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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 21, 1899, Image 1

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13 J ' t -4 ' rti- , 4 '. - ?3 - . 53 I -1 L 3 q" If F Kit r ii '' J. 4i--...... ' 1 9 r . Jf 1 i TV V' CONCORD, N. C, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, IS 99. i SiXCLK COPY .1 ( : . . ii J.l Socifty to 'i.i i: lh(' h:Uiistors - f; r t1"; Meeting rsiiSi cciiiiorOuco of n ("':-rolina a!ul eoch si ill more. , litis rna homes ai'o - .s;i. Alrciuly it is i ;i lonsl olio 3iun-v- haw arrived and il At. s:i la Hie Seeno of tt' Does' Not in: was vt. A':.w to A--v;m- Questions Put By an ore1, r fir. -. Judgo Rob inson, Robt. Richardson, who since the kilniu; of Policeman Kerns has been in jail here, and "who since the in-elhninarv trial thrown open ; has been held as a witness was i , taivon irom jail today (Tuesday) b,v Shentr Peck tn the place on "West Depot stre. '. where Mr. Kerns wa; killed. l (JHKEXSKOUO XOKMAL CLOSED, j It xvill not be a stirrrc to i T-.:o Deaths From Typhoid Fever -Forty. an mini en so As there was- a gn At difference , :n opinion as to the case, Rich- E, ' al Society of il liold its an- Harlsell, ornoy, Mr. Luther 'A also Mr. W G is a a attorney for allow Rich- Si'KCiAL VENICE DRAWN. The TrT ?.! of Err.vr.i-.':-- Carr 1 for T'i.irsilay Ed. Bost's Cne Trie 1 j v Eight SSck and the Others (ione The Salisbury correspondent T:-'" typhoid fever epidemic to the Charlotte Uhserversivs- TtO, tor the time being, ' are at all familiar with i.oc.1 . Chi:: j.i".3 iNovemoer term oi broken up the Greensboro Nor Rowan Superior Court convene mal collG- Mlss Abbie Dq Monday morning, Jue - o , of Y" llson' and Miss Daisy Cald Robinson on the bene. A iar-e ' wel' of Davidson College, have part of the morninr was con-(dicd- There are now four pro sumed in drawing a vpecial Ve- nounced cases, while there are nire of 75 for the trKl of Will forty -eight sick in the institution Edwa;"".s and Tom Carr, the two , with much fear that a large per negroes charged v; ill 1 the murder ' cent, will develop the disease, of Pcl eerna- Kc; s, in Concord, Tho y0V1)g adies not s::ck are of theca, :iaving been moved to!CQ.rSl, all g0ue home and the this cr-nfy npon.proper affidavit crrPalost scientific research will in boh ilf of Pdward. It w?.s bo exorcised to find the cause. pom!-: oat by -essrs. .iom. throws a doom over the .lC . 'I'll. - tl,r'.t peop1-' t-v'-vwht-rc n-Ve ' 'i- relating t'ot-i.- exvrionce iu i :v v; . t that tplet.'VM u'-fliej: ' of the benetit lliey have rcc'v- hn it, of bad colas it h;u cut i. ci threatened v.U-ic lis of pheur ? " ; averted and of tho eh1 iln-n . :;tvtd from attacks- oi crorn nr.i' v' v.p;t oonjrh. I i a eta ml, cccd i -i --A'iro. For eale by L. Marsh Co. (I "A T t- r--. .-,1 i p.,v i tb.e Stab: Wuuld rot r (,ulr.r of tiie!1"'1'"011 oanswei any questions Hond-- -.-son and A II Price, community. Every effort is be- o tlie place where j apponuoc, to r-pvesent. v.nrr, in ... .ade by the citizens to render nrnv. M(asure- that I e had never made the aid aed comfort to the patients. .viii deliver ail : ore than -s to society. j ki. of Forest I1-"1-1 air .L a iso del.vor an j hi 'Method ism of j i'- ' ! ,i ar cordially In- j ( 1 'OTIS a e.r of nhls r!r;;:;,hh' ' tl'- -oosl- r'(X"( i ;ry anieiavir, ent-1 no court. ainVr. iit;i:oiVi ..h :.: w i :ee time of tlie ; hii h ;: '--l1'1'1 ; t: 4 (;' E"' ' '; ; and w:e, 1mm: - be it. 1 v.'s. iO. . P B ;eansof Ce. urd, ana Lee 1 b v i. patien -. ir. Zeb iIrore, of Charlotte, i e today. j -Tev. N I Ba k ice came over 1-5 . ; ' , t,-,I f.,.. t p rr -..'.I Jl-V ( : 4 1 t ah rhiv tho nvnf vn,,l I ('Vil. ATon.ns innvYv! fovn sovo.rp.nco ir0111 Ciiai'lotte last Tliglit. Mami- at n; .. e.oe:: lt;;-15 c- a Cannonville has been ! of the codefondaiits, stati :.)' Miss Blanche McAllister and will on:m and be- -..v-.-c m.i iv.n Mnocnr nf FJ!' r-io of floforioo rvnc ; Mrs. D H Corzine. of Mfc. Pleas- ' . ; . nr i"vAnl t aIoit Lata tliA',nino' ministers; Cod has attendvul ihe efforts oi drawing to a close. Mr. Siler mg, as he would be aide t prove. Jege? will arrive tonignt, io ai- . j i -I . -4i- rpna--oc-,Y. . ".o ultne conierence. lie wui be will )reach aqain this evening -tnis v as .e meu oy ! '.e - i i. , PV 1 , c rni , . , . , i lie uuest ot Mr. V A Oe.ejl. at I o i.iock a iv. I lnight at b -- ne case ua oee'i set- lur u-j-r. o '".ements as to no bnc fut.ure will be , o:e w. i! incompatible wMbat of b-rr. ant, spent today here shopping, j v who had d mo the actual o heoi-; Dr. J C Kilgo, of T rinty col-, OiiULU. o'clock and ;:T:;i'r j wilt preach -live closing sermon :viuond. wiio for -of tie eetiiuc tomorrow night, hoc-n on ..- ..tage j Last night the congregation was v. spent Monday ; small but attentive and enjoyed lis comp- .v was 'greatly .Mr. Siler's sermons. diand and he is! Everybody is cordially invited ure Jo New York. lie .-I performer on the services !t;; ever b(xen in Con tins instrument, which beet one, lie makes e moM beautiful tones heard tn any in- b II fh-ialn, who clerks at e re, was. seized with a attack of heart disease to- h was some time before lhi he vak-en home. lie is vrv well this afternoon. 4d Hnhart Do.kI. ! -! '!; was received today he '.;:3U dispatching the )in 11 f unexpected news, dent Hobart is P ; woj-ld knew that the . , .r'"nnte must lose presiding officer as oi the stomach had i ih'" h.ogi uning to the 1 - h.,M. ; ,i,t ii dickering of n o ' i ' :by which slight ; ' 'is been reporfed past. UiOUi'l to be m-esont tonight and fo lic closi Pastor. morrow night for the closing Aiexanckn-iTlmrsday. boiiei'-.,r Rush will. .j;r. McCree Anderson re- be assisted in the prosecution by turne'; this morning from States-1 Mr. W G Mean:,, of Concord. , viile after attending the t nr. oral! This will be the lirst of : .e three : of l' is U1icle murder cases on the docket of; MissNaimie Archibald is ox this court to be tried. All tlie ; poetrd home tonight from Dunn defendants are negroes. j where she has been spending Ed Best, Die participant in the several weeks. fracus at Concordia church, near v:;hnitial stroke. The Whole Gar- : 8ki?p; 'l. That was' an unfortunate trip Deputy Sheriff Townsend made down to the washout last Satur day afternoon when the negroos were being paid for their services. Quite a number have failed to come for their money and the others have left. Out of a gang of forty -five only two have stayed at their work. There's Activity Iu the Philippines. Operations in the Philippines seem to be brisk beyound con ception in view of the terrible hindrance. Rains keep the streams swollen and the roads impassable for wagons and yet our iroops sweep on, the cav alry dashing upon towns and villages capturing subsistence and the infantry holding it. While Aguinaldo has probably escaped it is believed that most of his army are inside of our lines. Manv of the-;e will hide their runs, doff their war goods and h-y friendly. ' L is different with our lack of ! maps to understand tho Enochville, last spring, who did most damage, splitting a man's skull so badly that for a while he was expected to die, pleaded guilty of a simple assault and judgment was suspended n- the November, .1900. term of the court, upon condition of his giv ing a $200 bond to pay tho in jured man's doctor bill and the j costs of the action ociore the court. TO CUKE A COLD JLN ONE DAY Tiike Laxative Brorao Quinine Tablets. All drupgicjts refund money if it fails to cure. 20. The crenuin has L. B. O. ' n each tablet HI A its Lin FOR MEN; OF A Shifting Engine Here. Tho Southern Railway Co. isjvg now beginning to realize each day the volume of business done here at their station, more espe cially in the freight department, It has now become necessary to place a shifting engine here in order to place the c different parts of the y- ds. Th. shifting of cars delays ihe local j freight train for hours each day. The placing of the shifting engine here is only temporary, but probably the . plan will be ! made per mane e-maaeg IMince MeatsS a m AT l Mis. P 51) AilB f!1 Hi! " 5f; IDL.Ull vjO.lfU V.vMj, $2,50 AND $3.00 IM m. $ $2.50 and ;;.:h The bast the world for the r";-7iey. The Proper winter shoe in light-weight or heav-weight and all sizes. U slit . . t & SMI, n nanin . Li 1 1 It's rt 3 For if-r J'S'tv 1Sror' been used for over hitvjears by irnl- Tvhile teething, vithpcrieetsnece-. ItjYoU Vant TO S6C 1 w w I i'ore Conference week, V, , 1 7 fcr larm, Til . - . . -nee . Mproace x1 j ; ' ; -4v ..rJ- ' r.vnf... 'line on '; e '7-be kin and mud r - a1 the re Legator -s ie--- ' " rtlMlUJ- j r.ib viithL ! t s:, ,lil hv r:ii" H ,7: ft f I :Ci ( . : 1.1 Tvi-rt.-v-tl-, - - tnat i tin. Be sure and jv-:t re- slows Soothing Sj-rnp," smil tftko otlier kind ? i ,i riLioii'i'FUL bIjNDITEB ::i i ( '.t: n cause a horrible Burn, :.d Jit,;- Notice to the Public John P Albion says hunters nrnicure, ,..,re T" Si : ""4fv- : " V "' , V', r. TiriP. Bueklen's Arnica . --, n( ' c:;:b;, M f the "';h will killthe ( are a:-.inae:mg his crops rne, ee 's , ' . . tiylK'i :. Caf(:S rvj" Uomndled to forbid the public - " ;?V; ;ii":;.iH ie.ionsb Best ; from hnnting on h is 1 aims web-1 i f vr o oneartv Only 25 cts. a box. out a wrineu p -.inm nun .mu., ,, , 1 ie cure on earry. jr T7Afrro i,-rt .;n no nnfrvrof1 - r.nrn nf-r'alitCGa. oia wk i.v.v - i 111S XJOLiuu y in town. V C 10 1A o t s Residence Phone. . . . b . d' 'bis farm. Store.

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