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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 20, 1899, Image 2

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rffhfrdft' .... J 1 v. 9B 5WHS2 r ffi i ui ft! J( .uA D. BARRIER and SON, Editors and Proprietors. m 1 I F, IX Til E Mo ill; IS BUII.DINU THE STANDARD is published every d&y (Sunday excepted) and delivered by jie&. Hates of Subscription : Otiti vr $4.00 iz tnmuhe 2 00 Tbrsti uiontbs 1.00 One raoinb .35 iv;vv .05 THE WEEKLY STANDARD is a oar-pug eiht-column paper. It has larger Circulation in Cabarrus than any cnher,piiper. Price $1.00 per annum in advance. Advertising Rates : Terms for regular advertisements known on application. Address all communications to THE ; STANDARD, Concord, N. C. c;;cokd, N. C., Oct, 20. CKiTIClSil WITHOUT INFORMATION Ii is pure, unadulterated igno rai: with us, that we can not determine whether or not Geii. Otis should be superseded. We have too much of a sense of fairness o engage in popular censuf&fill we think, at least, that we know whereof we speak. Whi!- not always agreeing with if Biblical Recorder, we ohink the following right well put: ' 'If there were means of put ting the authors of the out-cry gainst General uus m ir.s place, they would get the beneiit of an vpc.u:;e that would teach iheiii to be silent when they are ii iioraiit, and though the cost would i o great, one such ex- ri iron - by any country would v ork lasting relief to us all. We r re sure we do not know any thing about conducting a war, and we are willing 'that soldiers attend to that. K M'v man to ds trad;-, and h- . -.A has none let him keep ou; of the way. AViien editors mi: 'ei'take to con duct wars, soldi .'-may well give r-ting news- RAILROADS FOR MT. PLEASANT. The Manufacturers' Record for October 20th, says that Messrs. AC Wilcox & Co., 332 Drexel Building, Philadelphia, are pre paring to float bonds to extend the Moore County and Western Railroad from its present termi nus to Concord. The extension will be seventy miles in length and the bonds will represent 815,000 per mile. The same issue of the Record says, "The people in Cabarrus and Rowan counties have made a proposition to the Southern Railway Co. to give the right of way and grade for a branch line between Gold Hill and Mount Pleasant if the railroad company will lay the track. The line will be about nine miles in length when built." It wTill be seen from this that Mt. Pleasant has two roads in fair prospective grasp, for it has alwavs been understood that the Moore County and "Western will run a branch track to Mt. Pleas ant. The necessity for a railroad to Alt. Pleasant is growing more apparent since it is to be well in the line of manufacturing towns. Let both roads come. Even as wTe write, we see learns loauea with cotton to supply the Kindley mill, and soon there will be an other mill there. m Ml III! n m MAKES A STAR IX TI'EIR CROWN. Henry Smith, of Coffee county, Georgia, is in jail in Winston. He has a card in the Sentinel thanking Mrs. Cozart and Mrs. Fultz, and others for such mani festations of Christian spirit in their ministrations to him that ho is won to the cause and will, at the expiratian of his in carceration, go out. with a changed purpose aud a living faith. It seems a star in the c ro wn s o f these de a ;t ed wo rn on is the' strongest Natural Lithia water on the market and has the endorsement of the most noted physicians of the country as to its superiority over all others. Read what the noted Dr. John Hey Williams, of Ashe ville, has to say for Harris Lithia, springs. Asheville, N. C, April 24,. 1893. An extended clinical use of Har ris Lithia Water .prompts me to the statement that I regard it as one of the best if not the best, Lithia Water known to the pro fession. In the condition of Phosphatic Urine, its action is marvellous. Its use in the Rheu matic and County Diseases afford me more comfort than either the Buffalo or Londonderry Waters. Very truly vours, JOHN HEY WILLIAMS, M. D. We guarantee that one glass of Harris Lithia carbonated water will relieve any case of indiges tion in one minute or our agent is authorized to refund you the money, or if taken after each meal will cure the most stubborn case of indigestion. Why suf fer when you have the guarantee? M L Marsh, Airent for Concord. Put in a word for the Consti tutional amendment whenever opportunity presents. It is one of the most important questions ever brought before the people of North Carolina. Let's give it the biggest majority ever rolled up in the State. Winston Sentinel. CURE A COLD LN ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All dr nists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c. Tiio jrenuin has L. 13. Q n each tablet .tile :me to c-cv- IT is not very complimentary to the Old North State that at a ICnox- vilie, Tenn., the State was rep resented as- a fertile field for Mornionism and eighty priests were assigned to it. Our peo ple should surely close their dors to theiii. Wo don't need c.ny Al or monism mixed our religion. Admiral Dewey will most prob ably j)ass through Concord next ay morning on his way to ta but we sur.voso ho will 1 J. 1 , -i I i most a eai'i uoii rate and might as we'.i ,.:ei to At lanta by an underground route him Tuesd Atianl oe g so far as our getting goes. oanors. esneciallv if the editors M" f'lim,," i!w.iv n.rn the Mormon assembly business. We have followed the course of eveuts in the Phil ippines since Dewey dropped an chor oil Manila, and we believe fha. General Otis has done as vol! as any other of our soldiers could, i'o be sure, we may have .some Alexanders in newspaper otiiee even in Raleigh, but we can hardly be expected to believe ii. T habit of criticising the :;.ai: 1 has the work to do is not commendable. The Northern pros-: .!:.; rued that in the Civil Avar. The habit of picking plans at a di stance of 12,000 miles be speaks a mind that is disposed to presume upon the ordinary in telligence. No reasonable man err: expect perce to be hi the Philippines in a squired several centuries de the aborigines of this that civilization must and by the way there ouch sound sense in e is:i- .;d.-3 oil the coast civilization as there was in tai.. ig the land we love from the Indians. General Otis has much to contend with. He lias a tremendous task. He has the role of a friend wTho is fight ing those whom he would help; of a falser wTho chastises a son. He must restore peace and do as little harm as possible. He has a crafty leader and determined fighters, a strange country and hard climate to contend with. He has no doubt much to learn "but not from newspapers. Re call him and his successor will have to begin all over again. up with Young Lady Drowned. A Wilmington dispatch of the 17 tlx says Miss Katie Cause was stx'olling with a group of chil dren. At the bank of a mill pond some miles from the city, she dropped her purse and returning from a little way off was sepa rated from the children. They heard a splash, and found the lady drowning in 15 feet of wa ter. It will never be known how the sad affair occurred. She was very much beloved. to se day 1 count: y have iv is iu:-A claim h of Asia HOW'S THIS? We oilr Oi'JO hundred tloihuK 'Hid for itny easy of catarrh :,. vst bv cured by Hall's r i ;' t ' -U'H. F. J. Olamev & Co., Props., Toledo, Ohio. Wf ih undersigned, have known F J Ciieney for the last 15 ye.a, aui! believe him perfectly reliable in all business transac tions :.nd financially able to carry THE RACKET STORE! We have just received a lot of Stamped Linens which Vd are selling far below their usual values. If you anticipate doin any Embroidery for Christmas presents now is a good time to start your work. Small Doylies or squares for lc, larger onvs to 10c. Table and Tray Cover, Center Pieces, Splashers and Scarfs. 15 to 25 cents. Wide hemmed with wide silk stitching as above at 5 to .' v- See Our Window Display. Embroidery Silks, wash colors, 3c, worth 5c. Embroidery Hoops 5 and 15c, Embroidery Scrim 15c. yard Embroider Silk (not wash colors) l2o per skein. Crocket Cotton 4- and 5c. Silk 5c Short length spools. Special in Stationery Department. 200 New Novels at 10c. Indelable Ink at 10c. White Ink at 10c Game Boards, containing sixteen gams S2.25 and twenty dito for $3.50. See cur 5 and 10c Departments up-stairs. Nice lot of Glass etc. in them. ost r r n 1 I I v Tf vnn sirt lint a ciil-kct-ri'Kn. f The Standard If yon have auytLiiis: to sell J you c an make it known through .- now is the time to subscribe. X V : -?-X Winston-Salem is to havo a gala time the 24th to iLh. It is the occasion of the Horse Show, I oat ;ny obligations niade by their county Pair and Carnival. I brm. Forsythe is up to date. WestLruax, v noiusaie jjru agists, Toledo, O. W aiding, Kinnan fe "NTarvin, WIicU'shUv Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in ternally, acts directly upon the blood and uuroas surface of the Chronic Nasal Catarrh pois ons every breath that is drawn into the lungs. There is pro curable from any druggist the remedy for the cure" of this trouble. A small quantity of Ely's Cream Balm placed into the nostrils spreads over an in flamed and angry surface, reliev ing immediately the painful in fiamation, cleanses, heals and cures. A cold in the head van ishes immediately. Sold by druggists or will be mailed for 50 cents by Ely Bros., 56 War ren St., New York. THE BEST PRESCRIPTION FOR CHILLS and fever is a bottle z Grove's Taste less Chill Tonic. Never fails to cure; Then why experiment with worthless imitations? Price 50 cents. Your mono? book if it fails to cure. 17 5 system. Price Sold by uii druggists, riials free. per bottle. Testimo- You assume no risk when you buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera Hiid Diarrhoea Remedy. M. L. Marsh & Co. will refund your money if you are not satisfied after using it. It is everywhere admitted to be the most success ful remedy in use for bowel com plaiuts and the only one that never fails. It is pleasant, safe and reliable. ?'FatnJ$m m guaranteed tosfrt The Standard. AjC'li J 5 is published every day (Sunday ex cepted) at id delivered at your door for only We per week or 35 o- per month ....... 7 prints home and otfur news that is of interest to oar readers and to mahe it grow better we mast have the pat ronage of the people r m . (tClfflHM , . Give us a trial when you make your next order for. Job Work. Work ready when promised. -uuuwu, uuv anytnins j :Advertisingates: Jn jrwuoan.5cau i0r it 2ihxoujh 4. i me standard. t - 5 ,tmade known, on application. J I The Standard

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