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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 23, 1899, Image 1

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4. r Y';""f a: 0 41 ir is 8$ : i 4"-"' , 7 V v OONCOUD, N. C, MONDAY, OCTOBEU 23, 1599. nl Til ;h dead. , !5:ii-:s:mU Drops y y-";v WIele at -!.ae,Ts Only a SENATOR MAY 15E LOST. . ! tV.r niHiibrs of sud - :'is in our county vrnstho :i Siruiny moniini;' when !-';;nii;u;dt. tho Avifo of Rjirnhardt, dro-)od upon i Sie!;nrss Ia-!'v P.urrod. 'V.mvUn Porsor.s An" li.rr.-inloa for Feaivi! Th?it the V-! With lV:,'i H-.d- ' Iv"eel) olir vitality above the Mcir.orizhi' tho e.-cfnjs-Aiiotlior dirs Vent in a Tyjdioon. i negative condition and you will (;mtost f Nevv's of a most disquieting na- never know disease of any kind. The Catechism Kally at ture comes lending great fc:ir "No disease can exist where Cannonvilio p- i;y1( T;;:n church, that the transport Senator hav- th.-r- is an abundance of puiv Sunday afternoon was a decided ing on board tho Fifty -first Iowa bood. To get the necessary 111 success, j wo of the expected Volunteers has been lost in the r-aiount, eat nutritious focd: speakers W(u-e not present, but Pacific on its way to San Fran- to circulate it perfectly, take their places were filled by a cisco. There were about, 1 700 proper exercise; to purify it, get shoi L address from 1h: ivwt nr soldiov mi hnmvl Ti.o -irv. fresh air and sunlight. If a ner- Mid u iied. bne was at t).,i , . , ...... , -r4i i , xiuius were prcsenieu lor per- press ot Japan" was caught in -.y J-annj cuuuiuun ui uie m tee ko.ciien at the! r.. Ttt , ... ... . avo n,.i tvre of the surface of the body it is ? .) L.v. ssibie to catch cold. Cold v, ;..m; bat! is taken every day will tii ik h toward producing the '".) '; :" :; proU)r food and exercise , . ' , , .. , , Al isioies were presented lor per- press ot Japan" was cauirht in ;v mi tue I'Oiion i't tbe c r,lir hnnio';,Ktni.rncl0Cl l'OCitiit ion of the West-part of a terrible typhoon, oieir home ust across o: o . i 4-. . minister Shorter Catechism to From it were seen indications of lhvnilhr vn. . Jinllllo Misses Maggie and Jemima wreckage that it is feaied were . r u enty years she has r , . T , n 4.,.,., : , , ! Eagle, Daisy Johnson, Esther the remains-of the "Senator." art troubh which was y, , T) T , , 01 -Alexander, Belle T,--azcr anc ot hoi- death. She was AT . -, , . , , 0, , n i Mcsdaines Alexander rrl Pros U l .1 Li , l-i .... t. V, T , . i toil, ana iui iiui j it t Lo leather solicitude fo. , 1 ' i oac icou , gist-edged 'i estrunents our ho 1 w 1 1 l . n. io and The vessel is due : bout now and the nation will wait in tremblim- confirmation of" ivjinonMp i Crl TV'; f 1 . 1 1; U-Ti. 7U ,r relatives livinsr. laitis Avere interred out i for . reci-r.tion of the cltihVs ' Catechism to Sain Oner v. fJ 'ravers ' s or i.-ars. A i)in!i?T Scrvcvl to T'h'im. Ci! ho' d by : !2. plavevl v T r . i iiauey, , TlKn'nlmrg "'kdCenloy, a nuivd:er :: ' ; - no r tht Stuart. Maggie On 1; dinni i 1 :) ' 1 ! a iter. Nature gives you an JJl.1 ho-m in the iirst chilly feeling, j .- ' d it at once or pay the penalty. ; u ' ;l V,Hsk ""lk or breatnv , J 2 T .7;.. . A no w com est iii now i o the end of the to last ouniciu t r .on: oT t thvowv 1 , , ... , . Wbo d ; -ti ! St. 1 ' there 1 . c:: y and l-:e-:.'p the niouth closed, u ar( so situated that you ! "itlier, as in a church, j '(,() ill i 'y'Oli A : Mi Cl'L OJ. L 1. i "7" S. 1. , ( a va; acted services were be- vaa o vi;h ; : ; io i j - j 1 ix ! gun at Forest Hill Presbyterian 'u 1 church Sunday niihi. The house! r io- .... . i , . . : ucl r valuable assist?. re.-". T .'; -bv the invitation of Mr. J M ; " ? """piy. rapuiiy and i . 'ssly until you are satis- ; a- i y;;ur body has passed from a j " ve to a positive condition." j Ladies' Home Journal. j rO -fi ' PERSONAL POINTERS. Tuo. Goodman, of Chariot ic. Mer v vid.'on c I o i l i i i s ,.,..1 4.. all, they aialler number of stu- v-X players : 'tc : the fact fhat was well tilled and the singintr. o.-i : !i ii N-s Loslio at the organ, j Hon K c , ()f Hujjtt.(.s. j wes spimea and aengnttiu. hl lhis C()ini1 i here see.ns to be considerable ; t tl , t cu:i:lrv vnCVVinan interest ahvady awakened, and . Ro wus o(1 .m(1 foel)f0 It soos lome last Saturday night. a graad good moving i hoped lhat no ono was witl llim at the! Mr. S H Harwood. of China W ""IS, B ' 1 ' sent yesterday here. Mia T II Barringer returned j GlJiIuS, 310. 1 5 which to pic their i. Jail. The J'- jut term of court dis- -;.-:! of all of the jail bii'ds with tin.- e:a option of three. They t- .i A YVae'oiier, the white man wlie failed to pay his costs for retailing whiskey, Isaac Scott, no:vd. who failed to give bond ra- Iii-, a)pearance at court here ai January for retailing whiskey, : a a1 Kr.hert Richardson who is 11 1 ;v a Avitness in the murder "f Pel iceman Kerns. a -. c..r,..Ml a Tea. ... ui" the largest social even s a-e time will be the tea v.. .;n, . day evening given by .V:... .his. Vr Cannon at her ).;:-. T!ie hours are from o to and yjraved for. Two services will be held each day for ten days. Everybody cordially in- j vited to comk and hkt.p! Irs. Doaton Sells Her Property. Mrs. M G Deaton has sold her house and lot on Spring street near the Baptist church to Mr. Pink Misenheimer. Mrs. Dea ton will purchase property at Mooresville and will live there with her son, Harry Deaton. Mr. Misenheimer will not move into the house for several weeks. spend several days. thm Tfe was found lviu- mi ! G rove, spent this morning 1 the hearth and his body burned to a coal. The last time we saw him which was several months ago, he was sitting in the sun shine at his barn, complaining of being very cold, and said he had consumption. Thomas ville News. hcre.iJlHiaS 01 U. . -Mrs. Robt. Walthall went to! reil'S ILiiiOIl SlOtS Lirrisburc: this morninr to I i a ;ana separate Mules for South Africa. A New Orleans dispatch of the 20th: The steamer Montezuma cleared today for Capetown. .Qrnfli A fviP'i i'ttn n0 mnloc Obseavmi? tlie TTeek of Prayer. -' ' r, ,Tr . tj 1 tor the British army, b.Udd busn- The Woman s Home and; P1 , . . x c 1 els of oats, 500 tons of hay aim Foreign Missionary society ot : ' y-r . I eighty tons of bran. Her com St James Lutheran church is ob-; Cai)tuin (vcn smwing this week as the week of ; U) in.lko lho run j ,om C)l. prayer. Services will be held in j eims to Capetown in 2e days. tlie cliurch each afternoon. Dr. j aULJlo,,! nf C.hMvlniio. will Yon '" mw-I, v,-aen - -. iwl;(!. hi vited for . c, -, ! buy Ciiuri o-r am s . ; ;, K -ho;: n , L( lU- nlU'a t()1 'deliver a sermon to them Sunday ' f)-, p , t M r ;r. Quite a number ot i-0.if ... t f M , c , nignL. j .uai-bii A: t-o vviji reumd vni. Mr. D R Hoover spent Sun- j SliltS lil wo ol gone two weeks. t 1 ti miri 1 A fe 1 Of in ft' PANP.Y 1 a IKS ;0r cotton. We I have durable nn iderwear . ana have been verv careful in our j selection. We boast about oar 1 10c. and idc. I children!:: . cnd ICO T: C? . jl tw K.- V c , XT JL CD c k )? ''hv.ed. aai'ons have been sent out lh v,: y III. nppoinh vl. : ;ih' sui'fer.s a decided set i'i Admiral Dewey's cancel- is engagement to be there - lay and Thursday. The Gets His Fillers Cut, money if yon are not suti- eh(i j I tiftnr uping it ; fidmitted to is employed in the machine shop , fd remed, ;?mu.. ror boyel "ero 1 of the Yorke & Wadsworth Co. 'pldi.ts and "he ou- th-t i , i 1 Mr. Victor Blackwelder, wii' admitted to '..:e rh mosi: H.uoe ss- 5si "ui? 2rJs? AT 0, u 13 1 1 I ; 5 Y '-i e v c v v- r r r and cee them. II. L. Parks & Co. n- v ;r i a ; . and raiiabie got three of his lingers cut last. Saturday evening while working ai's he;lth has been giving i with the buzz ldaner. They i I?ailro:iii "-'M: uder the immence strain to were not badly cut. " . The nar railre hralav ! Broad river between Blacksburg ' ind Gallhey. S U7ir:(: h he has been put on allj Tnn:ri.,,!n. ;e demonstrative occasions , roo this morning to attend the'1 i physician advises him to ' Convocation. He intends to 'i all engagements till turn Thursday. i m 1 . i r t i i -. ' - uumau ocliley lias ; nmimr j1M f;ivii war. .l8 well as 'e:i ask-eu to taku the place - of rillr int war wit!i D"wey in i)resenting the sword I rb .ei wms one ot the most j ing and gave tne warning so that b Lieut. Brumby. Schley will be 1 troublesome diseases the army no train vans in danger of plung- i-nng re- j Friday night, liena-e the ae-ay oi i the northbound 1 ruins. ..a was a. ! happy incident thai, a i:oy dis- j I T 1., - i .-vnn (h'-ir- Covered it eaiay ociiuiua.y myiii- i ' Mattre " a,-to Birmingham about Nov ; had to contend with. m many - -ui does not want to make ! in-tances it became chronic and . i -T i , -i . -i n ithe old so chers still suffer from -P. beside he thinks the it Mr DrtV11 Tavlor, of Wind !:,,ls ot ibo occasion should all j R GrePne connJj Paj 1S 0ne -() t" Ih-umby without being j 0f these. He uses Chamberlain's :aand by himself. noanlinoss xt to CJodliriess. It pays to keep your clothes 'lean und pressed by Alexander 11011(1 " S-i hfaction nlwavs .- uu-anie(:d. Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea I lttsu.edy and says he never found anything iu n would give him ing down the fifty foot precipice. sucii (puck roiic f. U is for sale by M. L. Marsh & Co.. Druggist fZexlache stopped In 20 mlnute3 by Dt. Vind I ftiles' Pain Pills. Odc cent a dose." 4 otner Kinu For Flltv fears Mrs ' Window's Soothicp Syrup lias been used for over fifty years by mil lions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immedi ately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bot- J tie. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Win-, slows Soothing Syrup," and take no , Vv orlds of Matresr es in sto..k and a sola! car of 100 on the way. Like Zeb Vance's whi.-kev -ail Matteresses are good but some are better than others. See our Koval Pelt. Acma Spring, Perfection. Sea : ioss. Pine Fiber Curled Hair, Cotton, Cotton ami Husk hi si but bv oo means;least our Kice Straw with - oiton tej. the Mattress for the millions. We have Mati reuses ' n pai e. Com ferenceis coming. Don't forget i: We are unloading a solid car of Beds today Solid cai of Springs htsl w-k We are at your, service. Take a -A a our liim of Carpets. We are agents for J. & J. Dob-on. :1k; lar-e.t Manufacture of the United States- f vou have-n't time u come, 'Phone orders No. 12. ell, Harris k Co. B

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