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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 06, 1899, Image 3

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r 1 1 t i f I i f ' "in WBl KSF. J!WIM Jl .1 e.'u: 4rrlrol cf Trnins i.ov):if chi'.ug'' of schedule took NOKTil BOUND. ' arrives at 5 52 a ra, i j " " 7 (1) p m, " 44 8.51 pm,(flM-) " 41 !).4 p m, " 3.0'a mli.-u:j t) fcOUTHIK'iJNi). nrrh es n r; 4 n ."n, ' li ; '! "11 23 u m, " .-1 p n. " : IS) n in, 41 S 4. a lit, froi-r:1 W. . Xomunn IStowih- t Jiarity. Wo notice fom the Salisbury ! NEW YORK MALJKET COTTON Open Hlgfh Low Closed o. a-. Index that W G Newman, the sol-.l minor, is very ehnrit.Vid. T mi. , ,i , ' an . . . ,-j.s xiie-ouier clay as soon as lie Mllrch -J2 arrived on Jus private car ho Tvl-y . . -i; v,0i., ivu 10 i needy, ougar i.c ir:; -o;nena.. as toliows: payment oT hom;e rent for a wirimvi 41 f ?- 41 T 1 lauv iO!' mi.- v- v .'at..,,. paymmtof house rent lor an-1 tier party in pressing eiivun 1 Dec V CHICAGO VJIJOAT. 0(i G5s' ' OiH I I, 7 0 Antscioatin the Demand. ; j To Attend ik BapJM Co;m-i,tU,a. ii i: XIIV l:r t Mi t.r.:Yli trn ycl i f i S' ' 1 i ; 11 ,',. or ! . . ::f, s-tops, .!- r';or : ll.C'-v.; -.wv li-o o t,x,.. .. 1 ' ' n;i 11 r, ill 1 '.-j'. 1'. ..iiacy iixe.. and .Us. - i s. i:l the liisliihuLion 0iiFrallk P S;nilh :nul J C 1 36 -Incli Plaid Venetian loc.:-"yc1. cash amori'r 'y i:o Unrs m ;j,ii o". :n.M',; viio iiiioU for hA. T-h tV'-i.s tvtw,, ivnxK.. xv'ls id.Ii-:iiaiit that same Jay, sod, together-vdtii Mr. Ho;u F'zncy PI aid Dress Qoocl. C 1 :) - l i-tOp.S . ).i ,- T : 1 7 ! 1 froiil j Vlifl' . i. : " ii- Hu;rh, over the fact 1: 1 ; i ' ; i 1 1 gone to Asiievilh' ,u atteiul lie ! ! :n)i!si S;a1 i ion it4: 1 1 .1 i i s 11 r-v. huh l; litrii' t;.: iis- j stolen a lino 5 hn-!Alln5 Ho : Nt'V.ills. No. :S htfs i, lot -.Ti-vi in:a roKulnr tioj .pin- To i! X:rr:oilTl:is l : smug. m"Ji of Kewolts :iijd to tiinn on j nM . ji-is for reuinr ht.ippiu places, I 11113 OVcmmg al oO o'clo.-l-: ; ;-:or ;.,:),.i,,l ' I two of Concord's most poimlar .sos. ana 0-1 stop at CoiiCkud f-r , . 1 1 m-k. n-trs to or from the 0. O. k A. PVPv' Mr. Cnas. J Harris and v' -i!,ur:Hit-V, Aumistu-mul Missfeliah UilL will bemnrrio, o.fH-i i.-o:iua 1:1 oous.i! v.aroiiuii, (ieoria' . . , ; 'i, ' , Au.l J'lori.Ia, reaciietl through Columbia; ;it ' 1 "0.1101110 Of Mr. W J Hill. I Rev. W: -CAJexander will officiate. After the marriage ceremonies a reception will be given to' the invited ones, after which the couple will board the northbound vesiibuled train for Washington, New York and other northern cities. Many beautiful presents have been sent to the bride. from the Cliilarens v.-, -! '-HK'ioiy. Th'-y -Aid v..:'. urn K:-d::-! day. la Nos. ?, S, 11 and t'2 are the Joal trains - i coiiiu'ct at Suli.sbmy with trains of U . .N. !. Division. ;u,EPiI0NE NO. 7j" ; OuisDED 1842 'Sixc; Tiii-:iii Own Praise ':;:.!:r No Circurastences Can a Reality Be Disputed; A':.l ! )i reality that we um'uf? strictly ' -?!!. A ia?u:e or small size, as ; 1'iit only oi,-. riuie. Why buy -" : LUic-j! t Ih ciiiibe it is u(lverti.-e(l c'ifxp;- Purehat) ttii instrument that ; i !.: ? in the estimation of your n 1 tin (ireattt Musicians all To Occupy the Leslie House. About the first of next year when Mrs. Leslie daughters move into their beautiful new residence on "West Depot street their present one will bo occu pied by Mr. and MrsChas. Kim ball, who now live in China Grove. It will be remembered odd. A Piano with a puroL, , AT jr. , (1 , .i.-li.Mtt- toueh. ote. hi faci . ; that Air. Kimball recently began w.ih t-very im; r..vem:nt that '. v.'ork at the de)Ol here, -iiei.-n to tno wear ; rind at . -ie r-nre j ii'i-'i tiie reach of ai!f because wel --s . . u th Middleman's. Pro tit. and it I I'utHr. V Ti'.eii- Ll.u. , : :nt':HLH:!iN'takeri in exchan-e. ! A llu,Jlb' are caiiiped s "i-eoii, i!'..iial!lir. OataJoufHu for ;in:if 1 uvo iuir iiiilfiiur mi ilir poles and wires for the Postal Telegraph Co. Since the ending of the law suit in regard to the rfoino bargains in siu:ire' ..iniiOi-. u l.ii . 21:5 x .all'U 5 ill 'Ji L' j I :' . SI., 1 r .1.. -ti...,. t v. (- . Olill itii4 i'l lIO'll 1U11"., liV- - - o - u V . . J ii it J lflr:;o I phice them along side the rail- 'road with the "Western Union ' - i die. Sam Sloop is amorg the Mr. Gray barber, oi Chr-& lotto, is ox-pectcd this evening to attend tiie Harris-IiiQ weddini! -ir. 1) j jj-.j.stian )c-iiij yes terday in G 1 i'ensb'ji o and re turned home iast niglit. Mrs. Daisy Hodgins, of Salis bury, arrived here this morning to attend the marriage of her friend, Miss L:dlah Hill, this evening. BEAVER CAPKS, far triamioh voril; Pd to close out at 7ac BEAVER CAPES, full sweep braid ;.i d far trimmed, worth 81.75. Oar price CHILDREN'S REEFERS worth J.o,) and ?-2.50. Our price 01.75. 0 0 0 0 A M lisii Ob1 vjiii 1; Xj C?4 OXE LOT of Black Kersey Capes, tailor male, irr in seewp braided plaited and plain, .worth $5.00 and f'G.OO. We are going to sell them at S3.50 and $5.00. AN ATTRAP.TTVFi lino nf Fur - A --m i.iiv vJ. j. xll"-"-' "Vi ' A. V l - L . 11U.1I , $1.00 to $2.0G diaper than can be bought. 0 H T rn;i. Tri ci- a. ... fl a e e 0 I gnome-made fMince Meatsq . ' r. " -J&tizy mJS tr- i -o AT n w n m UU L 1 i I IK ID La LUilli S3rd Series. )W 01:.1 M)Y Stir- . Sloan, .. JiOc' at number vd' woi'kmen. : -5 tii'iig store, is uo.ioie I W' '':: . . ! Jooks are scriptioii 01" Sd,ck in Coju.'.ord I'erpeluaL 15u lining aim Loan T , AT 1 iii n AsMH'ia.i M)ii. L'ord serie's, iirst -v. ' ' 1 , ( I'm IP' ' .:!:(:! i V . I ' lx .11.-'. IV V. villi 0 $5.00 to S6.00. f; Full Line of Table Linen and NaDkins. an save you si: n annon & o. 0 BCSaKg?g3WW mm wm rum nwiiiiaMMBwa iJliiWfilieij 1 r .1 I- -al-.ery. is on Jor: wnei e w y v; . s i i:ve. Jsumt. m.." U'lir. tlliS laiiii:'.'. tiv Q V(vvc! 7 (1 Levi i,:;'! on I i -.' 'in Lo -iking for holi- i't fail to s i-i w.ieie vol .:e. j t iasarer ai Cabaia-us Sav- ! -- regret! od to s-e Concord lose j... i( . Ut i-.scnoe. Is a handsome, durable " a:-;d gyQ? day. triits 0 : line of our t Sal:s- convenieiii s btove or Ranee will ret uj n hona: Wad.v.T(i'!h Sons, of Char The 1 ;re bd bales Jiost of it . 1 ' I ; t i 1 iage license was issued to J ircner ana e Joiinston. Both parties 'a Xo. o t own slil). dr.. Jas. Ervin gave a supper i iet'ay evening to a number of i; - aid . eomj)linientary tc Mr. and 'v . Samuel J Ervin. Chas W Constantine and aud Miss Rosa Fasslcr, of . -: aWi, O., arrived here ! - v iiight. They are friends n . and Mrs. Lyles at the h1- .line. lotte, have received their new LT T. WonjHiors;- locomobile. It was tested on the j Secy and r.t ly-is. 3 i j rnr President. ' r 11 U&4ii I 7 W t:Tw-t -fltO:T MUOSd JIV. Tll'lS is lay was a very good cot-, Qlllv olie in Charlotte. M r. Howard Cosby, of No. o township, has secured a posi tion as a clerk at S wink & White's during the busy season which is now coming on. Mr. Cosby has clerked there before. Mrs. Alfred Marsh, of Ral eigh, nee Miss Margaret Robin son of Jacksonville, arrived here Tuesday night to attend the Harris-Hill wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Marsh will move to Jacksonville the first of next vear. If you fail lo get your milk or cream ordered or find that you want more, 1 phone or send to Swink & White's store and .yon will be supplied promptly. JUter pAmY ca Al'iss d Carrie Mehaffey and Parks returned home Tuesday night from Albemarle. 1 ".y were both employed in the " e of Parks & Peden, which 'as burned down Monday ddt. ; ; ,T- Waterman Ideal Foun ; Suitable reward of- ' ' 11 at this office. tf. 1 tor Colliers Weekly, es in two volumes 1 sub-briber. Kip-Work.-., 3 volumes, , profusely illus- ' adi subscriber to - d-dy. j 1 LK dVLt.AlS, Concord. . Bake Cakes to order and would be glad to have a trial order from you. Remem ber wo have fresh oysteis, bread, rolls, etc. everyday. will apjm'eiaie oik; of our hand I some and artistic Dinn e S jo s. An elegant dine of these ) 1 s. CSl Just received a new lot of Plaids in Somerset and Venitian cloths. Blue Venitian cloth, Brown Covert cloth. Small Plaid wool goods in dress pat terns. No two alike. Shoes! Shoes!! A full line of Ladies' Shoes in Button and lace. Pompadour Combs, Empire combs, Ladies' pocket books. Come and see us. We vill do our .best to please you injiprices and styles. Gibson & Morrison. You Concord Bakery- Thinking of buying a Nice Umbrella call at .111 I II PI III 1 M . i.i 11 1 I Coacord Mom Wo are prepared to give th people this winter better bargains than usual in all kinds of Heavy . and Fancy Carital and Sarrte ..Groceries At wholesale and retail. It will pay you to see our Large Stock of T!nw:re9 Wodware, d Glassware, Crockery, ; Hats, Etc. 3 Offers the business public a reliiibie, per manent, conservative and accoramodat mbanjting instutlon. We solicit your patronage with tha jaesuxance of honorable treatment and due appreciation of your patronage. If we can berye you any time we will be glad to have you come and see na. UBEKAL ACCOMMODATIONS! TO CUSTOMERS. ------ - - $10000. B Coltbane, Chashier, J. M. Odei-l. President. Winter is Coming, I ALREADY HAVE ON HAND THREE CARS 01 o Coa! .nd Pin r loads on the w-y. It is ti: ' ; lay in f w iiy.ior the wLter, I i:V I'.aho hayc-ou before buvms:. For Clover beed : . SjedKvo," and RcckSalt .goto J. A. i.. fj-aCuCuCM , Vest Dei-d St. at Store 'I'lii-mcw. Joj W.lPattersoi THE JEWELER. I O JPHONE 1223

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