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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 22, 1899, Image 2

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i ",1 1 II HAPPr MX.S AT JIT. I'Li: ASAM. A False Keporl A Correction -ami Other Interesting Ntivs. JOll . ; D. OA RRIEtt AND SON. i Written for The Standard. Kviiiors in id Proprietor-.. j ...It. Pleasant, Nov. 21. i . s. L A Lentz and Gaugnter, Al ililia, OL xNOl WUUU. WMUJ..I relatives hero Saturday and Sun- THE SESSION OPENS. (Continued from lirt page.) . j .-. S i'ANDAUiHs published every a .v Sei:,an excepted) and delivered by Kates oi SuiiircnptiuJi : r H UU 2 0U 1 00 1 --.v Oo ' SKfllA' 8T.V NDAllU is a , .'ild-eoluTiin paper. It has iv;datioii in Claims than any v. Price 1.J0 per uimuin in Advertising UatHSr ?,' regular advertisements i a . : 7 ir-ti? .,'1 .''U"uMiii- it ions io tip: s; and aii), Concord. N. C. rie-. f Trr- - I Tttd OUI-J- .' ether avmv- ; 'lev . . X. (. Nov dav k 1 ' lie .hurgv is eeade public : Mfji of the :20th inl'antrw ih:U in tiie bat- Messrs. Lee and Pines Barn hardt, of Norwood, were guests at the Welsh hotel Sunday. - Kev. Cordoll ? of ihe.Mel SmkIil church here, preached Ids fare well sermon Sunday n :;.;.'!. He reports a very pleasant and fruit ful work while on this charge, lie expects, and is expected, to return after Conference, cr at. least he was given a "pounding" Monday night, such as has noli been witnessed here for a mini -: her of years. j The pulpit of this place husj anouncod a union Thanksgiving service to be held in the Ludieran church. The e i i t e r t a i n i n e n t 1 a i S a 1 u i - ! 1839 when he was received in its connection. Of the living who worship ped in the first church he .enumerated Capt. -I and Mrs. Alexander, Mr., and Mrs. Sam Murr, Mrs.. Ivieh (now t he oldest citizen in the town) and Mrs. Hill. In closing, some sketches of 1 interest and eaiey pastors .. ; . tec .sometimes a viu of decided .iiv)i )c a i iot and tay evening was (jnito x -a: . ,. , , t I Hmnial addi'es al li:' ' .me a dis:ii-med e-isoner . ,jIUiX luu siiort !avs. llwns!. Th c he i. lilt 1 pleasantry to the narrative. For instance tm- Uev. Mr. Der rick was Mopp'.ng with a fa niiiy for tlie uighC T'iiinking he did not understund ihe Ciermasi tliey ."i t!-.i(. i e n n rl i d tor h'iS ,1 . . . ('4 . cai-s. in mat aaguage. raici reading a chaptc-r that night he mad.- the evening prayer in ( Jermau. When Rev. Arnold closed, the president introduced the. Rev. Paul .1 Cnrrow.iy, tlie presiding elder of the Winston district, wlto was asked to make a. semi-ceti- luiving been In Prepmingfor Coofsreimce Yg Need Some of these Ardci- i Bleaened Table Damask 52 Cotton :25c. ; Linen. ,i; inches wide 47k'-; hichux wide bee. Qood Assortment of Toweh Cotton, unbleached. 5c; ileached up to 1-k. 1 . 1 Blankets 50c. per pair up to SI Cooeterpaee, Assorted, Situ c lfotno-M:;ili; Coml'di-is si.:'.' to l.:.!ss. 10-4 Bleaclisd Sheeting 22 1-2 c. p.. Lace Curtains 68c. to $2.50 per i ! t -rl V.' i.' ' u un.-e v a li fe. Sue ;.! ee; tein ; Ame Thir:'hiry end denies it, but it will ju depart u re from the old, s;':i a- ;gated. T1 niatces no jw.,y olir entertainnuMts gener- ethei- or not i. J al iy are, and was rich, rare ana i ;uilty the lively sense-; r.u.v As an evidence of appr- ! t pi-echules the idea (eatj0u it has boon cidl(?d h'-. and .leiers are a set oT . v; y)0 rjVoU lext Fridtty night, savaged i ke warriors , veih n immher nf in iom,. Israel Miller, colored, and Will Parks, colored, were ar- 'j raigued before Capt. Cook yes terday morning for stealing a pair of suspenders. Parks not being found guilty, Miiier pai the cost. . ; r- ;rs some of the. seima- e:s haL it b-i'eve Gen. ,i 1 . . . i w,. 1 i o:-e ati-vi u;:jit'u a. r, ,1 . il . ; ';j presume : liiu ine ho irmrders or brutally Filiphio will win the 1'uen. seor?) and con . .dl proiai and noble : i soldiers. Y!i';iT DEAD. ':o of ;ndyN or. Fonrtli y id' Eirst X Mot Excm-r.icter. Mrs. dames Wright, of near -. : , whose s-jrious illness c ' a feAV days since, died : 'ck Tusflay night, ear years ago to the day - -ir'cken with paralysis, i ', weeks ago she MilTered .. -i r(k'e which admoeished ' 'he end was near. .The :r-.'ive ended her sufferings She was 05 years in the ministry lor tilt v yetirs. lr address was all full of in- teo -1, bristliig with incidents of a humorous nature. He is a man prehninently for the present and its opportunities but being called upon thus, he thought it well enough in the in terests of the memory of former presiding' elders to dwell chiefly on the lives and incidents of sev eral of this class. The Kev. James Reid received a good share of his discourse, also Rev. Tom .Petrea, son of Mo. Lon j 1 Carson. v noce; was 1- - v.. ; 1 v TV.:-' she v. . Some I'llOl h ' all th neai : on ?i old. Oil dae ves a sorrowing hus- ! four children viz: Prof. : E and Mr. J A Wright ' Allen Sloop, Mrs. J O Denton and Miss Nellie Wright iiid ab-, .l bi other, Mr Ephraim 1 ) .-eremdi. and sister, Mrs Susan Deal, to mourn her loss while v" e ldsh the fond memory of a iosi exemplary and lovable cheiaeu-r. Si - ' ' as a shining light in the m mi ' ..--.hip of St. Enoch's Church where her funeral will take pdeeo on Thursday at 10 OXdoev. It is tdl with the righteous when t1 -?y die. Inn- "5 jkto is iiife There is Hope. I was afflicted with catarrh; ee'ee : neither taste nor smell and co uld Imar but little. Ely's Cream Bahr cured it. Marcus G. Shaut. Railway, N. J. The Balm reached .me safely and the eifect is surprising. My s: ii says the first application gave decided relief. Respectfully, Mrs. Franklin Freeman, Do rov T i' The Bann does not irritate or cause sneezing . Sold by drug uists at ' cents, or mailed by Ely Brothers, 50 Warren St., New Ve b. Mr. O H Birdsalh of Scran ton, Pa- the special friend of Rev. W C Alexander, arrived this morning prepared to try the sports ot our Southern field's. Petrea, used language not ex actly consistant with our town ordinance Saturday evening to the amount of two dollar -., wldch some of his friends -paid before taking him out of town. We wish to correct an error in The Standard of the Mh, m i regard to the smallpox scare. The victim of the supposed dis ease was Mr. Do Berry Bar ringer, and not a negro, as that issue stated. Although it was not a case of smallpox, we are assured that Mr. Bar ringer was partially covered with "shin gles." A number of our young men spent the day in Gold Hill Sun day. It is reported that several of them were drunk, which re port, we wish to say, is abso lutely false. "Isn't it strange" how some people will let their imaginations got the best of them? The Masons of this place are making some improvements in the lodge room by having it nicely painted and the windows frosted. State Grand Lecturer Benjamin W Hatcher, will prob ably be here in the near future. See our Irish point curtains at s.5o. Ceriee ' Scrim 5c: Muslins and Swisses at 10 to 10c. Silkolines 0.1 to liVc. Pr Nice Assortment Fancy Table Covers, Tidies, Cushions, Cushion Covers, in stamped, printed and worked patterns. Embroidery Silks Special in at to 8c. per skein. Zephyr 5c. p De an Un decorated German China Three sizes Piates and Sauce dishes at 0ee. horated cake plates, salad bowls, berry sets, cups and 1 plates. iiiiina The spe aker said that he could not realize that he is old but he was reallyolder than the body or or.'-eei edition to wdiich ho be longs and he deplored a division in the organic body to wdiich he is a living witness. In noting j Hie departure of several of the sainted he referred to their re union where there is no Mason and Dixon's line. He deplored the decadence of j the good old Metkodiet ways of well-attended and notable quart erly conferences, the class meet ing. the kneeling in prayer be fore taking one's seat in church and the bodily decipline of fast ing, but ho finds much more in the progressive Methodism of to day that is cause for rejoicing and encouragement. The old style of shouting, all day and giving nothing at night was now replace;! with a zeal for sending the gospel over the world. He was giad that there are finer and more attractive churches and ad vances all along the lines of the upbuilding. The speaker's peroration glowed with eloquent power. The president then announced a committee on nominations of A." . P j.1 . j o it The Newspaper Representative Hen . (nueeis ror uie socieiy ror tne The meeting of the Metl-odist i oar'Ulli-oar said committee to r c i i ' report at some period of the Conference alwavs means work 1 1 - - u for the newspaper people a & V IH. ! L V I V V it i -: ;:'! R RUO Ul WILL! OUllr fl ! IU 0 0 0. til Ml Oombs 5c. up. Hair Brushes 8o. up. Silk Dress Skirts at cim 98c. up. Ladies vests 15c. up'. Drawers to match d8c. up. Men's Undershirts .18c." up. Drawers -5c. up. Nice lot of hooe. and caps for children. See our 10 cent line of hosiery. About 500 Novels at 10 cents each. You will make a mistake to buy a Cape be fore seeing our line. Very respectfully, D. J ostian. their sessions are of interest to people throughout the western part of the State. Thie Charlotte Observer is represented by Miss Ma nie Bays, and the Charlotte News by Mr. D H Littlejohn. Mr. Samuel Adams, wdio is cor respondent for a number of pa pers and wdio is connected with the Christian Advocate, is also here. The Standard is repre sented by its local editor, Wade Barrier. ft EAT SNJ..k(; rovti vfi2 g; ' meit ol Ii iVn S.irsapaeiDe. !:?od's Saraap.ri!!:i e ;n--- V )resent conference The meeting closed with hymn and benediction. THAT TIIR013BING HEADACHE. 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THE STANDARD prints home and other news that is of interest to our readers and to make it grow better we must have the pat ronage of the people Give us a trial when you make your next order for Job Work. Work readywhen promised. a 1 V .:. nnv.. . . Tf Tnn tront 1 1 - ju! A. youZcan call for it through? ;aa. t Advertising rates! Jin J The Standard V made known on application. SO'O a4.a :.:-: ' ?

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