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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 09, 1899, Image 1

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1 " , 5'- 1.00 Ter Yoar. Price CALLED IIOJIE. r.iiatx'th (iibson Dies at the Ape 0f.s7lliree Sons and a Sister Sur vive Her-The Last of Three Congen ial Landmarks. Mi- .. Elizabeth Phifer Gibson, tu venerable relict of Dr. Edwin H Gibson died today (Thursday) ii o'clock a. m. at the age of years and some months, having been born in April 1812. SI u 4 was married in February 1533 and was bereaved of her husband after 37 years of matri HK.niiu! life. : She was the mother of six children. Her only daughter died in infancy. Two sons of manhood age preceded her to tln grave, viz: William and tleerge. Three sons now mourn the broken tie of a mother's com forting presence, viz. James C Gibson, J Phifer Gibson and Robert E Gibson. The deceased has on 3 living survivor of the parental home, a sister, Mrs. Bradshaw of New York. Mrs. Gibson was a devoted member of the Presbyterian church from early life and was regular in her attendance on the service tUl enfeebled by age. Of late years and up to Sept. 21st. 1698 there was a trio of aged landmarks in the town whose intellectual culture and congeniality of spirits drew them together and on occasions they Touhl sip the comfort there was ::i gi t ting together and rehearsing :) iiit'inorics of the past as such was seen in the light shining bright from the future through a :'u'ig and abiding faith. The people about them looked on in pleased meditation and in -creasing respect and veneration. On the date above noted Esq. R W Allison broke the trio and en tered upon faith's fruition. On April 8, 1S99 Mrs. Caroline Mc Donald entered the door to eternity's mystic domains while Mrs. Gibson was bidden to stay amid earthly environments till now. Who will say that today these kindred spirits are not again basking in the joys of a never endiug union while thrilled with the infinite conception of a triune God. The funeral will be held to-, morrow at 11 o'clock at the First Pr.hyterhm church by-Rev. W C Alexander, who will arrive to nurruw morning from Balti more. Bioivn Sells His Business. Mr. J T Brown, who for some has been running a bar- - - op hi Mr. M J Corl'sbuild- - : . s se,V ii's business to Mr. ' i. of Raleigh, who has been or several days. Mr. Viola, 's a n TVeJ until homo ago worked in ihb5 business 1 lu To 'd hotel in Ch.t: lotle. " h bring his fanaiv hero .V.hvgh soon. ' -i S.i!!e f he Bed Clothes. m nn watched fire Wednesday i -'d a 11 1 1 1 o excitement at Mr. j Tlx noopedion ' ' -ught Hie bed clothing,'! CONCORD, N. came iear Ueing a Serious Affair. On Wednesday there came near being a serious accident at what is called Crowoll's crossing below the railroad bridge. Dr. Pharr, Mr. Jno. Ervin and Miss Agnes Moss were in a buggy and were almost on the track when the northbound fast mail came dashing by them. While no one was hurt and no damage was done, it was an experience that makes one shudder to think of,: when death was so nigh. All of them jumped from the buggy quickly, when they realized how near the engine was to them. An Appeal Taken to Superior Court. On Wednesday afternoon be fore Esq. Pitts a case was tried wherein a party was suing the firm of R B Wilson & Co., of Richmond, which firm conducted the -bucket shop" here that made an assignment. The party sued for $100 and 33 remained in the bank when the assignment was made. The party suing got judgment in the case, but an ap peal was taken to the Superior court. Mr. W G Means repre sented tho plaintiff, and Mr. H S Puryear the defendant. n --r A Double Wedding Today. This afternoon in No. 4 town ship four persons took the mar riage vows, which ties let no man put asunder. The contracting ! parties are Rev. F W Bradley, of Gold Hill, and Mrs. Hold brooks, the widow of Mr. D G Holdbrooks, also M.r. A J Black welder and Mrs. Bradshaw, the widow of Mr. Carter Bradshaw. The brides are hal .-sisters. The Drummer Medium. Mr. George A Letford, the well known representative of II E Buck1 en, of Chicago, is again at the Orton. Mr. Letford is known as the "drummer medium," and last evening a representative of the Star saw him give a remarkable demon stration of his power as a medium. A well known Wil mington gentleman had a sitting and the medium told him of many occurrences in his past life, some of which he had for gotton but which he recalled after being given reminders that brought everything back to him. Ho even correctly told the gentleman certain things that he is contemplating for the future. Wilmington SLar. This is the gentleman of whom we spoke some time ago when he was here. Every newspaper office knows Geo. Letford and of his spiritualistic work. He is often consulted to foretell elec tions, dec's:ous, etc. by the aid of has spirits. What the Pounders Get. We see that the Jeffries Shakev prize fight pounded out about sSO,000 of wlrch 55 per cent weiu to the pugilisl , the tor ire! ;.ing 75 and the var- iquhslied 25 per cent. The I amounts stand 80,423 for the former and $10,141 for the latter. The smaller amount seems to pay pretty well for some brok- ribs and a banged, up coun- ( tenance i'Vllow endowed for C, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER" 9, May Find the Men TImt Blew nn the 1 Maine. Francis Atwater, the field manager of the Red Cross in Cuba, cabled to parties in Meri dian Conn, under date of the 16th saying: - "I have just learned from a well known' detective that he is now on the trail of the villains who blew up the. battleship Maine in Havana harbor, the wreck of which I can see as I send this dispatch. One of the scoundrels, according to : my in formation, claims he has not been treated right. He offers now to turn State's evidence if he is paid $15,000, to 20,000, so that he can live in seclusion in some foreign country the remain der of his life, as he well knows that in Cuba or the United States he never would be allowed to live an hour when it was known that he is one of tho dastardly cowards who caused the loss of so many lives. He claims that there were seven or eight in the plot, some of them now being in the United States and the others here. An Exchange of Plantations. It is not often that two men ex change their plantations in so short a time as did Mr. Ransom Blackwelder, who lives a few miles from here on the road leading to Cold Springs, and Mr. Geo. F Earnhardt, who lives in No. 9 township. Both were in a trading humor and the trade was soon made. Mr. Earnhardt will exchange his plantation of about 110 acres to Mr. Ransom Blackwelder for his tract of about 130 acres. In the exchange Mr. Barn hart will have the cot ton gin and saw mill also. PERSONAL POINTERS. Mr. W J Swink, of China Grove, is hero today. Chas. Kimball, of Grove, was here today. China Mr. Barney Douglass spent last night hero at Mr. Jas. W Cannon's. Dr. and Mrs. INI L Stevens, of Asheville, are here visiting their friends. Mr. P P Townsend went over to Charlotte this morning on business. Mrs. E F . .-, . o has been visiting at d adge Montgom ery's, went to M troe this morn ing. Hie OF ens it? a Uilii ... - Al ill vlfj ch t A Fresh 1899. a a I Superb Styles, 0 Attractive a a a Endless Matchless a a a rwv? 10 jp jp -'tsfSfSfSsW Yes, it's a picnic at our Dress Goods Counter, J; 60 and 70c dress goods being sold at 39c per yard. The showing comprises Black crepons. Fancy flanels, Tricots, Camel's hair plaids. Fancy crepons, Bedford stripes, Silk and Wool nulls, l4c. You must see the assortment to appreciate the true value. They arc genuine bargains in every sense of the word. They are all on tho 39 cent counter. The 25 cent counter is equally attractive as they are 25 and 40c. goods going at 25c. It is simply a. dress goods chance our buyer picked up last week while in tho ma-hot. Wo bought them cheap and are selling them the same way. Black Taffeta Silk, good quality, special price 49c per yard. ek.Sa1' ?i Dutchess, very wide, $1.25 quality, sale price 9Qc; 1.00 quality t 75c. All shades of Velvet, Silk and Braid Trimmings. A good bifc of linings, near silks, skirtings, etc., to suit every taste. Remem ber this is bargain week in our Capes, Jackets, Reefers etc. Large assortment of Furs. Remember it will be a pleasure to show the new goods at this store. We are having regular Nmas trading these days and no wonder. ( L P arks D ottie Our cousins on the other side nv. bio to ta :c care of themselves just like Bell. Harris & Co. are for 11 yr-iV TVaT1ts in the Furniture line. With three solid enrs of Furniture, tw. s of springs, two cars of chairs, one car of Mattresses, you need mA worry about high prices on furniture, and as for Stoves, we have 1 ' 1 us Leader line, Gate City, Ion.King, Hr pry Thnes. etc. : eaters and Coal Heaters ail i ought in err lots and if von c iv a chance wo will sell you. CI -: es money vou should ha'(, ! Fr.i. of all l-iiiuls. Hall Fn: ni;n ! si;;:: uo we have anythimr vou v:vm". ! are strictly in it. Call and see. 75 ts Single Copy 5 Cents j a a w a a a a. a a a Assortment, Variety, Materials. omov ft ps. good, better and best. . vck. C'tiice J-r.n i .'brary . ''h',n Ftirri' o wo 7 4T C Id' ;1. . labor that he is un- That Lame rJl:''s y.rr

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