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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 08, 1899, Image 3

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r: e inWovx 'h.U of schedule took SOUTHBOUND. v,- s nrrivrs Jit r 52 a in, ';.';; " 4M()wam, -. i " " T-(.'j p m, 41 " .M p m, (flag) ::4 " " (-l' P m, - " 2.00 a imliBi, , t) -or rnnoUNp. . ;:: nrr-ves at S m iii, (flag) N l i " N.M p m. " " iUp'm, (flair) " 7 V.) a " 8 4'.) a m, (freight) "", w brn running ahead- ot "o. 7 , if ntrossary for through travel f - h.iri )tt", and, is ntonned for iMU it p iM ;,"i6 uruviM tram Lynchburg or 1.. v. N". o stops regularly for i Juri -rs for Salisbury, High Point. ,..i!hor(. beulville, Pauvillp aud stutioutj between Danville and hiiiuhm. No. stops for pas---rs comi!)!.' from j yuehburg or ; !'V"!vl, hiux to take on pas-'i-rs ft.r regular stopping places .:. s o! -Ne-vtlls No. 88 .stops to let v.:l " i'.is:;eugers from regular stopping - souih of Nt wells and to take on utrers for regular stopping places, i.y.'K'hburg or 'evnd ;:i ;U -top at Ooucortl for uers or from the C. G. Jfc'A.. division Charlotte to Augusta and oti.or points in South Carolina, Georgia n.-rubt, readied through Columbia or Augusta. Ns. 7, 8, 11 and 13 are the local trains ar;a (vnii.1 t ; at Salisbury with trains of W. N. . Division. rttLEPHONE N 71 FCGNDED ..1842 ,4Sixg Their Own Praise." The M'J KFF i the PIANO to buy; it h ts i.o equal for the money as you save the uiiddleman's profits and it will h : a lifetime; but we hav several I a renins in other makes. 'A'e have taken . in exchange for Si iElT'S two. Iyers & Pond Pianos, one, tue finest., style that firm manu-: tactures and it is almost new. If you vuut this make here arc bargains. Ms. I Stieef, I'luiin MHiuWacturer, ... MM -m it jiitivuiure j,u. Factory Branca Wareroom. v;vi3- i;tlUrIoit,'X. C. CM. WiltnothMgr Fixe TuiiiG. EaIaACE Organ.S. Jas. Day vault, , son of Mr. Jao. V Day vualt, of No 4 i township iiuv has a position at Day vault's Miss Bettia "Walter- has re turned home from a two months' visit to relatives , at. Clay. HUl S. C. , Mr. R G Williams, who lived near the depot, left our town Tuesday night. It is thought He will land at Statesville. Mr. Luther Harstell left Twes day night to a L Lend the Columbia State Fair. He intended to go v- '.'h Mr Jas. P Cook, but the 1r;i'a beat him to the depot, GET YOUR piano tuned now.' Leave orders at. Kimball Hotel. Prices very reasonable and satis f'!''! inn guaranteed. W. S. Atkins.. On the 32 nd of this month Miss Li Hie Suns, of Charlotte, daugh ter of Mr, J M Sims,, will' be married io Mr. Arthur Wearn, of LnarloiAe. The to-be bride is a niece of Mr. Jno. A Sims, of this ce. An Ki:ag(iueiit Iti Richmond. Mr. Harry Asbury. of Char 1;Ue. who took part in the band concert here Tuesday night and v ho received much praise fr his '-i-e selections, has gone to Rich: hioad to fill an engagement in an chestva for several months under the leadership of; rof. 5!ockman, who formerly con ducted the Brockman school, at Oreensboro. Jl1 .ii imie Ludwig to Wed. On Thursday afternoon Mr. h:'S('om Umberger, of Virginia, Miss Jennie Ludwig, daugh h of Mr. Wilov Ludwig. of No. township. wm be married y Ivov. V R Stickley. Miss L-udwig is one of our county's ac 'wiiplishcd young ladies. Thei, There are some 300 men in England whose sen so. of sofWnioi o uluou 1S ;o cle, eloped that they can dis- t-nmiuate between odors which offer no distinctions to an unedu- catednose. Tlievaro omnir i by the manufZ employed ti ? uufacturmg chemists, A,WJ. WAO ailu Ule large . and liquor establishmnnt a perfectly trained nose is ner-o- sarv to i.h viiwt- uusmess is me conmonnrli A vAiU6) uiuiiuill U: stiner of perfumes find es- sences. The most curious point about these poople who live on their noses is that the majority are to tally blind. The reason is that when any person loses one sense the other senses are more fully developed. These men travel about from merchant to mer chant, generally earning between 8300. and 400 a year. Stray Stories. Hpr Mother Dead". Mr. and Airs. . Jas. Loman left Tuesday night. 'f or Salisbury. The: news came that afternoon that. Mrs. Lorn an's mother, Mrs. Eagle, died that afternoon. THAT THROWING HADACE.; Would quickly leave you, if you used Dr, King's New Lite Pills. Thousands of sufferers .have proved their .matchless merit for bick and Nervous Headaches. They made, pure blood strong nerves and build up your, health.. . Easy to take. Try-them. Only 25 ceuts, Mr. ney back- it not cured, at Jetzers Irug Store. A FRIGHTFU L BLNDUEB Will often cause a horrible Burn, Pcald, Cut or Bruise. Bitcklen's Arnica Salve, the best in the world, will kill the pain and promptly heal it. Cures Old bores, Fever Sor- , Ulcers, Bcils, Fel ons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions. Best Pile euro on earty. Only 25 cts. a box. (vire guarantee.. Sold at Fetzer' Store- Every Word the Truth Adam Bede (not George Eliot's Adam, but the editor of Bed's Monthly) is of -the opinion that most . writers . write too much, most talkers talk too much, most fools fool too; much, most governors govern too much, most partners part too much, and, in fact .it . is. th,e muchness ctf things earthly that mkes us long for the balm in Gilead and the sweet fields beyond life's turbid tide. Union. .Central Advocate. It will not be a surprise to any who are at all familiar with Rood qualities of Chamberlain Cough Remedy, to know that people everywhere take, pleasure in relating theii; ep'erience ;ia;tte.' use :of that splenditt medicine arid m te ling of the benefit they have received from it, of bad colds it has cured, of threatened attacks o pheumonia . it 'has averted and of te.v children it has saved from attacks - of croup and whooping cough. It is a grand, good medicine. For sale by M, L. Marsh & Co. GLORIOUS NEWS Comes from . Dr. D, El, Cargile, . of Washita, I T He. writes:. 4 'Four bot tles of Electric Bitters has cured Mrs. Brewer of scrofula, which had caused her great suffering for years. Terrible sores would break out on her head and faoe, and the best .doctors could give no help; but her cure is complete and her health is excellent;. ? TJlis shows , that thousands- have proved, that Electric Bitters is the best blood purifier known. It's the supreme . remedy, for- eczema, tetter, salt rheum, ulcers, boils and run ning sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and bowels, expels poisons, help diges tion, builds ,upj th strength. Only 50 cents. Sold at Fetzer's Drug Store. let us bake your Thanks giving cakes. We make you the best fruit cake for 35c per pound;, pound cake at 2oc- You take no chances on getting a good cake if you give us your order. Concord Bakery. 'PHONE 122 Why Not While There is Liie lire is Hope. I Was afiiictPil ritli r-QoTM-l-,. ' x x . II Itll I ( k 1 1 1 1 vuuiu uciiuei uisio nor smeu ana could hear but little. Ely's Cream ??lm cured it. Marcus G. N ' i ? Balm reaclld mo safely and the effect is surprising. My son says the first application -av'e uccictea relief. ! Mrs- Franklin Respectfully, Freeman. Do ver, N. H. The Balm does not irritate or cause sneezing. Sold by drugj gists at 50 ceuts. or mailed by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren St., New York. Aleck Harstell, who was quite s .ck Sunday night, is still in bed. HOW'S THIS? We offer one hundred dollars regard for any caee of catarrh that can not by cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, Ohio. Wft th undersigned, have known F J Cnt uey fur th last 15 year$, aud believe, him peifectly reliable in all business transac tions and finacci dly able to carry out any obligations made by tbeir firm. West & Truax, Wholesale Druists, Toledo, 0. Waldiug, Eiunan & Marvin, Wholesale. Druggists, roledo, 0. HalFs Catarrh Cure is taken in ternally, acts directly upon the blood aud iHicouw surface of the svstem. Price - .75-;. pnr bottle. Sold by all dinists. Tostimo nials free, . Prompt attention given to the guests of the Table supplied from the best on me market. Jf oirte servants. Rates: $1;Q0 to $1:50 per day. Special, rtes to regular, boarders. Mrs. ft'A; KIMBALL. Manager. Things, of It will be a joy for you tp. see. our new brooches, yhich we have received. Come and see even if you don't purchase. , C. CORRELL,. TUB JEWELEU: ! Just received a new lot of Plaids in Somerset and Venitian cloths.- Blue Venitian cloth, Brpwn Covert cloth. Small Plaid wool goods in dress pat terns. No two alike. Shoes! hoes(l A. full; line of Ladies' Shoes ! in Button and lace. Pompadour Combs,. Empire combs, Ladies' pocket-books. , Come and see us. We will do our best to please you in prices and styles. Gibsonl&Morrison. Beauty LOOK HERE Seelitiflil Venetiens, Ladies Cloth, Homespuns, n t . . Novelty Patterns, Black Silk and Woo Crepons, Plain Black Luxon Silks and Poir de Soie,.R3al Scotch Plaids and Suiting. Don't fail to se 3 our Carpets, extra Supers, ' V.olo: Brussels, Velvets and . Top New Patterns. Can do you Good on Prices,. annon & Fetzcr Co. Make hom,e comfortable' and atytractive, and we have the richest designs to be iound. in Concord. Our prices for fine Bed Room suits, Dressing Cases, Enameled Bed Steads, quality considered, are the lowest that can be found anywhere. Some unusual values for this week in Rugs. o- Also Undertakers. We are prepared to give the people this, winter better, bargains than usual in alj of Heavy and 4t. wholesale id retail,. It will, pay you to, see our Large Stock of nware- Glassware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats, Etc, befora buying. For Clover Seed, .Seed ,Rye,; and Rock Salt go to , j Q. W. Patterson's. Fancy f me -o Offers the business public a reliable, per manent, conservative and accommodat ing banking instution. We solicit your patronage with the assurance of honorable treatment and due appreciation of your patronage. If we can serve you any time we will be glad to have you come'and see us. LIBEEAL ACCOMMODATIONS ; TO CUSTOMERS CJapital and Surplus - - $70 Odd D. B CoiiTRANE, Chashier, J. M. OdeL. President, M. L. Brown & B.Rq. LIVERY, FEED A.ND SALEj STABLES, Just in rear of 8t. Cloud Hotl. Oam nibusee meet all passenger trainr. Outrits ot all kinds farniehea promptly and at reasonable prior. Horses and mules alwap on hmd ro sale. Breeder ofJ.horoaehbra Poland UinajHo?' I .mm mm hi

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