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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 17, 1899, Image 3

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3If.ssin yalise Scat to . i v oi' ..!;'"":nlc tool- -, . i-- :it "' -i rn, " ! !', i. jn. " ,(M -i m !, t) About a week nrn ir,.'. r .t o. ot Concord, N. C., was ; :1;:t1&(;!,thora d p. .,,n v.,!? , lio ,it s Mai c iuiU; rooii! and 3 COTTON Oren fiig-n low ciosi C,i L',l ' 30 39 aO 87 40 ft 3f, -Jl s 1";.V irl'-;- 1 ,";). CMJCACr whl;a' 00 67 ()! ''ut 71 i . 7a 71.; Anuapating the Demand 1 0 "nor. io boarding hln could ih- fiiKll00-; ;hr()lli mistake?. Office- w.'; 1 v. ., K)1h V i ()!';( " ir. -WlI v,... V"!!l 7- i. H;iKl llK valiso, but litul-no : -scoidained. his address until vm- L-nmhu.- or , .a low uays aim v-b-n ho ; l.-r -.i-u:-v, IT.Vh .'Vint, i.0--;: Ui Ulig- VLO lO ;: Villous tn'tU'tf!! I ):! -:iIo UIU! " '!. i o. o? ;t;ps f;j, 'o'Jir 'or; i yiK'liliurir or - . r r-L'u'irr ,toppii;r plnccs - 'iis. NO. ."IS stnt; J,, ..t ' .-.vrs fr.-'Tii roulur :-.toppiii;j : i' i . A-iis and to t.ike on !'.? iv;.:uhr HtoppiiM- places. : HI!' ill' ho V T!i. - i -t i,t Cinicori1. for ;i::t-j or fnwa tho 0. (',.. A. . i'!i:;.r!.!t- to Annf-tu ami ; :: :fs iK S(,i;?i :;in 1iiiiii, (ieoria . . : ! !, i-eaehod throuU Columbia :. 11 nmlV2 are the local trains ; .'t fir .b;iiis)ury witli trmns of -r. Walter. Spartanburg tlov. aid. Mr. Nonjiim Slniw to Vcd. Numbers or -)ur people remeia bor Mr. Norman L Shaw, tie ontloaian who. spent some ti;ne iiere in the interest of the Knights of Honor. On Wednes day, the ii)tli of this month lie will be married to Miss Patti Wikims, of Brakes Branch, Va e ;c:.nded. . . . ..1842. '. Y-'T " ,;-c;i Vf : TiiKiu OwxPkaise." UnJer :;o Circumstances Can a Reality Be Disputed; Au.i ir i -i reality that we make strictly cue iTMno. A Jaree or small size, as deMr'b but only one grade. Why buy an instrument because it is advertised -np? Purchase an instrument that .i lls hiirh in the estimation of your ic ciid and the Greatest Musicians all "vrthe world. A Piano with a pure tone, delicate touch, etc. In fact a IViT'o with every improvement that is ' iH'iieial to the wear; and at one price within the reach of all, because we save you the Middleman's Profit, and it is worth saying, too. Old instruments taken in exchange. Terms accommodating. Catalogue for the asking. Some bargains in square pianos. frii4v! M JtiPPf pl" Jlannfftctnrer, L'UaO, ill, OllODl, Raltlmore Mil. f:?y Branci f areroom, Krz C H. WHmoth.Mgr. ott on is down to 7.40 today. Only a few bales were on the market. H L Parks & Co have a change in liiolr ad. today. Be sure to i'.ad it on first page. Fresh fish and oysters tomor row morning. Earl Hartsell. Phone 41. Mr. Ed. Cook, of Spray, has accented a position in the beam room at the Odell mills. Mr. . W E Anderson, of States ville, spent Thursday night here with his son, Mr. McCree Anderson. Mrs. S E Allen returned here Thursday night from Winston to attend the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Ann lyink. Mr. L P Hudspeth, of Rich , I'liond, Va.. arrived here last aiht, U have a position in the freight department at the depot. J P Allison is over-stocked v;hh apples and will sell cheaper than they can be brought here, until he can dispose of his stock n hands. M Montgomery returned home nursday night from Raleigh 'vhir(l they attended the Supreme ''oiirt. M ! . Sam Caldwell, of Meck- i'g county and her father, H M Pratt, of Erie, Pa., ni Thursday night here on ;i' return to Mecklenburg Pennsylvania. Mrs. Cald-);!l- was formerly Miss Pratt, I-1 ' ' school hero a num ii!'r years ao. ' Vvr G Means and Judge Mi Fire From Linseed Oil. The steamship, Patria, burned in the North Sea on Thursday. The remarkable part is that the fire was from the spontaneous combustion of linseed oil. Wre remember to have read a warning that a rag, with which linseed had been applied, dropped into shavings or other combustible matter is liable to ignite and pro duce a fire. Seemed Like Prophesy. Major Logan said to a friend when he accepted his commission as major to serve in the Philip pines, "If it is my fortune to lose my life in the war I hope it will be at the front, leading my troops." It was fulfilled as prophesy. Notice to I. 0. 0. F'S. There will be a call meeting of Cold Water Lodge JNo. 62 I. O. O. F. Saturday night, Nov. 18th, at 8 o'clock. Every member is re quested to be present. By order of N. G. Haywood Dennis. Secretary. Lovers of music will not miss the oppoitunity of hearing the Brehany Company next Wednes day evening. An entire new program will be rendered. Mme. Elrado will be pleased to read your palm today or tomor row in her parlor opposite the St. Cloud Hotel. Day hours from 10 to 5; evening from 7 to 10, The elegant posters and win dow cards of the Brehany Com pany, now to be seen in the city, are a true index of the treat that those attending will enjoy next Wednesday evening. Tickets at 9.30 Saturday morning. The Brehany; Company will this year renderan entirely new program, including the garden scenes of Faust, beautifully costumed and with special scen ery. Seats on sale at 9.30 Saturday at Gibson's. TO CUBE A GOLD IN ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25o. The genuin has Eu B. Q. n each tablet Why Not let us bake your Thanks giving cakes. We make you the best fruit cake for 35c per pound; pound cake at 25c. You take no chances on getting a good cake if you give u 3 your order. Concord Bakery. Joe Fisher, Proprietor. 'PHONE 122 'iu TV ') I . :ti til l Tin,-; ' -l our in of! T" 1 7T .... . - r- -i )y Plaid Jre.33 G-cods ( .ilj 7lo. yci. OS Mt IJo..n.ic !;U.,. ',,s vu1 : KfJ id urji'. iihs-:.. . ... p ; v i ! jjin 1 o-.r.i.-;.' -V Vii.! i's. fV;-i ii !:t m;: aer -?uro ,,.,1,.. i '' 0 hrMh " client." vV;, ..: 0 i ...... . 1 l - '-.,VV l.ittei-3 is the best 11okI purifier t suprftiu! r-' Tii.'dv- for ez.-m-i h ..v... iii .auj, uieeis, nous omI rii(j-mn-sores. It fetimuhitcs livor. k;;lcev iind bowels, e?els p- ivUH. 'help o':.r.--'-tion, bniltis-' up the .stronth. )lj1't enits. HoU at i,r,zur's Dew Store ( V tfK RIGHT TO UGLINESS. 4.'bn wi iii:4u Woo is ijv- iytn w;i.s have iiit-nd-, but one who v-Mi:d b a-'-r.-t- tivf, k-cp her hpnltjj. 1) sh- lS wak-ickh, and fill run down, she viil be nervous and irritable. If she hi, constipation or fciii.ey trouble, impure blood will cause pimples, b 'itolie.-, skin Huui'iiiHn arid a 'vretoiit-d com pK : ;ou. E oetrie Bii toTH is the h ; Tf!: dicine in the world to reul me stotn.-ich, liver nd kidneys and )t.rity the bood. It irives strong nervufi, bright eyes, smooth, velvet skir, rich com plexiou. It will iaa.ku a ool-lookiii-z, charming wouih.ii of t run down invalid. Only 50 c. at Eetzer's Drug Store. BOO LOOK HERE! Just received a new lot of Plaids in Somerset and Venitian cloths. Blue Venitian cloth, Brown Covert cloth. Small Plaid wool goods in dress pat terns. No two alike. Shoes! Shoes!! A full line of Ladies' Shoes in Button and lace. Pompadour Combs, Empire combs, Ladies' pocket books. Come and see us. We will do our best to please you inji prices and styles. Gibson & Morrison Things of Beauty It will be a joy for you to see our new brooches, which we have received. Come and see even if you ' Ji don't purchase. W. C. CORRELL, THE JEWELBK. JJU CO YEARS' y!K INEXPERIENCE Trade Marks Designs r f)f Copyrights &c Anyone sending a sketch and description may tralckly ascertain our opinion iree waemer an rAa I nasi tpecial notice, without charge, in the Scientific American., A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir culation of any scientific journal. Terms, ?3 a year - four months, f L Sold by all newsdealer. fflUNNSCo.3616'0"-New York Branch or""- 625 F St.. Washington, D. C, BEAVER CAPES, fur trjtr.ned, wonh si to cut at 75c. BEAVER aJAPES, full swoop braided and fur tri mined, worth 1.73. Our price sl.:5 CHILDREN'S REEFERS worth and 50. Our price f1.75. . . $p ONE LOT of Black Kersey Capes, tai!.- made, in 0 seewp braided plaited and plain, worth s3.00 and -;J.00. i Wc are jroini to soil tliom at, s:'. nil jmri ihv AN ATTRACTIVE line of Far Capes and Crovats from l.Ot) to 2m diaper tlian can be bought. i Laaies' Tailor Made Suits I 85.00 to S6.00. Full Line of Table Linen and Napkins. Can save you money. O 0 0 8? 0 I Cannon fc Feizer & W w White Enamel and Brass-Trimmed Bedsteads. You can Find them at Also Undertakers. o Prompt 'attention given to the i 1 guests of the Kimball Hotel. Table supplied from the best oii the market. Polite servants. Rates: $1.00 to 81.50 per day. Special rates to regular boarders. TO, A. -KIMBALL Manager. EDCEDlfa: THI(BIP(3 o We are prepared to give the people this winter better bargains than usual in all kinds of Heavy aed Faocy Groceries n At wholesale and letail. It will pay you to see our Large Stock of Tinware, Woodware, Glassware, Crockery, Hats, Etc. before buying. For Clover Seed, Seed Rye, and RockSalt go to G. W. Patterson's.

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