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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 06, 1899, Image 4

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Reduced Railroad Ru'.i's. On a c on nl or the Floral Fair for the aoseue Homo, Charlotte, : t k'kels will bo on sale on above. cKies limit chI to Nov. 1 1 tii, in oi -." cents for round trip. KO RIGHT '! O UGLINESS. The wi'iiiSQ u ii is- iey-ly ui r . .. : n ee iii ni hu H!f) , 10 , . . . tt. 1 ei'd e ; ! ' ' CM, and all run down, sbo will be nervous am! j t ooe stive1 eon If silM J)riB tumble, ?; mm! a k! ir e impure hluod .'; Hht - ; '.; - c dieY" i?j the world to refill ifo e:f oju eh, lier ' ee;-jtv 1- '0"L aer Vi s, hj -; -. ojes, ; sk : ' , l i .. c ne It irivj- a .-!, 1, . i.s rni voll !ivKe r M 4'1 - 4.f i i (u-.v,-m:; - . k A ' H ' i . ii' t A . :. V S . I iiM IK AH h'';;3Awoi.b UlUuiU iJ'ii. a , - S'-'- 'j ! TCasy a:..l l'lvi-r.-nu to -" use. Co use. i outruns i , v;-,::-:, JfUf .;e - i ,':.lh,rv$: (:ivs ' -; ?rzZoMh , r"lac!.csns he -.s j t ! la"u:' if"iff i Is litnl , roe'U.i the ir.rmb: restores the! i of tan- and snn-!l. l.aiyc sie-5cc at I)ru;- He senses iaa '; ko i'ii.KVx :!;. xew vork K. L. Crave I a 800 TONS JELIGO COAL. 200 TONS HARD COAL. S.1S0 Viriu3 Spilt anft Elri Eye CaaM,01"11 SOrviceS hMuVn S Coal. Best fen ci at Else Efe Good Smith Coal. Call and get what vou want. 'Pitoxe 74. i Winter is Coming. I ALREADY HAVE ON HAND THREE CARS OF jeilico Cral A.nd have ten dj ore ear loads on the way. It is time 'for you to lay in a ripply for . the winter, im't it? 1 also have on i Uciiill IIIC LCM K l UiJtlUUilU UUttl. J, A. C. Blackwelder, Wot Dopot St. at Store. rTTboneCS. NOTICE To Consumers of Current. After Nov. 1st, all parties using other than Edison Lamps, will be charged 50 per cent in addition to present rates. Concord Electric IMt Co. 'PHONE... 1 fU i Notice to Tax Payers. The tax books for 1899 have been placed in my hands for co11 option and all taxpayers are lv. ce ;ted to come forward and pay un ir taxes at once. S. J. Euvin, City Tax Collector. Wanted Tt buy 100,000 p )unde of old cast-iron scrap, de livered at tL I'c undry at once, for which we will pay a fair prico. No burnt iron warned. lGtf. Ooncird FornsTMiY o. 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE T;Anr. Marks J Cfii-VRI.'.HTR J!rr Anrone spniiv- a sketch pvj- ration may quickly asrortain our opinion free whether an invention is prooal iy patentable, Communtoa tions f tne y contdt nAn. 1 Inndbook on Patents ent f reo. ouiet nmvicy 'r sorurinp patents. 1 atei . a .taken tiir.unrh J:urn &. Co. receive ipeaal i.ctu-.t. wi'hout v'.-wsq, the irut.i:!i of ' !' fJ.. Vv . ; ; i'.X-.l" THANKSIUVIX; riiOCLAMATIOIi. (Jar. Russell Sets AWvi Nov. gttth for the State its Wei! r.siheNa1ia:a! 0? - servaisce. State of North Carolina, Executive Depart rc en t. Raleigh, N. C, Nov. 3, 1MJU. Whereas, the people of this; republic have lore.? been ucens-j tomed to set apart one day hi ieach year as a clay ior pu one thanl-rsrivin and rejoicing l'orj the blessings of liberty and :hoj dence. And. . whereas, 'ho y- t r.rora v.'iiicii ve a. assou nas oeeii one ass( ized bv ivroat induct ri prosperity. And. whereas, it is aid on id -a I l no t urn asi'he from their i 1 T )ioynu jri vire;' aM renoer ail i raise to -1 '':K (h)d :o eis manii-old bhhi- to; i tliem, Now, t !u', DameL j Dussell, jrovcror of the com-j monwealtli of North Carolina, do1 issue tlds roclamation, ap - j ) o i ii 1 1 it 'j, a n a x el t iii apart inurs- day the Cdlh day of Novemoer, ; as a day of public and gen- i Grill thanksgiving, and reeoin- -, .- , ,-i I mOlld to IT 1 1 0U1 people tiK., tlicy 'lay aside tlie cares of their seen-, lar employments and asso:a. ,:e U) th(Mi))oi'i.unity, and the Eng !in their respective places of ;.;. i:iV0 0nnr since made them ! public worship to render thaab S4.lvos..n()t jn v;or(i alone, but ! giving and praise to God for llu;i h r;i(e,ti10 pnrr.mount power in jblessingsof the past and to plorc a continuation ot ins mer-, cies to us as a people. I recommend that at the sev uiusseu apan, oui peee deavor to remember tin ;r fortunate fellow citizens who are i j dependent for the comforts of iiif upon the benefactions of 'Publi?,a Cl,arHy' contributing or their means ior . the assistance of these unfortu nates. Done at our city of Raleigh, this 3rd day of November, in the nf niir Tlmvl nno Ihnnn.l eight hundred and ninety-nine, and in the one hundred and twenty-fourth year of our Ameri can Independence. By the governor. Daniel L Russell. Baylus Cade, Private Secretary. M. L. Marsh & Co. uaranteee very bottle oi Chamberlain's Conli Rem edy and will refund the money to any one who is not satisfied alter usin two thirds of the contents. This is the best remedy in the world for la grippe, coughs, colds, croup and whooping 0OUKn anc s pleasant and safe to take. - V J'A V TVULU IKJLXJ I V li V. V ll VA LV Will L ? result in pneumonia. Election Tom morrow. Fierce ballot battles will take place tomorrow in Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland where a governorship is the chief figure in the contest. JN ebraska and New York have elections but not involving full State tickets. It is like the jump of a cat, you don't know which way, in Ken tucky and Ohio and even Mary land. Democrats and Republicans are certain of victory. We shall see what we see. Chamberlain's Pai: .ilm Cures Others I Why N, i Vou? J My wife has been uti w- Chamberlain's ram 15alm with good results, for a lame shoulder that has paired her con tinuay for nine years. We baye triei'i all kinds of medicines anddoctors with out receiving any benefit from any of them. One day we saw an advertise ment of this medicine and thought of j tryjDir it, which we did with the best of satisfaction. She has used only one bottle and her shoulder is almost well. ! or sale by M. L. Marsh A: Co., Drii- gist. MAY THE EM) COME SOON. fs to Vhu in SwiHt Africa ' Lf1 IIS ne That the i'wAvt Villi From "The Progress of the "World," in the American Monthly KevieAvof lu'view for November. "Since the English will now ' vlv (.o;i(lll!11. Transvaal rl . 0rai!:,, Free vhieh o any, "he oilier ( oo;heh .1 Hint the i able e.-iiieoine jua e not be eroa Tee miO (iui t!' Ti aas' il can be bro 1 i le.-h; 1 U 1; f-iif blo-e- 1 ; Me-. j. -. - - 7 world at Jarico wiii bo o e Is'-,' Ill:--: i"!ii'1K f-"1'!!'!'1 ; , .i . .. e i t a: w- ion an .A i 1 e v-'L a e ' ( i i e i i ;:o .-.e. s '. le:elers on bolh sidei are r;nih.v. ! t,,;i T)r. th, Sn,,1l Arrican descendants of ! !-e original Dutch n 1 1 1 ' i '' " ' i .' IimiI hr.(n r''vessi ve , ( e!!tn:ra: p,u0 tu (h'sceudants of th.e I7 jjsh -oionies of Noi'tli America, - lry mi?.vlit have4 kept control of ;(ar corn 5 try, and brount iibotn. r1V:,t independent South Afri- -an republic extending from Capo Town iar to the north ward . , an, froi;i OHO OCClll! 1o tllO OtiiOr. -jri they jeive not proves! equal y.xv of the African conti- ont Cai)e Colony, ahhoiurh un- lor British sovereignty, is a free ami a sei f-govorning republic, in far niore satisfactory sense tp:in s tilc Transvaal under the vu, oi: VlivA iCru-er, who has heici in;lsterv now for almost twcnity years, and who, if not quite as absolutely as n czar, is about as potent in affairs as a kaiser. When in the early fu ture The Transvaal has been an nexed to the British empire, there will probably come about almost at once a moro modern and complete provcrnmont based on the will of the majority than has ever been there before. Only of course, it will be a ma jority of the present, rather than of the original, inhabitants; and that will mean a transfer of pre dominant majority from the Dutch-speaking to the English; speaking race. CURE A GOLD JM ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund money if it fails to euro. 25c. The genuin has 13. Q on each tablet- Corporal ion Commission in Error. The contest. between the rail roads and the Corporation Com mission in 'Judge Simonton's court resulted in a decision in favor of the railroads. The Judge ho Is that the legislature either intentionally or acci dentally failed to empower the commission to assess property save in the cases where returns had not been made. The in crease of the taxation therefore attempted by the commission is prevented and the former assess ment stands. GLORIOUS NEWS Comes from Dr. D, B. Crgile, of Washita, I T. He writes: 4 'JeT bot tles of lec:i-ic Bitters has cured JJTrs. Brewer of scrofula, which had ca-.sed Lor great suil'ering for years. Terrible sores would break out on I nr head and lace, and the best doctors could give no help; but her cure is complete and her health is excellent." This shows that thousands have proved, that Electric Hitters in the best blood purifier kno-n. It's the supreme remedy for ccza tetter, salt rheum, ulcers, boils nr-lr rei ning sores. It snrmlntes liver, k it'll c -- ! and bowels, expels po:r5. hr1 V'e--! if- li! e mmmmfm l! sfnmgicTcccltidRciila 1. 1 Lir1 iti Sionacbs andBov;cls cf I;!,CkcTfiil-j ; j v-rs rr.d RcstCcaiaias nciti'isr i; (-;;uri?orp1iiiio xior Mineral. -1 ?e . r (4 rT v r? . P tttiie S'J's -Aii ft Seed J ' iTfcrirnrit -. fimn Seed -X't.iJrrr'frzft t'tarcn Ape-feet Remedy for Cdnstipa iLon, Sour S tor ;rh, Diarrhoea, Worms Convulsions Jcvcri sh ncss and LOSS OF SLEEP Tac Simile Signature' cf HE x:xact copy of wsaepeb. ODELL ill iii I I s aiSl'FACTISEES 8( 444 FINE Ginghams, Plaids, Sheeting, S Si ill ags AND Outing Cloths. -o- DEALER IN General Merchandise BUYERS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kind. o F onr-f oot Wood always Wanted. Best Price for same. We inyite aninspection of all thejgoods ... we manufacture ... (11 a s mm i ! e.'r - :Uptv4 tit ! H 1 1 ! k' ': - - . - j rnmmm Toy Infants, and Childyr els hum lud ijears e r J I . - r,: ) 1 01! S B0li?TR!.. ? ." ,rTv p", r-' THE CENTAUR COMPANY, NEW YORK CITY. SCHEDULE. N EFFECT JULY THE 1CTU, ..-.. This condemea schedule is f.nb: listied as information, and is subject to change without nctia to ihz fniblic : Trains lsaVo uencord Ii". C 5.52 A. M. No 3, daily, for raond; connects at (ireensbero for Raleigh and Goldsboro; at 'loldsborn for Norfolk, at Danville for Washington and points North, at Salisbury for Asheville, Knoxyille and points West. 7. 19 A. M No. 33, the New York and Florida Express, carries Pullman Sleep ing Cars between New York and A u gusta, New York and Tampa, Fla., and Norfolk to Charlotte. 8;49 A. M. No. 37, daily, Wash ington and Southwestern limited lor Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Mont gomery, Mobile and New Orleans, arul all points South and Southwest. Through Pullman sleeper New York to New Orleans and New York to Memphis, Pining car, vestibuled coach, between Washington and Atlanta. 10:00 A M. No. 36, daily, for Wash ington, Richmond, Raleigh -and all points North. Carries Pullman drawing room buffet sleeper, New Orleans to New Yoik; Jacksonville to New York: Pullman tourist cars frnm San Francisco via New Orleans and South ern Pacific Sundays and Wednesdays. 11:23 A. M. No. 11, daily for Atlanta and all points Souti.. Solid train, llich mond to Atlanta. 7:09 P. M. No. 12, daily, for Rich mond, Asheville, Chattanooga, Raleigh, Norfolk, and all points North. 8;51 P. M. -No 7, daily, from Rich aiond, Washington, Goldsboro, Selnia, Raleigh, Greensboro Knoxvilie and Ac .;ip t0 Charlotte, N. C. No 33, dailv, Washington aiiu . . u". j a limited, for Wash ington texd dl ; ...ints North. Through Pullman ctw, Memphis to New York; New Orleans to New York. Also carries vestibuled coach avd dming car. Close connection at Greensboro with sleeper for Norfolk. 9.20 P. M. No, 35, daily, foi Atlanta and New Orleans, carries Pullman sleeper New Yrork to New Orleans. New York to Jacksonville and Charlotte to Atlanta; dinning car. Also Pullnan tourist car Washington to San Francis co, via New Orleans Tuesday and Fri days. 9.45 P M. No. 34, daily, the New York and Florida Express, carries Pull man Sleeping Cars between Augiuta and New York. Tampa, Fla, and New York and Caarlctfe to Richmond. Car ries sleepers Chat lotto to Noi i ol1: Greensboro. First sections of regular tlee gu or local freight trains enny pjvouger only to points where they stop according to schedule. Frank S. Gannon. j Third Yice-Pres. and Gen'l. Man. V ashmgton, v. L. JohnM. Cule, Traffic M mager, Washington, D, C. W. A. Tciik. Ge-'l. Pass. Agent, i n i. v i'i tj i V e. If HI Wei 1 PrsP M A j W'ashington, i. C. j Gowan'!l)asenbery, Local -Agent. Concord. N C Jonoord N. c. 0-

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