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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 23, 1899, Image 3

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KWJHtW0K. it y, ,-r.v; it. " " a in. " e '.'0 ;i ni.. " ::'. f m. ' . - i m i'.ig) ' 'j .if j) " 2.01 i;.'Mcu;t) " ii 'J-i m, ' '".'Jiiji'm, (;; -j) "Mr -i ucv. WM Curtis, of t'rJA'n, si)oatTnloi7 n.. - "uiu. use ett on the 5 o'clock Mooxvsvill tram for Coueord to attend con-' I1L "it. a titio report, l'10 &lerer sent aj.fron. Love's cmirch. It slum- n,.,. , ,,Aiu b v v: L ; IX- T". ?yi V-.- . i ' urn mint the M,:,; ".:;,, K Hi;- Fiiv. I have in my K.-ses:on (suit , 1 n . . . . nizie jor miiiera oiris;-. r s; Liiir-, ; sioae WiliC: -V ;l i on - olaees . iva :iiri7!iijir iilit1; ..." ot No. 7, , ;; .':ciV" );vv for tijr- -uh travel ! .tts and .o ief for ;'.ia-" bom y -hrg or v '' t''fs s'r.-!;r!y for - i'..r S ilishury, ii :3t Poict, H.'H. vi;-o, I);:- -illo uuti -''' '''tT!i 1, nyiHo juuI o. ;;7 tUo:. for . ! : -'!Ci v(i 1"' 'iTWhir t p: :r. rt.;;.ir . .';;!;!;;' sto' ' t'iro a.. Joluiiibiii ; rooms. ior all purposes during tin? yuar. iV ucw 4nureh. was built, at Bethlehem, near Walker-town. ',!r Curtirt ha several dollars n-er tlie eoiiierem-o assossnuon ! smooth riis report shows an u vera ire of I ilJ two pounds. l:"a hereeoiiis about M.(54 per member itho mystery: I iirs' tied a anUm teen hundred dollars were raised bo an olcl Tndian war club or'o nacnol in shape, nrne im-h.'S in i Unn;th and about four belies! i& uivto! toe uemand. bi-oad attiieede. rondinir '', poLJit at U:( otiier end, ;er ar,e eiack. Ir. Curtis has been pastor of ) tllroa- around sto::e am n-e's ehui-eli three years a:idM)1:U!eu 'n 5 11 11 h -e. !:ve!'e- Lov uiei e is reason to believe lie will bj sent buck' for the fourth, and last year.--Western Seathmh Anotlier mercliaut has 1; Willi live coals, run hii no- in the li. sitjoi-ah! time, ; i -i au!ect to our lowu hi the peisoe U Li j of ir. Y I) Sikes, of mai 'i -ru i(r vJ. 0. A. I ru0- ml j :or it '- . ' - 1 a e o n vis lie 1 lie stone va: I t,n( U 1 1 s 'in i was n,- )(um or seoivhed. T in. ' i : 1 : i." V ! t i 1 i I ! T o ; ', , ' don-! ihen iooi. a ri i v-o; m; lie has opened a irrocorv about one 'nich broied ic-il and VJ jxro tin-;d:- l;.:.vy wil m one of the Lhaker!11" We welcome ylY, Sik(?s ! m 1 1 r . ,rn O-.-ti-.-. . r.. ...a tmni.s xnj vkj um tu vv a. ivi r. tnaas of j Sikes has rented the cottage on ;mn! ! Q NO. ,0D 1842 inn: now occupied by Mr. K K Bhick and will move here as soon as Mr. Black va cates the house. ,' :'V V", -, ( 88 -Inch Plaid Yenetien only 15 Plaid Dress Goods c::il -4 ')i 0 V? .1 .3 BEAVER CAPES, fur flmmed. to close, out at 75c BEAYEk CAPES, fall sw.-p bruuh trimm jd. worth sl.7e. t.)ar price v ri i u i ah. ii, o i v r. i i i . 3 v. er: i : 2.50. Oar price 1.7." WO': 0 u r AISE. :-o Circumstances IV :i Reality Be Disputed; " ; - ;t rtality that we mnho strictly 3. A Jarsre or snwil size, as i. but only one rade. Why buy aliment because it is advertised Attending tlio tinnier Trial. Quite a number of o.ur cUizcnsiwas inten-ly hot. n !ii a olaze-'r i-i'e, ;; m! alter reaiainin : Itnc for ten ihiieites or liiorc it came om uusiii'ed or affected even as to t lie ctdors in theclotii. I then cover; .1 it with live coals of tire in the iireplaco, wood blazing all over it. It then ; came out without even the smell of lire on it, while the stone itself ONE LOT of Black Kersey Capes. tai!..-r m soovv'p braided plaited and plain, worth s" re are iroiusr to sell them at S3.50 and .e.t'- a. iii 0 0 AN ATTRACTIVE line of Fur Oapr-s aai Crovats ,1.00 to Jv2.06 diaper than can be bought. mi went to Sasbury today (Thurs day) to attend the trial of Will Edwards and Tom Kerr for the murder of Policeman Kerns. Among the number were Mayor Means, Clerk of the Superior Court Cook, Chief of Police Har ris, Policeman Cruse, Attorney e Purchase an instrument that t ti Uo-n tvt. t,. t rii "i-u iu tuo tjsimiuiion oi your ami the Greatest Musicians all r the world. A Piano with a pure delicate touch, etc. In fact a I y.tu everr improvement that is ""' 1 to the wear; and at one price veT :;.t the. reach of all, because we yun the Middleman's Profit, and it rf 1 '-avinr, too. ' "1 iii.'trnments taken in exchaupre. - : : ..s n eo;iiiiioddting:. Catalogue for Having. Some bargains in square i '". il! OS. Tf QHppf MHnnlrtomrer, i'i, kaboij IJultlmore lift. Branch Warerooin. '2A3,' lli'arloite, C 'Zo YL WcSmotlh, Mgr. " ii ' rrrir i ' I i ihmummi m mi , i iiiini n mi i i i m mi Tlie Methodists have the towTn 'lif.-e days. change in Craven Bros, ad too! ay. They have some nice srow can you or any of your many readers solve this mystery ? I have looked up my okl text books on mineralogy, geology and chemistry and hnd mo de scription or account of any such wonderful properties possessed by this stone. One of my neigh bors found it some years ago on his farm in the Yadkin valley. well, and Sheriff Pock with his ' h stono 9 i 1 WW a 0 VS sents at reasonable prices. if r 'red Beck, who has been -'"'nd hi?, several days here, has i'erurrj'jU to Albemarle. Fresh Fish and Oysters every 'v this week. 'Phone 41. Earl Hartsell. Miss Late Noel, of Elkin, is "isitbig Mrs. Dusenbery at. the - iv..' ad hotel. d iss Stella Norris, of Apex, is "mg her sister, Mrs. S L ' tgomerv. ! ve your orders for Oysters ihanksgiving at Boger's d iiie;.t. B Kluttz arrived here s ' ' . i 1 1 . ,( hi y night to visit her -dr. S L Kluttz. ' linemen of the Postal 1 ''!- :ph Company are here -iig up t.lieir new line. ';i'ODRICH CREAM every "''ihngand evening this week. Riviera Dairy. tr. J S Bell, of Elkin, has ; ; visiting his brother, Mr. W "11. and also attending the 'fence. -ddr,. E IvI Hussey, who has visiting Miss Nannie Alex ' 1 has returned to her home sliington. e"co. fresh, select Oysters ' ' !:'.y. go to Boger's Res r !!'t. By the quart or any ; ' . - .i. vvatft them. is smooth and polished by the hands of its old Indian owner, as I suppose. I noticed, as the stone beiran to heat, ttiat a; greasy subtance began to exude from the surf ace covered by the threjad or cloth, and disappear sudd-.:iili when removed from the tire. Its weight is equal to a solid piece of iron of the same nil 1 v -irvt-i lynviT-r'P r rdmilnn For OvAr Fiitv Tears uuiiv. xjkj juu iviiuvv ux ct aimuai Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has mineral curiosity? i i e ........ i : i I " James H. Foote. Roaring River, N. C. prisoner, Robert Richardson. .. The New Uniforms Here. The officers of our town look very different now since they have donned the winter-uniforms. They now look like city police men and it makes our town look much better. The lits are splendid. Laaies' Tailor Made Suits , S5.00 to S6.00. Full Line of Table Linen and Napkins. Can save you money. Cannon & Fetzer T. JS cs 0 been used for over fifty years by roil lions of mothers for their children ' while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieye the poor little sufferer immedi ately. Sold by drugrerists in every part of the world. Twenty-live cents a bot- The above' appeared in the North Carolina Batist, published in Fayette ville, some time ago. The Statesville Landmark says tie. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Win- Mai or Foote is wTell known by slows aootmng oyrup, ana uine many of its readers. J Must Have Blown Out the Gas. Mr. G M Cole, a merchant of Macon county, was found at the Arlington hotel in Charlotte Wednesday morning apparently dead, and the gas jet fully on. By the greatest effort he wTas talrace am ilianksgiviog Both of these occasions wTill saved. Though he denies blow-: call for carvers and we have just ing out the gas there is probably j what you need. Come and look at them. . W. C. CORRELL, no other explanations. NO CUBE. NO PAY . That is; the way all druggists sell Grove's Tasteless Clv"U Tonic for chills and Malaria. It is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. Children sove it. Adults refer it to bitter, nau leatina Tomes Price. 50e. THE BEST PRESCRIPTION FOB CHILLS and fever is a bottle cf lirove's Taste less Chill Tonic. Never fails to cure; Then why experiment with worthless imitations? Price 50 cents. Your monev back if it fails to cure. THE JEWELBK. Bake Cakes to order and would be glad to have a trial order from you. Remem ber we have fi'sh oysters, bread, rolls, etc. every day. Concord Bakery. Joe Fisher, Proprietor. 'PHONE 122 LOOK HERE! Just received a new lot of Plaids in Somerset and Venitian cloths. Blue Venitian cloth, Brown Covert cloth. Small Plaid wool goods in dress pat terns. No two alike. Shoes! Shoes'!! A full line of Ladies' Shoes in Button and lace. Pompadour Combs, Empire combs, Ladies' pocket books. Come and see us. We will do our best to please you in prices and styles. Gibson StMorrison. i 2! 1 'It Kothiusr gocd a 9 CKS S Will interest you. nicer for a gift than a picture, an easy chair, a hand some dinner set, or a line lamp. We have them all at very reason able prices. ARE WORTH DOUBLE CS WHAT THEY c6sT. I I ! Mil I II Ml 1 "MM 1 Ml IP I ! liMIl- -' T" (mmsmMd I nH i . m 'A Til. I We are prepared: to give the people this winter better bargains than usual in aU kinds of Heavy aed Fancy j urocenes At wholesale and retail. It will pay you to see our Large Stock of - Tinware, oodware, Glassware, Crockery, : Hats, Etc. before buying. For Clover Seed Seed Rye, and RockSalt go to G. W. Patterson's. (tSxT iff-3' pMlff ii Prompt attention given to the guests of the , 1 KimibaSl Motel. Table supjdied from the best on the market. Polite servants. Rates: si. 00 to si. 50 per day. Special rates To regular boarders. Mrs. fl. A. KIMBALL, Manager. n!tlir,"r

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