLEANS! "CATARRH ASM ltKAL,lf G'ATRARH IS COLD Ely's Cream Bala! use. Cont:v.:i no in jurious Drue rs quick ly absorvt'i. Gives re lef at once. It opens nd cleans the .Nasal Pasjiaees- A' lavs in COLD 'N HEAD fiamation. Heals and protects the membrane, restores the senses of tate and smell. Lare size 50c at Dmg jfist or bv mail; Trial size 10c bv mail. ELY BROTHERS. 56 Warrei.' Street. New York Winter is Comingo I ALREADY HAVE ON HAND THREE CARS OF Jellico Coal And have ten more car loads on the Tray. It is time for yon to lay in a supply for the winter, isn't it? I also have on hand the best of antracite co-d. J. A. C. Blackwelder, West Depot St. at Store. r'Phono 63. COAL! K. L. Craven hS boejm 800 TONS JELICO COAL 200 TONS HARD COAL Also Virgins Split and Bird Eye Cannel Coal Best steam cealat mine urices. Good Smivh Coal. Call and jret "what you want. "Phone 74! B I CYCLES Kepaired Promptly and Savsfac- j tK.n Guaranteed. j FRESH FRUITS And Vegetables in stock at E. L. LI PES IN BRICK ROW. I AM PREPARED TO DO ANY THING IN Plumbing, Steam Fitting and Electric Wiring, I HAVE SOME NICE Bath Tubs ON HAND. 'PHONE I04. E. McNISH. Notice to TaxPavers. The tax bocks for 1S9A have been placed in my hands for collection and all tax-pave: s are requested to come forward andj pay their taxes at once. r S. J. Ervix. , City Tax Collector. ' LOST OR STOLEN NOTICE is hereby ttu: ; a note ft-r $100 dated May on J W Cannon has Ue-.e; "lost cr! stolen and parties are warned ! not to trade for -aiue. TCWilso.,. 1 1 Snrriving Cofederate Generals. Col. Chas. E Jones, the Georgia historian, has compiled a list of the surviving Confederate gen erals, which showes that out of the original nineteen lieutenant generals seven survive; of the 81 major-generals, 16 are living; and of the 362 brigadier-generals 92 survive. The living lieuten ant-generals are James Long street. Alexander B Stewart, Stephen D Lee, Simon B Buck ner, Wade Hampton, John B Gordon and Joseph Wheeler. Times Visitor. A NIGHT OF l'EKROR. "Awful anxiety was felt for the widow of the braye Geberal Burnham, of Machis, Me., when the doctors said sbe could not liye till morning," writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who attended her that fearful night. "All thought she must soon die from pneu monia, but she begged for Dr. King's New Discovery, saying it had more than once saved her life and had cured her of con sumption. After three small doses she slept easily all night, and its further use completely cured her." This marvelous medicine is . uaranteed to cure all throat, chest and lung diseases. Only 50c. and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Fetzer's Drug Store. Boone's Gun, Old Daniel Boone's shot gun, Hint and steel. ha.s just been bought by J. T. Wyatt, of Faith, N. C. It is a tine old relic of the olden times. It has 4,D Boone" cut on the barrel and was found in the settlement where Daniel Boone lived, in possession 01 a iarmer. ho can beat that for a good old relic. Salisbury Sun. THAT THROBBING HEAD ACHE Would quickly leave you if you used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands of suffers have proved their matchless merit for sick and nervous headaches. They make; pure blood and strong nerves and j build up your health. Easy to j take. Try them. Ony 25c. Money back if not cured. Sold at' Fetzer's Dm Store. j FOR SALE A new Wheeler ! & Wilson sewing machine with j rive drawers, just from the fac- ior. aii at tins omce ana get! at tirst cl machine 011 asy tx terms WANTED Tt buy 100,000 pounds ol old capt-iron tfcrfii, de livered, a; :? fonnary At occe. for which we -il! pay n fair price. Nf burst iron :-tntHi. alGtf. Concord Fovndkt IS JUST AS COOD VOn ADULTS. VARRANTED. PRICE DO cts. GALJTIA. IlXS , y-ZV. f 15' enrte Vasicine Co., 5t. Lculs. M rontieruen: We sjia inst v-ar. 0 trVa nt v- 'JSbt lhr- tfrv..'!;- :L -,--. -, vionrer A ii a Y, CJJa A CC TASTELESS uzk'i n m m n Concord a Prosperous Town. Mr. Claude Matthews, of the fJliarlottft News, has the follow ing in the Monday's edition in regard to Concord, and its growth from a 4 'once sleepy town:'-' Right at Charlotte's doors is one of the. most wide awake towns in the State. We have re ference to Concord. There is an air of thrift and progress that pervades all the avenues of trade in this once sleepy town. The largo cotton mills located in and near Concord have injected new life into all lines of business and, today, there is not a town of Concord's population in the State, or as far that matter, in the South, that can boast of a more contented and prosperous people than others. He Moved, He Did. The New York Times prints a dispatch from Chester, S. C, showing their unique way of get ting rid of a troublesome citizen against whom there is evidence satisfactory to the public mind, but not conclusive before the courts. Too much blind tiger was abroad and was a source of evil. A meeting was called and the presiding officers stated the case saying: "If you conscien tiously believe there are any per son or persons whose presence is contaminating to the moral and social atmosphere of this community, then write his or their names on a piece of paper, fold, and deposit in a ballot box. On the contrary, if you conscien tiously do not believe there are any such person or persons in the community, then so write it." The ballots were counted and one man was elected to leave. He did not hesitate nor ask what it meant. He knew it meant to get out and he got. Dniing tne ciyil war, as well as in our late war with Spain, diar- rhoea was one of the most troublesome diseases the army had to contend with. In many instances it became chronic and the old soldiers still suffer from it. Mr. David Taylor, of Wind Ridge, Greene count v. Vn., is one 0f these. He uses Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and savs he never found anjthing thut would give him such quick rfMiof. 'It is tor sale by M. L. Marsh '& Co.. Dru gist 1 V ITinil of TTiiorinof . One L. Edds a white man of At, . 7 Greensboro, is in jail on a charge of robbing the Finishing Mills there of goods that he-would slip out at night and Would sell to k ... iierchantsr representing that he was closing but a country stock of goods at a sacrifice. It was a bold scheme and it is not known how far he carried it but prob ably to th extent of 600 or $700 worth of goods.' The meanest part of it is that he was an. em ploype and fixed a window' that he used going in and out between the periodical visits of the night watchman. Chronic Nasal Catarrh pois ons every breath that, is drawn into the lungs. "There is pro curable from any druggist the remedy for the cure of this "ivuui' onitiii uauLiiy OT Elys Cream Balm placed .into the nostrils spreads over an in flamed and angry surface, reliev- W Pfc! iu? immdiately the painful in nii. I nanilti0lu cleans? heals and cures, a cold-in the head van ishes immediately. Sold by druggists or wilfbe mailed for 50 cents by Ely Bros.. 56 War ren St.. .New 1 'orV M" dr u-gists y:41 Dr. Mile I'aia rtiis. I 5 The Kind You Have Always in use for over 30 years, and JW-f J7- sonal fZCU4 AUnw All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but Ex periments that trifle with and endanger ihe health of Infants and Children Experience against Experiment. What is CASTOR! A Castoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing- Syrups. It Is Harmless and j?leasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age is its ruarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Feverishiress. It cures Diarrhoe and Wind Colic It reheres Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTOR 7 Bears the The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. TMC CI eoMnnv, tt ODELL flFlCTURIIIG COMP't MANUFACTURERS OF FLE Ginghams Plaids, Sheeting, Salt Bass AND Outing -Cloths. DEALER IN General Merchandise BUYERS 07 COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kind. Four-foot Wood always Waafced.SBest Price for same. ........o j We xnyite anjinsrection of all thefgooda . . "we3nianufaotiire . . . 1 n-pi1 mm if k oncord N. c Bought, and w hich has been ha? borne the signature of has been made under his per- supervision since its intancy. Tin nnn tn dftnfive von ill this. ALWAYS Signature of murray strcct. ninvorx errr. Ml, :.ijt..,;.m.f g. outhern ailway SCHEDULE. IN EFFECT JULY THE 16TH. 1609. This condensea schedule is pub Iished as information, and is subject to change without notice to the public : Trains leave Concord 2. C 5.52 A. M.No S, daily, for Rich mond; connects at Greensboro for Raleigh and Goldsboro; at Goldboro for Norfolk, at Danville for Washington and points North, at Salisbury for Asheville, Knoxyille and points West. 7. 19 A. M No. 33, the New York and Florida Express, carries Pullman Sleep ing Care between New York and J- ; gusta, New York and Tampa, Fla.. and Norfolk to Charlotte. S;49 A. M. No. 37, daily, Wash ington and Southwestern limited lor Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis', MoDt gomery, Mobile and New Orleans, and all points South and Southwest. Through Pullman sleeper N-w Y,rk to New Orleans and New York to2 IempIifs. Dining car, vestibuled coach, Letwecn Washington and Atlanta. 10:00 A. M.No. 36, daily, for Wash ington. Richmond, Raltizh and ,.11 j points North. Carries Pullman drawing room buffet, sleeper, New Orleans to rew 101 k; Jacksonville to New York: Pullman tourist cars from San Francisco via New Orleans and Sonth eru Pacific Sundays and Wedneliys. 11:23 A. M.No. 11, dailv for Atlanta and all points SouU. Solid train, Rich mond to Atlanta. 7r09P..M.Xo. 12, daily, for Rich mond. Asheville, Chattanooga, Raleigh. Norfolk, and all points North. 8;5,1P.M. '"NTo7, daily, from Rkli uiond, Washington, Goldsboro. Selm.4, Raleigh, Greensboro Knoxvillo and Asheville to Charlotte. N. O. 8: 51 P. M.-No 28, dailv, Washington and Southwestern limited, for Wash ington and all points North. Through x uiiiuna ear. jLiempms to jew ior?; New Orleans to New York. Also carries vestibuled coach and dining car. Close connection at Greensboro with sleeper for Norfolk. 9.20 P. M.No. 35. dailv, f c 1 Ailat and. New Orleans, carries Pullman sleeper New York to New Orleans. New lork to Jacksonville and Charlotte to Atlanta; dinning car. Also Pull nan tourist car Washington to San Frances co, via New Orleans Tuesday and Fri days. 9.45 P. M.No. 34, daily, the New York and Florida Express, carries Pull man Sleeping Cars between Aaata and New York. Tampa, Fla, andNew lork and Charlotte to Richmond. Car ries sleepers Charlotte to Norfolk yia Greensboro. First sections of regular through or local freight trains cany passengers only to points where they stop accord m ' to schedule. 3 Frank S. Gannnn. j Third Vice-Pres. and Gen'l. Man. vv asnington, v. c. John M. Culp. TrafHo Manager, Washington, 1), 'c W. A. Tt;rk, Gen'l. Pas?. Agent, Washington, D. C. Gowan Dasenbery, Local Agent, Concord. N.C

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