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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, October 30, 1899, Image 2

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4? :e it ) If r ! ' ylH. 4i:i e,t :: : 1 8 : 'I f. Si 1 :: i .4 .V1. ease SI H y dTfiMBlPPIl 1:)oard to see if, in- the interest of I HfinOKl j ITIM! JJfiTrn eU a I ANyMrill noodnanathoorothe: Jili ft j i n iffljtK trade patronaere of our city, there ra 15 A? rr nr VI II II E Pi JO Li - " ' I j . j cannot be an ordinance framed; js the strongest Xatnra! Li thin ' IGH Color Plaid Goods for Shirtwaists and Children's ! ihat will em-oower oar r.olice-' ,-.,. e.. i.., i a r ,iv,wcn. . . 19 1-9 P Yao M.ER and SON. Uhat will empower oar police-j v-at,,r ,mv1- iv ; if orsand Proprietors. 'men to break up this .piece of i 4l , . .. , , 1 11 ; the endorsement ol ihe most j 12 1-2 C. ee meanness. ,T, , . . . . noted pw sicians of 1n e.onntr e are under the iinr-i 'os.non : . ' i tie are unaer me iinv 'e.-'.ion : 4 vinuu.s uii u:llwl tl0 ,i;,,;vr AV(ni(d' iusa;va:i, 10 Us ;"v-riori' oVrr rilL i INFANTS Lonsr C. si:.:er Cio.s. s:!k eailnoidered atyc.tosi i , : ,1 - f . :tiie:'s. K-ad wliat tJie noted i i ;-;h;ia "Wrai -s ,-!-e. to .0. T".,,Pfv- , i,,,,; necessary for the -oo:i nai;: - ";1U " U'V U:In;,m (;'' Asll(" tj, f :r. :n, f, ( Tvifn 7.:;;VP V-p; audelivcred uy and the moi'al or tne ti t. -c inter- i r . : ?4 00 f(jSLS tne town. i iOl; tne ?4.00 . 2 00 ; ... ... ' t" : -v. 05 ' -LT STADAHD is a -t-ot'luiou nqcr. It lias : : uiiinoii in Cabarrus than ouy i-.j- rr. Price 1.00 per annum in " - ' Vf rtisirp: hat'-s : v.hi- ftclveitiseru cuts :i (;:i i.jic;ttioi. Ai; . a ;,(.! unr.iiic-itioii.s to T(:E STANDOUT), Concord, N. C. ; most eo mm on orinci; i';v- this -h-'j; ".Id .'.' i land we cannot believe interests of the town, of the country peone high soib' of moral i a whole commLinity . before this freak of ( and wantonness. ;.de ... 1 , . . ' , 1 -e ' iiuu:. c. : ) l adles' Jc:- -v iib Vrest.-'.'ijc. up. I)j"iwers iTvc. itd --.V J. iv ey Kib Union. Suits -f-c. i r ... - ;i:.e slateah-m t:... : i i vard it as! D) S na j;ie to i S o nrts i .' i i i enc tit ;iii hi .:id the LI: i: ..lit oe. ; . i U tlie pro-1 .i.-.nV- Trnder S ''::ree. worn nnxe-.i ana el wov'ji f:-o:n ;-e. foe t . '.'otton to vL' lr tine ail wool, eien' unit 'Dntwers i-)7lc. up. e uee o. .-ji-.-ii. iii .v. Vv'a ii 'on of , i lae-!!fat!c Urine, ii.; aetion is ! . -, i .1 'io-niiitilic came, ii.; net ion is' . . . . r-r 1 aeuwellons j t e nee in iu Rhen-1 VV O hSiVB aS 11106 HIIO OI Rosier y as CilSap fl "r:;V!!V ; mate- and Coau:.: Diseases ahord I " Call be fOUIlCl anywhere. ia. more comfort than cither fh ! iedfalo or LoiuIondeJTy V'aters. P!1';ii-1 Very truly voiirs. dud, N. C Oct. 30. ? THIS NL IS VCE. That "Prominent can," who, according to ine: JOLJN liEY WlLLIAIvJS, D Greensboro Record, so severely J We guarantee that one glass of reflected upon Judge Ewarts 1 Harris Lit hia carbonated water court as being run in the inter-j will relieye any ease of iudiges est of Senator Pritchard liar, ; ij(m u otK, mimno or our airent S-uaidaid most strenuous- raised quite a stir, and is very hs authorized to refund vnn the iy e!e.:ts against a habit of I niucn called lor. His statements ; m()ney, or if taken after each -); :e ; : ear b:;ys i'l town in the! hear the face of petulance and ; nVal will cure the. most stubborn matter c: purloining dogs. It i:; ! ancredibieness when uttereJ. 1 cae ()I indigestion. Why suf probably looked upon more as a ! ie Sl,uld make them good or er wien y0U have theguarantee'r .,,! (' . aiaiH iiuvy tt ill uuuc?. .i . i I 1 1 i Light colored outinir, suitable for infants. Ladies' dressing sacques, gowns and Men's night shh (s 0 to 10c. M Wool Flaiinel 12c. 1-2 op. ' Coiisii Flannel 5c. up, Drilling 7.k Sea Ishmd !c. up and Shet c up. Good yard wide Bleaching, woiih Gc, for 5c. BIe:iclu;d Cambric full yard-wide 7.U 10 4 Lleached Sheeting at 2'2c. ( ; e;e; o; snari) mischief h-uiii oi criminal purpose, but it j Those who wish to keep a i a disregardfui of the rightsof ! copy of 'The Alan With t be eibers to enjoy the excimeve Hoc'' whicii we copied a few Brave Men Tall r es c.f ' at which is i heir own as ! days atro will ileas( take their . Victims to stomach, liver and kidney . .. i 1 ti.-' " l'i , . , n ', j trointlesas well aswomen, and all ftel , ! - ot disuonesty. If j copy and nutrlc ; the letter j the results hi loss of appetite, pohons dogs a. desirable for these boys ! instead of the letter "e" in the n 1 t10 hlood, baekaeie'. nervoubiie. iiiMuixu ituii mtrii,.iibuois.s, lun-uown II L IMaksh, Agent for Concord. Tabfle Damssk. lilr.uliui r Turkey jlcd., Sit 205C in if, a ing season they areilnni s:euza and hivd lur nmk- i tVt;iinr. liat there's no need to feel coe e : "I 11 n i . i ,. . .. . . ! Ii .A T i ,f r.ic-f., T "W as UOS raoie lor l. Ulir 1 min "swinoei oi:k T vuiruuur, r)eni)le wiio have the' rnaidy :ade)endeuee to raise or j Thk "Winston Horse Show, ea c-. ..ogs tiiey w-.nt. 1 Cr.ruiyal and Fair closed Satur- ! J ei. Bitters ure just the tiling for n man wnen he is all run down, mul dnu't nrf whether he lives or dies. Jt dul more ir, nve tpo ':v.- strength an ;;oo(! untKitite '. i i .....i : : i j. . i t tm n !i n v In ;' I n II tol.-.i Ml,; i. 1 1 . it; i ; in i i w 1 1 . ; I S' . 1 1(1 fl M V ! ; 1 '1 ' "".7 - tau.t. 1 i.iu uutv If''- e s nave no v taction : ; io- .: , . (.;-:cept ueder certain j as to finances, where so many provisions, and th re lore the ! hdrs fail. It's a eityve can't halving d' a man's dog cannot be ; have i :a: 1- . h;;v, makes it : 1;! n-'--- ! 1 -at ui '..ythi . :c ' :.! haven new lease on 's in every way, especeeiV utv-.v G:.J . cents, at letzer's Drue otoi e. ncvy hoaie guaranteed. hil I LStUUisU illiil hUiluC.1 uoa 1 1 1 1 ! iC. a . n ' r 1 ! and tie-, ;'oss a mera! crime and -e e :.:),! tutors of this ; hus Ch ' " - ness and I ?-n;l I ) W! eui' lo e--'ir lelloe- ! a1 -ii I Oe s ! v ! . hey hav ire-e a but rev Sai'v e,)i ;i it y o take an v 1 ' " v aiaas oi p;o)erty fromlfni .v (j ; - a- ioni that tiiev I i:a rr r -e -.eued hy the lavr j me V-" ' : She who: r'auiae l i- - ' ' a ma: ler of ii! tie con- r i i .e. a o i ee voti e.ti - iied y w iere eetv . that ... i:ih;. .Bleached linen, do. 47fc. to 0oc. Window Shades 10 and I'ac. Curtain Poles 22lu. Counterpans, assorted. Nice dot of towels. Stamped Tray c-jvers ( tc, well assorted. 40 Brands of Toilet- soaps from la. to 10c. Wc are headquarters for Toilet Soaps. GLASSWARE. Gobblets 20 and ?,0c set, Tumblers lac per set, I pices Table sets I'ac, 7 pices Ice Cream set 25c, 7 pieces Water set'5 and &c, Water Bottles 18c, Vinegar Pitcher 10c, Covered Sugar Bo wis 5 and 10c, covered Butter Dishes 10 and 25c, covered Preserye Stands 25c,. covered Comports 25c, Cream Pitchers 5 and 10c. Cake Plates 5c, Pickle Dishes 5 and 10c, Calory Trays 10c, Olive Dishes 5c, Salt and Popper Shakes 5c each, Bowls 10 and 24c, Syrup -Pitchers 10 and 25c, Spoon holders 5c. one-half gallon Witter Pitcher 15c. Full Line of Tin and Enameled Warft 24 in. Boards with 10 games 28 in Boards with 20 games Crockinole Boards Small games 2.25. s:;,50. sl!. stive ie a nuisance, I i ' :; i 1 neces- ; a Cog oroe- : 'es a; ,ese tor a : 'C)w latest phases of ie t u ...y cama'.gn ma I-.-. . iOr v i e.v ; eel. i . i .-. mi tie . .1 (jii.lo m eon . i hue i j a i i . t ' i . ' i i i ; . i . ) , rrioilme" "iVecl s on tlie i 1 i t,.x , -, . v en : a echeiiri'.'ge an iulmhv ol o -.viler-- meet- lie this-, , " , gressman y'wt-us h.., va- criee . .. ia.a,-;s mi their'of - 4 t 4i , ,-, ,t!at tltev will vote the line; ()'' , -. ; !; ! . Ono!XA:e;i: No 4:- That no person slaal Jiro ::nv kind of hre- -( i. works of any decn; ' ion with . . . ' 1 1.'-' eojaM)rr e I nun s oi s:ui own. Any eroii violating the )ro vi.oii.-, ee this ordiua.'jce shall be deemed guilty of a'-- inisde meanor, and upon conviethm . i e - ( l sii.c; i ;t ' ii .i ..ei ti t (y -:!.oi lars or imprisoned. for ;' dau hiihv- 2!tm of ih Board e!" tViaiiiii. s loner.-, at Ihis meet- : . . .... i : i j i i ,. i .v Miii e i se u sse i nit! expe-Oei icy (.if ! susponelicg lee a hove ervMrauee J U(JNV the tjiiie to tuiserib.3. X viieeng tie- (.. iiristimis Lio'ida ws. Tie.'y decided t iiat there should a ::!' j no se-e ei-eoa. ;wM "limt ii r ''aid remain in iuil force, and ;say. ! f I 1 mev.ore, give -uahce to all ' '!" i -h i--'-h e e :..;iv er.eahee 10 to 4n New lot of Quilts, Feather Pillows, Blankets, etc., shortly. Very respectfully, ) 9 ,v?e tp:;0v li ' Largo Poiaral fieaues with 10x20 r!ass at Q vj -W W . .. . - - V.!Wii'I1 "''SJfc.!liVrH.?,B e, , . -y t 1 - ' -."wwH-W If you are not a sulcrib.T to J Th Standard 1 Ii yoti have anything to sell 1 yea e.-.a make it known tbron h e - e a : It I 11 !U"te a -. 111.,-.. v.i'i! i-.noy i i a; the' . ' .a" hv- his tideiii y to his . 1" 7 .-ai. nan, r and his boundless aifee- ; - , 1, , joiiort. to to t y tnousand. uon naas imnseii weriinioios It .r; l0od llult f a ' iar('vi e - ;r p., : - , a. ; te.. cor.ii seafai-'i fur - ma- eave notice i (la.- pub ' " : ' ve t!aO ti .e .eras.-.. ... . '' ' ;.V '-en ted and ' !y : a(,;; promptly er:v e-i j ; " -1 ; - 'k e; I , ye j ; h ; ; ; . h r e ' ir i . : -ipon ilie strops i'j- mum I ''v a y cl. -ey- n ;r .'. i-, i Fa , 1- Uv ie a Sei i: !)uhllsi;:M. , e' 06 (e,, :'-vZ) an.d rhdiv avert at yoav d.nnr . (si On hi, aoaeniae.ns. i nere are will cheer fa . y see votes ame "l 1 n . ;. a,y of men whose dog you j to Taylor, as he cannot hop.e to j Chief t'olmo dare not 'jntea'ere with. Do ! whb nnd it is e'en e.ecte- 1 tlut j ' iie will so advise. ; '-- Li. 1 V.S SAVLD. ! j Mt. o. u iaaa-, t oioauiient j A C ipe Town dispatch of tke'eh-! -A ' : :e- ;d, ado, lately ! lilst says Aiaieknn-r suHmaJ a h1" '" '' - :n nhverance 1 pi ?L. N . tlaee . : -.a o-etrators of this wroni 1 - . -. aJmit, thai in a cownrdly way, I buy seiect timid victims from the country and shun many whom they dare not tri-le with? Is it a fact too that a '.raveling man who naturally and properly wants his dog with him can't pass through Concord without danger of having his dog stolen from him? Shall country people be cramped about coming to their own town and county seat lest their dogs that usually follow their teams shall be penned up here in a kennel? Wo ask parents who should o-uard and cultivate in the minds of their boys an abiding sense of right in all things between man four-hour bombardment in which j f,V'iij 'r;":li' ' d j U' lji telling a dog was killed all else was I ''."."a"' "T ' -Hken with , ii mi t i ! lyp. !',.. : .:; .en into ODen- well. The Boers have t a sat is- L., ..... e , . d e:i-is 0 e;t!i:f hu.rH. faction at least of having i ene.i. i w;ts , ww. 1 . mhoi't knocked some of the bark eiT. I -'" ' "-d. . Nothing i ' - . 1 - -. ' ; 1 --e-ei3-i boon to A THOUSAND TONGUES Coalcl not express the i.e.aere of Annie E. Springer, of 110 Howard st,, Philadelphia. Pa., when she found that JJr. lung s JNew JJiscoverv for Confeiim a'e ,: - ?i u : ptioii, when I heard o: D-. Kir.g's Nt;.v Dis covery. Oo'i hottle i"vfl mn re lief. I cenuntued ;o usm it, and ption hadconinlttelv enrJd hp.r h.a r.VAcr aad now am wail nd stmna 7 couh that for. made vears had i c in't snv rnn mnnh , lifa a burden. All other len edic and This U1 " v, e, ' 'L4 . rlb doctors could giye her no help, but she ni.o vc..x'.us m-eoeine :s ti S! J p f ! tea thrt siysof this Iioyal Cure 'at oun re-! SU1V u.e ' quickest curn in the i.uufu lue paiu m : now sleep soiindlv scarcely remember reel like RnnniliTxr i out tlie Universe." So will ewry one ! Scoie. Every bottle "nar ntftHrf yai ure "it . un re-1 " - - fll,i- -i't'i oui 111 tne in my chest and I can ! world for ;.i throa. ,ird lnnf? idly, something I can i trouble Th -a r a rn a c -T iber doio- before. I'm , ZQ b(h iud fcl. np: its praisea turourh- irlli oocties iro at Felzr's DriP' ;p i will ii-.- Krniii "P K.e P prints home a:id other new, that is of interest to our readers and to make I &'ou hettr we must have the pat- ronage of the people Give u-s a trial when you make your next order for f Job Work. V Work read when promised. v I 1 i.n H rrem tO' check this svmntnn, i " " hr'' . i-vory j " v" X - - j xvx .ii-tj LilU j.i.IUlU, K l Ol' i , .-..lie to ask Mayor Moans and the town I "yl 1 ilio'e V..' f; if J of a pernicious principle. We ! Fnce and iU.oo. Trial ! ?reaur- e.r j.. 5. 1 iyou wantto ;buy anything you can:;call for it through f 4. . ! Advertising rates; jin $ The Standard. ? The Standard 4. "v mijuaiu v 5- , T f made unown on application. 21 ! iee? e f.'iy. ne f-! I t,' ye- i .... :i (--

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