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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 13, 1899, Image 3

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rrtvttl of IrHiOM, T-,(. fni!odn chHiigo of schedule took gjict JuuelS. im NDJ;THB(HJND. ' , s arrives fU 52 a Oi; ' 44 ''ID 00 a m, 4 o ' 7-oO p m, , ,js " M Ui p.m, (flag) " :J4 1 tJ M !) 45 p m, 2.00 a m (ji-u i t) SOUTJIBOUND.' So 87 arrives at .8 4!) a .n, (ILu;) 11 . " " 11 l2o h. m, 7 'V " 8.51 p m. ' " t.20p'm, (Has) " 7 11) a ui, ,-.) HI 44 8 41) a m, (freight) the las,whi ,has been a Horses "MWtfj always gentle j ...... IOairfor Hn- 'Po n t" and, SO it is not siirnrisincr to 'S redlPosition with the Char- M friendship between them and : ' S 'A . ' --' 1 Anticipating Tennessee. Hd WgjAS t ,a ..little . strange. oj nts aew-'woirk '&8nirliA fllauy are the cases of mutual 01 December. ' - , affoc ; affection, existing between horses 0 0 ,0 the Demand. 2vo, ;;:. when running ahead of No. 7, js ringed if necessary for through travel go;itii vf harl tte, and is HtoppOd .for viciiirers arriving from Lynchburg or beyoiiti. N'. .3(1 stops regularly for pftseiiL'ers for Salisbury, High Point, Greensboro, Keidsv.ille, nanyille and principal stations, between Danville and Wellington. ;Np. J7. stops for pas-eeniru- vomniff.-. from J.yuchbursr or points beyond, and to take on pas-scu-jvt fr regular stopping places s.mti of Ne wells. No. ,38 . stops to let oil' passengers from regular stopping ri iL'os south of Newells and to take oj, j,a.---ugers for regular stopping places, l.ynciibuig or bevond. ,; Xus i i and VA stop at Concori,fr Prt-se hirers tu or from the C. G. & A.' i-'iviou -Charlotte to Aitusta and other points in South Carolina, Gortjia and Florida, reached through Columbia or Augusta., -:, .: ,- Mos. 7, 8, 11 and 12 are the local trains ana connect at Salisbury with train? of V. .N. Division. I'KLJBPHOE NU. 71 FOUNDED. -.1842 "Sixc; Tiii-;i: OwxPi:a'sk." l"::.:.r ?.'o Circumstances tan a Reality Le Disrated; : !s;i leabry that we make strictly : -J o;. . A ja:;ro r size, as " i. orit ouy uiiH radt;. Vhy buv ' itiiK'Ut because it is auve twd 1-urcMtise an ii)strum-nt'that ; ii:-:,'. 111 the estimation of your :-ni-and the Greatest Musi-'iaiis all - ih,. uorld. A Piano with a pure ;-b":ite touch, etc. lri fact i :lo ever v in: r.wveiuent that is iCiai to the wear; and at one price the reach of all, because we on the Middleman's Proht, and it '-'.V!'1', too. ' . instn:;eul.- taken in exchange. j - ::eeoLumodating. Cataloguti fer -kuig. Some bargains in square M tioP 5'"'M 3lHimfrtcliirr, . l'ii kHiO'Jl, lJallinior- .Mil. F:::.i7 Brauci Warerooin, h'arloKc, A. C Co H. Wstaotlh, Mgr. . W A Patterson has gone v. 1 isbury to visit her children. ' '.'onditionof Mrs. Stephens i worse today. I lie cotton market is slightly o:T today. It sold at 7. GO. '::!y six marriage licenses i'c issued last Saturday even ing. M r.. F V Barj'ier, of Salisbury, - ,,int Sunday liere with her rel ;,. lives. .-. "d J Freeman returned Saturday night .after sov 'i weeks' stay 011 the road. Mr. M L Buchanan -was called I( Rowan county last Saturday by the illness of his'father. : - ... Frank Brumlev has gone to Hm mvillr? f in irViovn Via lins n, newspaper office. M,-rnTm"nd'l',u- - : a,Ud CaUs 1,10 most famous being g 1 P-st Saturdav" pvoninrt r- r,... , Arab and a black cat, which on 1 Morns, will seM'a'week' there. I11!6 death of the horse friend re- ,Q Ar. K J Davis,, superintendent I l0 th , bod)'' and uie wiseassott ..mill at Alb( wlluu u" oeing anveu away 0 m marie, spent Saturdav nicrbt. J" Ke was'1 on His way, to Goldsboro! Missr Lena. Wheeler, of Wil mington, arrived, here last Sat urday night to visit her brother, Mr, Robt. Wheeler, at the St Cloud hotel. : - ;Gur photographer -friend, Mr. J J.Cook, is not altogether satis ned'vith his display of pictures atiiis gillcry dco and will com plete it at no -'distant day, we hbpe, with the phof oof his son. ; 'V-iU -; ,?' f. .. j ; -Martin. .Shive, f who for qujte a while has been in the phptograph' business-here-;witri MiyJno. J. Cook,", has moved his oHitifit to Salisbury, where he will ojen a galler jfV. " ' NEW -YORK MARKETS. 4f -"? V" COTTON ' U ' Open High Low Closed Jan. . . 33 '35: ' 08 16 March 41 42 12 21 May... 46 46 17 4 Dec ...2$ 28 Sugar 151 154 J 150.V 153 CHICAGO WHEAT. Dec... OQv- C7 G6 07 May.. 70 71 7(.)I 71 J !.-' -Bi::3ANY COMPANY is to 1 ) soon. For Tickets and - i tu-ulars, see Prof. Keesler. Ir. S R Peck, the Charlotte J i ! ician, will be in Concord at the i-'el Wednesday Nov. 15th one ; , only. Glasses acculately ad- 1. Satisfaction guaranted. wo of Concord's popular people have almost com- ii' arrangements to Hi: ::i:d .Irs. Robt. Ervin and :a" Nicholson have re to Charlottcj a ft or spend Simday here. D Feizer has returned li;a Winston where he -! (-"i account of the ill ,;' ii A PI lifer. Mrs. A THOUSAND TONGUES Could not exrress the rapture of Annie. 1. sprinsrer, of 1125 Howard st,, Philadelphia. Pa. ..when she found that Dr. King's New Discovery for Consum ption had completely cured her backing eonizh that for made years had made life a burdeu. All other remedies aiul doctors could giye her no help, but she suys of this lloyal Cure 'it soon re moved the pain in my chest and I can low sleep soundly, something I can scarcely remember doing before. I reel like sounding its praises through out the Universe." So will every one -wiio tries Dr. King's New Discovery for any trouble of the Throat, Chest or Lungs. Price o;)c. and Sl.oO. Trial bottles free at Fetzer's Drug Store; eyery bottle guaranteed. Masonic Notice. There will be a regular f Communication of Sfokcs x Lodge No. 32, A. P. & A. M. Monday night, Nov. 13, at 8 o'clock. R H Griffin, Secretary. Millions Given Away. It is certainly gratying to the public to know of one cancer in the land who are not afraid to be generous to the needy and suffering. The proprietors of Dr. King's New Discovery for Con sumption, Coughs and Colds, have given away over ten million trial bot tles of this great medicine; and have the satisfaction of knowing it has absolutely cured thousands of hopeless cases. Asthmay Bronchitis, Hoarseness and all diseases of the Throat, Chest and Limes are surely cured by it. Call at Fetzer's Drug store and get a free trial bottle. Regular size 50c. and $1. . Every bot e guaran or prioe refunded. f m9 let us bake your Thanks giving cakes. We make you the best fruit cake for 35c per pound; pound cake 'at 25c. ... You take no chances on getting a good cake if you give us your order. Concord Bakery. Joe Fisher, Proprietor, 'PHONE 122 went to the hayloft, refused food and died of a broken heart. More strange, however, was a case in which a horse struck up an ocquaintance with a hen and displayed immense satisfaction whenever she came into his stall and rubbed against his lei s clucking greeting to her friend. Dogs and horses generally get 011 yvell together, but. the follow ing story proves that in some cases the friendship is . some thing more than a mere tolera tion of each other. A carriage horse accompanied by his stable companion, a. retriever. '.dog, to which he was exceedingly, at tached, .was drinking at a trough near the exchange. YVliilo the dog was waiting for his friend to. finish his draught a large mastiff picked a quarrel with him which ended in a tight. The mastiff, as may be supposed, had the-better of the battle, and the retriever was severely bitten. The horse, the moment he heard hisjfriend cry, broke from the man who was holding him, hur ried to the rescue, and after kicking the mastiff across the street, returned to the trough and linished his drinking. St. Louis Republic. r A LIFE AND DEATH FIGHT, Mr. YV.qA. Hi nes or manchester, la., writing of his almost miraculous escape from death, says: ' 'Exposure after measles induced serious lung trouble, which ended in Consumption. I had frequent hemorrhages and coughed nint and day. All my doctors said I must soon die. Then I began to use Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump tion, which completely cured me. 1 would not bo without it eveu if it cost $0.00 a bottle. Hundreds have used it on my recommendation and all say it never fails to cure Throat, Chest and Lunr troubles." Regular size 00c and 61.00 Trial bottles free at Fetzers Drug Store 36 -Inch Plaid Venetien only 15c. yd. Fancy Plaid Dress Goods only 7!c. yd- 10.0 BEAVER CAPES, fur trimmed, worth $1 to close out at 75c BEAVER CAPES, full sweep braided and fur trimmed, worth 1.75. Our price 81.25 CHILDREN'S ' REEFERS worth 2.00 and $2.50. Our price $1.75 Hp ONE LOT of Black Kersey Capes, tailor nwle, 135 in seewp braided. plaited and plain, worth $5. 00 and $6.00. We are going to sell them at $3.50 and $5.00. AN ATTRACTIVE line of Fur Capes and Crovats from $1,00 to $2.06 Chaper than can be bought. I Ladies' Tailor Made Suits J . .. -. . ? lJasas;t'SlNlllll'l Full Line of Table Linen and Napkins. Gail save you money. it 0 in 0 0 0 man & 4. r x w a a a 0 0 0 LOOK HERE! Ji 2 i?- t& Just received a new lot of Plaids in Somerset and Venitian cloths. Blue Venitian cloth, Brown Covert cloth. Small Plaid wool goods in dress pat terns. No two alike. Shoes! ShoesM A -full line of Ladies' Shoes in Button and lace. . : Pompadour Combs, Empire combs, -Ladies' pocket books. . Come and see us. We n will do our J)est to please you" in prices and styles. Gibson & Morrison For Sale. One nice building lot on east side of Union street. Also three houses and lots on Buffalo street. For terms apply to Caldwell & Stickley. Things of Beauty. It will be a joy for you to see our new brooches, which we have received. Come and see even if you don't purchase. W. C. C0RRELL, JEWELEK. PROPERLY EQUIPPED -A Shouldn't be without one of our efficient BUCK ranges or BUCK cook stoves. Your cooking and baking, to be first-class depends largely upon a good range or cook stove, and we have the finest stock of cooking ' stoves in' all the up-to-date designs and improvements, at low prices. Buck's great White Enamel Line, they are the best. - '.. ' - 1 1 1 1 "ir; 1 1 1 " - Also Undertakers.- o- -0 mi Prompt attention ' given to the guests of the KimbaM Hotel. Table supplied from the best on the market. Polite servants. Rates: $1.00 to si. 50 per day. Special rates to regular boarders. Mrs. H. A, KIMBALL. Manager. We are prepared to give the people this winter better bargains than usual in all kinds of tfieavy and Fancy Groceries At wholesale and retail. It will pay you to see our Large Stock of Tinware, Weadware, Glassware, Crockery, Hats, Etc. before buying. For Clover Seed, Seed Rye," an 1 Rock Salt go to fG. W. Patterson's. ''i'ler is sliil jry ;civ.

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