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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 03, 1899, Image 2

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.w-r- tarn The Rac k MIL? STAR LOVING SYMPATHY FOUND. US IIII Ml 8! dm 11 Hi it i j JOHN D. BARRIER and SON, Editors and Proprietors. upfi'je is the moiiris Bui.i.v j 1H fyt'A.MAKL is published every da v viuaiiy excepted) and delivered by rit. Mates of Subscription : Uiiti .r $4 00 8) ' 'i Li : i 1 2 00 Tin - months 1 00 L :?;0.'.ui .35 Si , "v. 05 THE WEEKLY STANDARD is a our.pairtt, eijrht-column paper. It has a larger cimlption in Cabarrus than any othert Price $1.00 per annum in advam. . Advertising Kates : Terms for regular advertisements made know.u on appjication. Addiv-'S all communications to THE STANDARD, Concord, N. C. IIMIIIWI? I 31 -' Coxcokd, N. C, Nov 3. TliK SEASON AT HAND. The season ' for operations in the Philippines is approaching very ck ;ely and with sufficient force with which to hold the territory gained, affairs are apt to wear a new phase. Th natives after attacking our troop, last February and suffer ing de;V. . have carried on a very annoying mode of warfare, ap proaching within range and picking off such as they could hit. This was so exasperating that our soldiers preferred to ad vance raid drive them off. In every engagement the natives were deie.aed by very inferior numb 'vs. They were unable to s a w: before the American ;. Having taken every hold and capital city in Aguimldo fortified him e unci "caus were clearly iUe to the natives. uemonstiatlon ii was vain i ii, would riid d.i 1 ininal ing . r. Tnepolicv of taking ding the territory won Tli the v. . d : ". ill .doubtless be pursued now mid will most probably bear whole:, fro Us to the natives whoso welcome -o American . e. eut was restrained by ltv.r. ike iur-ar:, ' raids. We expect ii verv material change in Phil"'. affairs bv spring. ..TS ENVii ICATE PATH. T, , O i has a d'.ffiicult path to ii'o.-' in .uci histaneos as that Sab Mil last Monday night, v; ,ht;i:es ih'yant, in a state oi" ox n ation, applied for and ' : : -.(imissioii to the room '. .v :! Shouse. a young man oi 1.-. viiuin he quickly .shot in ihu at. at,-men inflicting a fatal .vcm i:! bouse is dead and Bry ant in jail, claiming that he did not do the deed on purpose. Kis being drunk we suppose will be lead m extenuation of his v':ui .ling the law in earring a pistv.-i with which he took the life of the young man who be l'ricr 1 1 him. For the protec---.I f society, justice should not l a i L.;o heavy toward mercy and sentimentality. No. 1 of Volume 2 of Elizabeth Chronicle has found its way to our humble sanctum. To say I It n-f t-lio fb vmimln ic nmi tit 11 gotten up and throughly enjoy-1 able is putting the fact without ornamenLation. The Chronicle I is a credit to Elizabeth College ; -i .,, i -, ni and justine mucn m all ( concerned in getting it up. i ; Til T TimOliliiNa HEADACHE ! W.dd iM-vddy leave you, if you used Dr. Kind's ew Lile I'ills. Taouands . i)f mi.; t-H j iv prvv'd vli-imateliks; ; ii' ..-r bickund.iervcTi.s He.alachey. . Tnc -vide pure blood strong nerves a id ieu.d up your hcuiU. iasy to take. Tr, -vn. Only 2o cents, Mt ney back LtOi clii'CU, UI -- Lit btaie. ; Mrs. 'Stonewall" Jackson has returned to her home in Char lotte and we are sorry- to note Jrj.n the 'News' that she has made little if any improvement under medical treatment. Every Confederate veteran feels a loving, tender interest in Mrs. Jackson fully warranted in veneration for the memory of her illustrious husband. Now that the lot of an invalid is hers, not softened by abundance of the necessary means to amelior ate, to the fullest extent, life's cares and burdens, it is pleasing to note the following from the Raleigh correspondent to the Charlotte Observer of the 2nd: 4 'Nine chapters of the Daugh ters of the Confederacy today sent, through -Mrs. John W Hindsdale, treasurer of the State society, to Mrs. Armistead Bur well, of Charlotte Chapter, gS4 for the love and sympathy fund for Mrs. Stonewall Jackson. Henderson Chapter has raised 700 for the fund." We are pleased to learn that in the movement the Dodson Ramseur Chapter U. D. C. took the substantial initiative step and made the first contribution. Though the sum was not largo compared with that o f the Hender son chapter, the treasury was practically emptied in making the bestowal. The Dodson -Ramseur chapter, indeed, never makes any great ac- c mutation of funds, .'or objects soliciting their zeal are ever pre sent and .enu'au'hig. High Poiiii refused to vote $5J,0')0 worth of bonds las'. Mon- da . Ti ere must be s b ick of thi si as High one of our vore :. towns. 'Mi ing v .hit is 'e...h ve A LITE AN U ; VTH. . Ir. Vvh A. i'iiu-: ii h writing ..'f iii-. mi ".'.;.' from d: H;i3: ''Jx aitii : d,ccd kci"m ii-- hi?. vvliK-h uded in (.N-iiMim; r frequent 5i'ij.iorrk:i: s ; a-i uiixiit juul d;y. All n.y ;: must soin di'j. Th:Mi 1 Dr. Kind's Nuv l)is.; en. ; : tion, wJiivli com pa tMy . a.r. la., J iiftcf tr..!il)Ie, I had - :;:-hed : ' hd T i US'c ;.'.-ufMp-.:h I wiuild not be without it eveu if it cost ..j.00 a bottle. Hundreds have used it on my recommendation and ; say it never fails m ciuv Throttt, Che -t and Lunr troubles." I.'esrular sizo aOc aud 1.00 Trial bottles free at Fetzevs Drug store i t T:ic Ci)mmissioncrs Susiuiu the l'resi dent. Admiral Dewey was pro:npL:y assigned to a department of duty soon after his grand recep tion in order that the nation might have his service on the Philipine commission along with Prof. Schurman, Prof. Worcester and Col. Denby, This commission will make a report during the. term of Congress. It waited on the president recently at his request to give a perlini iaary outline to the report for aiding the president in making up his message to Congress. The commission is unanimously in accord with the president in hi.e; trontmoTit nt tlio P -n ni subject xi T, . it will not be a surnrisft to nv wl - re at all familiar with xood qualities of 1 unamberlam si'ousrh lieuiedv. to know I that people everywhere take Wsiun! nOTTOX SEED HULLS, relatmfr their experience in tne use of. OTT;'";X SEED IEAL tuat spicnanl medicine and in te linur I ,OTTOT c,T7"n TT'T?Tr,"n' tLe benefit they have received I W1 N 1L' it, ol Oiid colds it has cured, of rri, ,! , , t, t'in'atened tiitaeks of pneumonia it Las' .iilerllt(-1 being .meal and hulls nveried and of the children it has saved ; rnixed ill proper proportions for fim attacks of croup and waoopin ; cov; feed. Send us your order cou.(h. Tt is a jra?i.l, ",.d u-di -ine ' Prcr--T d For sale by .1. L. Marsh & Co. " ii'na. - '-oe n mitf) T7 rr'rr7irn 7r rjrin male? one sick, vvrnrv (: rMJ riik-iirJ A. uil'ilU H Dr. Miles' Ucstorative rvire"b:-in(-s rest. . . . . . . . J -" Ii is the strongest Natural Lithia water on the market and has the endorsement -of the most noted physicians of the country as to its superiority over all others. Read wdiat the noted Dr. John Hey "Williams, "of Ashe ville, has to say for Harris Lithia, springs. Ashe ville, N. C, April 24, 1893. An extended clinical use of Har ris Lithia Water prompts me to the statement that I regard it as one of the best if not the best, Lithia Water known to the pro fession. In the condition of Phosphatic Urine, its action is marvellous. Its use m the Rheu matic and County Diseases afford me more comfort than .either the Buffalo or Londonderry Waters. Very truly yours, JOHN HEY WILLIAMS, M. -D. We guarantee that one glass of Harris Lithia carbonated' water will relievo any case of indiges tion in one minute or our agent is authorized to refund you the money, or if taken after each meal will cure the most stubborn case of indigestion. Why suf fer when you have the guarantee? M L Marsh, Agent for Concord. CUUE A COLD IN ONE DAY Take Laxative iiromo Quinine Tablets. All druprpists refund money if it fails to curt). 2oc. Tijo jrenuin has Jj. h. Q )U cue ii tablet While There is Life There is Hope. I was afflicted with catarrh; could neither taste nor smell and could hear but little. Ely's Cream Balm cured it. Marcus G. Shautz, Railway, N. J. The llahn reached me safelyt and the effect is surprising. My son says the first application gave decided relied'. Respectfully, Mrs. Franklin Freeman, Do ver, N. IL Thll i,a not irritate or cause sneezing. Sold by drugj gists at aO ceafs. or mailed by Ely Brothers, au Warren St., New York. liie rtloi pliine Ilnhit. Dr. T D Crothers, of Hartford, Conn., read a paper before the New York Medical Association recently, says the Philadelphia Record, in which he said that he had found bv close study of the medical men that 21 per cent, of physicians have the morphine habit. He strongly urges against beginning it, for there is no cure. Prevention alone is the remedy. He says the doctor that is a victim of the habit is forgetful, uncertain in his diagnosis and liable to make unsa f e von 1 a res. He may make a success, but is too liable to fail. He urges that no doctor take morphine in any form save from the hand of a trusted brother physician. . . Iked By Brittish Soldiers in Africa. Capt. C. G. Dennison is well known all over Africa as command of the force that captured the famous rebel Galishe. Under date of Nov. 4, 1807, from Vrj--burp:, Been unala nd, he writes: "Be fore starting on the last campain I bought a quantity of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which 1 used iiiyot:lf when troubled with bowel complaint, and had jriven to my men, and m every case it proved most beneficial." For sale by M. L. Marsh k Co. BE KIND 101 10 H. We keep the ideal feed for the cows. The verv thing vou need: cpr., Mil I I n .."ii unnitun a iLiLia uu. IGH Color Plaid Goods for dresses H LadJes' Capes goc. to $3.68. INFANTS Long Cashmer Cloaks, silk embroidered at 75c. to sl.DS. Children's Short Wraps 50c. to i.08. Winter Hoofls 18c. to 93c. WHitc Sffi at 50c. to 93c. Mauts Zspliyr Bootsss lOj. ' Ladies' Jersy Rib Vests 15c. up, Drawers 25c. Ladies, Rib Wool Vests 7ac. and 90c. Ladies' Jersey Rib Union Suits 48c. Boy's Under Shirts - 18 Cents. Men's Under Shirts, cotton, wool mixed and all wool from 18c. for all cotton to 81.25 for tine all wool. Men's Knit Drawers 37ic. up. We have as nice line ot Hosiery as cheap as can be found anywhere. Light colored outing,, suitable for infants, Ladies' drossm sacques, gowns and Men's night shirts 6 to 10c. All fool Flannel 12c. 1-2 np. Cotton Flannel 5s. up. Drilling 7c. Sea Island 4c. up and Sheet 3c up. Good y::rd wide Bleaching, worth GJc, for 5c. Bleached Cambric full yard-wide 7c. 10-4 Bleached Sheeting at 22c. Table Damask, 'Wiw., at 25c. Bleached linen, do. 47c. to Window Shades 10 and 25c. Curtain Poles 22c. Counterpan.s, assorted. Nice lot of towels. Stamped Tray covers etc., well assorted. 40 Brands of Toilet soaps from lc. to 10c. We are headquarters for Toilet Soaps. GLASSWARE. Gobblets 20 and 30c set, Tumblers 15c per set, 4 pices Table sets 25c, 7 pices Ice Cream set 25c, 7 pieces Water set 25 and 33c, Water Bottles 18c, Vinegar Pitcher 10c, Covered Sugar Bowls 5 and 10c, covered Butter Dishes 10 and 25c, covered Preserve Stands 25c, covered Comports 25c, Cream Pitchers 5 and 10c, Cake Plates 5c, Pickle Dishes 5 and 10c, Celery Trays 10c, Olive Dishes p5c, Salt and Pepper Shakes '5e each, Bowls 10 and 24, Syrup Pitchers hi and 25c, Spoon holders 5c, one-half gallon Water Pitcher 15c. Full Line of Tin and Enameled Warft GAHES. 24 in. Boards with 10 sanies 28 in Boards with 20 games Crockinole Boards Small rames New lot of Quills, Feather Pillows, Blankets, etc., shortly. Very respectfully, D. J. Bostian. Q Large Portrat frames .with 16x20 -;lass at Q, P. j. If you are not a subscriber to If you have anything to rA X The Standard ?JTou can make it known through noYf is the time to subscribe. X The Standard t - - $ is published every cknj (Sunday ex cepted,) and delivered cti your door for only 10 c- per week or 35c- per month prints home and othw news that is of interest to our readers and to make it grow better we must have the pat ronage of the people. -.mrtw v.-,.. Giyo us a trial when you make your next order for Job Work. Work read.y when promised. V V Hr&to,.te.yyy X If lyou wantto ;ouy anything f youJcan:;cah for it -ihrou-h X The Standard.1? i X Shirt waists and Children's 12 1-2 C. YaTfl. k2.lV. - w ......... s3.5. sl.;s. in to 4n V y . . Adyertisin'ratns' jin The Standard j t madd known on applicati-.-n.': i4Vviili v y : "Si

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