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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 09, 1899, Image 2

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its IK S it fovt iiii'isis I:; the Philippines. Stirring events seem about to Amu II! Lii UVi I Hi W PL a . Id "5 JOHN D. BARRIER and SON. 0(3 !IKlu-lu'llua 111 " Allil'' lis the strongest Natural I.itivia EdUoijuid Pi;opriotors. pines and if lingering rams do j m nmrkct am has . t i r jV . i : 4t F&'i . k i. rut; 2tKii:fl isi:it. : urii. too nmcn uiteiiere me jiie.iii iHi Si'Ais DaKD is i.iiDiiMitd every ward :ao veniciit may be looked day (ttuutux.v excepted) ui.d denvuvd by 'T " ' , Hates 01 Subscription ... 4 00 . . . '1 0) . i 0" ) .35 "v 05 MvKLY STANDARD is n ciht-column paper. It lias A larger circulation m Cabarrus than any Other ;.vper. Price 81. U0 per annual iu advance. Advertising Hates : Terms for regular nd vertisemeuts ;nadt! known uq application. Address ail eotnmuuic itions to THE STAND MID, Concord. N. C. the our-pa::' ior. The Philadelphia 'the endorsement of the most noted physicians of the country Record !as to its 'sul)ei,'lol ity ovor ali iothcrs. Read what the noted 1 Dr. John Hey Williams, of Ashe- says: lh0 j vine-, Has to say ior lxulli Lithia, springs. I- a IGH Color Plaid Goods for Shirt waists and Childiwfs drosses 12 1-2 u. ' 1 ono Coxcokd, N. C. Nov ruiirnsfi joe speaks. 9. from three directions tigains lpfini:itod insurgent forces on T.nn Td,,1(1 innv be regarded ! Asheville, N. C.; April 24, as the beginning of the end of j . Am cxUmdod clinical use of Har . . . " . ti im,i Iris Ldaia prompts me to organized resistance to Iudeial. ho sUllcul0Ut that I rorard it as authority in the Philippines, j ullo Qflhebest if not the best, Thirty thou sand men, under Con. ; Lithia Water known to the pro Wheaton on the north, Gen. Mc-j fossiou. In the condition of Arthur on the south and Lawtonlospliatic Urine, its action is Kinv.'oilmic I i e 111 t MO K lOll- ; to the eastward, areclosm- m on n-. nffrd Tbp Nashville antliority that lion. W J Wood received a letter from Gen. the disintegrated army ot Agu-: mo moro lolnt'(-)n tiiull either the inaldo, which is now cencen- jJunalo or Londonderry Waters. Banner isitrated at a i)oint about twenty Very truly yours, A I I I I " T TT17!-r 11TTT T T A AID T T In which lie says: 4 am uehgiited willi the Philippine islands. I have no doubt that a little ush and energy this fall wil! out the Aguinaldo in surrection. Out of J,000,C00 of people I do not think he has more than 20,000 soldiers and in a square ficrlit 5,000 Americans vrordd tear them to pieces. All that is necessary to crush them z'. once for the army to get at tlim i ill the work is done. The eviJ features of the islands have been exaggerated to our people. The action of some of the people in . lie United States in asserting thai the peoplo of the Philippines oagiit to Wive independence does a. groat d-.-'.l of harm and assists Agn inaldo in maintaining the in .surrec.ion, as he publishes all the assertions and tells his sup porters if they hold out until winter- independence will be given ihem." It does seem that the evidence is cumulative, that the prevailing tones of sympathy for these rev olutionary Filipinos and the caustic denunciations of our gov er:; xctil in the Philippine affairs are not warranted in cause and are not "oolitic in effect. nient." If this effort to trap the rebel leader shall be success ful nothing worse than guerilla lighting will have to be done thereafter to assert and main tain the supremacy of American authority over the whole archipelago. For wr-KHiv Vears Mrs. Wiuslow's Soothic Syrup has hv.m used for over fifty years by mil lions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softeus the unis, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It ndieye the poor little sufferer immedi ately. Sold by dr!isriist8 iu every part of the world. T weuty-ave cents a hot tie. Be sure and ask for 4'Mrs. Win- slows Soothimr Svrup," and take no other kind We guarantee that one glass of Harris Lithia carbonated water will relievo any case of kidiges tion in one minute or our agent is authorized to refund you tho money, or if taken after each meal will cure the most stubborn case of indigestion. "Why suf fei; when you have the guarantee? M L Marsh, Asrent for Concord. t;je stoky again. A Jacksiui, Miss., dispatch of the 0th, says: "Hunter Johnson, a white citirnn, while hunting in Pearl r: . . swamp, east of the city, several days ago, discovered a 1 ox co:aining nearly $50,000. The money was encased in an iron case and is' in gold pieces, nearly all of them s20 denomina tion. It is is thought the money is a war treasure. All of the coins bear date prior to 1850." Such ephemeral stories engage public, attention ever and anon, out when you attempt to lay your hand on the fortunate tinder lie is always at the end of the rainbow. Dividing: the Dominions. For some years the Samoan Islands have been a bone of con tention with Germany averse to policies on which England and the United States were harmo nious. At times the contention has been somewhat alarming for tho mutual :jfood-will of these great powers. A treaty is about to be consumated, which will make an equitable and satisfac tory division of islands iiedod by each, so that each snail have exclusive dominion over its own. While There is Life There is 2Ivpe. I was aliiicted with catarrh; could neither taste nor ;daell and could hear but little. Ely's Cream Balm cured it. Marcus G. Shautz, Rahway, N. J. The Balm reached me safely and the effect is 'surprising. My son says the first application gave decided relief. Respectfully, Mrs. Franklin Freeman, Do ver, N. H. Tho Balm does not irritate or cause sneezing . Sold by drugj gists at 50 cents, or mailed by Ely Brothers, 5G Warren St., New York. Stuangk, is it not, that Mitchell county now enjoying the unenv .able reputation of being the mc.lL lawless and dangerous county in the State in which to live for a white man, and doubly so for a negro, is the banner Re publican county in the State. In some sections of tho county we learn a negro is not allowed to live. A little rumbling after the storm in France comes in the way of finding- Count Estcrhazy ffiiiltv of swindling. He was o V Safecrackers 3Iiike a Haul. A Durham dispatch of the 8th sas: "News has reached here that the safe in the office of Sheriff Haghos at Hillsboro was cracked last night. The robbers got S5,000. One thousand dollars was in twenty dollar gold pieces. There is no clue and the robbery is supposed to be the work of professionals." THAT THROMBIN G HEADACHE. Would quickly leave you, if you used Dr. King's New Lile Pills. Thousands of sufferers have proyed their matchless merit for Sick and Nervous Headaches. They made pure blood strong nerves and build up your health. Easr to tako. Try them. Only 25 cents, Money back if not cured, at Fetzer's Drug Store. A FRIGHTFUL BLNDUEE For Sleeplessness. The following is recommended as a cure for sleeplessness ''Wet a half towel, apply it to the back of the neck, pressing it upward toward the base of the brain, and fasten the dry half of the towel over so as to prevent the too rapid exhalation. The rdTYv i nvnnr.if inrl plmi'minrr cooling the brain, and inducing calmer, sweeter sleep than any narcotic. Warm water may be used, though inost persons prefer cold. To those who suffer from over excitement of the brain, whether the result of brain work or pressing anxiety, this simple remedy has proved an especial boon." New Orleans Times- Democrat. The Philcosophi Editor. Some men make money, others make mischief, while a majority make fools of them selves. Thank the Lord you're livin' and be happy on the wTay 'pos sums are gittin' fatter and 'sim mons ripening every clay!7' The head of the household finds it impossible to sidetrack the appropriation bill for new hats and bonnets for the feminine portion of the family. Daily Re flector. U ed By Brittish Soldiers in Africa. Gapt. C. G. Dennison is well known all over Africa as command. of the force that captured the famous rebel Galishe. Under date of Nov.. 4, 1897, from Vrv- burg, Rechuanalaud, he writes: "Be fore starting on the last campain I bought a quantity of Chamberlain's Colie, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which I used myself when troubled with bowel complaint, aud had given to my men, and in every case it proved most beneficial." For sale by M. L. Marsh & Co. Will often cause a horrible Barn. C 11 1 j. T -r- it , iVJi iu,.,.-. ;r(v!Vs: miivic ccaiu, umor urmse. DUCKien s a-rnica StULUUtLU L,i J "'J rwo j SalyCi thQ b(Jst inthfl workj kiUthe onmont, a small tine and tne dis- i2 01 swindling CO; 1 pain and promptly heal it. Cures Old v .-..-, Pat. TT1 r -1 li. 1 ,lg Of oa 000 fiances Ot nLsjons c, all gkin Eruptions.' Host Stretching hemp j 1 de cure on earty. Only 3 eta. a bo::. ure guaranteea. bold at cetzer s Ah, There! The editor has built a new crib, and asks subscribers not to be backward in furnishing some thing to put in it. Franklin Press. Here is a chance for any one having a spare baby on hand. And isn't that a rather modest way of advertising for one? Asheville Citizen. Lakes' Capes oc, to $3.63, TNFANTS Long Cashmer Cloaks, silk embroidered at 75c. i .,,- js Children's Short Wraps 50c. to Winter Hoods 18c, to 93c. Ms SI at 53c. to 93c, Mm m: ioj, Ladies' Jersy Rib Vests 15c. up, Drawers 25c. Ladies, Rib Wool Vests 75c. and 90c. Ladies' Jersey Rib Union Suits 48c. Boy's Under Shirts !8 nts. Men's Under Shirts, cotton, wool mixed and all woo! from 18c. for all cotton to i.i25 for tine all wool. Men's Knit Drawers 37ic. up. We have as nice line ot Hosiery as cheao a can be found any where. Light colored outing, suitable for infants, Ladies' dr.-vsl:nr sacquos, gowns and Men's night shirts G.1 to 10c. All Wool Flannel 12c. 1-2 np. - Cotton Fiamisl . 5c. Drilling 7c. Sea Island 4c. up and Sheet 31c up. Good yard wide Bleaching, worth Gic, for 5c. Bleached Cambric full yard-wide 7-Jc. 10-4 Bleached Sheeting at 22 Jc. Table Damsisk, B,cac,,ed im., at 25c. Bleached linen, do. 47c. to 05c. Window Shades 10 and f?5c. Curtain Poles 22$c. Counter pitas, assorted. Nice dot of towels. Stamped Tray covers etc., wTell assorted. 40 Brands of Toilet soaps from 1c. to 10o. We arc headquarters for Toilet Soaps. GLASSWARE. Gobblets 20 and 30c set, Tumblers 15c per set, 4 pices Table sets 25c, 7 pices Ice Cream set 25c, 7 pieces Water set 25 and 33c, Water Bottles 18c, Vinegar Pitcher 10c, Covered Sugar Bowls 5 a ad 10c, covered Butter Dishes 10 and 25c, covered Preserve Stand 25c, covered Comports 25c, Cream Pitchers 5 and 10c, Cake Plates 5c. Pickle Dishes 5 and 10c, Calery Trays 10c, Olive Dishes 5c, Salt and Pepper Shakes 5c each, Bowls 10 and 24c, Syrup Pitchers Id and 25c, Spoon holders 5c, one-half gallon Water Pitcher 15c. Full Line of Tin fcand Enameled Warp. QAHES. 24 in. Boards with 16 games 82.25. 28 in Boards with 20 games. s3,50. Crockinolo Boards 1.3. Small games 10 to 4sc. New lot of Quilts, Feather Pillows, Blankets, etc., shortly. Very respectfully, D. J. Bostian, P So Larg0 Portrat frames with 16x20 glass at 9, I If you are not a subscriber to J The Standard now is the time to subscribe. X 5 I If you have anything to sell you can make it known through The Standard. is published every day (Sunday ex cepted) and delivered at your door ior only 10c- per week or 35c- per month THE STANDARD prints home o.iid other news that is of interest to our readers and to make it grow better we must have the pat ronage of the people jiye us a trial when you make your next order for Job Work. Wo: U (-3 u3.y hen promised. V died to his upper spinal ! store. 11 would probably be a ver- NO CUKE. NO PAY , That is the way all 1 racists sell a JLUSieie.s liiii imd tor n hi a ' . vuuiu )r( lino It i.. r- .,1 T 1 did (.)'" '"M'ovel. j Quinpie :n a tastolpss form. Children ffravs-c. -.rtM 1 f-ove it. A lults refer it to bitter, nau- . . . : . . -f -c.;... :' loatins Topics. Price. 50c. w v j 0200 5: Ifjyouwantlto.'buy anything t I v. muiuj, lull.? jlU I The Standard ! - yon; can.cali for it throuh The Standard. t :-macld known on applie:iti

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