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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 02, 1899, Image 1

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y JJ ?i in .-j)is - - o.i.CO Tor Y5ar. CONCORD, N. 0., THURSDAY, KOYEMBEK 2, 1899. SirJe Copy 5 Cents fa m if mksW m ffu m P J" :. Mr A M m r r w ar ii m m m m m m -i I "1 srntors faith. T business Not Known to IVoplr-Mr. Wyatt De- j ;i!.Sloi:e to the Orphan I Tnett' ndard. ;; Faith is growing vear than ever before. m number of neo-! " ----j-. - x I who don't do anything ; .voi k in the granite quarries vear round. when the I : H r is not too bad. There j ilic ii-;uuls of car loads of j v tine granite all over this ; Mviiuii. The rough granite is -t,: -.o valuable, but the work v a; is put on if to get it in the proper shape is what counts, 'flic contractors do all their b'usi uossby mail. writing and answer T .j- Ipi tors. figuring on jobs of dif- tf'i'Ol nt kinds and telling people what they furnish certain kinds j cf work for on board of cars in ! 'hoirehy. Lots of people get loanib' from this place, and send i he money for it, and never see 'he man or men that they deal witli. They hear of them and u;ow tl em as business men and vrauite dealers. The mail route along this way ii great blessing to this section vi the country. Large packages df newspapers come to our office :r the people in this settlement J T Wyatt, of this place, is 48 years old today, and in oov to '! .ember his birthday he de naVs a"G3-ioot niill-stono (now c it really to ship) to the Oxford ;iha;i asylum, at Oxford, N. 0. L' they, or any ono interested, will sell it. the money can go to the asylum, all except one dollar to pay for hauling it to the Salis bury depot from Faith. If Faith had a railroad she Tould grow into a city in a very -hnrt time. The peojrie make e troughs, hearth rocks, ' .. steps, door anl window il'. cemetery and street curb and building stones, and ;.!i v oilier things out of gran he. and it will last until Gabriel h'o.vs his horn, for we quarry ;:0:'1s to all come and take a i iU' Halloa e'en larty. V'ritten fur The Standard. hiie Hallowe'en party "given by - Jennie Smith to her niece, i iis C-ssie Watson, was a most " v1 jd delightful affair. The oaiilh house was trans i '- ed into wonderland. The nooi- i, resided over the party ih h- ghostly silence was vry impressive. The evening vas one continued surprise, and 'he many tests of fortune kept the company in a high state of delightful enjoyment. 'i'ee V'! -hallowo'en was car- ! 'n the decorations of the i t supper each guest was die. 1 ied with ribbon, n its Ued their foi't '.Ul( ! i-er.iiril.or;"! !' i 1 jje; r w o ; ! ( OUr IN FULL FOJRCE. The Beethoven ( hib jlci Vedue1'iv Evening-Tlie First Pro-ram of the 8 Season Tre.i foil f r , v,. j - - - .v ... A i nils. Written for The Standard. The Beet liovon lvlf Mrs. W 11 Harris Wednesrlnv ! afternoon at T o'clock. The mnmbor vo'nm i fn ' ' ' - i V UUU 1U lUli force, and all wore anxious to hear the first program of the season. Our efficient secretary, Mrs. W R Harris, read a paper on "Mu sical History," and to' say it was well written and full of good thought, is expressing it lightly. Next oia the program was a piano solo from Bach by Con cord's pianist, Miss Lucy Lore. Miss Van Wagner showed her self to be master of the piano. By request she rendered, with much expression, a selection! from Paderewski. The last on program wasai ' i vocal quartette, sweetly sung by Misses Rose Harris, Mary Lewis Harris, Willie Richmond and Alice Sims. After enjoying a splendidly rendered program we were treated to the most luscious fruits of the season by our charming hostess, Mrs. Harris. The Beethoven Club adjourned with pleasant memories of tho afternoon to meet with Mrs. M H H Caldwell Nov. lo, 1899. 'd Sympathy to be Show. Mr. II J Overman, of this city, representing the two Salisbury and the three Charlotte lodges, K. of. P., telegraphed Mr. Jim Hurley, who is now in Albe marlo, that these lodges had no sympathy to show Editor Bivins, and that they would be content with nothing less than a full re traction of the charges made by his paper. The lodges m Charlotte phoned Mr. Overman that they were with him in this sentiment and would back him up. Salisbury Sun. One Whipped and One Jailed. On Wednesday night Mayor Moans had before him a negro j boy, Robt. Ellis and Mary Cham bers, for a little affair. It takes j two to make a quarrel and so two were punished. I The boy was j rclased by his mother giving him a genuine whipping, which scene was witnessed by Policeman Tniimv! The -ivi was fined J S AAA-'LV. t ' for her conduct and ordered to be confined in jail ten days. Forest Hill Meeting. The protracted meeting at the Forest Hill Presbyterian church has been a good one. The bad weather diminished the crowds twe nights, but the services go Iriicht on. The singing continues jood .. .1 ni . -I 1 r ; f! .if a greatidi7m :rdi i ,1 n'vht-"iit. Tcnighif .. .. ' - JL 1 ' .- !:ivh..ecL 1 . . . . .. ,,, .fl f flniberhiiird Cough Rem- r,v uu-i"-. v . "'J .'. v .ui:l wisfrefund the money to any . -xi: ik jioUr.1i.-lk'.' pfter ufid two- : -r "nr'0, ! ; ' tlii- ,.roUi siud wlioojaiig other kin, j ,.;..:,i)t or,l. safe to take, j ..e.-.-.-; . , . 7 a cold to i t.' - . . , ;.r ( V. .1 .''.JT (rd .v (.mm iitiu Vllt'l 3U11. For some time a young1 man named S E Hoana. of Anderson. S. C. has been at Forest Hill working in the mill. The young !man nas several times run away from home and on Wednesday nLS tatlier naa Foliceman John- slon to go to Forest Hill and get him. Mr. Johnston foutud him at the company store and both were ready to get into the buggy and Come down to tho or's office when the fellow pet to his heels. He was chased through bacloyards and gardens and at last captured. His father took him back to Anderson Wednes-1 rior v,io.i-t T1 -hrr mvori bo avouIu not stay at homo, though. Fugpart-Kimmons Wedding. As was mentioned in these columns some time ago, Mr. Ar thur Faggart, of this place, and Nina Kimmons, daughter nyr mj, Tr;v.nnc f "nt Oi :ui . ii tick ivami.ions. oi xo. 'j , township, were married Wed-! nesday a f'ternoo,;, the 1st, by Rev. J Y Love. Mr. and Mrs. Faggart will at present stay at Mr. S E W Pharr's until his resi dence is finished. We welcome this new couple to our city. A Mad Dog Scare. Late Wednesday afternoon there was some excitement in the neighborhood of Bratford's mill below town when a large yellow dog, with' -symptoms of . hi nwimi mu uminwiHil'iiauMi . hydrophobia, attempted to bite several persons and also io bite a mule. Several persons fol lowed the rabid animal and succeeded in ending its life after shooting it several times. For tunately no one was bitten. Mr. M. L. Sherrill Very Low. Mr. M LSherrill, son of Mr. M O Sherrill, of this place, is very low in Charlotte with ty phoid fever. He also has a lung disease. His relatives here received the news that he is not expected to live but a short while. Chamberlain's Fain Balm Cures Others Why Not Yon? Mv has been nsm Chamberlain's Pain Balm with good results, for a lame shoulder that has pained her con tinually for nine years. We have tried all kinds of medicines anddoctors with out receiving any benefit from any of them. One day we saw an ad yertise ment of this medicine and thought of trying it, which we did with the best of satisfaction. She has used only one bottle and her shoulder is almost well. For Bale by M. 1; v Uo., nrug- I prist Twelve Sail '.oi Lost. As a result of Monday night's storm comes the news that the steamship Colwell was wrecked and twelve of the crew were nt Cavt. Gaskiil alone be- -j . j. inn- iiiflced up after 24 hours of clinHii"- to a sort of n ' Th0 Orwell was on her latt. lix x t u lUu. I ' - J- way to TT(iW IT' j - CI,,. .It i I ' : -? o l IT I : ii- If- v ' . - . t -:fi. It villj -:! '!-r e u .li- i t bo ht, rt'U HIV iui i- I i- t , ror litt flte sold bydni-gi' in evc-ry vt j i of tfi(. ,r;ri,l. TnT v-v ce - ik c- : t .' "IT-... i .1. W J. t t For only a few day has Mrs. Montgomery, the widow of Mr. Jas. Montgomery, been sick at the home of her brother, Mr. uoiison Laidwell. But she passed her bOth year last March and her ooay easily succumoeaio aeatn's call when all pain ceaseth. She died at 9 . o'clock today (Thurs day). She was the widow of Jas. Montgomery, of Mecklenburg county, who died about a year ago. She has three brothers liv ing Mr. Denson Caldwell, of this place, and Messrs. Jno. M and Wm. L Caldwell, .of Meck- lenburg county. The remains will be taken to Mecklenburg county tomorrow and interred in the Back Creek cemetery. THAT THROBBING HEADACHE. Would quickly leave you, if you used Dr. Kinsr's New Lite Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proved their matchless merit for Hick and .Nervous Headaches. fr,inTTWni. -uii oirnr, j uv;y iLiucc ulu uiuuu diiwii j. r.nd build up your health. Easy to take. i rv xaara. univ ceuiH, xioney oacK if not cured, at Fetzer'a Drue: Store. PERSONAL POINTERS. Mrs. J W7 Wadsworth, of Charlotte, arrived here this morning. Miss Margaret Allison "will leave tonight for Roanoke, Va., on her return home to Baton Rouge, La. Mrs. W Wf-Pharr-l'and Miss Ida Phar, of Charlotte, "Tarrived here thismorning. -They are visiting Mrs. GlWPatterson. Mrs. Alfred Mrrsh, nee Miss Margaret Robinson, returned to Charlotte last night. She is on her way to Morganton to visit. A fell li OF 9 n AT 11 Iras. i otner Our cousins on the ! of themselves just like P(U1, Harris & Co. .'jv lor fill your V o uts ! in the Furniture line. Wih three solid ca: s of Furniture, two cai-s . of springs, two cars of chairs, one car of Mattresses, you n-d not about high prices on furniture, and as for Stoves, we 1 uve WOT L i 0 t 1 r: . n -' L i ; !' VVV: ' sum " r.I-.r Wv;i 3 and Co ii i chr..ace we will , money y yvo of all kinds, ii ; we Jiave a?v1'!: ictlv ia it. Call an . 'ja4er r, il"iO-:.i:.' e. . . 'l - ..y Its si n The Umbrella i b Best That Wears Longest. It is not the handle of an umbrella that keeps one dry in a rain storm. The covering does that. The covering is the im portant part to consider. When dealers talk onlv about tho handles itis safe to consider the covering!' i?j""weyk and inferior. We give you a good covering and in all a subsid::"1 ial rain protector at 75c, -c, 1.25 up to 3.00. Parents We ha . e been pro paring for this sloppy, bad weather and have ju; ' the thing in school Mackintoshes for boys and girls at moderate prices. Rubbers and Mackirtcsiies some times save doctor bills. At FM8 we are showing a woman's biue serge double cape !aclcmtosh that's worthy of your attention. ii. L. Parks & Co. ? other side ai e aile to take euro n"e; r! Voi-f;L . - ve r e To 3 t 1- .1 1 ! 1 ? j J i 1 5 : v: 'I :i In';. e i 4 1 i T, i.". !-,)rk

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