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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 07, 1899, Image 1

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CONGO HD, N. C, TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 7, 1899. B.r: co?;ctt 7oo;p;pt. Ho Is An . 7 -a- From our 11 r Si rl;ir Ci r;akd HJc:V 'reratkii ;.! Villi ( ' (- --. 1 1 M . . 1 . . . . : ..11 'oners Xol as firm hence AV.vSIUNCTOX. l;. C. o nt. (Eton's iiaU Ttaiglit For Hie " ," 'M Iloi;t'i:t of Our liaml i (;r.o day. pari arc keeping the "bis? . from Washington jus ill JlOmo. as 17; -im t .n,fk. onl v ho interest that cur people take in tho band organized here f- uns away , , ' in vp nr o-rwwf mncif' t now. vvo their ait per d uniy oy perrormers oi la,-; view the political bait In ' a. - - ,c. other places, will 1 l. from afar, and take our thrills at be in front of the stage tonight- :B anuuf) ua- is oeiore mnT"?ne . Mr. ' ;..krn o t'l oi him cite much in! ores ttractive Assortment .ii"e.:i' uo.- e- ndless t e I 1 x r iuva-i!? ana in:1! ne 1 e 'number c i interest lie re, but the ; Harry Ashbury, who is a most '1' depari men! clerks excellent performer on the ilute. ! M tl'. i i no. J Cox was paid ten 'ioi cutiimra new road and privileges ol' a ' vbo will px home to volo is not 'ana 'o is now on his way to ; iinnvjii ill- !.u.(i.,. i fill p.n oncrrifroi-noiit. in "R.ip.hiiimifl lt is almost a?i axiom thnt to : lolectama in iho Yi.niPvndJ AIr- Dan Snmmoy, of Char-, v.viv on tlie beatty s i -, . , , lotto arrived 1-em this morning i ;.: h m ro. tovrnslpp. . . ... andwdl smir several solos aiier 10 private lire. liwevc:, 0 , n 4. i . . . kjuiiiun;y liuo nu v uxux uixxxij.3 oii-xi 4 'j, the illness of Mr. Hooart im- i i , M m here and always receive comph- piuiiusai mis nine, me ! ments from om. people. Miss j fifth-whcol-tO-thc-waOll posi- ! l?0o Hnrri wb.nso nnnlitins ns! rvl ah t 't' ! i- i i ...f atchiess Materials. I fill an en i?a cement in Richmond, i W 1 ... ' , . , i ifS5uS-V5Si. .(&&0r.r ,r ! will ren der two solos toni rh t . : " i&i&te tsl -j? 3 v izx fo e 0 a ishij TiuM'e is an unusually bad oL' road near Mr. Chas. -a hour's on Cold Water below T T.. IT .1 T I Town run .mi. rj-t'iiuui sun ji V ' " ' . . l;;';,-r SUOmilieci a )iail to tile . ""l'iV vv yJ 1-,J1U1U ' ; -i uujl rsiiiui ay ivuuN.ii i'j lv.uI. v vrhich tlic commissioners running mate, even during his j our people, will add to the pro accepted. Mr. Litaker agreed term of office. If the President ; gramme. to rep:i;r the road, and the county i bumped his head many ' of the J The band of over twenty mem- USl till! lJIII. iv acrrces to pay for the teams nec oary, paying at rate of 1.50 nor dav and that all extra hands V paid 50 cents per day includ va? Mr. Litaker's own services. Chairman Allison, assisted by Mr. Robt. E Gibson, was ap pointed ns a committee to exam 'T: ihe books of the county treas urer. Y Ronrd of Charity, which w is appoint(Hl by the State, j -poi levl tbc;L the county home is -w.-ii Ut-pt and that the inmates aiv well eared for, but suggestd ! - -ovoral of the inmates ought : discharged. The county has been ordered to i :r.-i 'stigate the matter and ac--will be taken accordingly. papers would rush out an extra; i bers will occupy the stage and I , r tl; ' rescue Home, The annual Floral Fair given by the managers of the Alexander Rescue Home will be held in the city hall in Charlotte, N. C, Thursday and Friday, Nov. 9th and 10th, 1899. In addition to the beautiful exhibit and sale of chrysan themums and other flowers, there will bo a sale of fancy articles and an elaborate lunch will be served on both days. The Southern Railway Com pany, on account of the object of this fair, has given cheap rates from the neighboring towns and 'jiti-.'sto Charlotte and return imod from the 9th o 11th of oy ember. Joins Polling a Large Tote. This afternoon we learn from the wires that in the Ohio elec tion. Jones, the independent (-:c 'i'Mlato, is polling a largo vote Cleveland, Toledo, and Vounsvilie. whilst Mr. Hobart had been se riously ill for some time before he came into notice at all. Besides his minor duties of presiding over the Senate, the Vice-President has not much to do, except to "look wise." To give dinners, o entertain retail delegation-. 1; bo heralded in the papers as "among those present," that is the lot of our second officer. Your correspondent remem bers often meeting Vice-Presi dent Stevenson, one of the most jncjc-icnt democratic oi men, walking to and from the Capitol. Few peo ple ever recognized him, and he generally made the trip unno ticed. But Mr. Hobart and his family have been of value to this adminstration iii'the enter taining line, as Mrs. McKinley's bad health prevents her from entering much into social life. will for the first time give our people a specimen of their music, appropriate for such occasions. The members will be uniformed in their white duck suits, under the directorship of Mr. Robt. Keesler. ! THE BEST PROKIPTION FOB CHILLS and fever in a bottle c Grove's Taste less Chill Toric. Never fails to enre; Then why experiment with worthless imitations? Prioo 50 cents. Your money back if it, fail a to cure. The Chain Gang Moved. In a few days the chain gang will in full force be at work on the road just beyond the depot on this side of the bridge. Dirt is being hauled there now, and the condition of the road prom ises to be considerably improved. Mother Can't be Found. Salisbury has had the unusual of a cliild found for which no mother can be located. Tho child is now dead. . HE FOOLED TUB JUGEONS. All doctors told Penick Hamilton, of West Jefferson, O , after f?nfferms 18 months from Rectal Fistula, he would die unless a costly operation was per formed; but he cured himself with live boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the surest Pile cure on Earth, and the best Salve in the Woild. 25 cents a box. Sold at Fetzer's Dru Store. met 4 A Book Reception at Mont Amoena. We are in receipt of an invita tion to attend a book reception of the Bernheim Literary society at Mont Amoena seminary on Wednesday evening, the 29th. The exercises of the evening will consist of music and elocution. Rev. W P McGhee, of Pine ville, is here today. PERSONAL POINTERS. Mr. Sam Smith, of Charlotte, is here today. Sheritf Monroe, of Salisbury , is here today. Dr. M L Stevens, of Ashe ville, is expected here in a day or two. Misses Mary and Lucy Mont gomery sp... g the after noon in Charlotte. Dr. Sam Montgomery and Mr. W A Wilkinson went over to Charlotte this morning to spend the afternoon. A fell line THAT THROBBING HEADACHE. Will'. Surely Die, v,vnLl fi rkly leave you, if you used j o it xv ! i lVs New Lite Pills. Thousands j . e-Praue'iit liouart s con-. 1 ' tiir nmtrdiless OF Yes, it's a picnic at our Dress Goods Counter. CO and 70c dress goods being sold at 39c per yard. The showim comprises Black crepons.Fancy flanels, Tricots, Camel's hair plaids. Fancy crepons, Bedford stripes, Silk and Wool nulls, etc. You must see the assortment to appreciate the true value. They are genuine bargains in every sense of the word. They are all ou the 39 cent counter. The 25 cent counter is equally attractive as they are 25 and 40c. goods going at 25c. It is simply a dross goods chance our buyer picked Up last week while in th market. We bought them cheap and are selling them the same way. Bla'-k j'affeta Silk, good quality, special price 49c per yard. Chick Sai;n Dutchess, very wide, $1.25 quality, sale price O-c; vi.00 quality at 75c. All shades of Velvet, Silk and Braid Trimmings. A good bit of linings, near silks, skirtings, etc., to suit every tas-.e. Remem ber this is bargain week in our Capes, Jackets, Reefers etc. Large assortment of Furs. Remember it will be a pleasure to' show the new goods at this store. We are having regular Xmas trading these days and no wonder. L. Parks & Comp'y. H r ? ion -Pi'eskh'ilt Hobart 's c on- ! Dr. Ivusrvew uu x n . Tl 5 j oi' LTerers have proyeu meii m0 pi' n i is a.bout the same. Dr. for sick and Nervous Headaches, j lea 1 O n t . v -)t () ' np'TLey made pure blood strong nerves f i U r..t) .- he m ai a;lil(lup your health. Easy to take. thiir. Put nnv in(- f, ! rr,... ii,..,, txr o.r p.euts. Money back 1 i-KiP time, but riav r- rr,... 41,.., , ( nlv 9, ceUtS. luoney uuuxv i "fiv-rnr'si TTn? Store. His recovery Uie tax-ti.-r , 11 ,iUUlueUi tlh .2 yui'ds as impossible. He lias' a FRIGHTFUL BLNDUEE j - wohrht fi'om about L'OOi T..n 0ten can-e a horrible Burn, j : ' nus to 125 pounds. ! Fcai 'CCutor Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica 1 r?ulve. the best in the world, will the , ; pn and proTy hrvA it. Cures Ola ; -Messrs. Dun Summer a rd "tu Fcv-r SSon s, V Jeers, Beds, el- , -r11v nfnvn.i"- '-r idl .'ikin eruptions. a .m , or Cliai .. .. nofTr ordv 25 cts. a bos. n:. i ( im ..... . AT Our cousins on the other side are able to take care of themselves just like Bell, Harris & Co. are for all your wants in the Furniture line. With three solid cars of Furniture, two cars of springs, two cars of chairs, one car of Mattresses, you need not worry about high prices on furniture, and as for Stoves, we have tho mous Leader line, Gate City, Iron Kinsr, Happy T. Woou Heaters and Coal Keatei all bought in ear iu,: j . u rive us a chance we will sell yoi . Clocks, good, b "r . f th no is money you should h ve a clock. Omc ?,.n I'lUTriture of all kinds. Hall Furnhare, Kitchen Furni' 'p s uin it up we have anything you want. Pictures or l'r. . ,"r are strictly in it. Call and see. ba 21 XL 5 ti r? ;f m ft r i-T-T'. V.l. DUx.l V - i-- , f.- rT "1PkT 'F-T " rY?."7 ' .? 'vi W-' W-BW"S W-.- V..

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