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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 06, 1899, Image 1

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Ssiat' J'.aA "WW .v' .: ' w ta4 Af'Ilf fa 1.1 ff m li-llii lira mWm v4 II" II I UK'S. j , 5 I ' the ini'i ,1 d .. .. i.: a v.; v. ; 'uuuaiHier , : , ( . -cu . : v-ji ,ih; 1v) yl0 ..t! :i;s state ;,nd ia,cto rva be accepted by the A) !. lew nig let ter was ac-i- nai;;cd Editor Bivius 1 (lairiotte. X. C, Nov. 4. i i) iiv'"ii X. O. ' i . , ; Si we noie wiln i vonr detter to our , j AI Lyh:-s y in coma ia Charloct(' Ar ord. in v ik, e . rges wmcsi ic days ago Yvthlans vrho ar town. . A a in which y L'ytbi.ais act )U Ulb- j Heeling ' -auily :r.' first stated d "dis- V v .til i v, h fiirefiilha'' made iios't' iv aha 1 reflected on everv ?v: 1 1 i-;ii who was in the party, i he iaaaibers of our lodge who it ...T V T .. . i -.-.. -.--. .4 .i-i-. ,1 I' J. i . te denial, and demanded " you retract the slander. ! ,1 v X r -. " "I -I T tin A V1l n M a!' ' SeiiL VUU i.1 OIUIIIOL dim 'lit Hi ULii; lO UlliJ llll .l;uvmi and is not a complete refu-jj it ( ) You still reflect on the ".ans. You say that your i w a, m uicul A as made on the word) i ivcv. lacmu uson, u uo A:e fj-oni evidence given him ' " :r, !inil font other "o:ir- ( - vm ;i a-to iins; ei vers ou t he j'ii bhat dav." This shows LI III t J VLt J v- i " ' ' i- ' - evidence of disorder and : 1 iincss. though you say it t vrtiif.lncirn" ns to nr v . ..', I. v.MIV. ;Li.Ji il . ' 1 ' J . . . . ! . . . 5 5 ' j iciuar person. We demand to know if there is! ay evidence whatever that any ' ii:o ryu nans on liiui uam "i .. 1 inil- ,,v nilnrl ir tllf "iTinsi, ' - rr (.'fill manner." If there is ! 1: :.!(r.ce, avc demand to I aew wlio the nsorcieriy anu nml ;..-! inrco' ; wnrp. and 1 i lit. i ' J ' ' -- - ( bhc-y were from. Tiic Knights of Pythias retain gentlemen in their ranks ; i ' !' . , 1 r-, -.4- r i in I n " 1 i any meiiiuui mis liuluci m j -ngentlemanly manner, he j j ; ; promptly expelled. YV ilomnnfl llmt vnn either' J ' . Uri'iNh tho fvnpt ovirlonpn fiv- 1 1 L, r I !'es of Wltne. names,! nderly persons and the ! u offenS'': or that vou W..rap..r Ilia! . , valence. 1 on am in ae : ,uch -'; ihis libel on your evri ' -dity and we hold you de for it. c (loi'vp (U refutatkm, or the s -. 4 ,UV ( :ial('-: -lui 11 f.;;,.;... 'p,V-T-1, Bcils, Fel ;''a s are false a.d. you ', '.-rns, rdl Skin Eruptions. Best f CONCOHD.K. IfI'ATS;'S 'r rr :vfr" n- r--:.-; i i, (Ml0ys S:m- !oa Year .V.m. Death AI i.ornbucWo Sntur- i i-ooiv tj)-.n liini his wiio wiiom he 10 ; l" KK 11 t!.u' l;OT-W, ;s- ;y)n-- Hornbucklo ras , t a ;!i:;;J-r of ATr. mid Mrs. T (Vi(m 0 Y'il;-on nowof Cnstonia. rod ' "iv- r" i" - rviaos ,v,rc con- ao.vand " tlay (AH,,!av) at the .llisl eh. urc h by her pastor, , : Ro- A!".- t fno-n .,,,;,(ii1t).,J ; ; v ' ,t-,n"-,vi iu;v . Sni'th tuid tiie remains were .'laid to rest in the city cemetery. The young husband has the deepest sympathy in his bereave- m01lt AVllorolu sunsllhl of his iionie is so quickly beclouded bj the ;rrim messenger of sorrows. Our Cotton 3!'h Ihi'i'.Unu Tlie Ilalch.rh r'ws and Ob 'Server ()f S.1PK i;t s:rwvilr-: ilniu ediioiaaliy of the recent dedica- tion of the Oall weave mill: j "When the mill number live; of the Odell cotton Alanufactur - ml a ISO n p n i . i t.vv inp Company of Concord was 'li!ttLluuiroa(ly to start last week, it was J T 1 I dedicated to God with appro- -j i i T? T M Ar,mlrl -ffo-,. j - i ii v i i v . J.IV . rj j s Li liuillj l.J n;i which Capt. J AI Odell, president of the company, 'stepped for- wai'd and iaiaied tlie throttle of . . . . , . the wheel van-u va! liout cre;k or j jar the ponderous engine moved with grace and apparent con sciousness of its immense power.' AVhy should not our great in dustrial jdants commence their good work with religions exer cises y Their mission is to help men to help themselves the best sort of charity or help and to add to tlie blessing and com- Q manii11(t They are de-1 pendent for success upon the tiww vWni tbo nn'i verse IKtllU IJHIU I. J Vl'.lVU uiv . . - k!1in;,K nii tt;.; p-Mtnros. a id ii seems fitting that in this material age men should have such object lessons of dependence upon Him who is the preserver as He is the creator of the world a ;ter spending several days, its machines as well as its men Mr. and Airs. D F Summey, and women. The first cotton : 0f Charlotte, will arrive tomor mill in North Carolina dedicated! row morning They will take n .i T.i. the hand concert tomor- was at Kandleman wnen tne nue 1 Dr. B. Craven preached the ser- moil and the late JohnH. Ferree turned on the power that made ; the wheels revolve." 3Iarrira;e in Hie Georjjeville Neighbor-1 h )od. (jn 'iimrsday atternoon aii 'lz-a.- it tl-o lmmo nf Air. D v7 IV lii II u LJi A -i. - Frank Barrier, Dr. J R Jerome, of George ville, will be married to Aliss Dora Barringer, who . 1-irvAil cfniTinflflf ior some Liinu j.ui.- ui-uii ijiaj 15 Mr. Barrier's. Only a few in- vited friends will be present. . mTTn . t- ivn Tj l' A n AriTTP. THAT TilltUJDDJ-i vt liij.iuii. World (uuciny ic.ive you, n juu u-u , Kinlr's New Lit o Pills. Thousands! of sullerers have proved their matchless j Am Yi up your health. Easy to take, j 'Tr jv.-ra Odv 25 cents, Money back ! ; ot A;iri, at Fetzer's Lrusr Store. I V IV' '"j .(iO T'liie rJifuu omxa,-, ; ; A I RTGHTFU L BLNDUEB j Will often cause a horrible Burn,, ::,:ii n-if ,r lirni. Bucklen's Arnica dv-' the best in the world, will kill the ; .,,,,1,.,,,, T1!-i i;,. Cures Old C , MONDAY, SOVEilBEH C, ""I An Imnif;:.:? 1 0 A ii !') a a lit Mr Jno- M Caldwell, of Mcck- lenbur county, some clays ago hii v,ith a lurmplnot 0110 of uio oi'amri'y size but one canablo of illlhi th.o iot. It. woifrhod pound.s and irjcasurod in ai'ainn i',xo:h'(3 iiu-i- :..-r. I alci- woii, old as ho 1:1:., h villi othors. I ; MC - . p1 ! F Char" iUe' lliy a fow Avro"s a- ro' covered from her allack of fevei i l ILil covered from her aliack of fever and was at;"!e to ur.e here and her parenla. Last we"l s 10 t . a r ( 1 a p s e a in L : s n o w i VC1T sict: aeain. ; nfs Co::i!n-vifs VniitfisI, Rev. E E Gillespie preiic3:ed two excellent sermons Sunxlay at the Fixst Presb;tei,iaii church. lie also presented the 'a ens of! the Svnodical Home Aiis-'on and I I a rocd collection was taken. ? j -c -Qi - - j IVote (f Thanks. I take these means of thanking i m0st dearly mv friends who 1 ministered so kindly to my 1 daughter, Airs. Geo. Hornbuckle j during her illness and death. Alost respectfully, T. C. Wilson. HE FOOLKD 1Hz sJi'lG-EOlTS. i ,TrA11 doctors toldPu-nick Knnf-n, of j cst Jellersou, O , after snfiewn 18 ; mouths from Kectal Fistula, he would I unless costly or.erutiou was per- boxes of Ineklen'.s Arnica Sa've, the surest Pile uie ou Earth, and the best Salve in the World. 25 cents a box. Sold at Frtzer's Dru- Store. Ji LUVU , 'IU Uli 1 III I U ili 1 H U Ul J PERSONAL POINTERS. Air. Robt. Keesler spent yes terday in Salisbury. Air. T C Wilson returned to Gastonia this morning Air. Frank Robbins, GoldsborOj is here today. of Mr. J L Crowell went oyer to Charlotte this morning on business. Aliss Alargarct Cannon has returned homo from Charlotte 1 - row night. Alisses Grace Brown and Juliette Johnson, accompanied by George Montgomery and Leonard Brown, spent yesterday afternoon in Alt. Pleasant. Airs - and Aliss Alamie Ury aid ?lis' Van Wag ner attended the Tuncra! of Air. Jno. Misenheimer yesterday near Alt. Pleasant. A tell li J OF a 3; P,tf Ui'jsr j? ii JL 0 1 , i I ; : IS'JS. Qr TT fr T i A"-u . f I ; -.' - . ,- V t :;A Ay---1 - v. tr si 4i ii Hii mil' vivrv'.-;;!'. S'iji, ii) to KT.aO we show you unpr.i vyar Jackets lit and are one-third ask", or we Ho no rhv hnv -mo tan; sT.O ones go at $-1.98- eic"y lined and well made. We have just received a largo line of Furs Such as Collaretts. Aluffs, Scarfs, TCoas, and clusters. They are all flue goods and moderately priced. 1 I s df . We can not describe them but there is not a - -e I .. . w nut. is worth GOc and 70c. Your choice 39c. These are mms i( l you,' the bargains are here. Large line of velvet am Sill: v. is'. '.n black and colors. L P s 9 D t Homers i Our cousins on the other side are aide to take care ! of themselves just like Bell, Harris Sz Co. are for all your wants I in the Furniture line. With three solid cars of Furniture, two cars ; of springs, two cars of chairs, one car of Afattresscs, you need not j worry about high prices on furniture, and as for Stoves, we have 'the "amous Leader line, Gate City, Iron King, Happy Tir i Wood Heaters and Coal Heatc all bought in car lots a Igive us a chance we will sell ye . Clocks, good. . 1 If i Ve is money you should yive a clock. ' x" irniture of ail kinds. Hall Furniture. K it eh, I a it up we have any tiling you wa:.t. Pa. :nr; aie strictlv in it. Call and see. 1! t '3 y Sinyle.Copy 6 Ct i bs V (1-3 -. v.1 i I ; '. ' may ;;'' real s1 ! erencc r Irets a. a"rr J vt . e ' w ' 1 1 : i tiniiou . ii.'r.i his .- w?k il t;ii: !i::.v. v, e ia; er :,lv 1 capes ar-d iaclca4 -; s:. cle-iu. We stiow a fairly g!d c.-p.e. :'.? t-''i-nied' colhir, only r:a. vrvtli ih rt . V. One hundred V ai-b cai;-; w "tli l.TA as hvag as we have ihis !ot, only tSc. At si. 4. ,.!' i,,1 alelled values. ril;ei con, -.- .i.-aets less in price i i :i :t'Ci' C1' Cl'S K nfinu In,.'-, and Sa.Od ones ai s- r, are 1 VA 4 -a ?it;: A -sf vV rme ursss L?ocas ! vV ) Have you any dress goods want; Well hero is a golden opportunity. We have just two piarci to make special mention of. At this r-c' xen Iiiivp Q,m about 2U ir- col a urcit '1rA tv of col ors in solids and Pla n's. rf'tiey are 3G and 40 hiches w"'d'- ar.d every piece is worth Sac ana -jOc. a will be placed on the i'.'c coaa; . r. . About "' s very OC. ,.1! s :,ij. 0 or made .1 - s, black crepons. etc. Come ai d .see ha vour- 0 a 1 1 b 7 i.i'i1 ah. ; .a n it a er j iv . bar- tilt ::'), e:r. cn-rnrty. I'Uy ao cts- a 00-v. t. .1 1 at Feller's c- iT? ? a"

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