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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, November 27, 1899, Image 1

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CONCORD, N. C, MONDAY, NOVEMBER -7. 1599. l - - r r i - i - ' 1 . r. V may i- iVcist iv't St L M Brower, I W Clog-, W ! Shell v. R ft nit S P Douglass, J, and also that the nresidino- okl nrR i S Cherry, J 0 ! have charge of the whole" in his Abornethv. J T) flictvipt- Ti,n,r .l- rhe T.,th ! Snl Sh"u W IVOy' VhatR S B Turrentine be -vunan, n uougiass, C ivi ( made conference secretary. This Jielv EI) WARDS AXDCAKR Lrrji't- (hit-. , night despite the ; : the missionary , was held at Central ,:ch, at which time "!i delivered a most :ns, T J Rogers, W M Bor ing, A AV Jacobs, E L Terrelle, E J Mallownee, J H Moore, J Sronce, J P Reynolds, JAB Fry, G W Callahan, B A Yorke, Z Paris, W H Hoyle, P E ,1 dress on this work. ; Parker, H H Jordan, WHL Mc- i!M evening a collection j Laurin, M II Vestal, WMCurtis, , ii and over one hundred T H Pegram, and LA Fails, -d. ! The question. "Who are ad- :d of the weather the 1 fitted on trial, ;' was taken up,and collection will be given to edu cational institutions, endowment Convicted of Murder In First Decree Edwards to Re Ranged December 20 New Trial for Carr. The trial of Will Edwards and Tom Carr for the murder of Mtiav morni:-cr the min- and the third Sunday in May as Children's Day. They recomj I A H Whisner, Plato Durham, mended that Mr. W R Odell be r . i : xt i . n i of VanderbntUnivorsity, Genera! j ullLomaa rns s concruueu Board; Trinity co'Iesre, Woavo'r-1 Soon after noon Sat' ville collese; Davenport col-iurday- The grc und was fought lege, and also to defray expenses'0 chby inch and T T io,ta of putting in seats and erecting ; Probably omitted of the buildino-s. TW ln ro.n". i cvldence bearing on the matter. mend that the second day of J une i S,ix able lawyers presented every be set apart as Educational Day iase of argument closing at o'clock. the Judge Robinson and lt5' eviaence I TV, Aguinabln. ...... child have been raiimv-d. r.nd it is said the very brain o" .r'u Fil ipino government in tho pet-snn of Buencamino. It was lie who wrote the constitution and most of the state documents. Hels in Manila locked up in comfort. He reports that Aguinaldo has es caped to the North with L0iXJ men. Gen. Young took wren:, iX in his efforts to cut him off and came upon his rear guad or ho was not hlled like during ; uiuuuiiif, iiampdhseaupon: , nuuu xny iwcuiii. ,0f. would urobablv havo Jno. A J Farringtou, Jas. W elected treasurer iiibled and partook of'Brady, Timothy Key aro:;e and made a talk as to A Sikes, sr. wmcri OCCaSlOll IS ; - vuvunuari, jlu exiio XUUiVtiS, s Miav TTJorniuir of each Alfred L Stanford, Jas. D Havener, Robt. M Courtney, movement, and the people re- fi r -j p giving them the case 'at about LUie(l- accounts had of the Board of .&. . . iw o .w , a . -ttc cl men UUU HO l- There is reasonable hope that there will be a callapse soon. Education. Tho report was cloCK P- m- adopted, after which Bishop! The jury had the case for about rr . ... . . i .n . i two hours.and brou2:ht m a ver- of murder in the first do O 1 - i Rankm, Jos. F Bivms, J Homer t'10 twentieth century collection. I . , , have amiliod tn (ion Oi, t i, retained under the new rovm ment and there is a rush, dis patches say, to go" iii'o Mr.n !!-.. There is a considerab'.p' for.o and Jno. C Keever. Under the fifth question, "Who sponded. - liierenco. At 11 o'clock '. : services began with irhy Bishop Key. Dur rning service he or H;i' following deacons: ? "Hoirlo. J W Campbell, l), W I Hughes, W K Vance Price was presented. . or L Marsh. Sevmore ! The question as to 1 he purchase of liutliorfordcollogcwasbroughtjasroacnct, puumg tins comer-1 This morning (Monday) a motion for new trial for Carr Edwards was granted. These collect ions are to be paid vras : i . rr-n qom t onporl tn ho hnnwr nn won- are re-admitted,7' tho nam or i) 1U iiuuuai Li.fJ Jw .. of tlc enon in lho vHl til nesaav JJecemDer tne zutn. inn. , . , . , :' ialarsre and astonishing amount appeal to supreme court was I ; 'VS. J W . .: TT" T." ALT .. : oresi-nui ctiuix n un , ;.:h. lie following elders t'u hied: Fevs. II K S Howie, T A Smool, i uiiiv. R L Own:;y. (i II ! and (t jJ Herman. Sii;i:,iy aiternoon a. ;r.e ' se was held. These - ; hela to thomouiory : i ers, who hr . died ;:ist year. Mr. C W 'id tho biography of v. jj. jj. . wno aied ('hs ago. Numbers audience made talks to the occassion as liie of the deceased. oi'Vgomery paid quite a r hate to the deceased. : ivstors who have died te !at meeting of confer- J R Loner. J T S Creasv. i :y :tiorning:s religious 1 'ilie conference wrere i iy Rev. J Sronce, af i ii aii joined in singing "A charge to keep I . vi'oved by the con for -"lev. J F Craven be s:n"f nmnipnirv instead M:rannuate. In some way - ';a- had been made of 3 lis name fi'om the ' tier. : nit l ee appointed to 'he i. rial against Rev. J 1 si ?ido their report. !'. '';.s against this minis- '; ; Jity, in that he I d.V)ts and failed to . ..Liit at the speci 111 hues when he MHMt thorn. The ..)' -i i .? In y t lie i ' ' :ey recommended . s 'en be suspended ' ' ' ' r t,;.dv.- ill, I up and a considerable amount of once ahead in the contributing to We learn that Solicitor Rush ince, which is the onlv k vwvn force amounting1 to much. discussion followed on. the sub joe;. Tho offer has been made to tho conference for the. build ing and grounds for.2, 000, half to be aid in cash and the remainder . wTill most probably accept a verdict of murder in the second for Carr if the Supreme this fund. Following were some of the colle ions from people well-known to our readers: J M Odell 81,000, W R Odell 00, J A ' Court sustains the lower court Odell $1,000, Mrs. J A Odeli in. the case of Edwards but tu b .:?Daid in ten annual install-1100, S J Curham and wife each! should the lower court be not men! s. Talk , were made by j 100, D B Coltrane 400, Mr. and ; sustained, that is a new trial Revs. Atkins, Wood, Bagby, Mrs. M J Freeman 100, Jno B granted, the' two will probably Jonos, Smith, Mr, and WROdell. Sherrill 50, Mrs. S L Mont-; be tried together again. gomery 50, H M Barrow 50, , a Let;urer. Plato Durham 100, Mrs. W CI r ,. . TTT T . . W o nntip.P thn,t alter L.mton. Houston 50, Misses Mary and mi i c.o- mi . OI kailSOUry, Known wen uy Ellen Thompson each 2o. The: Ji ministers and davmen contrib- liumwi VA VUi LL, uted most liberallv and when ' giving lectures. the call for contributions was closed the sum amountnd to 10, 185. The morning session was After discussion, it was moved that the collego be purchased provided the conference is not encumbered in any way, and provided that a clear title can be obtained for the grounds. Rev. JAB Fry was substi tuted on the committee on ex amination of the third year in place of Rev. C W Byrd, who is transferred. The board of education ren dered their report, which was good, as concerned each school -Vanderbilt University, Trinity college, Trinity High school, Greensboro Female college, Weaverville college, Bellwood institute, Davenport college. The following names of trust tees were recommended by the Board: For Trinity college Hon. ICope Elias, Rev. S B Turrou tiue, P H Hanes, WG Bradshaw and Dr. Dred Peacock; Weaver ville college Rev. D Atkins, T M Weaver, J G Chambers, J H Weaver and Gen. J S C iUT' these appoiuimieLUo i Davenport college Tev. C M j hour tonight and mshie "Pi fir oil i.. A X Lent, Some nights ago he lectured in New London and the door receipts amounted to about 25. His lecture con tained his experience in Cuba. closed after the liberal collection This is a new avocation for Wal- was taken to meet again this af , ter Linton. ternoon for business. As we go to press the after noon session is being held. This consists most especially in LUUlul'UjW,um jlmr Bechuanalaildf he wrlteS: Be ferent matters, either adoptions fore starting on tlie last campain I Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea lieraedy, j Ufscd By Brittish Soldiers in Africa. Capt. C. G. Dennison is well known all over Africa as command of the force that captured the famous rebel Galishe. Under date of Nov. 4, 1S'J7, from Vry- Xfisaas 7sA;s Notice. rri;e call for rr, i A yatX Stokes Loch x ton i.L'-fit was an was unauthorized. i. i ' f for It. It will not he a suvprii- t. ...jv -. ho are at all 'aniih'ar vixh ;.(.-. . , . ; ,t Oliainherl.ii'n'.s (onrrl! iiviMt-iv iov that pc iple everywhere t-Vo ) : :.! i reiatin tlioic oxpericrjco , iu L: ni that splendid modicino nnd in f.- 1 of the hornitit they have reroivca toiu it, of bad' colds it -m c.:i . e , of threatened attacks of Tlien:uo!iv; it ha nverted and of tho children it na s;;ved from attacks of cror.o and opiii: cough. It U a grand, good Tueuiii' For sale by M. L. Marsli & Co. , PERSONALS. Wade Kimball, of Salisbury, is here visiting his mother. Messrs. Chas. Eus, T L Ross, and Ben Craven spent yes terday here. A its liiiti rf the. renorLs as macie anc hauled in, or additional parts. boiii ; ! mo In 4Vi ilm mnioinimpnf.1; tO road out tonight, ihought tnere; is a good amount of work before the conference ye1 . Bishop Key OF jvv; '"w.-.v which I used mvself when troubled witn v?tv l)owel complaint, and had given to my x 11 r.v X' All arranireraents are being : men, and in every case it proved most iy g 3 U I ?t! t'i i'ikjk- ( l'V)J VUVIUI .:i J . Working Nirit and uay. The busiest and mightiest little thing I . . i r-v T - l Xf rtV.tw1 l,imc;d F thw mnvnino' Hint ever was made is ur. lving a xew UAlUOMVU 'JJ1J' JV- - . " i Life Pills. Every pill u a sugar-coated as being opposed ling eloVmle of health, tf at obaiiire weak- v-:s into ftrengt.h- listlevneSK mu , i . i i.,. i iiei-'.-'V, Drain-iag nno. iue-oni t-i . : ( Xewland and W H Bower; Bre vard Epworth . school Revs. H L Atkins, G H Detwiler, W L nhey'rc wonderful in building up the ! health. Only 25c per box. Sold by Fetzer's Drug store. '-Lit M ince Me 9 O 3 AT j. mt NOTES. This is tho first time in hirty- qiv vears thatRev. M V fehernll, . JO o -mil r r -- . It's e oore Sherrill, T P" Ma rr, B L Bain rathev of our townsman, Mr. j and Jas. Buttwick. jno B Sherrill, has failed to at - They recommended the follow- s enc conference. j ing: Rev. C M Pickens of Dav- Bishop Key stated that he ; enportcollege, Rev. Leo. 1 Kirby;fearcd this collfereiiee would' of Weaverville college, Rev. ' t ,ow pQ ;ncroaSe in their YoU VVQflt .0 S6G vvz Taylor of B-evard Fpv o h , . r e 9 Harris k f m J m i r r r r r o o ! hooJ, Rev. Thos A Smoot of "::r;airs Tiuan- 'lencethu sentence Rev. II II Jor- 1 -h.e prosecution, rirpenter made the ' ' snt i ( 'th question was '-'1 and 1he following -- upon favorably: r'h. R C Barrett, htHr tho Gieensboro Female college, j Cjamtcrl.L,fS paia Balm Cures Others We have the l&r&ezi aiKl Rev. E L Bain of the Ashe ville college. . In regard to the twentieth century collection, Why Not You? Mv wife has heenusinCharaberlam's j - ... 1 U I' . Pain ISalm witn gotKi reruns, iui u lame phoulder that na pamea ner con which means that an effort will jtinually for nine y."-eJe tried all Kinas oi nietuwuco ituunuviuio be made to raise a collection averaging a dollar to each mem- out receiving any benefit from any of them. One day we saw an advertise ment Of IMS' medicine aiiu muuui ui ber. thev recommended tnat tne i rTTiriOP hich we did with the beat of work be divided into closes of , satisfacUo. She has used only one woik do tuviueu mtu bottle and her ehonlder is almost welt, fifty each, and that the pastorFor Bale by M. L. Harsh & Co., Drug, have supervision of tho -work, e:isl. Furniture, Pictures, Stoves, Mirrors, Tables, in town. Yours to please, Be!l, Harris & Co. Residence Phone .... 90. Store 'Phone . . 12.

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