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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 27, 1899, Image 2

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AHUrtft JOHN I). HARRIET? and SON, Editors and Proprietors. Hi' : ::;A DA7U) ie published every iiriy (t.w .at... excepted) aud delivered by ri. . Ktitt'b of Subscription : Oj : - . :. ?4 00 wor.s?. . . 2 00 ''.: 't LbS 1 00 Oou tJGor:!.ii ; . ,35 Sir c-u.y. 05 n-'v.--. V'BEKLY STANDARD is a onr-pure, eisrht-colunin paper. It has a larger circulation in Cabarrus tban any fcbtT.iMper. Price $1.00 per annum in advance. Advertising Rats : TfriL-ia fur roiiulur advertisements : :'.q on application. Add ess all communications to THE STANDARD, Concord, N. C. iT -i mnnr'f Co;cjud, N. C, Oct. 27. ELECTION OF SENATORS. lu another column will be seen the views of Col. Waddell and his conditional candidacy. We suppose that the Democratic pr i y is committed to the policy of plotting United States Sena tor hy popular vote, but we con Toss we have not yet been won to the innovation. We take if th:;t the old ways should stand till wisdom demands the new. Ti" founders of this great republic seem to have looked well to every step taken in the formulation of a system of pop ular government, not too liable eh- :;es and innovations. In ste., of one legislative body two .veio conceived, or rather one legislative power composed of iwo branches. One of these it was; v. eived should be of repre sentatives of the peopie directly, the other of the several States in t'e unitei and a.s far removed as ' .com the direct popular voe. Hence ibc election of n. ientatives by the people once ecery two years, while the ... ' -i i .... Nee " rnnvf enfM e i iTrieers; ele' cie evei'y six years. Thus . r'Mn-esentatives fresh ' '.' tlie in:opf would carry up i e C;.c-ce ess iiie sentimenls and e m'c; oi -ne neree '. inn ihe.e are liable to bo the results of tidal waves and abnormal ';.;'!' i onditions whose policies ' . . : v too innovaiive for a ! . , - , . i , srCiCec aeii prosperous luiuo'uui irovei niiient. i ne senatorial. i - mi more compre- i hCD-.ive e v " i i body effects a more of )i'ogress in the )opah .r policies. Veh.i'' always thought the lathers budded wisely and ' i.',; take well to a change i t he seiieme. 11 is easy to see that if the sudden impulses of the populace hhali be enacted into law as se ins to us contemplated by those zealous for the new sys tem, we have but a few more ueeei : s:-.ry and very easy steps to the abolition of the Senate and legislation by one body of men representative of popular will, however spasmodic. The pledging of legislators in advance, that Col. Waddell terms machinery, we' regard as an un fortunate perversion of the scheme of our government. We would rather draw nearer to the original plan than to further diverge from it, however. CrKU A COLD JIN ONE DAY Tale Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c. Thejrenuin lias L.. B. Q m cuuii tablet; "THE MAN WITH THE HOE," BY EDWIN MARK 1 1 AM. Bowed by the weight of centu ries he leans Upon his hoe and gazes upon the ground, The emptiness of ages in his face, And on his back the burden of the world. Who made him dead to rapture and despair, A thing that grieves not and that never hopes, Stolid and stunned, a brother to the ox? Who loosened and let down this brutal jaw? Whose was the hand that slanted back this brow? Whose breath blew out the light within this brain? Is this the Thing the Lord God made and gave To have dominion over sea and land, To trace the stars and search the heavens for power; To feel the passion of Eternity? Is this the dream He dreamed who shaped the suns f And pillared the blue firmament with light? Down all the stretch of Hell to its last gulf There is no shape more terrible than this More tongued with censure or the world's blind greed p More filled with signs and por tents for the soul More fraught with menace to the universe. What gulfs between him and the seraphim! Slavo of the wheel of labor, what to him Are Plato and the ewing oi Pleiades? What the long reaches of the peaks of song, The rift of dawn, the red redden ing of the rose? Through this dread shape the suffering ages look, Time's tragedy is in that aching stoop; Through this, dread s:...po hu manity betrayed, Plu ndered, profaned a I d i s i ; i -herited, Cries protest to the .) o.' the W orld, A protest that is also prophecy. O masters, lords and rulers in all I . 1 A C ...j, to God, This monstrous thing distorted and soul-quenching. How will you ever straighten up 1 CI j clvn . v II . I i Til' i I It.' In 1 ( l I U I I V I , . i i . and the light, Rebuild in it the music, ami the dreams; To--n t agciiu with imrno. -aley: -Wiiiit! ii;0 ililla .jxij C CI.; iif- i .ill ales. Proiidious wrongs, immedicable woes? O masters, lords and rulers inah How v. .i thu Future rockon wiiii .lii.s .u:n? How answer his brute quesiion in that hour When whirlwinds of rebellion shake the world '? How will it be with the kingdoms and the kings With those who shape him to the thmsr he is When this dumb Terror shall re ply to God After the silence of the centuries 't Now Atlanta is going into ! ecstacies over the fact that Ad miral Schley will pay that city a visit on the fourth of November. Bet all our cats he'll come through Salisbury and Charlotte and teuch not another point all the way from Washington to At lanta. Judge J T Hoge, of Newport, Ky., was in' the great light for Goebel but he has suddenly quit disgusted since a letter of Goebel's has been published in which he called Hoge an unmiti gated liar and failed to explain !p. d. q. lI uuv Limns is the strongest Natural Lifhia j water on the market and has the endorsement of the most noted physicians of the country as to its superiority over all others. Read what the noted Dr. John Hey Williams, of Ashe- j viller has to say for Harris Lithiar springs. Asheviile, N. C.r April 24, 1893. An extended cii?;. cal use of Har ris Ijithia Water prompts me to the siatement thai- I regard it as- one of the best if not the best, Lithia "Water known to the pro fession. In the condition of Phosphatic Urine, its action is marvellous. Its use-in the Rheu matic and County Diseases afford me more comfort than either the Buffalo or Londonderry Waters. Very truly yours, JOHN HEY WILLIAMS," M. D. We guarantee that one glass of Harris Lithia carbonated water will relieve any case of indiges tion in one- minute or our agent is authorized to refund! you the money, or if taken after each meal will cure the most stubborn case of indigestion. Why suf fer when yon have the guarantee? M L Marsh, Agent for Concord. We akp: not sure as to the ex. tent of pleasure derived by our readers from poetic quotations that we occasionally insert. Poetry is to the emotional soul a well-spring of joy like- that of harmony of sound to the ear and of color to the eye. No more exquisite sense of beauty in na ture and art s afforded than that from the poet's strains. Yet not all like music, painting nor sculpture and poems of consider able length have been avoided. This accounts for the fact that The Man With the Hoe" has not found its way into our col umns before. There is a sublim it about this poem that is well worth the studious reading, though, it must be a reader that reads it to , etch enough of the spirit of the author to keep within tiie echoes of his match less, though somewhat plaintive, song. There are extant, too, sonic parallels and some of a parodic nature that are quite en joyable and should follow, not precede the original. Ttii t-ootrmi una rivaling prop C ti a m I ) er ai n 's ( )o ugh i !e, ..,.c eOia 1)1 p-rmaur'iit cure? j bnve made it a great hivorite with i lite e ph) rvfwy de re. For sih- j y M. L. M;irtw. A". Co.. Druotjists. j" ZZ"Z , , 7Z". i fill fLrtOUi'lO Hi.lllll! j Oiiinsxyia-: No 4: That no i person shall lire any kind oi tire- j works of any description with j in the corporate limits of said ! town. Any porous violating the provisions of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misde- Imeanor, and unon conviction thereof shall be tine l fifty dollars or imprisoned lor JQ days. On the :Miii oi Oct. the Board of Commissioners at this meet ing discussed the expediency of suspending ihe rbove ordinance during uo Christmas Holidays. They decided that there should be no suspension, but that it should remain in full force, and effect. I, therefore, give notice to all! dealers that they may regulate ! their pure nases accordingly, and I further give notice to the pub lic generally, that the ordinance will be strictly executed and persons will be promptly arrested who violate it, whether the firing be upon the streets or upon private property. J. F. Harris, Chief Police. nnsn it flHWX Hi T v U IGH .Vior Plaid Goods for fl cLses 12 1-2 CM Ladies9 Capes 50c. to S2.68. INFANTS Lone: Cashmer Cloaks, silk embroidered at 75c. to si. 9 Children's Short Wraps 50c. to 81.68. Winter Hoods 18c. Io 93c. WleSift at 50c. to 93c. Iiifaiits Zenliyr Baoluss 10:. Ladies' Jersy Kib Vests 15c. up, Drawers 25c. Ladies, Rib Wool Vests- 75c. and 90c. Ladies' Jersey Rib Union Suits 46c. Boy's Under Shirts 18 Cents Men's Under Shirts, cotton, wool mixed and all wool from 18c. for all cotton to $1.25 for fine all wool. Men's Knit Drawers 37c. up. We have as nice line ot Hosiery as cheap as can be found anywhere. Light colored outing, suitable for infants, Ladies' dressing sacques, gowns and Men's night shirts 61; to 10c. All: fool Flannel 12c. 1-2 qp. Cotton Flannel 5c. nj. Drilling 7ic. Sea Island 4c. up and Sheet 3c up- Good yard wide Bleaching, worth Gic, for 5c. Bleached Cambric full yard-wide 7c. M)-4 Bleach3d Sheeting at 22ci. Table Damask, n,eilcllc1 at 25c. Bleached linen,, do. 47-.c. to 95c. Window Shades 10 and 25c. Curtain Poles 22c. Counterpans. assorted. Nice dot of towels. Stamped Tray covers etc., well assorted. 40 Brands of Toilet soaps from la. to 10c. We are headquarters fcr Toilet Soaps. GLASSWARE. Gobblets 20 and 30c set, Tumblers 15c per set, 4 pices Table sets 25c, 7 pices Ice Cream set 25c, 7 p4eces Water set 25 and 33c, Water Bottles 18c, Vinegar Pitcher lOc. Covered Sugar Bowls 5 and 10c, covered Butter Dishes 10 and 25c, covered Preserve Stands, 25c, covered Comports 25c, Cream Pitchers 5 and 10c, Cake Plates 5c, Pickle Dishes 5 and 10c, Calory Trays 10c, Olive Dishes 5c, Salt and Pepper Shakes 5c each, Bowls 10 and 24c, Syrup Pitchers 10 and 2.5c, Spoon holders 5c, onedialf gallon Water Pitcher 15e. Frill Line of Tin and Enameled Warn QAHES. 24 in. Boards with 16 games. 2.25. 28 in Boards with 20 games 3,50. Crockinole Boards $1,3 Small games . . .'. 10 to 4-Sc. New lot of Quilts, Feather Pillows, Blankets, etc., shortly. Very respectfully, , p g Large Portrat frames with 10x20. glass at 5 J VT i. ji i V t The Standard j. now la tho time to subscribe. is jmbliiihod every day KSKUidtvy. ex czptcd) aii'l ddiverrd at your door tor only Wo per weidc or '35c- per OLOlUil, J 41 A prints lionie and obiitr news that is of interest to our readers and to make it grow better we must have the pat ronage of the people. : Give us a trial when you make your next order for v V Job If you want to .buy anything f yonJ can;:call for it , ihroiiKh The Standard. a 4 v Shirt waists and Children's . Bostian. 55JiJK i5"5 " " v J . i i If you have anything to sell J j. a. you can make it known through $ The Standard, t V Work. v Work ready when promised. I Advertising'rates jin The Standard 4 madd known; on aDDlicatian. - TT t'V rVrTT WW TV TTT

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