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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 03, 1899, Image 1

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- f : 1 jS I CONCOllD, N. C, FKIDAY, KOYEMBER 3, 1899. SirpJe Copy 5 Cents t S& f""" c sfi, jfck e$5tk SJI 0 A Ki-TKACTIUN. t: !;rh Tiilrrpriso lletracts from si n nicnt It Made the Week Be- in SU'Uiinl lo omc ot the ;:s Hcliin i'.'.ir rinrentleiiiiiulv. WIKELESS TELF.URAPHY. A Practical Tost Made at Columbia Mr. Chas. Boyd, f This Place, Takes a Part in the Test. From the Coin ml r. i.wi. V reds of the Knights of see that Major Lonjamin Sloan, ; hi this part ol the State j professor of mathematics and csnociallv have 111-V. W C ALEXANDER CALLED. ' 1 1 I He Leaves Tonight for- Baltimore Where He Has Received a Call as Pastor Has Not Yet Accepted the Call. Rev. W C Alexander, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, been figures at the South Carolina leaves tonight for Baltimore waitinir for the ' last college, somo hiv n crr hni n where he will preach Sunday in the Stanly Enterprise to practical test of the wireless j the Maryland Avenue Presby tia! kind of retraction 'telegraphy. He has a full set of e made by Editor Biyins,instrumGnts' which consists of r,Mn:Hcsabout some Gf ,but.a few llnd veiT simple in 4 i i 41 their construction. -hts behaving ungentle- . - -i -i -i froi. &ioan invited a few op- a:u! kemg drunk on the! , - ,,r , TT . 1 j erators from the Western Union i .io paper has been ! officG( RmQxm th bo- Mr. .. . i ' . r- - .;Mifi luic contains the loliowmg v,m:'(1s of apology: Yd" Enterprise published an art'udo l-:st week reflecting on the ,'oih!i;( t of i few individuals sup- )omm! to be members of the Chas Boyd, who is chief opera tor. The experiment was satis factory as to the telegraphing from two points in different parts of the budding, between which posed to oe memoers or trio were walls of the build Order of T. of P. The Pythians j ing, but the dashes of the individually and as a whole have j alphabet could not be distin ioinod in resenting the same, i mashed. But nevertheless the Wo published it believing it to be j test of telegraphing without wires proved successful. terian church which has ex tended a all to him. . The Baltimore Evening News of yesterday contained the fol lowing: "The Rev. Dr. W O Alexan der, paster of First Presbyterian church at Concord, N. C, has been formally called to Maryland -Avenue Presbyterian Church to succeed the Rev Joseph A Vance, resigned. He will preach at t The Leading Style Is capes or jackets whichever you may prefer but if you want to be real swell give Jackets ; little pref erence. Our buyer has jr. si re turned from his second trip -to New York this season and here is tlu re sult. You will simph he ask'U'shed at the showing. "We never sw liner capes and jackets so cheat). We show a fairly good cape, lur trim med collar, only iNe, worth double. One hundred Plush capos worth $1.50, as long as we have Ibis lot, only 98c. At sl.4P. si. 9 and 2.50 up to 7.50 we show you unparalelled values. Then comes Jackets A i'l" ''i'i:i''"t 'W'iA in, "ill .rxit.u .- cittwfW ; 1 1 1 1 1 i 3 nm r L lUSiiUUll. XU Will picaii tit "i j 1 Marvland-Avenue Church on' lir Jackets fit and are one-third less m price that other i. eiders 1 i t , . ."I-" Til Sunday, and if he accepts the ! aslc, or we do not say buy. Fine iversey Jackets in -mi- '.utii or cill vill msnme the duties of Kan; $7.50 ones go at $4.98 and 5.00 ones at s!5. 98. They are the pastorate on December 1. nicely lined and well made. TO HE FUKMSllEi) S00:n T 1 ' J A . T true, anu Deneving it to oe our ilaty. We meant no reflection on ti:.' 0"der and could not see how our wpwN could be so construed. .I wv ; r, we are instrumental in 1 . '"V about a state of affairs lt, we did not anticipate and : wb.icli an apology is due. K.'v'. X R Richardson is onr in ; "md id, and while our article : ronger than he would r , -it ten, we based our words ;:. what ho had to :ay. He spoke ::o;ii evidence srven him by his from supported by evidence four other parties who were passengers on the train on ' day. From the light of all that is before us and after consultation v.-ith our informant we wish to -ay that our evidence shows no -endued on the part of the Py thians that was more than a jolly "t of companions on a picnic occasion would have carried on; and besides, proof is not conclu sive that the disorderly ones v.vre Pythians, nor that any of them were druuk. We think our an icle was harsh and unjust to h Pythians as a body, and h-re is no evidence against any "iie individual. We not only iviracl from the article, so far as ''.' are H.'rsonally or otherwise neernod. but hereby apologize ' the various Lodges rep- - ; in the brilliant organ- io:i here. J. D. Bivins, Editor. A Diviiir, uiiitmeiit to Many. le v. W C Alexander, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, had intended to have a series of i:icetin.L.s in that church next "'''k. to be assisted by Rev. A 'b Clure, of Wilmington. But - . .Moxander informs us that . MeClure Will not be here; --: t 'eeic 1 ee his ushiL'' the word ''No ; 31 r, Jno. 3Iiseuhe!iner Very 111. The news that Mr. Jno. Misen heimer, who lives near Mt. Pleasant, was very low came here yesterday to Mrs. A S Day vault, who is a daughter of Mr. Misenheimer. Dr. C A Mi sen -heimer, of Charlotte, arrived here last night and went out to his bedside. Mr. Misenheimer has been in bad health for a number of years. Three Train-Heaters Pulled. Policeman Cruse pulled three white fellows at the depot this morning for beating their way on a train. They were tried be fore Mayor Means and in default of the necessary amount they i were taken to jail. Two of the party are Irishmen. Additions to the Honor Roll. The follDWing names were omitted from the Honor Roll of the graded schools: Miss Doclson: Marg aret Wood house. Miss Strieker: Nannie Crow ell, Maggie Hendrix, Robbie Morrison, Nevin Fetzer, William Bingham. We have just received a large line of Furs Vice-President So Hotter. Vice President Hobart was resting ouitoly at l! o'clock a. m. this (Friday) but his condition is not at all improved it is said. . . . Pythians Take Notice! All members of Concord Lodge No. 51 Kniirhts of Pythias are 'requested to meet in Castle Hall tonight at 8 o'clock promptly. C. L. White, C. C. Cleanliness Next to (Jodliness. It Days to keep your clothes clean and pressed by Alexander & Hendrix. Satisfaction always i The mistake rrew ULUauLLl' The Inspector General -Pays His Visit Here-Probabilities That Our Hand Will He a Regimental Hand. Mr. F P Hobgood, of Oxford, who is now the inspector-general of the State Guard, was hero to- 3 7 Such as Collaretts. Muffs. Scarfs, While he did not inspect tno com- p and clusters; Thoy aro an puny, ne eumu lu invusuyaLw uiu nne goous ana moaerateiy pricect. 1 l P (V ' -i i. "I state oi auairs to repori accord ingly. Mr. Hobgood thinks that ere long the members will be equipped with their guns, and their uniform will come as soon as possible. There has been talk for several weeks that the Concord band might possibly get a place as the regimental band. Mr. Hobgood was not cognizant that our band was an applcant and will mention the matter to the proper ones. Mr. EliGoldston, who is cap tain of our company here, in forms us that he has rented the Patterson hall and will take charge of it the first of the year. This will be a most excellent room for the boys to drill. The appropriation to the company will be sent in December. Miss Margaret Allison, who for several months has been visiting here, left Thursday night for Roanoke, Va. After visiting there she will return to her home in Baton Rouge, La. PERSONAL POINTERS. .- 1 um Jmn tiW&, j.t Fine Dress Goods ! Have you any dress goods wants? Well here is a golden opportunity. We have just two prices' to make special mention of. At this price we have aout pieces C- 0 a great variety of col ors in solids and Plaids. They are 36 and 40 inches wide and every piece is worth 35c and 40c. All will be placed on the 25c count 'T. About 15 pieces very 3QC- swell plakl o;,e-is tail or made suitnigs, black crenons. etc. Come aiid h - r your self. We can not describe them but mere is not a-pK.;v: .:-. nai is worth 60c and 70c. Your choice 39c. These are plums for you, the bargains are here. Large line of velvet and Silk waist m black and colors. L. Parks C J9L ompy Iiss Mor-. L""".on went-j over to Charkito ihi jnorning. . Mi. Jas. F Hurley returned home this morning from Albemarle. D on't Bother! rr H ovhert A n stin, of Phila ..'- . -. Mr. Aus- ( . :r - -f Mr. j'lloii con ( ! )ivn 1 ( M i) spon m :i'iL b-nu cu. . r ov:t liity jears by mil lioiis of mother for their children v.-inio teotidi.-, Tv-itli perfect -ncccss. It soothes the child, softens the' sums. :.l;vs ;dl unii, cures wind colic, and is . '5 . . - ,,,lv tnr riiorrlioea. It "Will ; t ' II' . . i JL ' II i ' - I 11" " . -j ) rr i;..-v;: Tl.e ;vor littlo r-'-it'Oicr imniedi- j . ' ?! : 11: every imxt i world. 'Tvent3--nve cents a bot- !?, c-rn nv.,1 otlr fnr ''MrS. III- vvfiSoothiTj- Syrup," and take no other kind ( : 1 A fresl lilt OF j . ', . ' ..." - 1 tfts. ! if '' t 5 . ; Our cousins on the other side are able to take care of themselves just like. Bell. Harris Sc Co. are : for all your wants in the Furniture line. With three solid cars of Furniture, two cars of springs, two cars of chairs, one car of Mattresses, you lu-od not i - . . . . i f . i. ,ho-t McV DnU"1. iVVUVY T'' ill.; . I v-dor lir- : v'" ' " ": "," . oaf' : cid Co? ' K --nt chine we wit! : v r :o(;noy you 0(.' i: t..-i r urr.r V.: 0 Cli KJUUS. 11:111 ru sum ii up vc have anytlnng you are strictly in it. Call and see. tin 1 c ai e - .r To we ( I -5 "a - J -

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