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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 20, 1899, Image 2

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- OHM !). HAKRl ! -R and SOX, Editors and Proprieioi s. ble to -raise satisfactory and! Some seem to think that it will profitable crops. It has been discovered that I n ! -dli: UOrlUtS IS IE Ll ' be hard work to carry ilie con stitntional' amendment next ! tl.,sc soils have become contain- year. Perhaps it will, but there . PfeDaHOfOir COiHlfereiHlGi j .L.ed with parasitic fungi. ou-ht to be nothing alarming in UM IT wpOLii j u ji Ids i.:m may be diiiicult to that. Few things worth the do m..iko plain to every reader, but Thr- IFF STANDARD is published every day (6 :ada excepted) and delivered by i lutes 01 ou ascription : If 4 0:) jjitifl :i00 months 100 ;--f2l -35 S'rurfp copy 05 TttE SvEEKLl STAXDAKD is a cur-p;ie, f;.ght-coluinn paper. It Iran ).ir.'rei.- circulation in Cabarrus than any atherrvper. Price 1.00 per annum in jiJ;uee. Advertising Rates: 1:( for regular advertisements zn kiunsn on application. Adn :s-6 all coniniunk-itioLis to TI3.E STANDARD, Coucrd, N. 0. Cu:;coud. X. (V Nov. LU An the Scientific Americal well ,v.--, t.ilo :s a::a" wl' superlative h 0 dsc r : ; t ion of gen eral atl airs, and one with due care is slow to adopt the term collossal, mammoth, etc.. but ove.i :h-jse terms are hardly ex pressive of the magnificent agg 1 "gat'ons of power in mod ern plants. Ileie are some of the ele phautive specimens: The "Com pania." one of the Cnnard line :.i - am-hlps, with her twin engvae, indicated o3,000 horse puVw:i oil iier trial trip.' 1 Th aggregation at Niagara Pall v.-heu the last .of the ten iurb:no wheels is completed will be ."OjOuO horse power, each tur bm having 5,000 horsepower. But New York city will soon h:i ." tlirea power plants to oper ate her railroad systems that will be the largest in the world and fro. 11 what we are tempted to term Lhree degrees of the superlative. The Metropolitan .stixoi: ail way will be operated by a 70,000-horse power plant; ilie anhatuiu elevated railway by c 20 of the 80,000-horse power and the Third Avenue Kailway Cof.aiiv wjli operate with a 4" li O'iU '"iSV mg are w tilings worm me uo-, . e fl done ea.ny. The best; Need Some off tifiiese zraciiss it is to the plant wbat riie louse .and brightest rewards come is to animals and fowls. The from tne hardest and most ror- fuiurus growth in trees also may sistent toil. T!ie most complete serve as an illustration. These ; victories follow the hardest ugly unnatural bumps are almost too common to be impressive. These vegetable parasites in cotton, melons, cabbage, ma toes,, etc., are so small as to be observable only by microscopes, but they produce a sickliness and drooping in the plants where formerly all was ?obust growth. The discovery having been made the remedy is being sought. No cure has yet been found, but the evil is almost certainly traced to the contiuued cultiva tion of the same crop. Agricul turists are warned that not ro taluig crops is practically inviting this disease of the soil, and once lodged there is no rem edy yet known but to find a crop to whir1 r ais enemy will not cling. fought battles. So let no one fe.d discouraged because it will be hard to carry the amendment. It will be hard, but it will be the strongest and best stimulus to general education that North Carolina has ever known. Scotland Neck Commonwealth. Bleached Table Damask a2 Cotton ToC. Linen, d inches wide Alc. do. 72 inches wide Sac. Good Assortraeet of Tow Cotton, unbleached, 5c; i: leached up to 121 v.; Linen 12U Blankets 50c, per pair up to $!. TO CVVxE A COLD J ft ONE DAY Take Laxative lir; ruo Quiuine Tablcte. All d nudists refund ujuuey if it fails to cure. k-ns. Ttic eauia had )j. B. Q. u eaels tablet THE CHURCH AUSi:. pla ii of 1 b'O-iiorse i-ower. The simplest illustration that we : v-'i produce for the moment wovlbe a plant running 5,000 o'"'.'i;.jy country saw mills, or r' c-; s i ; e eighty-three and one third such entire manufacturing plants as that at Forest Hill or . than one hun- d- 1 sucli plants as the Cdtinonville enterprise oper at or enough power in the one pkmt to run more than 35 boom ing, p ashing, breezy towns like One is moved to wonder if lutiiif generations, too, will s-rrnb; vending of sack plants as pigmies in comparison will v, hat will then be moving the world. SOIL SICKNESS. Rnther the gravest phase of agricultural hindrance that we have yet noted is that which the Department of Agriculture has noted, and is studying, as manifested in lands that seem to be .... -.v;k:r non-productive. It has been the experience of water melon raisers of some of the Southern States as well as cotton growers in what is called the Sea Island belt, along South Carolina and Georgia, as also the cabbage growers in New York fiiir1 1be tomato growers of Fluiuia, that it becomes impossi- Ever and anon some one comes along bearing the name of preacher, possessing some nat ural powers, but not the prudence necessary for a pastor of a con gregation and draws crowds by his excentricilies. : He catches the non-affiliating . whoso rash judgments of churches and pas tors are stimulated,, and whose appetites gulp his rash censo riousness as a sweet morsel. They are soon off, and when they're gone the community is only the harder to reach by reg ular pastoral ministrations. Such character, it seems, is one John Dull, hailing from Iowa, who dropped down rt Southport recently and went to preaching at the 'Tabernacle." The Southport Standard says his language was extreme and he became so obnoxous that he was a nuisance to the community, which appealed to the mayor. Seeing that disorder and violence would follow if the intelligence and refinement of the commu nity were further insulted by Dull, he was ordered to take his departure promptly and accepted lenient opportunity. The church , and the great cause it represents always suffers at the hands of those not amena ble to any orthodox church or ganization and wTe think should not 'be 'allowed to hold meetings in the name of religion without some responsible authority. NO cuki:. NO pa I That in the way all druista sell Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic for chills and Malaria. It i simply Iron and Quinine, :n a tust:.let).s form. Children fcove it. Adult iferit to bitter, nau leutiiii; Tomes L'rice. 50c. According to the Saturday Evening Post, North Carolina ranks fifth in the number of women's colleges and fifth in th number of students attending them, only Massachusetts, Now York, Pennsylvania and Mary laud outranking our State. This is a gratifying surprise to us and wo are sure that but few North Carolinians realize that our State makes such a splendid showing When we consider that North Carolina is about sixteenth in population and wealth, our work in the liue of woman's education eppears to even better advantage Progressive Farmer. yHv t1 n iKl VP TVO fr (TYi tS' f C7 a a v(uiuiiiiiiu&it o2iiiii'39 Assorted!, aiiu u.iiQ Home-iMade Comforts l.L'a to Sl.8o 10-4- Bleached Sheeting 22 l-2o Lace Curtains 68c. to $2,50 per -ciir. See our Irish point curtains at 2.50. Curtain ma Scrim 5c; Muslins and Swisses at 10 to 10c. Silkolmes Ci to 12Jc. Prin' . For r flltr fears !Mip. AVinslow's Sooihirr Syrnp, has been npea lor over nity years by mil lions of mothers for- their children while teethincr. withDerfect success. I soothes ' tne ' child, ' softens the cums allays all pain, cures wind colic,' and is the lest remedy for Diarrhoea. It wil r dieyethe poor little sufTerer immedi ately. Sold by dmjrjrists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bot tle. Be sure and ask for 4 'Mrs. win slows' Soothing Syrup," and take ro other kind While There is Life There Is Hope. I was afflicted with catarrh; could neither taste nor smell and could hear but little. Ely's Cream Balm cured it. Marcus G. Shautz, Rahway, N. J. The Balm reached me safely and the effect is surprising. My son says the first application gave decided relief. Respectfully, Mrs. Franklin Freeman, Do ver, N. H. The Balm does not irritate or cause sneezing. Sold by drug gists at 50 cents, or mailed by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren St., New York. Alfred Krupp, the German gun maker, has just had the pleasure of seeing,, the town of Essen, with 100,000 inhabitants, admitted into the ranks of Ger roan cities. The town wTas made by the Krupp gun works, which wTere started there by the pres ent owner's grandfather, in 1810. There are 41,000 employes, and there has never yet been a strike. Selected. M. L. Marsh' & Co. guarantiee f very bottle of Chamberlain's Cough , Rem edy and will refund the money to aiy one who is not satisfied after usinsr two- thirdfl of the contents. This is the best remedy in the world for la firrinre. coughs, colds, croup and whooping eough and is ploasant and safe to take 1 1 prevents any tendency of fa cold to xesuit in pneumonia. w Working Niht and Day. The busiest and mightiest little thing that ever was made is Dr. King's New Life Pills. Eyery pill is a sugar-coated globule of health, that changes weak ness into strength, listlessness into energy, brain-fag into mental power. They're wonderful in building up the health. Only 25c per box. Sold by etzer's Drug store. HOW'S THIS? offer one hundred dollars reward for any case of catarrh thai can not by cured, by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, Ohio. We the undersigned, have known 1 J Ctumey for the last 15 years, -nd believe him perfectly reliable in all business transac tions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. "VValding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in ternally, pets directly upon the blood and mucous surface of the system. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimo nials free. Nice Assortment Fancy Table Covers, S; irf-, Tidies, Cushions, Cushion Covers, etc., in stamped, printed and worked patterns. Embroidery Silks at i to 3c. per skein. Zephyr 5c. per skein. 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